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January 3, 2010

A Treadmill Streak Now

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Grrrrrr. Stupid weather and stupid public works workers! The roads were definitely NOT plowed at all today.  Even at 1100 when I wanted to go out.  Like seriously?! I know it’s a Sunday and all but c’mon, let’s clear those roads. Better be clear by tomorrow morning.  Or else I may just go postal.

Luckily, well maybe not so lucky as I still had to get outside, it was a lifting day for me.  Some drama on the way to the gym as my doors were frozen shut and I had to boil some water to unfreeze them.  Another grrrrrr from me. But eventually I was able to get into my car and get into the gym with minimal fishtailing.

I did what will likely be my usual strength routine.  I like it because it hits my major muscles and takes a decent amount of time – roughly 40 minutes which is enough to make me feel like I’ve spent time on it but not feel like I’ve been at the gym foreverrrrr. I upped the weights today as I wasn’t at my usual gym and the “halfer” weights weren’t available to me.  But I felt like I got a good workout in. Sometimes I can’t tell but today it was a struggle to complete set 3 for my arms, which means that I was doing something right.  Or my arm muscles were just tired before beginning.  But we’ll go with the first thought, right?

Despite the 40 minutes of lifting being not a wicked long time to be at the gym I was still at the gym for awhile. Why might you ask? Well if you have to ask you haven’t been reading my blog for that long.  See I have this streak going.  And not just a run-at-least-one-mile streak.  It’s a double digit streak.  And no matter what I tell myself I cannot seem to get myself to break it.  So I haven’t yet.

And yes because of the road conditions (I refuse to run with no traction on the roads as I’ve done it before, and recently, and it just makes me miserable and angry) I did another run on the treadmill.  Not quite for as long as yesterday but still.  And I am praying that the roads get cleared for tomorrow because a treadmill streak is not something I’m enamored of haha. I hit 10.5 miles realized that I completed another day of double digits, contemplated going further because I’ve been logging greater distances, realized that my episode of Law and Order was over and decided that 10.5 was fine enough.  (I had also done a warmup before the lifting too so I had another couple of miles under my belt)

Today it was really tough to motivate myself to hop on the damn thing initially. Like I mentioned above I did use the television trick and watched an episode and a half an of Law and Order.  Oh and another tip I forgot yesterday: bring a towel to cover the clock! I have to do this otherwise I stare at the countdown — or countup — and then have to ponder why a minute is such a long time.

But anyway I frackin love that show and love that it’s always on the television.  Yesterday I didn’t watch tv and I pushed the pace about 5 seconds slower than MP for the whole 14.1 miles.  Today I decided that doing the same pace would be stupid and boring (I really don’t like doing the exact same thing every day) so I forced myself to slow down to what I would try to run outside.  I’m always tempted to push pace on the tm because it’s so easy to do and *shocker* I am the kind of person who likes to push-push-push and not back down.  But I’m happy to report that I was able to plug in my pace and then relax while trying to “crack the case”.

Aside from L&O motivation there was an older man on the treadmill next to me who was going-going-going.  He went at it for about 70 minutes and he was so inspirational.  I have no idea how old he really was but I want to be like that when I get older: still able to bang out great fast miles and not be one of those old people who shuffle around.  He definitely helped me push any “I want to quit” thoughts from my head. Although I will be the first to admit once I hit 10.5 I promptly hit stop haha.

And that’s pretty much been my day.  Kind of meh. I will note that I get sooo sweaty at the gym.  It’s really quite disgusting actually and I not only bring one towel to cover the monitor but have to bring two more so that I can not feel like I’m swimming or something.  Add that to my beet red face and I must be one attractive chica leaving the gym. haha. Plus I usually start sweating within a minute of starting my workout. I know that this means my sweat glands are efficient at cooling me off and my body is in good enough shape that it knows I’ll be working hard and will need to cool me off but man, it’s a wee bit embarrassing.  Although I will admit that I kind of like it when I’m leaving and can be like “hell yeah I’m a bamf” haha.

Oh and I forgot to mention this yesterday but Avatar was really good. I definitely would not see it again — apparently lots of peoplel have seen it multiple times!– but it was worth the time (2hrs 40mins) and the money ($14.50 because it was in 3D).  Which, by the way, 3D is the way to go.  It’s how it was made to be seen and I think that if you see it in regular you’ll lose some of the awesomeness.  I’d say go see it if you haven’t because it’s a wicked good experience. I endorse it 🙂

Whew I write a lot! Wrapping it up with an “enjoy your Sundays everyone”



  1. Yeah, the towel trick is great. My fav to watch on the TM is Cold Case. It’s ALWAYS on, like L&O. For some reason at home, it doesn’t do it for me as much. Crazy, huh? Great job on making it out in that ridiculous weather, girl, but BE CAREFUL driving.

    Comment by Rebecca — January 3, 2010 @ 19:02

  2. I hear you…I’m a bit self conscious about my sweating at the gym too! Because I like to run the treadmills hard, I’m always afraid my sweat will fling onto my neighbors machine when I’m running! One of these days someone is going to get me I so know it! Haha!

    Comment by The Laminator — January 3, 2010 @ 19:06

  3. I hate that damn TM! I have to watch something while I run too. When I run in the morning on it sometimes, I wake up to “Saved By the Bell”. Such a good show 😉

    Comment by Matt — January 3, 2010 @ 19:20

  4. I’m way more caught up on the news in the winter because I always watch CNN on the treadmill (although this morning I watched an episode of House). I can’t set the treadmill for a single pace, though. I HAVE to change it up every 2 min or I will DIE.

    Comment by Chelsea — January 3, 2010 @ 19:36

  5. Treadmill streaking. Very nice. Kind of bummer about the roads not being plowed. That’s no good. L&O is great!

    Comment by A Marathoner — January 3, 2010 @ 22:16

  6. The towel trick works so well! I always do it when I’m at school and its a great way to get your mind of the time and just run. I haven’t been doing it at home (simply because I’m lazy and there isn’t a towel right there for me to grab) and I’ve definitely noticed the difference. Today’s run seemed to last forever.

    Comment by BostonRunner — January 4, 2010 @ 09:14

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