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January 8, 2010

Recovery and Reflections (yes I know it’s only day 8 of the year)

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Lengthy title? Yes please! But as nothing I do is ever straight to the point anymore (oh how there was a time when things were simple and short & sweet) does it really surprise you? Yeah, didn’t think so either…

First off check out my chica Erika over at DrTriRunner.  She’s thinking about going back to teaching spin and she’s looking for pump up songs.  As athletes I know we all have them: my favorite is Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry.  Get’s me hyped like no other.  (The link above is to her post asking for help on this).

On and off flurries here in good ol’ New England.  Very pretty to look at from the warmth of my room.  However the 24* temperature outside makes me want to stay holed up here forever! Luckily I got my workout in early when I was still half asleep and not awake enough to realize how cold it was.  The cold did wake me up a bit and the very light snow was really nice to run through.

Since yesterday was a rockin’ tempo I knew that today was going to be nice and sloooooooooow.  It’s recovery so I’m okay with it.  Ever since having a training plan to guide me I’ve been increasingly comfortable with a wicked slow pace.  I think it’s because I have hard days included in my plan and I’m focused: each run has a purpose and it makes no sense to be hitting certain paces when the point of a recovery run is to just circulate blood and get the junk out.

This is totally different than when I’m not in a cycle because, in this case, I wake up every day and have no clear idea of what I’m going to do.  Wow, totally long winded way of saying that my 9:32 pace this morning was exactly what I needed because that’s what my body did. With no judgment from my mind. (Well very little as I was able to ignore the bashing thoughts)

I also got in a nice lifting session when the campus gym opened at noon.  My muscles must be really reacting nicely to my sessions because today felt pretty good and almost on the easy side; I’m going to need to up the weights soon.  Exciting!

Guess what I found yesterday?! My 2008 day-by-day running calendar.  It was fun to flip through and see how much of a *distance* runner I’ve become since then.  In the back of the book was my 2008 yearly mileage.  You ready for this?  2367.  Compare that to the 3116 miles of 2009 and I think I’ve found my niche as a looooong distance runner.

With that in mind, I figured I’d take a moment and reflect on the first week (plus 1 day) of 2010 and see where I am with my goals / “resolutions”.  I doubt I’ll do weekly check-ins but when I’m first trying to make a change or make an improvement close monitoring helps hold me accountable.  So here it goes:

  • Drink more water Check.  I’ve faithfully had a water bottle in my hand and I’ve been drinking lots of tea lately so I’m definitely getting in fluids on a regular basis.  My only “criticism” is that most of the fluids in happening in the afternoon which sometimes makes me get up in the early morning hours to pee
  • Get faster aka do more speed training. Check.  Luckily my training plan has me doing speed work twice a week which I LOVE doing so I have been religiously.
  • Get stronger aka do more lifting. Check.  Ever since the fall semester ended I’ve been able to get in 2 sessions a week.  I’ve been feeling more powerful lately too.
  • XT more FAIL. Running is just too damn good right now.  Last night I did do some elliptical but that was after my tempo session and I wanted to give my legs a chance to circulate the blood / waste in them.
  • Stretch more FAIL. I haven’t made it a point to do full body stretching after I run.  It’s been more “Oh my quad it tight, let’s stretch it”. I really want to get better with this and I think that I need to schedule it into my day to make it a point that it’s important to me.
  • Respect rest day FAIL. Let’s just say the streak is going strong.
  • Listen to body Check. Like I mentioned above I’ve been okay with letting my body do what it wants with respect to training.  I think that over the course of this cycle I’ll be okay with respecting my body.  Granted I haven’t had to really “test” this one yet as my body is itching to go lately. And it’ll be interesting to see what happens post-marathon.
  • Wear sunscreen FAIL. Granted the sun hasn’t been out that much in the past 10 days or so when I made these goals but I need to remind myself that even though it’s WINTER the sun is just as bright and dangerous.  In the vein of skin care I have made a dermatologist appointment to get some of my suspicious moles checked out.

So 50%.  Not so bad considering today is only the 8th day of the year.  I think it’s good to reflect on goals.  I think the number one reason goals / “resolutions” don’t get done is because people don’t reflect and do assessments on a regular basis.  Like I said, weekly will likely be too much in the future but to make a change it’s be (for me) to have frequent check-ins.

Time for me to get off my butt and go shopping (tough life I know!). It’s only to Target but I hope to come out with a new camera, or at least the camera I got for Christmas in a different color.  I’ll then be able to incorporate pictures into my posts.  Although knowing the way life works I won’t be inspired to take any or be able to take any that relate to what I want to talk about.  Pretty basically the story of my life heh.

And woot it’s Friday? Where do my days go? I had no idea until I looked at my calendar.  Oops.  Well wooooot! indeed. Hope some of you have awesome plans because seeing as how I just realized it I surely do not.


  1. Haha you’re so not going to xt. 😉 I need to wear sunscreen too.

    Comment by runjess — January 8, 2010 @ 15:35

  2. Hahaha, we’re so alike, aka I never cross-train, stretch, wear sunscreen….etc. And I NEED to drink more water, its a problem. YAY for Friday too! Hope you have a fabulous first weekend back at schoooool 🙂

    Comment by Kathleen — January 8, 2010 @ 18:07

  3. Your goals look great! I do have a question/statement, though. You are wearing your new shoes now, righhhhttttt??????

    Comment by Rebecca — January 8, 2010 @ 18:10

  4. I’m right with you on the not resting or stretching thing. If I run on the dm at the gym, I usually stretch. Otherwise….probably not.

    Comment by Nick — January 8, 2010 @ 18:31

  5. Why are you grading yourself? Show me a woman who becomes motivated by the word “failure” and I’ll show you how much better she thrives under praise. These comments can hurt, rather than propel you. Also, pick one area to work on…if you have too many, you’re less likely to be successful…

    Comment by Special K — January 9, 2010 @ 02:44

  6. I hear you with the sunscreen, I really need to start wearing that. Apparently it’s especially important to wear it in the winter.. who knew?

    Comment by BostonRunner — January 9, 2010 @ 07:45

  7. Great job with the goals, it definitely sounds like you’re on the right track! I totally agree with the sunscreen and stretching goals I must do those myself.

    In regards to your question on my blog, the “iced coffee-in-a-jar” is simply black coffee that I put in a jar and then let sit in my fridge overnight to make it cold. I wish it were more exciting than that haha.

    Comment by Ada — January 9, 2010 @ 08:50

  8. “Although knowing the way life works I won’t be inspired to take any or be able to take any that relate to what I want to talk about. Pretty basically the story of my life heh.”

    I TOTALLY RELATE TO THAT SENTENCE!!! LOL!!! It seems like I have “good/exciting” intentions and then NOTHING comes of it – and instead it ends up being either a waste of money, of TIME (GODDDDDD ugh) or energy…usually all 3. But I say post whatever random pictures you want haha!! I’ve done it! Why not – it’s your blog and we’ll still be reading 🙂 Not everything has to have meaning. Thanks for still reading my blog girl :)…and your goals – awesome job so far -you are soooo hard-core – I think 50% is pretty darn good considering it’s a week into the year. You are too hard on yourself. Know that you are an AWESOME runner – and one bad run or missed speed session or poor split-times —> they mean nothing in the long run. Have faith in yourself girl. We all do 🙂

    Comment by eatmovelove — January 9, 2010 @ 10:50

  9. Very smart to look at the status of goals so soon after making them. You are on track … like there was ever a question about that.

    Comment by a marathoner — January 9, 2010 @ 16:37

  10. […] into the New Year I’d take a moment and reflect on the goals I set for myself like I did a week into the year.  I think it’s very useful to frequently remind myself of them so that I don’t keep […]

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