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January 9, 2010

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Marathon Training

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Good Saturday afternoon y’all! And a chilly one at that (hence the y’all because I want to be in the south. Although they’re getting hit with some crazy cold too — well crazy for them heh). But it’s okay because today was the first day it felt like I’m in marathon training (hence the title which was inspired because yesterday’s flurries got “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” stuck in my head).

But first just a few housekeeping things because I have the tendency to complain or worry about something but never update anyone on the outcome soooo:

  • Camera.  Went to Target yesterday but they only had the camera in the color I already have.  So now I don’t know what to do because I really like the model I have but not the color and I’ve already gone to 2 different stores with no luck.  I may just have to suck it up with the color.
  • Grades. I did really well this semester.  Maintained my G.P.A. (always good) and did *much* better in a class I was SURE I was going to get a C in, while getting all A-s elsewhere.
  • Financial aid.  If you send thoughts/prayers/good vibes my way: thank you so much! I received an email yesterday and although my school itself isn’t upping my grant from them, they were able to secure me a decent sized federal grant.  So YAY.
  • Erika at DrTriRunner is asking for YOUR help putting together some power songs for her spinning classes.  So go check her out because she’s a wicked cool chica.  Yes I know I plugged this yesterday but I figured a second day wouldn’t hurt.  (okay so I never complained about this but still: check it out)
  • Tricia @ Endurance isn’t only Physical is having a giveaway. So don’t enter because I want it heh.
  • Another giveaway!  This one from FitnessNYC.

Now that that’s out of the way: Today was the first “official” long run of the cycle.  Holllleeeerrrr.  Granted last week there was a long run that, being on the plan, was official and all but I ran in on the TM so it didn’t feel like a long run and it was “only” 14.1 miles, which is definitely a considerable distance but not that much more than my daily runs had been.

But anyway today my plan called for 15-18 miles.  Many of you probably are assuming that I hit the 18 miles because I’m always going for the high end of the range.  If you thought that, then I’m sorry, but you are wrong.  I wanted to go a little bit conservative because I’ve been running double digits for many days and because it’s still early in the training cycle.  Yes I am following an ambitious plan but there’s no need for me to be at 18 today.  Maybe next week 😛

So you’re probably wondering how far, in fact, I did go.  Well it was 16.2 miles.  Really good miles too.  A nice bright sunny day greeted me and that made the cold(ish) temps bearable.  It was apparently 25* with feels like being at 14* so nothing extreme but when the wind blew, man, did I feel it. It was also amazing how much the sun makes a huge difference.  I’ve probably said this before but whenever I was in the shade I felt my entire body move towards numb on the coldness spectra but once I popped back into a sunny spot I warmed right up.  In fact I think I damn near sprinted through the cold spots simply to stay warm heh.

The first 14 or so miles were really “easy” and unremarkable.  I think this is because my body “knows” how to run for 2 hours without batting an eye (or cramping a muscle so to speak).  The last 2ish miles were quite an effort truth be told.  On my long runs I try to increase my pace for the last 1-2 miles just to get my body to know how to put in a harder effort when tired.  I’m not sure if my pace actually increased over these miles today but I do know that the effort I was putting in greatly increased.  Likely I was maintaining my pace (which was right where I wanted it to be) or just a few seconds per mile faster but the effort to keep it there increased if that makes sense. But it wasn’t a lethargic effort, I still felt like I was running and not shuffling. Always a plus.  And I ended the run feeling like I could have banged out another mile.  I didn’t (obviously) but it’s nice to know that I could have.

All in all I’m quite happy with this run.  It’s the furthest I’ve gone since my marathon last May and the last time I attempted to go 14+ I remember thinking “How on Earth was I able to run a marathon” because my legs just got so tired.  I’m sure that the reason I didn’t feel that was today was because of my huge mileage weeks of late but it was really nice to get that boost of “Oh this isn’t soooo bad”.  Which is good because eventually I do have to run 26.2.  Preferably fast.

So my recovery socks are on, I have another bowl of cereal in front of me (I guess 16.2 miles will make someone hungry heh) and I’m going to play catch-up on CSI and CSI: Miami.  Last semester was so crazy that I didn’t watch them at all.  Luckily that means I have lots of episodes for my viewing pleasure. Perfect Saturday afternoon.  Hope you guys are doing fun and enjoyable things 🙂


  1. Glad you had such a great run!! Recovery socks are the best!

    Comment by Heather — January 9, 2010 @ 16:21

  2. Yay! I love that you are following your plan. It’s funny, but there shouldn’t be much difference between 14 and 16, but it is a HUGE difference. Excellent run and way to keep pushing.

    Comment by a marathoner — January 9, 2010 @ 16:42

  3. I think you will be proud of me… I ran when there was a 13 degree wind chill today. I froze!

    Nice job on the run!

    Comment by Matt — January 9, 2010 @ 19:23

  4. Nice job on the long run. I am watching 24 for the first time now and loving it! DF has seasons on DVD so I can watch hours at a time. Do you watch this show too? It’s awesome. Jack Bauer is a rockstar. My jaw just literally dropped due to a surprise.

    First long run in a looooonnng time tomorrow. My plan is 9-10mi. Wish me luck!

    Comment by runningfiance — January 9, 2010 @ 21:22

  5. Great job on the run! Keep up the great work!
    Have you thought about checking if they have the camera online. . . I’m sure they would be better stocked than the stores.

    Comment by SHE-FIT — January 10, 2010 @ 15:16

  6. Sounds like the perfect Saturday for sure! Lovely run. You are for sure gonna rock the marathon, no doubt!

    Comment by Liz — January 10, 2010 @ 15:27

  7. Great job with the run! Keep it up!

    Comment by BostonRunner — January 10, 2010 @ 20:30

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