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February 7, 2010

Inexperienced Racer

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Hmmmm. So I’m totally not hurting as much as I thought I would be after pushing myself really hard in yesterday’s 19 effort.  Which, by the way, I 100% agree with all of you who said “be careful” and “training plans are set up in a certain way for a reason” and “there’s still 10 weeks to go”.  I totally did not see it that way when I was running, I was too focused on my anguish of the run and, in some way, wanted to punish myself.  For what? Who knows.  But I’ve always enjoyed a little bit of pain. 😉

That said, later that night when I was doing homework and laundry (yes I am soooo cool on a Saturday night), I realized that y’all were right.  At that point there really wasn’t anything I could do except try to learn from my “mistake”.  I don’t really consider it a mistake or bad per se what I did yesterday but rather the mind of an inexperienced racer who desperately wants to succeed.  And not just a “good job” succeed (which obviously will happen just by virtue of running Boston as a second marathon) but a “DAMN!” succeed.

Needless to say I’m a bit overzealous.

This morning I wasn’t feeling it like I predicted during my hard second portion effort.  Well maybe I was a bit at first.  I have a physics lab to do this afternoon so running my post-long run recovery run at my favorite time of late morning just wasn’t going to happen so I got up when I woke up and hit the streets then.  Normally I like the late morning because it gives my legs a chance to, not only get a few more hours of rest, but a few hours of walking around to loosen up.  Oh well, life. What can I do?

Back to the run.  The first mile was definitely granny shuffle.  Like I probably could have walked faster.  But no judgment on my part ( at least consciously as over time I did speed up).  Over the first few miles my form started to come back (granny shuffle isn’t just named for it’s super slow speed) and I felt fluid.  The pace was definitely still shuffle pace but it didn’t feel that way which was nice and allowed me to keep myself judgment free.

Over the course of the next few miles my pace had to have picked up quite a bit (and I know the last mile was at 8:35!) because the average pace for the whole darn thing was 9:10.  Wayyyyy too fast for a recovery run.  Sure it started out really slow but I must have really picked up the pace to keep a 9:10 average.  Keep in mind that my typical LR pace is ~9:00 and according to the running calculators my recovery should be at 9:30-10:00.  Guess those 19 didn’t take a huge toll for today. Maybe it’ll be a delayed thing and tomorrow I’ll not want to move heh.

I guess I should start paying attention more to my pace on recovery runs.  The past 6 weeks have been so intense that I haven’t had the need to monitor my recovery pace.  Not that recently the intensity has let up but my body is adapting to it.  That may be an area for change (the intensity of my quality workouts) but it shouldn’t change the way I do recovery.  Again: inexperienced racer showing.

And as a follow-up to my bladder issues yesterday, I think Jess’s theory makes the most sense: I’m not sweating as much and the extra fluid is going to my bladder.  So I’m not sure what to do to combat it.  Wear more layers to sweat more? Haha

In terms of the food / drink I’m having beforehand, this was my thing yesterday:

  • 0815: Bowl of oatmeal with banana and pb made with ~8oz of water
  • 1100: Leave for run.

So I’m already not drinking anything within a short time frame of leaving and can’t abstain anymore.  It’s interesting to note that on my early bird runs (sans breakfast) I don’t have the bladder issues so I’m sure it’s related to my breakfast but I’m still getting plenty of time to digest and have that stuff work it’s way through me.  So I’m still stumped. Conundrum for sure.

And on the random aches and pains front: I’m convinced that my foot stuff is related to a tight calf.  Last night I was using the Stick on my calf and my foot felt so much better! Definitely need to be more diligent about stretching as the recurrence came after a slacking in that department. Perfect evidence to keep up a routine. It was also weird to see my big toe contracting and moving while I was massaging my calf.  I mean, I know that everything is interconnected but still weird to see.

My bruised knee hasn’t really gotten any better. Definitely not worse but annoying.  It looks like a bruise and feels like a bruise but it’s been ~1 weeks since I noticed it.  Shouldn’t it be going away by now? Do running knee injuries present like a bruise? Clearly I’m a little paranoid after realizing my inexperience of yesterday and pushing that 19 miler.  I’m sure it’s nothing but the mind likes to jump to worse case scenarios, no?

Alright. Enough of a procrastination break. Got to get back to experimentally calculating the wavelength of a laser.  Kind of fun but my answer isn’t turning out the way I want it.  I’m an order of magnitude off.  Boo. I might have just figured it out? Hollllerrr. Hahah

Enjoy your Sundays everyone! I guess I should say something about the Superbowl but my beloved pats are not in it so I won’t be watching.  Granted I do have to tutor tonight so I wouldn’t have been able to anyway but whatever 🙂



  1. Just take life how it comes…I’m sure you’ll do amazing on your race regardless of how well you monitor your training plan, pace, etc. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, and that your knee feels better soon.

    Comment by kathleennnn — February 7, 2010 @ 17:28

  2. I agree 100% on your need to scale back. I’m tracking a few in NYC who are also Boston-bound and their LRs are 13-15 this weekend. Scale back, girl. You don’t want to run the race 10 weeks before! You want to peak on that very special day so you can crush a sub 3:15! 🙂

    Comment by a marathoner — February 7, 2010 @ 18:36

  3. Physics tutor, I presume? I taught chem lab when I was in college and loved it. Now I tutor contracts.

    Try not to worry so much about the bruise, which I know is easier said than done.

    Comment by EE — February 7, 2010 @ 18:36

  4. I had a friend who grew up in the “running world” as I call it. I always feel like I must sound like a naive kid whenever I try talk “running” with someone with much more years of experience, and often get really really frustrated with either the acceptance and encouragement that is shown that I am interested in improving, or lack thereof. Do I make sense? Ha. Anyways, I think as new runners that we have to be open to the advice, but also know that experience is the most important teacher. Thanks for the comments too! Encouraging for sure! Sub-2 is definitely in the future for me

    Comment by Running on Faith — February 7, 2010 @ 19:07

  5. I know exactly what you mean about pushing it too hard and then being like for what? why? I always over do it.. I really need to work on running/training smarter.
    I agree about the Superbowl.. not the same without the Pats in it.

    Comment by BostonRunner — February 7, 2010 @ 19:48

  6. I don’t think running injuries on your knee really bruise. I could barely walk on my knee and it looked fine. It didn’t feel fine though!

    Have you ever worn recovery/compression socks. I wear them after almost every run actually right now. It is winter so they are easy to hide 😉

    Comment by Matt — February 7, 2010 @ 21:59

  7. Not that I want to freak you out, but when I had pes anserine bursitis (inflammation on the front/medial side of the knee) I do recall wondering if it was just a bruise at first. The differences were that A) I also had a lot of tightness behind that knee in the hamstring and B) the spot wasn’t really discolored, just puffy. I ended up going to a PT for e-stim, massage, and after it healed, lots of strengthening exercises like single-legged squats. Cortisone shots are common but didn’t end up being helpful for me. Again, hopefully not the case for you but if that hammy is really tight too it’s probably worth getting checked.

    Comment by kristinschleicher — February 8, 2010 @ 02:30

  8. haha my Saturday nights are similar, I can’t remember the last time Mike and I went out, we’re growing into an old old couple way too soon lol but we’re happy that way – I can;t keep up with other people drinking anyway – total lightweight!

    About the knee bruise, I would maybe get it checked out I had a really nasty bruise on my arm from sparring it showed up on Saturday last week and it’s completely gone now – just over a week.. so if it’s not getting any better it might need checking, I’m not sure about running injuries though, I’ve had a pain in my shin almost all the time since very soon after starting running and I’ve no idea what it is or whether it’s anything to be worried about cause it doesn’t really cause me too much difficulty. Sorry this comment probably isn’t all that helpful I’ve gone off on a ramble again!!

    Comment by Laura — February 8, 2010 @ 06:15

    • be careful with that shin pain girl. it sounds like it could be the start of shin splints which are definitely no fun

      Comment by marathonmaiden — February 10, 2010 @ 21:08

  9. I saw Edge of Darkness last weekend and really liked it as well. I was at the edge of my seat most of the movie haha. In regards to your bladder issues, have you tried consuming a bit of salt before running? I was having the same issue and that’s what my doctor advised me to do. Try putting salt in your oatmeal and see what happens:)

    Comment by Ada — February 8, 2010 @ 08:22

    • That is a genius idea. I’m totally going to try that this weekend for my LR 🙂

      Comment by marathonmaiden — February 10, 2010 @ 21:09

  10. I think being a little overzealous every once in awhile isn’t so bad- as long as it doesn’t happen every run!! (Definitely don’t want any injuries!) Hope your knee feels better–I think running injuries present with bruises sometimes, but not usually- I’d def keep an eye on it though!

    Comment by Heather — February 8, 2010 @ 10:10

  11. you could ask a doc about the bladder thing, too! better if it is as doc who is a long distance runner…

    you bounced back from your LR really well 🙂 no surprise there!!! 🙂

    Comment by Lacey — February 8, 2010 @ 11:42

  12. TAke care of yourself. An overuse injury will not be a godo thing with all the time and effort you have put in thus far.

    Comment by Mel- Tall Mom on the Run — February 8, 2010 @ 14:09

  13. +1 to everyone who said not to go too crazy too soon. I would be sad if you genuinely got hurt from overtraining and weren’t able to rock Boston this year.

    Comment by EarlyRunner — February 8, 2010 @ 14:10

  14. Glad you are feeling a bit better.

    You know I have heard from multiple sources that following a training plan (including running slow when it tells you to) really works.

    That said, where is the fun in that?

    I love “nut up or shut up”.

    Comment by katerina — February 8, 2010 @ 18:23

  15. i have to admit that reading your posts, it reminds me that i SUCK at doing my recoveries and longs slow! (and, as a result, i’m not so great at doing my tempos and intervals FAST!). something to think about 🙂

    Comment by sarah (the SHU box) — February 8, 2010 @ 20:02

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