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March 6, 2010

Spring? Yes Please! And The Saturday Long Run

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Just like Tuesday = intervals and Thursday = tempo, my Saturday = LR.  Pretty predictable, no?

Also predictable? The way I run my LRs.  Start out slow for the first loop, shake my head and tell myself that LRs are quality and that I CAN do this and then finish pretty strong.

I wanted to try out some of the tips you guys had suggested last week regarding my LR: like try to inject surges, plug in some GMP miles etc but I decided that since the shin is a loose cannon these days, among a myriad of other factors, I would just go and see how I feel.  Granted I knew that I would want to push harder but I figured that the smart thing was to go into the LR with a lax idea of what to expect based on how my leg was feeling.

Speaking of the leg before I go further, I am convinced it’s shin splints.  I’ve done a bunch of research on various websites and the symptoms seem to match mine: stiffness first thing in the morning, “pain” getting better during a run, generalized tenderness along the medial part of the shin, and a lump where my ankle meets my shin.  I’m obviously still keeping the sports med appt and going to see what the trainers office says when they get back to me but I feel like I already have a diagnosis. Which makes the ice that I’ve been using since I finished my run (20 on 20 off) a smart thing.

But back to the run.  In light of my internet research I found a couple sites that suggested wrapping the shin tight with an ace bandage (like a taping job would if I saw the trainer) so that’s what I did. Not too tight or anything but enough so that I felt like there was a bit of pressure on the shin.  Coincidentally I think my compression sock habit this week helped in that regard too. I really couldn’t tell you if it made any real difference but it put my mind at rest because I had a LR to do. And to note: there was no pain during the run, a little stiff first thing? Yes but even I’m not crazy/stupid/stubborn enough to push through a LR with real pain.

Like I alluded to above, the run followed my usual MO.  And without further ado here are the stats

  • Loop 1: 12.7 miles. 118 minutes 51 seconds. 9:22 pace
  • Loop 2: 8.4 miles. 74 minutes 17 seconds. 8:50 pace
  • Loop 3: 1.15 miles. 8 minutes 56 seconds. 7:50 pace

Total time: 202 minutes 4 seconds
Total distance: 22.2 miles
Average pace: 9:07

To be perfectly honest I’m very shocked by these stats.  I thought for sure that I’d be crawling my way through this run and not just because of the shin.  After running so many miles on the TM this week I figured that my legs were tired because it’s harder to listen to my body on the TM.  And I had intense speed workouts this week and I didn’t really think that my legs were all that recovered.  Hence why I started my run with a not-so-demanding outlook. I’ve also found that my body needs to go through a re-adjustment run or so after a hiatus from the roads.  And with the weather as nice as it was today there was NO WAY IN HELL I was going to be stuck inside!

The first loop: a bit faster than I thought it was going to be.  Surprisingly I didn’t have to stop at the DD to relieve my bladder. I probably could have but I was able to wait until the end of the first loop (and thus use my dorm’s bathroom).  Even then it was more “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” type thinking.

So the first loop was a bit boring to me too and there’s not much to say except it felt plodding at times.  I tried to kick up the pace for the second loop and based on the stats I did. It didn’t feel that way though.  I tried, yes, but every single time I tried to surge I just ended back up at a comfy pace.  So I said to hell with it and just plugged away.  I knew that I wouldn’t like the overall pace (or at least I thought I wouldn’t) but in the moment I didn’t really care. Both my mind and body were happy at how I was going and I was going to honor that.

Imagine my surprise when I finished the second loop and saw that I was running at just over a 9 pace overall and sub-9 for that loop! (Yes I can do mental math that quick 😛 ) Well that just made me smile so freaking big and pushed me a bit harder for that very last loop – which was just a lap around my campus.

So hollllllleeeeeeeeeeer to this run.  Sure it is by far not the most impressive run I’ve ever done.  Not by a long shot as it felt like I wasn’t really concentrating on it and at times felt a bit aimless. But yet again I continue to impress myself with my determination in the second half.  Now I just need to get that in the first half.  Lacey want to help me out there?! 🙂

I’m sure that what I’ve been doing (pushing the second half of the training runs) is going to be very beneficial to the actual race.  I’m not too worried about starting off slow.  Even though in my debut marathon I started off very slow (930s and STILL managed to BQ) I think that because it’s BOSTON I’ll be going out quicker.  And so far my body doesn’t seem to register progression of pace in a number-specific oriented way.

Hmmm that sentence was awkward for me to follow…but what I mean is that no matter what I start out at (be it a fast or slow pace) my body is going to speed up relative to the initial pace and NOT to a pre-determined pace. Not sure if that sentence makes it any better so I’m going to stop while I’m ahead not so far behind haha

Another reason to smile? The weather!! Finally it feels like spring is here.  When I left for the run it was 42* out and the high of today was 56*!!!!! I’m pretty sure it’s going to be nice like this tomorrow so I think I’ll be heading outside again.  I’m dangerously close to a 100 mile week so the nice weather might just push me to it 🙂

Alrighty. 22.2 miles is making me ravenous and it’s taken me forever to write this post because I keep getting distracted by my growling stomach. I think in the ~2 hours since I’ve finished my run I’ve consumed my body weight in food.  And I’m about to go get some more. Yummy 🙂

Hope everyone has a great Saturday and is enjoy the nice weather that appears to be sweeping over the country this weekend.  I have my window wide open because I need to be working rather than lounging outside. I ended up going out last night which was great for my mentality / overall funk I’ve been in but not so great for my to-do list hahah!

And sheesh I like to write a lot! (although I do want to put in more pictures: you know the whole thing of it being worth 1000 words. I just don’t know what to take pics of!) I guess it’s because in my “real life” no one gets running.  During my bathroom break after the first loop I ran into a friend and when I told her I still had 9.5 miles to go after just doing 12.7 she laughed soooo hard. Oh non-runners 🙂



  1. GOOD JOB GIRL! I’m so proud….bc I NEVER got to doing the 22 miler on my training plan. I get to 20, and am like, “ok good enough. lets go stop and eat…”
    And YEAHHHH the weather IS nice 🙂 SO STOKED TO RUN!

    Comment by kathleennnn — March 6, 2010 @ 16:43

  2. Hey, I’m worried about this shin. Do you want to miss the big one? You will if you keep smashing out the miles. With such a short time to go before the race keep under control and away from pain. The big miles are in the bank and the work from here on in is topping up the tank. I and everyone else who follows you really wants you to make it. Look after yourself!

    Comment by Ian — March 6, 2010 @ 16:58

  3. I am with Ian 100%! Given the shin pain, hundred mile weeks at this point could really start to compromise you… and you don’t seem like the type who would complain over any little ache… It’s easy to get greedy for mileage, but I hope you stay healthy and keep from hurting yourself just for the sake of the numbers. Keep your eyes on the April 19th prize!

    Comment by Cat — March 6, 2010 @ 17:39

  4. Great run today! 22 miles is EPIC 🙂

    Comment by Matt — March 6, 2010 @ 19:33

  5. Congrats on finishing strong. That’s the toughest part for me, not ‘dying’ at the end of the run. However, I second what was said about the shin. At this point, you have plenty of base. Whether you run 100 or 95 or 60 miles/week at this point isn’t going to effect what you have done! Be careful- I wanna see you smashing through your time goal at Boston! (and I know you will! 🙂

    Comment by tmart — March 6, 2010 @ 20:01

  6. Great run! You’re so nice and strong in the second half that is KEY! Take care of those shins–I say compression sock with some ice or Biofreeze in there.

    Comment by Teamarcia — March 6, 2010 @ 21:35

  7. NICE!! I bet those stats rocked your world. AND the weather! What a blessing for ya. Thanks for the encouragement about my 10k! I am excited, but also aware that I am racing on “tired legs.” So I’m just pumped to get out there and see how these bad boys do! Well your NEXT race should be on the West Coast because you’ve got some fans to run with 🙂

    Comment by Running on Faith — March 6, 2010 @ 22:13

  8. I know — don’t you love the “don’t run today” comments? People don’t understand. I smile as I already am feeling the advice dissipate.

    Oooh, you got a packet of party time last night? Tres bien.

    Comment by EE — March 6, 2010 @ 22:28

  9. Excellent. Re starting out slow on LRs – I think your legs are so accustomed to big miles that it takes you 5-7 miles before everything is loose and in sync. I bet you negative split bigtime within your first loop. Your debut marathon pacing supports the point. Your are smart and confident enough not to get worried by a slowisg start in Boston. You’ll certainly BQ again.

    Comment by A Marathoner — March 6, 2010 @ 22:48

  10. This is me NOT talking about the shin, even though I really want to and +100000 to above comments about it. Never-the-less, ROCKING workout today. You are totally prepared for Boston. The only thing that is going to stop an awesome PR is failure to back off, if need be. You’re doing great, girl.

    Comment by Rebecca — March 7, 2010 @ 00:44

  11. I can’t imagine how hungry a 22 mile run would make me feel since 5-6 miles makes me ravenous!! What is it about running? boxing doesn’t have the same effect, it does a bit but not as much!

    So glad spring is coming, is starting to get warmer and sunnier here too, and the mornings are getting lighter, much nicer for running!

    Well done on another great run!

    Comment by Laura — March 7, 2010 @ 05:19

  12. Nice 22 miler. You deserve some big plates of food after that one.

    Comment by ShutupandRun — March 7, 2010 @ 10:47

  13. Way to go. You are totally going to rock Boston. Keep taking care of that shin, though.

    Comment by Chelsea — March 7, 2010 @ 16:33

  14. I always tell myself that no one remembers the first three miles of a run – but you always remember the last couple, and whether they were lame or fast or whatever. Seems you’ve found a nice way of budgeting your effort.
    Please ice assiduously, girl.

    Comment by sarah — March 7, 2010 @ 16:47

  15. […] maybe I’m just crazy for putting in the miles in general ). And I meant what I said in my post about my LR: I wouldn’t have run through pain for 22 miles.  Sure it would have sucked to cut a run […]

    Pingback by Addendum & Lazy Sunday « MarathonMaiden's Blog — March 7, 2010 @ 21:15

  16. Great job on the 22. hope you shin, ankle thing feels better.

    Comment by J — March 8, 2010 @ 07:27

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