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May 28, 2010

We All Came Here To Make It

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So first off I’m obsessed with this song.  Pretty basically been listening to it on repeat the past week.  Sound up and rocking out.  I saw him (Jason Aldean) last summer in concert and am in LOVE with him too.  Why do all my celebrity crushes have wives?!

Anyway, life is about to get crazy for me.

My MCAT class is picking up steam and it looks like I’ll be studying ~6 hours a day, 4-5x a week for the next 10 or so weeks.  In fact, I should be studying right now…but I’m not *shhhhhhhhh* I’m not quite sure what to think of the class.  It’s definitely going to be a HUGE boost to me but it’s also going to be tough and challenging.  I’m going to have to tackle things head on that are not my strengths.  Last summer when I was studying for the exam (on my own and with textbooks) I was able to shy away from things that were hard.  And it showed.  Sure, my score was good enough but not what I knew I was capable of.  Hence the class this summer.

I’m also starting the process of applying to med schools.  I’ve started drafting the two (in my opinion) hardest sections: the work/activities section and the personal statement.  If there’s anyone willing to look over them (or at least the essay) I’d be forever indebted.  Seriously.

So even though those are the only two things I have to do from now until July-ish (when I’m targeting the application being sent in) and mid-August (MCAT), it’s going to be quite a busy thing.  I’m already feeling a bit of the stress that deadlines and commitment bring.

Luckily I have an amazing agenda book that I can create to-do lists in and gain satisfaction in crossing off items.  Sometimes the list becomes really big.  And I’m the kind of person that if I don’t start making progress and roll with the momentum then nothing will happen.  So the physics joke from a few years ago in the club “Mo’mentum Mo’problems” really isn’t apropos here.

Luckily I also have running.  The weather has “cooled” off here — aka 70* rather than 95+* — and it feels nice.  Especially at night and I’ve been actually a bit chilly in the morning when I get up. Granted I have perfected the placement of fans / open windows so that my room becomes an ice box but still…running at noon as my first study break didn’t feel bad yesterday nor did it today.  Oh relativity.  I probably was complaining in April about how a few 70* days felt like a heat wave after weeks of 40* and rainy weather.

Not that I should complain, and I try not to because I BEG for hot weather in January/February.

And I’m going to take the fact that not many people seemed to read my Tips for Hot Weather Running yesterday as a sign that you guys are smarty-arties and already knew all of it.  And for those of you who commented and added your suggestions: THANK YOU. I need to start getting smarter in my running life if I want to keep improving.  I’ll take all the help I can to run STRONG, run FAST and have FUN.  Too bad I can’t think of a great F word for strength.  Then I could call it the “Three Fs” or something.  Run with fortitude? Doesn’t have the same ring to it.

But that’s what I have been doing the past few days.  And even, if you were to go back and re-read my posts, the past 2-3 weeks (I’m lucky that I have my log book right out in front of me).

Today was no exception.

But first: I think that Tues/Fri is going to be my lifting schedule for the summer.  At least it’s what I’ve fallen into lately. And today was TOUGH.  My legs, which have been pretty tight, were not all that interested in lifting.  But I figured that since I actually drove to the gym then come hell or high water I was going to get a full body lift in.  Gas ain’t cheap and I drive an SUV.  I augmented my lifting to a weight load lighter than normal.  Still hard though.

After doing my legs I decided to try out foam rolling on my IT band.  So I grabbed the foam roller and set to work.  And my first thought? PHsssssssh this isn’t so bad.  Then I realized that the part of the roller I was on was really worn down.  So I moved over to the end portion of it and my thought? Okay this hurts more but still isn’t so bad.  I’m thinking that I was doing something wrong because everything I read on blogs has said this should hurt like hell.

I came home, refueled, studied some in my physics review book then hit the streets for a nice run.  And it felt good.  Like I mentioned a few paragraphs ago, my running has been good.  Not quite spot-on — ideally I’d be doing workouts and a hard/easy type of schedule.  But running has been so effortless lately.  I’ve never felt like I’ve been exerting myself and yet my paces have been so fast.  I’ve been doubting whether or not my mapping system is accurate.  It’s been so nice and such a confidence / mood booster.  It’s been allowing me to keep focused for studying / application writing / my 3 hour class.

But in case anyone was wondering what I mean about paces: today was 7.2 miles @ 8:34 pace.  Typically when I go for an easy run, post-lift run etc.  I try to target 9:15.   And my easy run paces the past two weeks have, with maybe one exception, all been sub-9.   And maybe my tightness in my legs is telling me that I need to put on the brakes a bit in terms of pace.  But I’m in such a good state-of-mind lately that I just don’t want too.

Bang Bang Bang 😀

Check out this giveaway from Tricia.  And have a great Memorial Day Weekend.  Hopefully you guys have more exciting plans than me….aka studying. So I might be MIA in both blogging and commenting on-and-off the next week or so as I struggle to find a balance with everything.


  1. please don’t got MIA with bloggin! I love your blog!

    Andd, about the paces- perhaps it is because your milage is lower? Whatever the reason- enjoy it! 🙂 You certainly have put the time into running to enjoy the benefits of fast paces. 🙂

    Comment by tmart — May 28, 2010 @ 21:11

    • I definitely think my miles are faster because my mileage is lower. Which is a double edged sword because the faster my miles, the more I want to run which makes them slower!

      Comment by marathonmaiden — May 30, 2010 @ 15:26

  2. Good luck studying. We know you can accomplish anything you put your mind to :). It’s really warm here, too. It’s supposed to be 75 at 9am when I’ll *hopefully* be finishing my race. Eeeek.

    Comment by Chelsea — May 29, 2010 @ 07:30

  3. I don’t find rolling on the IT band to be as bad as everyone says either. When it is really tight it is definitely worse then an average day, but even then it wasn’t that bad. When I injure my IT band months ago I got a massage which involved “IT Stripping”.

    Which tickled.

    The masseuse was not impressed, apparently laughing is not the usual reaction? Maybe we have high thresholds for pain or are malformed somehow 😉

    Comment by katerina — May 29, 2010 @ 13:55

    • Good to know I’m not the only one. I thought I was crazy or something 🙂

      Comment by marathonmaiden — May 30, 2010 @ 15:27

  4. Rolling out my IT band used to hurt but once it got better it doesnt hurt as much. Some days when I hit a tight spot it hurts but other wise it just feels like a mini massage on my leg.

    Also I think the warmer weather is def helping with those easy runs being faster!

    Comment by J — May 29, 2010 @ 17:04

  5. Nice job! BTW – I have not forgotten about connecting you with my teammate. She took the MCAT on Thursday and fell off the grid … reunion I think. She’ll resurface early next week. Good luck with studying.

    Comment by a marathoner — May 29, 2010 @ 18:39

  6. Good luck studying!!

    The foam roller is the BEST.
    ❤ jess

    Comment by Jess — May 29, 2010 @ 21:21

  7. I just had a flashback to Junior year summer when I was studying for the MCAT in the lib for hours on end. My advice: put the time and effort in it the first time. I slacked and ended up having to do it again senior year bahhh….Funny thing. Never went to med school. Major Fail ha!

    Comment by Running on Faith — May 29, 2010 @ 22:52

    • Unfortunately this is my second time. I took the thing last summer and wasn’t pushing myself and didn’t want to lay down the $$ for someone to push me in a class. So I did okay but not where I wanted. This go-round I’m taking a class and definitely am committed to studying. I think it’s paying off so far. Fingers crossed!

      Comment by marathonmaiden — May 30, 2010 @ 15:29

  8. Weather in England is a bit unpredictable! You get some sweltering hot days but they only last a few days/weeks interspersed with rain and cooler days, Summer doesn’t last long haha… not selling the place am I!

    Good luck with your med school applications! Feel free to email me them to look at, English is not one of my best subjects though so they might be best going to someone else heh. For what it’s worth, judging by your blog you’ll have no problems, it sounds like you work really hard and you have plenty of extra curricular activities so they’d be mad not to take you on!

    Comment by Laura — May 30, 2010 @ 05:01

    • Once I get a solid draft I totally will send the essay your way 🙂 Even if you don’t think English is your best subject it’s always nice to have a fresh perspective reading the darn thing.

      Comment by marathonmaiden — May 30, 2010 @ 15:30

  9. Best of luck with everything you have coming up!!! I have a friend who just finished her first year of medical school. From everything I’ve heard, it’s definitely worth the journey to get accepted. I really think lifting helps with running… and definitely with swimming! Great job fitting it all in!

    Comment by triathena — May 30, 2010 @ 13:11

  10. I definitely feel your pain in terms of MCAT studying, it is no fun:( I’m about to start taking a Kaplan class as well, it definitely helps motivate you to tackle the hard things. It’s so exciting that you are beginning the application process. I would love to review your personal statement and whatever else you would like. Earlier this year, for my job, I reviewed the statements of over three hundred med school applicants so I have a pretty good idea of what they’re looking for;)

    Comment by Ada — May 30, 2010 @ 18:18

  11. Best of luck with applications to med school and the like…sounds like you’ve got some stressful times ahead of you, but I’m sure you’ll do well! What schools are you considering?

    What about run FIERCE?! That’s kinda like strong right? 🙂

    Comment by sophia — May 31, 2010 @ 07:28

    • LOVE the fierce. Makes me think of Tyra 🙂 and I’ll let out where I’m looking when I have a better idea / much further down the road. I like to keep things close to the vest when I’m planning. But my list is HUGE at the moment hah

      Comment by marathonmaiden — June 1, 2010 @ 15:57

  12. I have no idea how you med students do it…the MCAT sounds like the scariest thing I could ever imagine. I was never good at standardized tests!

    Comment by Ameena — May 31, 2010 @ 11:28

    • Join the club. I always under perform on standardized tests! Hopefully this time will be different

      Comment by marathonmaiden — June 1, 2010 @ 15:58

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