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June 1, 2010

Monthly Recap: May 2010

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First off: Wow. I’m so glad that you guys are viewing my study running breaks as a good thing and something that we all use to keep our sanity after a long day sitting down! Thanks for the positive vibes too. They are definitely appreciated.  You guys are the bestest 🙂

So I know that yesterday I said that I was going to do a “How Double Running Can Rock” series.  And I’ve actually drafted two of them already (of the power of procrastination ha) but I wanted to get this up before I forgot and since yesterday was the last day of May…it’s apropos.

May was definitely a….well let’s just say an interesting month.  I finally was able to jump back into running.  And I did, full throttle.  If you remember the end of April was me getting my IV out and just prior to that was Boston.  So April was on the low side with running.  Let’s just say I was chomping at the bit and ready to hit May hard. Not as hard as March when I ran 400+ miles but still hard nonetheless.

May also wanted to hit pretty hard back: not only was it the wrapping up of a school year but the wrapping up of my UNDERGRADUATE career.  Scary.  So I was pretty busy in my non-running life, especially the first half when all my senior projects and presentations were.

But when does running not happen? Yeah yeah besides scary infections and shin splints 😉

Luckily May didn’t have any of that for me so here’s a week by week glance at the fifth month of the year (and seriously?! How have 5 months gone by already?!)

Week of May 3-9

  • 56 miles
  • 8 hours 18 minutes 8 seconds
  • 8:55 average pace
  • 4X Core, 1X Lifting, 2X XT

First full week of running not only post-infection but post-Boston.  Needless to say I’m not a fan of the slow and steady thing? 10% rule what? I do have some notes in my log book saying that the legs were a bit tight but I think that’s more so because I reintroduced lifting this week and I have a complete disregard for stretching. The pacing was spot on too and I think that’s due to huge recovery period post-marathon and ~50% reduction in peak training miles.

Week of May 10-16

  • 67.3 miles
  • 10 hours 4 minutes 45 seconds
  • 8:59 average pace
  • 3X Core, 1X Lifting, 1X circuit, 0 XT

Whew a close one with that pace 😉  Finals were this week which, for a lot of students, is a huge time suck and stressor.  Not so much for me and I was able to get some quality runs in.  And by quality I mean feel really good about the runs quality.  Still no speedwork here, too soon post-Boston it had only been 3 weeks.

Week of May 17-23

  • 71 miles
  • 10 hours 43 minutes 15 seconds
  • 9:04 average pace
  • 3X Core, 2X Lifting, 0 XT
  • 1 double day

Senior Week! Very much relaxed (except for packing up my life) and trying to be on cruise control for the week.  Lots of good-bye runs this week too so I was pretty nostalgic.  I was also sick at the beginning of the week with some type of flu-like illness (oh immune system, can you please behave? haha) but I bounced back.  On Sunday, the first full day at home was also the first day of doubles that I had been talking about lately and it was a good two runs, both very strong and a good way to round out the week although I wish that I had been able to lower the average pace a bit.

Week of May 24-30

  • 72.9 miles
  • 10 hours 35 minutes 26 seconds
  • 8:47 average pace
  • 3X Core, 2X Lifting, 1X XT
  • 4 double days running, 1 double day of lifting/running

Wow.  Huge mileage and a fast pace.  I think this week was the first true no-obligations week I’d had in a very long while.  I’m not on my third (but really fourth) floor room and my legs, while running more, are overall more rested. Lots of doubles here and clearly they added up more than I thought they did but the leg-os aren’t hurting or sore.  If anything something is happening right because my pace was WICKED low for a weekly average for me.

May totals

  • 286.6 miles
  • 42 hours 40 minutes 49 seconds
  • 8:56 average pace

I think I talked enough about my running this month in the preceding paragraphs so just one note: the pace.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a month (at least while I’ve been consciously tracking things like monthly data) where I had an average pace under 9 minutes.  Woot! I think I’m prouder of that than my 400+ month of March!

And before I dredge back into MCAT/essay land I want to share a story of my second run on Memorial Day. In true MM fashion it’s long and not about me but I felt it worthy to share and am sticking it at the end of the post so those of you who roll your eyes at the length of my posts can stop if need be 😉

I ran it with my sister, K4 (I’m the oldest of 6 and all our names begin with K so we’ve been assigned numbers haha).  I was really unsure of whether or not I wanted to “bring her along”.  Sure she’s an athlete and actually ran XC last fall…but her schtick is Throwing.  And she told me that her best XC race was ~28 minutes for a 5k.  Which is slower than I wanted to go.

I told her that we’d do a tempo kind of thing for her.  My distance was 4 but we could go at “tempo” (for her) for ~1.3 miles then she could turn around and recover while I ran to the halfway point and then catch up with her pacing her back in.  She was down for it, I think that I was still unsure if she could keep up.  I figured that even if I went at a 9 pace it would be pushing it for her.  And a note about my family: we rarely complain about things like pushed paces.  Sure I may complain, bitch & moan about an eyelash in my eye but I will push through anything physical and the same goes for K4.

That said, at ~Mile 1 she stopped short.  I told her that if she was going to throw up she better do it away from me.  That got me a laugh as well as a dirty look but after a second of catching her breath we were off again.  We hit the ~1.3 miles at (calculated later)…8:46 pace!!  Here she turned around and walked a bit and I’m assuming at some point she started jogging because when I caught up to her she was much further than I thought she would be.

When she saw me I think a part of her died buttttt I told her that the goal was just to not stop running for the ~3/4 mile we had left.  And she did it.  She had a really bad stitch-in-side but she did it.  I am soooooo proud of her for being so damn tenacious and determined.  I think that, even though she considers throwing her thing, she could have a strong XC season if she wants it and decides to do it again.  She’s not that big into running, definitely not a passion of hers,  but she could own it if she sets her sights on it.  Maybe not *winning* but I think she could be strong and SMASH her PR and expectations.

So that’s the story.  About my sister. I’m hoping that we get to run more together this summer 😀


  1. Fantastic month, Karyn. Full of lots of change for you but the mileages are still huge. Keep having fun through the summer…

    Comment by Ian — June 1, 2010 @ 14:49

  2. Nice running as always! Sweet story about your sis. I’ll bet she could totally own it if she wants to. I too am one of 6–I’m second oldest behind my brother Greg…Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.

    Comment by Marcia — June 1, 2010 @ 15:18

  3. Good job to your sister. So do you hate that you all have K names (and they also have Ys in them, right?) or do you think it’s a cool bond that you all share?

    Comment by Chelsea — June 1, 2010 @ 15:22

    • Right now I think it’s annoying haha. I thought it was cute when I was younger though!

      Comment by marathonmaiden — June 3, 2010 @ 23:33

  4. Dang that’s a lot of miles…!!! Good for you and good job to your sis.

    Comment by ShutupandRun — June 1, 2010 @ 16:07

  5. You run crazy high mileage! How do you do it? I’m lucky to break into 50 miles per week! So jealous! Great work.

    Comment by Jaime — June 1, 2010 @ 19:09

  6. Hi, stranger! Sorry I’ve been an absentee friend for so long! I’m so happy you were able to inspire your sis! I’m sure you are leading the way to her future marathon!

    Comment by Rebecca — June 1, 2010 @ 19:13

  7. I dont know how you run all those miles girl!! Great job on the month!

    Your sister is thrower in track? What does she throw? Honestly I started out as a thrower in track and then got into running later. I used to hate running with a passion! So you never know what might happen for K4!

    neat that all your siblings have the same inital. My whole family first names all start with the letter J!

    Comment by J — June 1, 2010 @ 21:02

    • She throws the shotput and the discuss and from what I gather she’s really good. I think she’ll eventually get into running but right now she’s consumed with the throwing

      Comment by marathonmaiden — June 3, 2010 @ 23:35

  8. Great month!! That’s awesome that you got to run with your sister : ) And I love how you have numbered your siblings

    Comment by BostonRunner — June 1, 2010 @ 21:26

  9. Wow, you got right back on that horse huh? 🙂 I’m glad you managed to have a really solid month after what seemed like a series of setback after setback in April. Rock on!

    Comment by runningmanz — June 2, 2010 @ 00:15

  10. Good work on your May mileage, you’re so speedy!! Hope your sister enjoys some more running with you sounds like she will be super speedy too 🙂

    Comment by Laura — June 2, 2010 @ 02:00

  11. Way to go, K4 and K1!

    Comment by Jess — June 2, 2010 @ 15:10

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