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August 19, 2010

Legendary Top Dog

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Whew.  Hello again everyone. Going to try to make this quick as I have a long to-do list (comme d’habitude!) starting with a nice hot shower because the hot water was finally turned on!

I think it’s only been a day since I last posted but I’ve been crazy busy so it feels like it’s been a week!  The job has been the most crazy thing going on: I had to do the monthly report yesterday.  Ummm it was only my third day?! Talk about trial by fire! I’m glad everyone finds my job interesting though.  I think that once I get through this first month I’ll finally be settled?

Regardless, today is a day where there’s PM clinic (always on T/R) so I don’t have to go in until 1230/1300.  As much as the different times to go into and leave work is weird and will take time to get used to I think  I end up enjoying it? Again, it’ll take time to get settled.  But clinic (at least on Tuesday) was fun.  I get to hang out with the volunteer doctors and residents and nurses and other people who make the clinic run.  And I get to see some pretty cool patients (although I don’t think I can say much anything due to HIPPA) but suffice it to say that I’m having fun.  Crazy busy and stressed but fun.

I’ve also been really busy lately because I’m filling out an entirely new application for medical schools.  I had an epiphany recently which, while I’m totally still filling out the “common app” for medical schools, requires me to fill out a different system of applications.  All of which are due October 1st.  Now I’m not saying it’s NOT possible to do this task butttt it’s going to require me to put A LOT of work in.  But working hard = my life so I’m sure that I can get it done.  There just might be some tears of frustration here and there.  Of course whether or not I send in the applications depends on my MCAT scores so I hope I’m not doing all this work and extra stress for nothing! We’ll see.  I was WICKED productive last night on that front so I’m thinking that’s a good sign?

Every now and then I feel like my blog veers away from running and more towards STRESS.  Maybe I should rename it to Stressed-Out-Marathon-Maiden?!

So on to the running!

I still have yet to go actually explore more intense running routes rather than my standard 2X4.1 that I’ve been doing.  Mostly due to lack of time to explore.  I kind of like knowing exactly how far I’m going in advance and, since I am sans garmin, I need to map this stuff out.  Lack of time = lack of running routes.  Luckily I have a job that I will not have to bring home work with me so I can get out and explore / map this weekend. Which means that I’ve been running my 8.2 miles every day haha!

Wednesday obviously was 8.2 miles and it was at a creepy crawly pace.  Like the title of my last post suggests, I’m going to have an excuse: I didn’t get home from work until 2200 on Tuesday then had to be at work by 0800 on Wednesday.  Meaning a 0515 wake up.  Sure I can handle it but it’s tough to bang out quality miles under so little sleep.  I’m not saying I was running terribly slow (it was ~8:48 pace) but it just felt lethargic.   The humidity had cut down a bit, so it was more like 87% when I left.  I definitely was dripping with sweat when I got back to the apartment!

I got to sleep in a bit on Thursday.  Aka 0745 😀  It was one of those mornings when the covers just conform to your body and it’s the most comfortable thing everrrrr. And I think I was having a good dream too.  I guess I’m weird and can only remember bad/scary/disturbing dreams so I don’t know what this one was about but I woke up with a smile.  That’s a great way to start a day!

But after laying there for a bit I did get out of bed to hit the streets. And I’m glad I did.  The humidity was around 80% or so.  But the temp was 65*!! I definitely was working hard and sweating though.  But I don’t really mind sweating when I know it’s because of my effort and not because it’s so HHH (hazy hot and humid)

And I ran for

…wait for it….

8.2 miles. Legendary.

I’m not going to lie though: my legs felt like absolute crap.  But when I checked my watch at the halfway mark I was running at 8:40 pace.   While not rockstar pace, it was much faster than I anticipated.  Which put some pep in my step and I finished the whole run at 8:34 pace.  It’s funny how on days where the leg-os don’t feel their best is when I run my fastest.  Of course my legs might be feeling tired because I’m running fast.  But hey now I like thinking things are paradoxical.

Woot.  I even passed some really faster runners. Or at least runners that I’ve perceived to be faster during my whole 5 runs in my new locale.  This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Does that make me a bad person?!

Meaning: I want to still be top dog!  In my hometown I rarely saw another runner out.  And if I did they were old person and not a “serious” runner (I don’t know if that sounds harsh but I don’t mean it as a negative.  I’m just more focused than most of the runners back home).  This made me appear to be the best runner in the universe.  Simply because no one else runs.  Or rather no one else really races.

Here it’s definitely not the case.  Of course there are walkers and people who are out just for the hell of it but there are definitely people who are sporting the racing shirts and doing *workouts*. Of course I have been making eye contact with some of them and waving.  I even got a “hey now don’t lap me!” from one of the guys out running yesterday.  But it’s just weird to not be the only person in my area who runs.

I need to establish myself.  And fast 😉


  1. Happy dreams are my favorite thing EVER! Like you, I don’t always remember them but it’s such a nice little bonus to wake up feeling mysteriously warm and fuzzy.

    Good luck exploring the new running routes! I’m sure the local runners are already asking themselves, so who’s that new girl? 🙂

    Comment by shelby — August 19, 2010 @ 11:38

    • I sure hope that peeps recognize my running already hah! And YES to waking up all warm and fuzzy being the BEST. I wish it happened more often!

      Comment by marathonmaiden — August 19, 2010 @ 20:18

  2. Suck it up with the 5:15 wake up. I do it every day 😉

    Glad the job is going well! What med schools are you looking at? My sister goes to UT Southwestern. I’m sure if you have any questions regarding med school stuff, I can ask her for you or give you her email. Let me know!

    Comment by Matt — August 19, 2010 @ 11:48

    • I’m totally sucking it up. It’s just going to not be fun at first. I need to get used to it 🙂

      Comment by marathonmaiden — August 19, 2010 @ 20:15

  3. The whole professional school application process boggles my mind. I remember when my friends were going through it, and I definitely didn’t envy them. I bet you’ll get it all finished. Stressed is your middle name. (Except that it doesn’t start with a K : ).

    Comment by Chelsea — August 19, 2010 @ 11:56

  4. Awesome video!

    Comment by Kim — August 19, 2010 @ 12:01

  5. Dude, you’ll so be top dog in no time! lol

    And I heart How I Met Your Mother! Oh NPH… if only you liked girls…

    Comment by Amy @ Second City Randomness — August 19, 2010 @ 12:21

  6. Your blogs here for you to vent if you want to! Although I hope your stress levels lessen soon! You might meet some new running friends 🙂

    Comment by Laura — August 19, 2010 @ 13:24

    • I’m hoping that I meet running friends! I’ve been trying to be friendly. But it’s awkward. It kind of feels like I’m asking people out on dates haha!

      Comment by marathonmaiden — August 19, 2010 @ 20:16

  7. I love that you mentioned wanting to “establish” yourself among the other local runners — definitely know the feeling! The worst is when you’re just out for a recovery run and some other jane you usually crush with your speed has the audacity to pass you that day. And you can’t have that, so there goes the recovery run… hahaha. Sending good luck/anti-stress waves your way with the med school jazz.

    Comment by sweatykid — August 19, 2010 @ 13:49

  8. It’ll be fun to explore and find new running routes, you’ll enjoy that I’m sure! I was just reading the comment above by Matt, I’m curious too where you’re looking. My bff’s son is in med school at Univ of Iowa (we’re from Iowa so I can’t be more proud. Ha).

    Comment by Jill — August 19, 2010 @ 13:52

  9. Those med school applications are sooo much work. How many more are you adding?

    Comment by Jess — August 19, 2010 @ 14:01

  10. Oh I’m quite sure you’re already top dog…you just don’t know it yet. Glad the new job is going well!

    Comment by Marcia — August 19, 2010 @ 15:30

  11. I do the 5am wake up call pretty much every morning, but getting home late and then getting up early to run is tough. Hope you are able to find some fun routes this weekend!

    Comment by J — August 19, 2010 @ 15:59

  12. you could pee on all the trees in your neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehheee… i’ve been spending a lot of QT with the pug. he’s a total territory marker. the one time i brought him over to our house he peed on both sides of our bed. um, BAD DOG. lol.

    you have got a LOT going on!!!!!!!!!!!! i haven’t had a chance to read stuff yet, ack!! i want to! just been busy, too. and going away again this weekend (for fun, but still away, heh).

    i am going to tell you a truth here: i am worried about the half!!! i just don’t know if i should rush into 13 miles???? i’m working toward it, though, so i’m hopeful. but we’ll see. have you registered?

    Comment by Lacey — August 19, 2010 @ 22:45

  13. I can’t wait to hear where you are planning to apply to med school…anywhere on the West Coast perhaps?

    Comment by Ameena — August 19, 2010 @ 23:22

    • Sadly no. It’s virtually impossible to get into schools (specifically CA) if you’re not a resident. Although if you were willing to lie and say I’ve been a resident with you for the past few years I might reconsider haha 😉

      Comment by marathonmaiden — August 20, 2010 @ 21:21

  14. I HATE change. This last week, I’ve been stomachy sick and slept in until 6:20 each morning, only squeezing 2 miles in before heading to work, when before it was 3-4. I felt “not as good” and then, now, I am digging the extra sleeping in and the brief run is quick, not boring and I organize my day in my day, increasing efficiency (because longer runs I forget things).
    New stuff that is “weird” then becomes the familiar stuff you can’t live without.
    Post more on the application process!

    Comment by specialkphd — August 21, 2010 @ 01:04

    • If you’re really interested in the application process I can totally write more on it ! It’s really just boring fill out forms of all the classes I’ve taken and my grades and extracurriculars. Kind of like a glorified resume. The hard part are the essays of “why do you want to be a doctor?” haha!

      Comment by marathonmaiden — August 21, 2010 @ 11:10

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