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August 29, 2010

Another Long Run and Some Shoe Pictures

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(Let’s see if I can keep my knowledge of how to schedule posts.  Today (Sunday) I’m working on my application essays all day — or at least that’s the goal. I’m also trying to recover from the first of these this summer/fall.  Good times. All to be recap-ed later because I *gasp* took pictures!

So I wrote the portion about my LR on Saturday after the run was done and then tried to edit it so I could keep the tone/tenses correct for readers reading today after putting in stuff about my run today.  It may or may not have been a success.  I guess you’ll have to read and see 🙂 )

I slept for 11 hours Saturday night. For real. Like, who am I?!  I guess that I was really sleep deprived this week?!

I also guess that the massive amounts of coffee I drank on Friday didn’t affect my bedtime.  I will say that, while I am completely addicted to caffeine (I get the headaches and withdrawal if  I don’t have it everyday) the amount in the coffee I had might have been too much.  I wasn’t jittery or shaky during the day but it was kind of like an outer body experience until about dinnertime.

Oops. And I didn’t end up having any more caffeine that day.  No diet coke with lime for me.  So sad but I just did not need it. Lesson learned.

The lesson being more sleep is a good thing.  I didn’t exactly wake up feeling all renewed but it was nice to have gotten a large fix of some “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”.

Obviously this being a good thing as I planned a long run for Saturday. I really like putting my LR on Saturdays for some reason.  I used to do them on Sundays because I felt that’s when runners did them but when training for my first marathon I got into the habit of running long on Saturdays.  And then during one summer I even did them on Fridays because my weekends were so packed with working 10 hour days.  Just goes to show you how one thing doesn’t fit all.

Anyway back  to the run at hand.

Since I’m still new to the area I’ve been relying on mapmyrun to give me routes.  Or rather I search for routes other people have done in the area and then slightly modify them.  Today I took on of the routes and did it as is.  I did have to tack on about a half mile total to it because the start of the map wasn’t my apartment (how rude!).

I think it’s always slightly risky when trying out new runs in areas that you haven’t been in before.  Hell I think it’s risky even driving in areas that you haven’t been in before because, especially in a city, you just don’t know who lives there, what the roads are like etc.

But I’m a risk taker. Clearly  😛

Courtesy of google images

The fact that my route wasn’t tested out or previewed in a car by me was…okay.  Last weekend I did this (run without seeing all the roads) and it worked out okay.  I made a few minor errors but luckily the area where I was running is a place where I could easily correct: I was in an area where I could “see” the map in my head because it’s on College Hill and the roads are pretty logical.  I wasn’t exactly flying blind today but there was that potential so I was a bit nervous.

But I was really gung-ho about this run because I was going to be able to run through a park/golf course/pretty area with ponds.  Getting to said area might be difficult but the rewards were great.

Plus I got to run in two states (I almost wrote two *different* states but figured “duh they’d be different”.  I can be so blond at times haha) How awesome is that?!

And before I get into my run I want to say “great job” to all those who are doing/have done their 20 milers this week.  I got back from my long run, read about everyone’s 18-20-ers and suddenly what I did felt very short indeed 😉

Not that my run was too shabby.  I ran 13.57 miles (of course in my log book it goes in as 13.5 hah!). This is farthest I’ve run since about mid-June.  I know I did lots of doubles/triples this summer where my miles were way high for a day but for a single run it’s been awhile since I ran this far. I think I’ve done a handful of 11-ers but that’s it. It made me a little nervous but nerves mean you care, right?

Answer: Right.

So I set out in beautiful sunny weather.  Yay 🙂

So I put on my shades to cover up my eyes. But rather than feeling like a star and not stopping my shine I was feeling eh.  And I’ve probably already linked to this song/video but it’s awesome. So deal.

Feeling eh? Well I definitely started out that way.  But I just told myself to relax and my legs would warm up a bit.  I think that my legs feel the same way on all my other runs too but since I left at noon for this run my brain was actually awake and could process the stuff.  But true to form I did warm up and was off.

The way I ended up running my route had me running the more “industrial” part of the run first which I liked.  Not that I liked running through real legit city but rather that I got to run the second part last. This section (aka the first 7 miles) was kind of boring, lots of pavement and no shade.  Granted the temps were outrageous but sunlight shining directly on you makes you hot.

Once I got to the park (and any subsequent pictures are from google as I didn’t bring my camera.  But this is the area I was running in) the place was stunning.  Apparently there’s this bike path that runs about 10 miles or so.  I ended up only running 3 of the miles but I really can’t wait to go back and explore.

Surprisingly I didn’t see  *that* many people out running/walking/biking.  The weather was perfect for this stuff! Granted there were a ton of families in the park area itself and the smell of s’mores and grilling was mighty tempting for stopping.  But with a view like this how could I?!

After passing through the park I got back onto the main roads and headed back to my apartment.  I could definitely tell that my pace had picked up over the course of miles 4-10 and with about 3 left I wanted to see if I could keep up with that.  Obviously I needed have worried because once I lock into a pace I’m there or faster.  So, while I don’ t have data for each mile, I’m really confident that I can say I negative split this one too.

My final stats were: 13.5 miles at 8:27 pace.

It was very very tempting to run until I hit 14 miles.  Without a garmin that would have been tough to guesstimate.  Or hit 2 hours even.  But there really wasn’t any real reason to do that.


Because, and I realized this during mile 5 of my run today, I’m running a half marathon next week.  Or at least I’m really thinking about it.  I’ve run it a couple times in the past and this year would be running it with Lacey. Of course I’m not registered yet (and won’t until race day) but it’s an opportunity that has presented itself and, barring anything popping up unexpectedly, I’ll likely be doing it.  Exciting.

Also exciting? I’m getting another black toenail.  Okay so maybe not terribly exciting especially as I just got rid of one.  But the aching in this toe has felt suspiciously like my toe infections of the past so I’m glad that it appears to be just a banged up toe.  Of course now I’ve jinxed myself and will likely end up in the hospital again.  Like in the next hour.

As far as today (Sunday) I got out for an “early bird” recovery run (quotes because it was a first thing run.  Not because I was up early ha!).  Nothing serious on that front and I’m surprisingly not too banged up.

Well that was what I had planned to run today. Oh hubris.  Clearly I wrote that sentence on Saturday before my ER trip.

After spending the night in the hospital due to the fact that my toe is, in fact, infected, those plans have changed.  Sunday is now a forced rest day.  I still maintain that I don’t feel banged up but my toe is pulling out the trump card.  Luckily I wasn’t stubborn this time and got to the hospital BEFORE the infection spread from the actual toe so I’m only on oral antibiotics now.  Also kind of a good thing I went because now I have a primary care doctor which I was lacking in this city up until…well technically I still am because I need to call on Monday but I have a name and number!

I’ve also made plans to go to the local running store today just to try and make some running friends and connections in the running world. I want to be in the know in my new city. I may also have to break the bank and purchase new running shoes as these are what I’m currently running in

Note the blood and the fact that the heels do not have the fabric anymore.

Yes that is a hole in the mesh of the toe box

But from the outside they look okay and not too worn. Right?!

I probably should be more embarrassed about posting these pictures than I really am. But really, what can you expect after getting just north of 1700 miles.

But now it’s time to get back to working.  I swear I’m making some progress on my application essays! Slow and steady right?


  1. nice run!!!!!!!!!! oooh i’m jealous of 11 hrs… i could NOT sleep last night, just one of those nights, ugh. i loooooooove a great night’s sleep.

    HM here we come… for better or for worse…

    Comment by Lacey — August 29, 2010 @ 14:22

  2. Wow 11 hrs is a long time, but I guess you needed it!
    13.57 miles is a pretty long run in my book, too.
    Hope your toe heals soon!

    Comment by Emily — August 29, 2010 @ 15:20

  3. Do you look at the route and just remember it when you’re doing new routes? I’d probably end up running twice as far as I intended to if I did that cause I’d be bound to get totally lost haha!

    Hope your essays are going well today 🙂

    Comment by Laura — August 29, 2010 @ 16:03

    • I look at the map and write down some of the small streets but I have a really good memory. Occasionally I’ll head down a road the wrong way but whatever 🙂 I’m never actually lost haha

      Comment by marathonmaiden — August 30, 2010 @ 14:43

  4. I totally need to sleep for 11 hours. I keep telling myself I can once school starts (no class till noon).

    Great runs!

    Comment by Nick — August 29, 2010 @ 16:25

  5. I think it’s time for new shoes… and a new toe. Hope it feels better soon.

    Comment by Chelsea — August 29, 2010 @ 17:00

  6. So jealous of those 11 hours, glad you were able to do that. And lol, get some new shoes, girl! It’s officially time. 🙂

    Now wait a minute, your toe is infected again?? What’s going on with your tootsies? Take care of those things. And good luck at the Half next weekend! Glad you’ll be able to test your training now…cool!

    Comment by Flo — August 29, 2010 @ 17:14

    • I have no idea about my toes. I’ve mused about it on my post being posted today though. I think it’s a reaction to stress. But I’m totally taking care of it by going to the doctor BEFORE it spreads haha

      Comment by marathonmaiden — August 30, 2010 @ 14:45

  7. I’m pumped about your (possible) half-marathon! You are SO fit; I hope this annoying toe thing doesn’t interfere with your race if you decide to run it. There aren’t a lot of races here so I may just have to live vicariously through you and other runbloggers for the year. ps. I’m in awe of your sturdiness/your body’s ability to put up with alllllll the miles you do in shoes like that. Wow wow!

    Comment by sweatykid — August 29, 2010 @ 17:50

  8. 11 hours? I have no remote idea how that would feel. *Sigh*

    And I believe when you start to bleed in the shoes, that’s a good indicator for a new pair. But that’s just a guess.

    Comment by Amy @ Second City Randomness — August 29, 2010 @ 18:20

    • Hahaha the blood is from the first week of running in them!

      Comment by marathonmaiden — August 30, 2010 @ 14:47

  9. That’s nuts about your toe! Is there a reason that you have such bad luck with the infections? Most of my toenails are some shade of black, but I’ve never had the problems with infections.
    And your shoes- craziness! I can’t believe your legs don’t protest more with that kind of milage on a pair of shoes! I replace my shoes as often as my budget allows, lol.
    Glad you had a good run. The sights sound nice and killer pace!

    Take care! 🙂

    Comment by tmart — August 29, 2010 @ 18:44

  10. You’re back on the gimpy toe train!?!! WTF? How frightening, especially after the big move. And annoying, after an excellent long run. I am always nervous about running in new places – I’ve definitely gotten lost, and run a LOT more than I’ve wanted to. Usually it’s on hot days or rainy days or days I have a hangover. Of course. Hope you’re healing.

    Comment by sarah — August 29, 2010 @ 21:17

  11. My goodness my dear friend, you need to go buy some decent shoes! You are killing your feet. Do you have a DSW near you? They have fantastic selection of running shoes and they are relatively cheap.

    Comment by Ameena — August 29, 2010 @ 23:07

  12. I really need 11 hours of sleep some night soon. I love that you ran in two states, that is very cool!

    Comment by Kelly — August 30, 2010 @ 07:45

    • It was totally an unexpected 11 hours but I’m not complaining 🙂 And I thought it was cool running in 2 states. I’m going to have to do it again sometime!

      Comment by marathonmaiden — August 30, 2010 @ 14:52

  13. I loved this post! It inspired me because last sat I ran for 90 minutes or so, not planned, and it felt so authentic rather than forced
    It is as if you have enough work in your life already, so running is grace, a place of freedom rather than perfection (save that for your apps!)
    I am here for ya! (even checking your blog on my iPhone from a conference all week! )

    Comment by Special k — August 30, 2010 @ 12:51

    • Oh trust me I think I’ll keep that in mind for the apps. Very well put 🙂

      Comment by marathonmaiden — August 30, 2010 @ 14:48

  14. Oh no how does your toe keep getting infected!? Are those shoes also too small?

    Comment by Jess — August 30, 2010 @ 14:22

    • I think it’s a stress reaction. And I don’t think it’s the shoes because I’ve had this happen in other pairs! Very annoying and scary.

      Comment by marathonmaiden — August 30, 2010 @ 14:49

  15. Ok here is what I want you to do. Go get your shoes. And throw them out!! Seriously! 1700 miles and they look like they have been run over by a train multiple times! I know you hate to spend the money on more shoes (i do too) but you gotta just shop around for deals. I try to get mine for about 50-65 dollars a pair and then rotate them. Also allows you to see how much it costs you per mile to buy your shoes – you must be like barely a penny for a pair! lol

    Comment by J — August 30, 2010 @ 15:56

  16. […] apparently Saturday was a very eventful and productive day: 13.5 mile long run, getting some good draft work on my application essays, Waterfire and a trip to the ER where I got […]

    Pingback by WATERFIRE « MarathonMaiden's Blog — August 30, 2010 @ 16:02

  17. […] apparently Saturday was a very eventful and productive day: 13.5 mile long run, getting some good draft work on my application essays, Waterfire and a trip to the ER where I got […]

    Pingback by WATERFIRE « MarathonMaiden's Blog — August 30, 2010 @ 16:02

  18. Nice running. Even in face of stress and illness, you always remain positive. Keep your head up. 🙂

    Comment by A Marathoner — August 30, 2010 @ 22:31

  19. Wow Karyn, those shoes are a nightmare!!! Glad you’re feeling ok and settling in to your new home. Make a purchase and treat yourself to some quality for your feet – they will look after you, and you need to look after yourself 🙂 Keep going, stay strong, healthy and happy.

    Comment by Ian — August 31, 2010 @ 09:09

    • Once I get my first paycheck I think new shoes will be my first purchase. Even before rent and food haha

      Comment by marathonmaiden — August 31, 2010 @ 09:25

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