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October 6, 2010


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Sarah told me yesterday that she hoped I “un-moped” soon.  So do I.  And while I still feel a bit mopey (I swear it’s the weather as it yet ANOTHER day of rainy skies) I’m going to do my best to snap out of it. 

This song helps. A lot.

I sincerely believe in the power of the mind.  Sure I don’ t necessarily believe that you’ll always get what you want if you try hard enough but I do think that, when it comes to mental outlook, if you try hard enough you can be UN-MOPEY.

Which is why, despite the stats of this morning’s run I’m in a MUCH better mood.  Yes, yesterday was a rough day.  It was really busy at work and chaotic and I left pretty tired.  Which is standard for Tuesday nights: getting home really late, not having time to eat a proper dinner, running around like crazy etc.

So I can recognize now that Wednesdays will never be the day to do speed work or any other type of quality workout. But now that I know and recognize this I can be at peace with it.  Doesn’t mean I need to enjoy it but just knowing that Wednesday = slow but all my other days are good makes one little blip not so bad. 

Anyway I wanted to get 10 miles in.  In actuality I got 8.2 in, which is 2 loops of the pathway.  A good compromise I think.  I got enough of a run in to justify getting up as early as I did but short enough that I felt like I had a few miles left in me.  Which is good because Monday and Tuesday were 12 milers.  And really good ones at that. A cut-back so-to-speak in MM language.

  • 1st loop: 4.1 miles @ 9:23
  • 2nd loop: 4.1 miles @ 9:08
  • Total:           8.2 miles @ 9:16

Ouch. Not literally though. But after having such stellar runs for the past 3 or 4 months seeing average paces 9:00+ is tough even knowing beforehand it was going to be slow.  But it’s what happen and I’m surprisingly okay with it.  I still got to run and although it was slow it was never physically or mentally awful and I wanted to be out there.  Therefore life is good and UN-MOPEY 😀

I did get 7.5 hours of sleep last night too which, if you know how early I get up, you know that means I was ridiculously tired when I got home and literally collapsed into bed. Oops.

But on the bright side I got to sleep.  Which was glorious. Especially since the one good thing about the incoming cold is sleeping in it.  So despite it being cold-ish lately and yucky out I still slept with my windows open and my fan blowing in it.  Am I weird? Maybe but it’s so nice to have  a freeeeeeeeeeeeezing room (and for those of you who know me you know that I HATE the cold.  Like I need to migrate south for the winter) and then bury under some comforters and / or a quilt.

Also for ONCE in my life I looked outside, saw it actually raining, and didn’ t think “oh #$%” like I usually do.  I’ve maintained that I don’ t mind running in the rain as long as it starts once I’ve started but starting a run in the rain is awful.  Maybe it was me being all sleep deprived but I didn’t mind this morning.  A good sign for things to come and another thing that is UN-MOPEY.

It helped that it was 60* out. Cold / fall whaaaaaaaat? I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fluctuations in temperature New England likes to put us though. And I’ve lived here my whole life!

And since I have nothing profound to add today (except that it’s T-5 days until the Tufts 10k) here’s another physics joke from which I’m glad you guys liked.  Well some of you anyway 😉 ).  I’m such a nerd. I literally laughed out loud with this one.

So consider me un-moped.  Because I am. Even though this post did have some complaining in it 😉



  1. We seem to be two of the same these days. Last night I slept like a baby. And am still working a little on getting “un-moped” myself. :p

    Happy Hump Day!

    Comment by Amy @ Second City Randomness — October 6, 2010 @ 15:09

  2. Honestly? Sometimes the more I struggle NOT to mope, the more I feel guilty for my mood. I think you should designate a BIG MOPE hour…and just allow yourself to be in a funk. Wear pajama bottoms…pigtails…and eat popcorn for dinner.

    Pretty soon, your mood will change.

    That’s resiliency, right?

    Comment by Special K — October 6, 2010 @ 15:21

  3. I can’t believe you sleep with the window open!! I have my comforter on with pajamas on at night just to stay warm! glad you are feeling better! Hopefully the rain will go away for a few days so you don’t have to run the race in the rain. Also I heard that we may be in store for the coldest winter EVER. Now I don’t know if that means snowiest just coldest! Should be a fun winter!

    Comment by J — October 6, 2010 @ 15:55

  4. I LOVE THAT ONE. SNAPPLE! Bahahaha. My friend and I used to quote that one and try to think of other ones just like it. Ours sucked though.

    I had a slow run day too. I love your approach of accepting/embracing that not every day is fast and that you’ll have a couple draggy runs in there between the stellar ones. Very very very sound mentality.

    Comment by sweatykid — October 6, 2010 @ 17:12

  5. Glad you are getting un-mopey! I definitely believe in the power of the mind in certain cases of mopey-ness 🙂 Good sleep does wonders though! I’m excited for your 10K – the Tufts 10K was my very first 10K ever! Aww, memories.

    Comment by mealsformiles — October 6, 2010 @ 18:31

  6. i like burrowing in bed but i do not like crisp air outside the comforters! just cool enough to need to snuggle up. i’m chilly now with my house in the mid-60s. i don’t know how it’s staying this cool, i haven’t even open the windows to let cool air in (and obviously the a/c is off). i do like the “clean” air vs the hot, muggy summer air, that’s for sure.

    my dad is very big on power of the mind too – i know it certainly does work for turning one’s attitude around!

    Comment by lindsay — October 6, 2010 @ 22:06

  7. That comic made me chuckle 🙂

    I wouldn’t worry about the slower runs every so often. It’s a good thing to slow things down (sometimes considerably so) a few times a week. It’s not worth pushing on an every day run and then feeling flat when it comes to doing quality stuff. So really, your slow Wednesday did you a favor. I do the same thing on my easy runs, especially now when the quality work is of the utmost importance. Some of my runs will be as slow as 8:00-8:10 when my normal easy stuff is closer to 7:30-7:40.

    I’m the same with sleeping — I LOVE sleeping in a really cold room and bundling up under blankets. And cuddling.

    Comment by runningmanz — October 6, 2010 @ 22:16

  8. Definitely be good with 9+s, it’s a fine recovery pace. Here’s to unmoping asap!

    Comment by Flo — October 7, 2010 @ 07:24

  9. Glad you are unmopey! I know what you mean about the splits, but it’s okay! Your body is getting stronger and those runs are just as important!!

    Comment by Jaime — October 7, 2010 @ 08:02

  10. I love, love snuggling under the covers when the air outside is crisp and cool. However, it makes getting up at the crack of dawn a little less…pleasant.

    Whenever I’m feeling down, I make a list of all the good things I’ve got goin’ for me (steady job, friends, my health, new Mad Men episode after work, peanut butter cookies for dessert) and it makes me feel better 🙂 Way corny, but it works!

    Comment by Megan (The Runner's Kitchen) — October 7, 2010 @ 12:53

  11. I always love nerdy music jokes like that but can’t share them with anyone as they mostly don’t get them 😦

    Comment by Laura — October 7, 2010 @ 17:15

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