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October 9, 2010

Twelve and an Orange Sherbert Tracksuit

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Nope not 12 miles.  After running a semi-hard (although definitely fast for me lately) 12 yesterday it would be silly to run that again.  Granted I did so that earlier this week.

But I got 12,  ONE-TWO, hours of sleep last night.  I’ve come to realize that, even though I do not frequent college type hang outs anymore (so sad! aka I’m old!), this city is still essentially a college city.  And thus runs on a Thursday / Saturday party night schedule.  And I took advantage last night (and likely will every Friday) that no one was doing anything and caught up on this:


Hollllleeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr (yay for google images)


Because of my work schedule I haven’t actually watched ANY new episodes of any of my favorite shows.  I think last night kicked off the weekly “Friday is going to be TV catch up night” part of my life. I mean, I had been doing this before last night but now I’m embracing it.  Especially since it means that I’ll get a good night of sleep.  The worst weekends are the ones that you stay up late but aren’t doing anything worthwhile. Just wasting time.

So I was wayyy cool and fell asleep on the couch.  But I slept right through until morning.  Seriously.  The very definition of gloriousness.  I always set an alarm and last night was no different although it was set for the time that I thought would be late enough so I’d wake up on my own.  Ummm definitely not as it jarred me awake.  Not so glorious but it was twelve hours later. Can’t complain there.  Plus I felt much better than yesterday in turns of that silly flu shot.  Can’t complain there either.

I figured that I wanted to get my run in first thing.  On a typical weekend I don’t really care when I run but I was actually afraid that I’d lay back down and fall asleep and wake up tomorrow morning.  And I told myself that I’d go exploring on my run.

Exploring for MM = map out a run first but in an area I’ve never run in.  Yes. I know. I am SUCH a risk taker.

It took me quite awhile to find a route though.  Mostly because I try and search for already mapped routes and see how I can modify them to suit my needs. I eventually decided to explore downtown as I’ve only driven through it and when I usually run I like to stick to familiar areas just due to safety and paranoia. But the good thing about cities in New England in general is that everything is within walking (and thus running) distance.

That said, I knew I didn’t want a long run so I did something I HATE (with the heat of 1,000 suns) doing: I drove to where I wanted to run.

But it was a lovely run.

I actually had typed out (with some pictures because everyone loves pictures) of the landmarks that I ran by today.  But I deleted them because I wasn’t sure how much I should put out there.  I mean, I feel like I “know” the people who read and comment here well enough that the longer I have this blog the more comfortable I’m getting interacting with you guys.  I mean, I’ve even met some of you guys in real life! But I always wonder about who is reading but NOT commenting. So I want to ask you: how do you deal with blogging privacy and security? I HATE having to keep this in the back of my mind but obviously it’s something that needs to be thought about.

And here’s a random picture (for all you cookie bakers out there) to make up for the pictures I deleted



Yay fail blog.


Maybe I’ll make cookies this afternoon.  I may not be a baker at all but at least I know that they’ll turn out better than this!

So pictures or not, all in all it was a great run and I got to see all these sights from a new perspective: that of a runner.  I need to explore the city more often this way! It was a bit of a slow run.  But I think it was because I ran later in the day yesterday (after work) and I was hungry during the run today.

  • 8.1 miles @ 8:59

Even though this is essentially 9 minute miles seeing that 8 out front makes me happy.

Gah I feel so pretentious just typing that!

Another sight I got to see? An old(er — I have no idea how old he really is) man in an all orange sherbert track suit outfit.


Except he obviously wasn't Paris Hilton. But the outfit was the same! (google images)


For real.  And he was running faster than a plod.  So I guess props to him.  And I also saw a man in yellow shorts and a red top.  Not going to lie, my first thought was of Ronald McDonald.  And I giggled.

I also got to see a 5k race in progress.  It was a walk/run race for Breast Cancer Awareness and it was amazing to see all these people — young & old, men & women etc — walking the streets dressed all in pink! I knew that there was a race downtown and it actually saddened me a bit to not be running in it as it had been written down on my “race calendar” (Aka a sheet of paper that just has the dates on races in the area).  And it made me feel competitive because I got to see the leaders of the race zoom by.  I wanted to race right then even though I KNEW that I couldn’t because of Tufts on Monday.

Which I’m wicked excited can’t wait for.

Until then I shall sit and wait.  At least for today.  With it being mid-October already there aren’t too many days I can just go outside and sit on my balcony and read left.  I have the option of running again later this afternoon with the running buddy before going out later for the night (college city means Saturday night is where it’s at).  I have yet to decide if I’m going to re-run though.  My legs, while they are by no means close to dead, might want the extra time up while I read. Plus I don’t want to tire myself out if I have a long — but fun — night ahead of me 😉

But the really nice weather might tempt me! I mean, I could also do a circuit of sorts.  But I figure I’m still going strong after not doing any lifting since July (eeek!) and the core has been sporadic at best.  So I may still be lazy on that front.

And I may or may not be in love with FailBlog at the moment.  I even have them on my google reader because they brighten my day.  Again, I don’t want to know what this says about me as a person. But here’s one I saw the other day and both laughed and cringed at the same time. Ouch:




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  1. I like to drive to various places to get in my long run b/c I get so stinking tired of the same routes in my neighborhood. I think it’s kinda fun. the orange track suit and Ronald man are funny :). Good luck on Monday!!!

    Comment by Jill — October 9, 2010 @ 14:57

  2. The only thing worse than driving somewhere to run, is driving the route before running it! I hate that!
    And people watching on runs is awesome! There is always some ‘characters’ out there, especially on much travelled routes!
    Have fun tonite! 🙂

    Comment by tmart — October 9, 2010 @ 17:06

  3. I always kind of wonder about security on my blog but I haven’t really put anything into place for it. I know what you mean though it is something to think about.. I deleted my personal facebook recently as I felt it had too much stuff on, all of which I thought was private but I discovered it wasn’t!!

    Comment by Laura — October 9, 2010 @ 17:51

  4. Internet privacy, interesting thought. I tend to approach blogging and facebook with the assumption that I’m probably very easy to find anyway. Nothing is private… f’real. Creepy, but so true. All anyone would have to do is look up my race times to figure out who I am. It definitely involves a bit of trust on my part — trust that most of the people out there who stumble upon my info are good people and won’t abuse it or stalk me or anything creepy (although on the other hand, maybe I’m just being naive). Enjoy the rest of the weekend — you must be so pumped for your race!

    Comment by sweatykid — October 9, 2010 @ 18:23

  5. I always drive for my long runs… because I love the nearby lake and my neighborhood is full of evil hills.

    As for internet privacy… I’m not hyper-sensitive, but I also try not to blog about when my husband is gone (unless I’m talking past tense and he’s already home) and I don’t take photos of the front of my house… just general things. If anyone wants to find me, they probably could… but I do have one bonus point, I have a VERY common name, so it would be harder than most to find.

    And on that note, this is my first time visiting your blog! Had to bookmark it… I always see you commenting on the other blogs I follow, so thought I’d click and read!

    Comment by Lesley @ — October 9, 2010 @ 20:25

  6. Re internet privacy, I had to create a Hotlegs Runner page so other people add me there instead of my private account which is just for close friends and family.

    Happy weekend girl!

    Comment by hotlegsrunner — October 9, 2010 @ 22:13

  7. Well, I only just posted a pic with my house NUMBEr on it. I only just realized that too. Oh well. I hardly really think anyone’s gonna come stalk me or sth. lol. OKay, I’m making a joke out of this, but I wonder if it really is possible. I guess I just can’t imagine anyone getting out of hand for a nobody like me. But I guess it’s wiser to be careful, though!

    Comment by sophia — October 9, 2010 @ 23:59

  8. The security/privacy thing is tricky. I always feel like I know all my readers, too, but the truth is that you never know who is out there. I try to be pretty general about where I’m running. I’ve mentioned a couple routes that I run, but they are super popular running routes in town. Anyone who runs knows where they are. And I try to be pretty general about where I live, too. I think if you know Madison you can figure out where I live from the blog, but my apartment complex is HUGE so I don’t think you could figure out exactly where our place is.

    Comment by Chelsea — October 10, 2010 @ 06:46

  9. hooray for extra sleep! always does a body good. 🙂
    blogging security is tough. some bloggers don’t care and post everything, but i’d rather be safe than sorry. 🙂

    Comment by emily — October 10, 2010 @ 17:40

  10. […] and before I forget: thanks for your input on blogging privacy in my post yesterday.  Like Sweaty Kid said (and I 100% agree with) “All anyone would have to do is look up my […]

    Pingback by I Heart Ke$ha. « MarathonMaiden's Blog — October 10, 2010 @ 18:26

  11. hahaha I love that Eye on the Ball Fail picture!

    Comment by Mary (Sisters Running the Kitchen) — October 11, 2010 @ 11:02

  12. I am totally envious of your 12 hours of sleep!!

    Comment by Kim — October 11, 2010 @ 11:46

  13. I totally go to bed at 9:30pm on Friday nights! I just cant keep my eyes open! I dont know how people go out and party that night. Saturday nights I am ok though. I guess I am getting old – or working just takes a lot out of me!

    I worry about security on the blog too. I dont know who is reading but not commenting so I try to keep my routes and stuff a secret so that ppl wont know where I am. Its a hard line to walk.

    Comment by J — October 11, 2010 @ 11:50

  14. oh and I love NCIS too and watch it on USA network ALL THE TIME.

    Comment by J — October 11, 2010 @ 11:50

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