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November 11, 2010

Well I Think I’ve Found A Workout I Hate More Than Tempos

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Sorry Jess but the 2 X 3 miler is just plain awful.  That said, because I hate it so much, it must be doing something good for me.

I think I don’t like it because there’s the recovery time in the middle.  By the time I’m done with mile 3 of the first repeat I’m getting into a groove.  Then BAM the recovery distance (and I took a 1 mile one but the same holds true for ANY recovery distance) hits my legs like a ton of bricks and my legs — or maybe it’s my brain — just don’t want to rev it up.  It’s probably moreso my mind as you’ll see in the numbers that I really didn’t crash and burn. Sometimes during the workout I felt like this:

Thanks google images

But the wheels never truly came off.

The workout ended up being 2 X 3.15 miles.  If you remember from the last time I did this workout (over Halloween weekend I think) I had miscalculated the distance and it was short by .05 miles.  I wasn’t going to let that happen again so I mapped out a route that would get me .05 miles over 😉

I really didn’ t have any goal time in mind for these.  I ran them too fast two weeks ago so I figured that around 7:00 would be good? So after a quick (eeeeeeeeer not in time but distance) warm up I jumped right into it (time of lap is first and pace in red)

  1. 8:02 ( 7:39 ) Okay so this one is deceiving because, not only did I not realize that there was a 7%, .2 mile HILL in about 3/4 through the lap that, um, almost stopped me in my tracks, I overshot the side street I was going to take.  So I’m pretty sure that I ran more that 1.05 miles by a tenth or so.
  2. 7:33 ( 7:11 ) Better even though that hill was killer
  3. 7:27 ( 7:05 ) Didn’t feel terribly fast and my legs weren’t obscenely tired.  I even charged up the hill. Well as best I could.

1 mile recovery: 8:44.  This time went by WAY too fast despite it feeling slow.  I avoided the hill for obvious reasons.

  1. 7:35 ( 7:13 ) Not too shabby considering it felt like it took me forever to get going again
  2. 7:40 ( 7:18) I definitely got cocky on this one and totally didn’t push myself.  I know it. Still sub-7 though.
  3. 7:26 ( 7:04 ) Final push? Interesting how the last lap of each repeat is the fastest. I suppose that says a lot about my endurance and capacity for long distances.

I took a very long warm down after that.  I’ve been taking shorter warmups and longer downs lately and I’m enjoying it.  I’m always chomping at the bit to just GO into the workout and I like having time to reflect on the warmdown.

Anyway…the long and short of this workout is that I can’t really be too disappointed.  Yes, NONE of the repeats were in the tempo interval zone (according to McMillian: 6:53-7:01) BUT that hill really just was like running into a brick wall.  My form suffered and I’m fairly certain that my pace suffered too.  That’s not to say that if I was on a flatter loop that I’d have made this workout hare like but given the terrain (and the wind along the canal) I’m going to have to force myself to be happy with it.

After the workout I talked to one of the peeps who originally suggested this workout and he said (after my complaining)

I wish that I could say that I feel sorry about that workout sucking, but I don’t, LOL! I wouldn’t be recommending or suggesting it if I questioned your ability to handle it. That workout is supposed to suck, just like [a mutual friend] has told me that he hates 800 meter repeats. And there’s no reason for you to try to run them faster, you should be aiming for HMP. 6-7 miles @ HMP is going to be tough, there’s no denying or avoiding it. NACN

Also: as much as that killer hill surprised me I’m actually really glad that it was there. I had been debating between hill repeats and intervals for today’s run and this was a good way, even if unplanned, to get both in.  I have no idea what the course is going to be like at WR so it’s a good thing I have at least 6 hard and fast hills under my belt.

So all in all, while the times in and of themselves do not indicate where I want my fitness level to be (at least to me at the moment) it was good and given the challenging nature of the route/loop it is EXACTLY where I think my fitness level should be, no?

I also did Week 1 Day 2 (W1D2) of both the pushup and situp challenges before heading out:

Pushups: 10, 12, 8, 8, max (14)

Situps: 15, 18, 15, 15, max (20)

Finally, but probably the most important part of this post: for those who have served, are serving or will serve:


  1. Sounds like a hard workout for sure! I think that hills make anything 10x harder, so I would be happy about it! 😉

    Sometimes I wish getting faster didn’t have to hurt so much when running!

    Comment by emily — November 11, 2010 @ 13:44

    • Omg me too. But I guess the hurt is how we know we’re doing it right? hahah

      Comment by marathonmaiden — November 11, 2010 @ 22:23

  2. oh my gosh you had to put that song at the end! haha i loveee it one of my favorite for sure.( i def just paused my groove shark playlist to listen to it on here ) awesome!

    Comment by larissa h — November 11, 2010 @ 13:45

  3. I know the song, but had never watched the video WOW. Totally tearing up over here.

    Comment by Shutupandrun — November 11, 2010 @ 13:48

  4. Props for getting through a doozy of a workout! Also: A Toby Keith video from you on Vets Day… totally should’ve seen this coming… 🙂

    Comment by sweatykid — November 11, 2010 @ 14:29

  5. 1. I can totally see why you wouldn’t want to stop after 3 miles, once I get in a grove its harder to stop and go again!
    2. I agree cool downs are way better than warming up!

    Comment by BostonRunner — November 11, 2010 @ 14:32

  6. Oooh I need to do my push-ups tonight too!

    Comment by Laura — November 11, 2010 @ 14:44

  7. Dude… a 2 x 3 sounds like the most miserable thing ever. But nice work on tackling the hill… 🙂

    Comment by Amy @ Second City Randomness — November 11, 2010 @ 14:59

  8. yipes, hard workout! I want to try! You are a speedwork inspiration 🙂

    Comment by Kelly — November 11, 2010 @ 15:20

  9. Seriously, when I do that workout I almost quit during the recovery mile. I do it at goal race pace instead of tempo. I wonder if that’s my workout for tomorrow? I better look…

    Comment by Jess — November 11, 2010 @ 15:56

    • Now for once you’ll be copying me rather than me copying you like I’ve done for the past, like, month hahah. Good to know that you almost quit during this workout because the thought was rather tempting for me too!

      Comment by marathonmaiden — November 11, 2010 @ 22:25

  10. 2 x 3 mile sounds like pure torture. Remind me never to do that 😉

    Comment by Matt — November 11, 2010 @ 16:00

  11. Oh my! That workout just sounds brutal. Great job with it. I don’t know if I would have made the second repeat!!! You’re amazing.

    Comment by Jaime — November 11, 2010 @ 16:52

  12. Yep, that was a doozie- enough said. 🙂

    Comment by Rebecca — November 11, 2010 @ 18:19

  13. The hill will obviously help you in the marathon! I hate hills though but I live in the hilliest place ever (or at least I think so!) and they really are the best thing for training! You did great – not many people can pull off that kind of a workout.

    Comment by J — November 11, 2010 @ 19:01

  14. That’s one heck of a workout – good for you! 🙂

    Comment by Terri — November 11, 2010 @ 19:40

  15. That sounds like a killer! But I guess what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger 🙂

    Comment by Jenny — November 11, 2010 @ 20:40

  16. oh yeah, 7% grade will slow you down a LOT. without whipping out a calculator, I wouldn’t be surprised if you lost 15 seconds in that 0.2 mile.

    this workout is like two tempos, right… so twice the hate seems appropriate 😉

    Comment by kristinschleicher — November 11, 2010 @ 21:02

    • That’s what I’m thinking too. That hill really did reduce me to what felt like a crawl! But two tempos + hills = 3 times the hate hahah

      Comment by marathonmaiden — November 11, 2010 @ 22:27

  17. Ahhhhhahahahha. I’m laughing with you, not at you. I’ve actually done this workout twice before, and every time I finish the first three-mile set, I say to myself, “Are you @#($$@ing kidding me?! I have to do ANOTHER ONE??” But look, yo – this is something that is just incredible for strength and confidence. Battle through through the 2 x 3 mile and you can find the tenacity to do just about anything else…like the 2 x 4 mile. Hee.

    Comment by sarah — November 12, 2010 @ 07:20

  18. What kind of pace is this? Tempo/10k? 5k? Somewhere in between? Jw, on the off-chance I try it sometime… Oh Nm now that I continue to read the post I see you were aiming for tempo zone. (work blocks blogs so I read posts on google reader on work computer and comment via iPhone. It really sucks for typing which is why my grammar/punctuation/spelling is often wrong) just in case you were wondering.

    So not to be a bubble burster, but sometimes my last lap is fastest cause I know I’m almost done and I may have sandbagged the first few reps/laps to save energy. Haha. Just admitting…

    I need to do pushups… Always too lazy to get on the floor and crank em out.

    Comment by Lindsay — November 12, 2010 @ 10:44

    • That’s very likely the case with my last lap too. I even know this when I’m running the damn laps hahah

      Comment by marathonmaiden — November 13, 2010 @ 14:42

  19. Dang women you powered through that hill, actually more like a mountain! Seriously, I will be ‘trying’ this workout when I get better! Your friend is right….the workout sucks and it hurts but it is so worth it! You are one speedy little lady!

    Great job on the push-ups. I can do like two before my arms start shaking!

    Comment by janae — November 12, 2010 @ 11:03

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