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April 5, 2011

I Love the Fishes Cause They’re So Delicious.

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Giant. Graham. Cracker. Goldfish.

Still good even if broken. Poor fishes. They never stood a chance.

Like the out-of-the-blue goldfish I’m going to do pull together a post with all the paragraphs of stuff that I’ve written in the past week but it wasn’t enough to make into a full post or didn’t fit into what I was writing about at the time. Or just filler because, post-LR on Saturday, my runs have been boring.  And my quads have been achy.  And I’m exhausted.  I have managed to take advantage of some nice weather (54* on Sunday and I avoided the precipitation on Monday) but they were boring.

I’m hoping that, as I’m posting this, my Tuesday run is going…well I’m not unhappy with my past two runs!  But I want something to shout from the rooftops. I’m trying to keep in mind what all of you keep telling me: focus on the next two weeks and get to Hopkington healthy.

FIRST: you can rest assured that I have clean clothes to wear.  I finally did laundry.  Sure I may have told all my friends that I was going here-there-and-everywhere-they-aren’t Friday night.  But that’s because, after4or 5 consecutive weekends of going out I needed to launder my clothes, open a bottle of wine and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

I also needed to catch up on sleep because I’ve been getting 3-4 hours a night this past week.  Yes, I know I can function on little sleep and it’d be one thing if I was staying up late partying doing something productive.  But it’s because I get up 3-4 times to PEE . I’ve even enacted a “no drinking anything post 1900″ rule (the exception being drinking alcohol.  Then I sleep like a baby with no wake ups.  Weird?)  And no it’s not diabetes.  I know this because I get tested literally every time I go to the doctors. Every. Single. Time. Thoughts?

But don’t worry I made up for the staying in on Saturday night.

SECOND: I am a nerd.

And proud of it. What makes this even better (my sister sent it to me) is that I’m reading excerpts from Stephen Hawking’s new book. (and I’m obsessed with Epic Rap Battles of History)


Remember when I bragged about going through a salt shaker every, like, 10 days or so? Well that’s ending.  As of last week.  As you may, or may not, know part of my job is medically recording doctor’s notes (kind of, well exactly, like a scribe) and one of the doctors was talking about how she told a patient to stop adding salt to food due to hypertension (HTN).  Out of curiosity I asked the doctor if I should be worried about my salt consumption and my future health, because currently I am as fit as a fiddle with no family history of HTN (and edit: my BP is routinely 95/60 or something very close to it).  Well she told me to quit the salt.  Or at least start to cut back.

Damn. I’ve added little to no salt to things since then and man, does my food taste different. I know my taste buds will get used to it but still.  This is going to suck.  I know the last time I did this I got really lightheaded and got many head rushes so I’m slowing weaning myself off of it to adjust.  But DAMN SKIPPY.

Thanks google for giving me this. Because I’m too young to actually know where it came from 😉

If you see me passed out on the side of the road, please insert a salt IV. Please?

FOURTH: I was going to end this post with a funny FailBlog picture about how proficiency decrease but focus increases when a deadline comes rushing up (it was a x vs. y graph. Yes I am a nerd).  But then I found this instead on

This is my kind of workplace.


Hopefully you’ve been thoroughly entertained by this post. I know it was highly amusing to peruse funny websites and youtube.

April 3, 2011

Maybe. Just Maybe…

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Boston isn’t going to suck.  At least not suck as much as it could.

Why you ask? Because I have a pain free 20 miler yesterday


That’s not to say the run was fun or amazing.  It was, in fact, one of the hardest run I think I’ve ever had to do. Definitely on the mental side and highly probable one physical side too.

Weather wise: mother nature decided to bless me (and probably everyone in the area) with amazing weather. You know all that snow that we / the weather men thought was going to materialize on Friday? April Fools! Guess Mother Nature wanted to play a joke on us.  Sure, we got the white stuff Thursday night but Friday was dry. Cloudy and threatening to precipitate.  But dry.

Which is good because it let me have amazing run Friday afternoon.  In the late afternoon though, which (I know I’ve posted about it before so don’t kill me for being a complete broken record!) is when I run best. It did take quite some motivation to get out the door but it was my fastest run post-sick/IT band. It felt good and was encouraging.

This fact, however, made me a little leery yet hopeful for my long run Saturday.  I wasn’t even sure if a long run was “smart”.  I had originally planned to do a 2 week taper so wayyyy back when I already knew that this weekend was going to be long.  I hadn’t counted on the training going the way it has buttttt yesterday was supposed to be a long one.

I do realize that I should have written up my feelings toward this run right after.  Because I was happy and exhausted and hungry (yet not at the same time) but now, sitting on the couch the next day, I really can’t capture that again. I also feel like I haven’t written a good training run post in awhile.  So bear with me if my thoughts are all over the place!

But, from what I do remember….

Since it’s been touch and go with my leg as to whether or not my runs are fun and happy I decided to run 4 loops to get my miles in. Ever since moving to Providence, I’ve found that loops are right for me right now (I can mix and match, quit early if I need to etc).  Mentally it’s nice for me too, I can pass my apartment several times and resist temptation to stop. Bamf.  Plus, it’s mentally easy too because all I have to say to myself is something along the lines of “less than 5 miles” because each loop is ~5 miles.  WINNING

courtesy of google images.

Like I mentioned above the weather was perfect for running: 50 degrees!  Hello spring! I was so warm that I changed into tank top after first loop. And shed the gloves (don’t judge, my hands get cold easily!) but during one of the loops there was rain and it cooled off.  Quite a bit, but it ended with lots of sun, and sweat on my part, WTF?

The loops of the long run themselves were pretty…I want to say even but they weren’t. Overall the trend of the run was “do not quit” because mentally I struggled to make it through at times. After completing the first two loops (and thus half the run) I  told myself that if I could just muddle through the 3rd loop that I could quit (it would have been ~16 miles at that point).  The third loop ended up being mentally good to me (probs because the sun came out) and the fourth one, although very fatiguing, was exciting and exhilarating.  That’s not to say that I wanted to be out there because it was exhausting. But I was doing it goddammit.

Pace wise: the first one was WAY fast.  Almost too fast for how my running has been going lately.  The second one was still fast but felt reasonable, I didn’t feel like I was whipping down the path.  The last two were much slower — especially the fourth one — so my overall pace was still slow.  But it was an encouraging run nonetheless. No pain during it, although maybe a bit sore during the last mile.  My leg, however, was very achy immediately after.

After eating and showering that dissipated completely.  And hasn’t returned as of right now as I type this.  My quads are sore (both of them) so we’ll see if I get out there for a nice shake-out run. The weather is pretty amazing again.  It makes me question why I’d want to move out of here in the first place.  Then I remember the past 3+ months of cold hell.  And the fact that snow showers are predicted overnight.  About that…….

Regardless, today is ICE CREAM SUNDAE day.   Truth be told, I don’t really like the toppings of a sundae all that much (kind of how I like “salad” aka everything but lettuce).  So it’s more just the ice cream I’m going to eat in celebration. But whatever

courtesy of google images.

April 1, 2011

Previously On MM…March 2011

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What is it that they say about March? In like a lion, out like a lamb.  Well if I remember correctly (*cough**cough) March 1st was windy with a high in the low-40s.  Which is nice.  Last night was a bit like this


Big, fat, snowflakes.

Not quite the lamb I had wanted.  Maybe the expression was more for my mental state as I started the month overstressed and all crazified.  And, knockonwoodRIGHTNOW, it’s alleviated and I’m in an excitement mode. I did a lot of detox from my life this month.  It feels good.

That said, that’s pretty much it. No trips happened this month, no recipes to share.  Mostly because I didn’t blog much! But, as I mentioned above, there are lots of good things going on right now that are keeping the bad stressors at bay.

I did run.  A lot. March saw my surpass 1000 miles for the year.  That’s goodness right?

But that might be the only goodness as March is also the month of injuries apparently.  Last March (in 2010) I was plagued by such bad shin splits that I ended a race in tears and was sent to PT.  This year, well I skipped out on racing a bunch of races that I thought I was going to do, and managed to avoid rehab PT.  And this time is was the IT band, not playing nice.

I guess I should also share some numbers for March?

  • 401.3 miles
  • 64 hours 52 minutes 33 seconds
  • 9:42 pace

Despite being injured I managed to log big miles.  Maybe that’s why I ended up being injured in the first place: too many miles coupled with really intense speedwork.  Granted, there are 31 days in the month so it doesn’t average out to 100 miles / week BUT the first two weeks of the month were 100+.

And the pace is slow (to me) because I dropped speedwork after session on the 5th of March, first due to being sick and then the IT. Essentially missing out on Monster Month altogether.

So maybe not such a stellar month. It was kicked off with a bang, a good MP run (or rather what I thought MP was going to be at the time), and it ended with a very encouraging long run yesterday getting really close to the  upper end of the 15 I wanted, coming in at 14.7 miles.  All pain free.

I’m hoping that this bodes well for April.  I mean, I do have this little thing called a marathon to run.

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