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May 31, 2011


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thanks google images

My computer has a virus. Technically it’s spyware but to me it’s all the same. Either way I had to wait until today when my computer nerd friend (and I say that with love!) came back from vacay to look at it for me. I have no idea when I’ll get it back.  Which leaves me on my phone for the internet. So rest assured I am still reading how y’all rocked your races this weekend, got married or otherwise are a bamf. But commenting, as well as posting my own posts, on a phone is the worst.

As for me

  • I’m running a lot. Sloooooooooow but lots of miles. I’ll work on my May recap soon.
  • My ribs still hurt like a sonofabitch
  • Got to watch the Bruins win on Friday with my roomie (who is Canadian but does not watch hockey) in a bar with rowdy fans
  • I has an amazing Memorial Day weekend in beautiful weather (which seemed to be the trend!) running and dancing/clubbing the night away with Lacey (who also got me addicted to Castle).

All and all, things are good. Not stellar; I wish my running felt better (I’m feeling very fatigued / drained overall and that’s spilling over into my running) and there’s lots of stress in my life that I can’t control. But I’m trying to take it all in stride; I just got done with an incredibly fun weekend, the weather is still nice and tomorrow night I get to go watch the PawSox.

Focus on the positive and the negative just seem so silly. Right?



  1. Rest up, girl. I felt like after the last few weekends like I was about to crash and burn- easing up a little on the next few days… meh…

    Comment by Amy @ Second City Randomness — May 31, 2011 @ 17:42

  2. lol i am STILL tired from our weekend 🙂 i miss you already. hang in there and hold on tight to those ribs 🙂 xoxoxoooooooo mwahhh

    Comment by Lacey — May 31, 2011 @ 17:58

  3. Oh no, viruses are awful, my new laptop got the same one 3 times in a row ughhh

    Comment by Laura @ box run eat — May 31, 2011 @ 18:27

  4. Sorry about the computer virus 😦

    Comment by Jess — May 31, 2011 @ 19:36

  5. oh suck! i hate viruses! but at least your still alive, haha. Focus on the positive is right.

    Comment by cottercrunch — May 31, 2011 @ 21:32

  6. You got it girl! Glad your weekend was fun and overall things are good (computer virus not included).

    Comment by Marcia — May 31, 2011 @ 22:13

  7. Computer problems are the pits! Hope it gets fixed soon, and hope you heal up!! Rest as needed, okay? 🙂

    Comment by Lisa — May 31, 2011 @ 22:31

  8. hope your computer feels better soon!
    and i totally hear you on the stress and running and such. hang in there!

    Comment by emily — June 1, 2011 @ 06:16

  9. Ahhh, I cannot deal with computer problems AT ALL. One time I scared my roommate by using swear words and storming in and out of the living room.

    What was wrong, you ask? The internet router was down. Oy vey. Hope your computer virus is squashed soon!

    Comment by Megan (The Runner's Kitchen) — June 1, 2011 @ 12:23

  10. I have a lot of stress in my life right now, too! I couldn’t agree more – focus on the positive!!

    Comment by Jaime — June 2, 2011 @ 10:41

  11. Hope you and your computer both get healed up pretty soon. My parents love Castle- they are always telling me to watch it on Netflix, but I’m pretty sure you can’t get it streaming :(.

    Comment by Chelsea — June 3, 2011 @ 17:27

  12. I think it took all the better part of my fellowship, after 12 years of college and grad studies, to realize that I never have “control” and that everything changes. and when I feel tired or that my runs or body isn’t cooperating, or the job isn’t as validating, or the relationships aren’t as gel-ing….that I am still me. Does that make sense? You are already HEALED. and you being you, well, lucky us, huh?

    Comment by specialkphd — June 8, 2011 @ 01:01

  13. Ah boo with the virus. Get your computer antibiotics stat!

    I know you are putting in some serious mileage…I doubt it is slow though!!

    Comment by Blonde Ponytail — June 8, 2011 @ 18:32

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