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October 12, 2009

Tufts 10k

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Perfect fall day for a race! It was wicked chilly when I got up this morning but it warmed up pretty quickly and I think the temp when the horn went off at 1200 was 55*.  Wonderful. I wore my “cute outfit” but it wasn’t warm enough to actually feel comfy in a tank so I wore my Tufts 10k shirt from last year.  I still looked cute heh.

I got another great night sleep last night, 9ish hours.  I can’t remember the last time I got so many solid nights of sleep in a row.  Definitely making me feel not ill at all, I think I’ve finally kicked the virus.

In any case I hit the road to meet up with Lacey, her sister Amy and Elliot before the race and head into Boston together.  I am so glad that she offered to do this because it was sooooo stress free. We took public transportation in and got to the Commons about an hour or so before start time.  I had to get my race number, shirt and goodie-bag and the line was sooooooooooo long.  It seriously took me 40 minutes to get my number.  Sheesh! At this point I lost Lacey but I was hoping that I would catch her at the start.

By the time I checked my bag, used the porta-potty and actually headed to the start it was almost go-time! I didn’t have time to warm-up or even line up with the correct starting line (7 min/mi pace).  I think I was wayy back with the people aiming for 10 pace. Oh well. And as a little aside to how much I LOVE the running community, in order to get to the start on time me and another women had to hop a fence rather than wait in the bottleneck at the gate.  Seriously this fence was high and had spikes on it.  But we helped each other over.  Camaraderie right there.

So with all that chaos, it’s needless to say the first mile was a little slow to go.  I knew immediately that it wasn’t going to be my day to PR and I just set out to “run the best race I can”. Seriously, I am a dork and actually said that to myself. Heh.  It was also hard because there were SO. MANY. WOMEN.  Someone said 10,000 but I think about 7,000 actually ran it. Still a huge number of women.  Even some men.  I was happy that I painted my nails hot pink last night because I was so proud to be female.  Totally dorky but hey whatever.

Each mile after that first one felt great.  The ab cramps that I was feeling (stitch-in-side but on BOTH sides) disappeared as my body warmed up.  I was passing people left and right and it felt *good*.  I wish I could give you a play-by-play for each mile but the more time that passes, the fuzzier the details.  I do remember telling myself to enjoy it: great weather, great atmosphere and great people! I was also totally beasted by a girl running barefoot. She was moving sooooo fast.

I ended up with pretty good negative splits:

  • 8:16
  • 7:32 (15:48)
  • 7:52 (23:40)
  • 6:58 (30:38)
  • 7:00 (37:38)
  • 7:02 (44:40)
  • 45:55

The first 3 miles were tough and I needed to get into a rhythm.  Not quite sure why mile 3 was so slow, but oh well.  I’m extremely happy with how the last 5k went.  I finally was able to kick it into high gear.  Mentally there was a lift too.  I’ve said this in the past but running is so mental and I think there was too much “junk” going on in my head during the first 5k and I was able to buckle down and focus. At this point I started trucking and feeling really good.  I think, upon reflection, that I’m a looooong distance person since once I get warmed up I feel like I can go on foreverrrr.  Or maybe it’s just indicative of me actually needing to warm up for quite a bit before jumping into it.

Around mile 5 I found Lacey and Amy running hard and fast! I recognized them as I was coming up because of their cute shirts.  Major props to both of them, especially Amy as it was her very first race. Whoo-hoo!

So the overall time was :25 off my PR! I’m kind of upset because I know that if I was at the correct place at the start I could have beat that.  But I wasn’t and I ran the best race I could with what I had.  I’m also extremely proud because of how sick I was at the end of last week. However, this is the first race ever that I haven’t PR’d so that kind of stings.  But the hanging out with cool people and a cool race makes up for it.

Final numbers:

  • Time: 45:55
  • Avg Pace: 7:24
  • Place in AG: 105/1473 (Top 7.13%)
  • Place overall: 232/6020 (Top 3.85%)

After the race the three of us hit up and stuffed our bags with the freebies and all the food.  We made out like bandits! Sadly I was unable to go out to lunch with them so we parted ways.  But I was so happy that I got to chill with them.  Hopefully since we don’t live far away at all, and we’re even closer when I’m in my hometown, we can meet up at some other race or whatnot.  Unfortunately we’re entering winter and in NE there isn’t much in the way of winter races.  I’m sure there are some more fall ones but with Lacey running her first marathon next week I’m not sure how into racing she’ll be after that haha.

But we will definitely run this race again next year.  It’s such a great race and experience and I can’t wait for it.  Plus I want to really race Lacey 🙂

P.S. I didn’t take any pics, like usual, but she took a bunch and will prolly put them up on her blog later tonight or tmrw.

P.P.S. What a surprise I had when I walked back into my room and my school decided to turn the heat on today.  I think it was literally 90* in my room. Sheesh!

September 27, 2009

Excitement? Maybe?

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Definitely not, however, about the weather. We’ve been having such a nice weekend so far here in Southern New England that when I woke up to cloudy (and rainy) skies this morning I was bummed out. A little bit of sprinkling doesn’t scare me and I still got out there for a run.

And I desperately needed this run for stress relief.  As I mentioned in my previous post I think my miles have been so consistently high (at least for NOT being in marathon training) because of all the stress I’ve been under this semester.  Friday = work all day, Saturday = work all day + phone interview + stress of “hosting” someone for the night.  And I take all this stress out on my body via running.

Last night well I guess it really started Monday or Tuesday night when I invited a friend, who graduated last year, for a night this weekend because it looked like my weekend work load would be light.  Wednesday, however, changed that drastically and I tried to dropped major hints that coming would be really inconvenient.  Apparently the message didn’t get through.  My friend definitely got dragged to the library until close and I was majorly grumpy.  We showed up to Oktoberfest after but it was way loud there and I was beyond tired, and rightfully so.  But I felt like I had to do something so I wasn’t a bad host.  Ugh. Especially since I wasn’t going to change my 0800 run.

So I was super stressed out bc of that situation and the fact that I’m still not done with my work. I mean, I definitely have a HUGE dent in my to-do list because I was wicked productive Friday and Saturday but still, this weekend was hell. Maybe it’s fitting that the weather is reflecting my mood (but trust me, the title of the post IS optimistic, I’ll get there)

On to the run.  I complained a little of IT band potential discomfort as well as muscles from the long run (and maybe still from lifting on Thursday) so I planned on doing a little shuffle and what-not for a few miles, preferably 8 (yup total overachiever here).  Well I think the stars were aligned against me today because it was humid (as it wasn’t really raining at all), the actual temp was mild (maybe 60*?), my socks did not want to stay on my feet and my hair did not want to stay in the it’s-really-hot-need-to-prevent-knots braid.  Jeez.

But despite that I managed to finish the run, including 2.2 miles extra for a total of 10.2.  All the complaints I just listed were in the first 3 miles or at least I stopped noticing them at that time and the last 7 were pretty smooth and strong. My pace was much on the slow side (or at least compared to yesterday) but I enjoyed it regardless.  I think the changed outlook happened once my feet were completely soaked.  After that point nothing really matters so why not have a little fun, right? I even had the energy to do some core after 🙂

I guess you could classify my mood as improved.  Which is exactly why I ❤ running.

So much so that I believe I may be running a marathon in the winter.  I don’t want to say too much about it (can you tell I’m paranoid about jinxing stuff? Heh) but it would be a destination run and I don’t want to get too excited but then have my plans fall through about how to get there, $$ etc.  But I’m pretty pumped and it would put all these miles to good use.  Hopefully I know more in the next week or so.  But I fell sooooo in love with this idea over dinner last night. Fingers crossed!

Hope you guys have as productive of a Sunday as I want to have.  Still need to finish up this Physio lab report but once I do that I think I’ll take the opportunity to catch up on some T.V. I missed this past week.  Oh the simple pleasures in life.

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