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September 28, 2009

Working hard…

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…or hardly working.  Maybe both but for different reasons.

After so much working over the weekend (and thanks to everyone’s kind words about the stress I was / am under) I seem to have caught a bug.  The procrastination bug.  I did go to all three of my classes this morning (and actually in my French class I really got into the activity we were doing) BUT since being out of class I have had no desire to do anything. And the lethargy-in-life bug started last night after finishing the first draft of my lab when I caught up on: NCIS (best show ever), Numb3rs (Colby = bamf) and Psych (Kenan –maybe I could have picked an updated pic but this is how I will always know him– and the guy that was Urkel guest starred, GENIUS).  Wow some serious linkage there heh.

But I started my day pretty eventfully.  My phone (which I use as my alarm) died on me last night. And no, this isn’t a sob story about how I slept through my workout or something else but rather my phone has a really annoying tone that it uses when it’s about to die.  I even had the feeling last night that it would do this at some point but I’m really anal about letting the phone die 100% before charging it so even though it was on it’s last bar (which 3 bars last four days then it dips to 2 bars which last one day, 1 bar last for 12 hours and 0 bars lasts 3 hours. UGH. Muy stupio.) So naturally the thing started beeping at 0442.  At which point my bladder also informed me that I needed to get up and I actually found someone showering at this time. Really?

Anyway my point is…actually I don’t think I had a point there.  Just a complaint really.

At 0600 I got up, did some core while the pre-dawn lighting arrived and then set out for an 8-er.  Which surprisingly felt good.  My pace was eh.  But I think I’m accepting that 0600 will never be Kenyan fast.  My attitude has been adjusted though so that I’m okay with going a bit slower so that I can keep being a mileage junkie. The quads felt a little sore but that obv is due to all the running I did over the weekend.

I knew that I wanted to get some lifting in today as well, part of my vow to do so actually and it helps when you plan this stuff out in advance.  I’m the type of person that if I get the idea to do something I WILL do it.  Like yesterday when I tacked on some miles to the end of my run.  I kept saying to myself, if you’re feeling good then add.  But I knew damn well those miles were going to happen because they were already in my head.  Am I weird?

So I did the same lifting routine I did on Thursday minus the core stuff because I had already done it earlier this morning.  I will mention that my quads are TRASHED after lifting.  Not sure if that’s good or bad. And as I was about to do my warm-down a friend asked me to join on a 2.5 mile run.  Since I was most likely going to get 1-1.5 miles done on my own I said why not? Ummm my quads, that’s why not.  The pace was horrendous for an afternoon run.  I think I’ve said this before but my PM runs are like 90 seconds faster than my AM ones.  Not today that’s for damn sure.  But it’s okay because I was having fun and the pace felt okay.  Despite my clarity and nirvana-esque paragraph above, clearly I am not all accepting of the “slow pacing is good for you” mindset. Ahhh, it’s a work in progress.

Obv if you’ve been following this post you realize that I did a lot more running today than a usual day (barring LR days of course).  This means the appetite is in full swing.  And this means that I can stomach double portions of my favorite foods at one time.  This is especially good when I have just enough HoneyBunchesofOats left for a huge bowl.  Now normally I would bemoan the fact that I’ve run out of a cereal but in this case I’m not bc A) my g’ma bought me like 10 boxes of the stuff recently and B) the last bowl of HBO is always the granola-y small crushed up bits.  Which is pure joy (and FYI: cinnamon clusters are the bestest).

And I want to end the post with two things:

  1. My destination marathon is by no means set in stone.  And, judging by my source of the information, there’s a very good chance it will fall apart.  So keep fingers crossed for me and hopefully I will know more by the end of the week.  Even though fall just began, winter is just around the corner and I’d have to start thinking about training plans / starting ’em very soon.
  2. I just finished reading The Perfect Mile, and while I’m by no means a miler it got me pumped and inspired to do some hardcore training.  Next up on my list is Born to Run which I’ve been told is also really inspirational. I actually got my copy from a friend who doesn’t run and she said that it made her want to start.  Now she told me she has no intention of actually running but eh, I’m sure that I’ll find it as fuel to train hard.

Hope everyone’s Monday is going smoothly.  And more productively than mine. Despite my long-ass to-do list from the weekend being finito, the next one is already forming. Heh. Such is my life 🙂

September 10, 2009


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So it’s been a day when I’ve been doing lots but accomplishing little.  I NEED TO CUT DOWN ON MY TO-DO LIST! I think that may happen later tonight but we’ll see.

I got up this morning at 6 to hit the streets before class.  First of all, today was the first day in about 3 weeks that my alarm actually woke me up.  Most morning I wake up 10-15 minutes before my alarm.  I have this nifty internal alarm clock that wakes me up when I want to, so the alarm I set is actually more of a backup alarm.   And even on mornings where my internal alarm is a little off I still wake up before the alarm, even if it’s by 1 minute.

But not today.  I mean, I wake to “Shipping Up to Boston” (and I’m from a suburb of Boston, so I know the city even though I’ve never actually been to the marathon before — I forget who asked me that yesterday, and am too lazy open a new tab and check haha)  so it’s not that bad.  But no one wants to be jarred out of bed.  No matter when my internal alarm goes off it’s always better than hearing the technology alarm.

Anyway, enough about my freakish ways and alarms.  The second thing about this morning: freezing.  Now I can handle cold (I mean, NE winter? Hello?) but it was 45*.  Seriously? Ok well that’s not freezing, but it’s definitely the coldest I’ve run / woken up to in a very long time. To make things a little worse I slept with the window open last night so I really didn’t want to get out from under my warm quilt.

I’m so glad I did though.  A week or so ago I posted my tentative racing schedule and the next one is coming up: Providence 5k on the 20th of September.  So 10 days.  I’ve never run a 5k before and, obviously, never trained for one.  So I’m at a loss of what I need to do in the next 10 days to prep.  Ideas? I’m thinking of trying to put together a training schedule for this fall just so I can keep my focus. Like Lacey I like the structure of a training plan even if I don’t end up following it to a T. It’s a nice way to make sure I’m hitting key workouts (& spacing them properly) as well as keeping track of rest. If I find time to do this I’ll definitely be posting it for feedback 🙂

In any case, I did this for a workout today:

  • 1 mile warmup
  • 6 miles of pickups: 2 X 10 mins, 1 X 15 mins (with 5 mins easy between)
  • 1.3 miles warm down

My reasoning was that I could hit the pickups faster if they were only 10 minutes long.  It went…interesting to say the least.  The first one prolly fell around tempo pace (no garmin, and this may be the only time in my life I would have wanted one haha).  The second one started at tempo and got pretty fast and by the last one my legs were quickly turning over and I feel like it was PDQ (pretty damn quick).  I was only planning on having the last pickup be 10 minutes but since my legs were finally doing what they needed to do so I let ’em.

I highly doubt that for a 5k I needed to do 8.3 miles but I’m a semi-mileage junkie. I was thinking that I could try doing another speedwork on Mon/Tues/Wednesday but do shorter (but more?) intervals.  I’m just a little worried that  after doing the half this weekend and doing more half-specific running that my legs won’t be ready to go-go-go at the start.  A 5k is VERY short. Pacing clearly won’t be an issue.  To quote Pam Beasley ” I’m going to start fast, run the middle fast, then finish fast.” Hopefully this will be successful for me.  No matter what it’ll be a PB.  But I’m secretly (well maybe not so secretly anymore) wanting to DOMINATE. Heh.

Oh and before I go tackle my work I figured out how to upload pics. Thanks Katerina.  You were totally right and it was easy. I feel dumb for actually asking that.  So I’m going to leave you with my favorite picture relating to me and running. Happy Thursday!

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