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July 11, 2010

Another MCAT Down

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First: Thanks for all the “you look awesome in glasses” comments.  They made me smile and laugh and feel better about wearing them when I have to.  I think they make me look like even more of a physics nerd.  But that’s okay.  Apparently physics nerds look awesome 🙂

And thanks for all the “wow you are organized” comments too.  I take a certain amount of pride in my organizational skills 🙂  And yes, I realize I carry around too much stuff.  Sometimes, if I’m just running to the corner store or something I just grab my keys and go buttttt I guess I just like to prepare for all the “What Ifs” haha

And yes, I took another full length MCAT this weekend.  Ugh.  I didn’t necessarily do worse than last time but I didn’t make any real strides either.  Maybe 1 a week is too much? I heavily focused on the Physical Sciences this week and it showed.  Both in my grade on that section as well as the others.  Oh well.  I have more data to reformulate a plan.  But, not going to lie, it’s a little disheartening to not see an improvement from last week.

And I had to take the silly (well it’s not silly really.  Rather annoying though)test  in Starbucks because…dun dun dun…the library was closed and let me down.  Which is does All. The. Time.  I mean, I understood last weekend when I had to take the test that the holiday weekend would shut things down.  But July 10th? WTF?!

Starbucks wasn’t so bad.  I’m of the age where the employees were all clearly younger than me but not by soooo much  that I  think they wouldn’t feel comfortable telling me to leave.  It was a bit distracting have all people wandering about maybe that contributed to the mental fatigue and antsy-ness I felt by the end of the test. But, again, it wasn’t so bad. And I LOVE the smell of coffee.  I can’t drink the stuff but the smell is amazing.

Good old New England FINALLY got some rain over the weekend as well. Didn’t really cut any humidity out but for the duration of the storm the temp dropped a little and it felt a bit cooler.  Sure the storm passed through in about an hour but that hour was glorious.  Especially since I was determined to do some more work and try to pinpoint the exact ways I can improve my study habits and refocus/regroup.

I did get a good muggy run in before taking the exam though. It wasn’t my fastest run ever (I’m blaming the fact that I haven’t had a 0545 wake up in a very long time) but it felt good and luckily it didn’t rain on me.  Granted that meant that all the moisture was in the air and I felt like I was breathing water buttttt I like sunshine.

I have a love / hate relationship with running in the mornings.  On one hand I love it.  I love waking up with a run and shaking out the morning cobwebs.  The temperature is a bit cooler and that feels nice too.

On the other hand, the humidity is the worst in the morning.  And, one of the reasons I have morning cobwebs is because I’m staying up so late to study.  Wah wah wah.  I’m sure you’re sick of hearing this 🙂

But the biggest reason running in the morning has a hate component? Deer flies

Basically the bane of my existence in the summer

I think it’s just me.  Okay so maybe not as I see lots of people swatting at them as well.  But on every single run I’m attacked by them.  And it’s not just one fly, it’s a swarm.  I guess I just smell nice?

And the only way to kill them is to let them land on you and, before they can bite because they hurt like whoa, squish them like the little bugs that they are.   For real.  My running buddy thinks I’m really weird for literally pinching them between my fingers but I’ve found that if you hit them and even give them a good smack they will come back.  I’ve seen deer flies that I’ve smacked on my arm and thought were dead come back to life.

Annoying right? And it’s the absolute WORST in the mornings.

The weird thing is that it’s only about a mile radius from my house that they’re the worst.  I think it’s because I live on the water and water tends to be bug breeding grounds.  So while I get to swim and frolic in the water (ahaha who am I kidding I don’t have free time for frolicking!) the trade off is the bugs.  Ick.

Oh well. That’s my rant for the weekend.

I was also given a blog award from Jaime for having a blog of substance.  Very nice to hear because sometimes I think I just ramble and ramble and ramble. Thanks girl 🙂

The Rules:
•Thank the blogger who awarded it to you.
•Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five (5) words.
•Pass it on to 5 other blogs which you feel have real substance.

New Friends Who Love Running

Basically, the long and short of why I started blogging is because NONE of my close friends do.  So it was kind of lonely to not be able to talk to others about running or bounce ideas off of and whatnot. Luckily now I have TONS of new friends who love running as much as I do.  I’ve also been fortunate enough to meet some of you and run with you. 🙂

And I’m going to be lame and not tag anyone.  Because I want everyone who reads this to do it.  Seriously.  I love reading this kind of stuff!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! The agenda for today (Sunday) is to look over what I got wrong on the exam I took yesterday and then attack those sections with a vengeance. I tried to do some of it last night but there’s so. much. material.

I also hope that everyone has a good week this week. I’m off to Philly this week for job training so I’m probably not going to be posting until mid-next week.  I’ll have my phone with me so theoretically I can but doing anything on my phone, save calling and texting, can be a pain sometimes.  It’ll be weird to not post whenever I want but hopefully I’ll have LOTS of fun pictures to share when I get back 🙂

April 13, 2010

Cleared To Go

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Yes you read that right.  And some of you may be scratching your heads. At least when it comes to the real reason behind the title of this post.

I had a doctor’s appointment today to make sure it was 100% okay for me to be running 26.2 miles on Monday.  With all the stress going on in my life, physical and emotional, I honestly wasn’t sure if I was ready to run.  I know that part of that is the taper talking: who hasn’t had doubts with 6 days to go?

But because I’m a paranoid freak I made a doctor’s appointment to check out:

  • Shins duh they’ve been bugging me on and off for awhile.  Pain free now with one PT session to go before the race and I’ve got one scheduled for post-race in case anything major happens
  • Toe Because the infection was so serious.  Good news though: the infection is 100% gone and now all that’s left is ugly damaged tissue. It looks hideous and scary but there’s nothing wrong with it.
  • Electrolytes and other lab work I’m on some serious antibiotics right now that are really dehydrating.  I’m obviously upping my water intake but I was worried that things would be out of whack.  Not the case though

I was having serious anxiety over all these things.  I probably didn’t *need* to go but my brain wouldn’t rest until I had the proof (I am a scientist after all) and hard data to tell me that it’s okay. I still haven’t even ordered the jacket yet or made plans for the weekend because I didn’t want to jinx myself. But guess what I’m doing tonight?! Haha (By the way I still have no idea on sizing and fit.  Or whether I should get a man or woman one. Help?)

And just to fend off some worries you might have: this appointment was 100% voluntary and to silence my own doubts. There wasn’t any event that caused me to rush into the office.  Just my own brain and confidence (or lack thereof). I even had a dream that I had to pull out of the race on Sunday night.  That was how high my anxiety level was.  I started to cry because I was wound so tight when I got the go ahead.

But enough about that.  My mind can now rest (somewhat) easy the next few days that I can handle the 26.2 miles.  Or at least when I have doubts I can battle them with concrete facts.

Like on my run today which was on the slow side.  It wasn’t very long (just a few miles to blow off some steam) but my legs weren’t feeling very springy.  I highly suspect that my 100% voluntary rest day (as opposed to rest days that I’ve taken off for injury or my toe which are really the only rest days I take) is to blame.  I firmly believe in Newton’s First Law: A body in motion stays in motion and a body at rest stays at rest.  Okay, I may take things to the extreme with all running all the time but I’m a huge proponent in moving EVERY DAY.  So to do nothing yesterday (while I’m sure my legs overall are happy and are storing those carbs) really made today really hard.  Even getting out of bed to go to class.  But, like I said, my legs need to soak up energy and training to race is different than moving to live day-to-day.  So I’m not too upset about the lack of  pep in my step today. When I think back to my last taper I don’t remember my legs feeling very springy either and that’s comforting.

Also comforting is that recognizing that my lack of nerves or excitement over the race is normal for me too.  I honestly do not have those butterflies that others get in the days before a race.  One of my good friends reminded my the other day that this is how I was during the days leading up to my debut marathon last spring.  But once I got to the race and could feed off the crowd things changed.  So I’m anticipating more of the same.  Especially since I’m not going to be on my own this year.

Yes so many people are running Boston that I’m sure I’ll be even more amped that usual on race day.  Lots of people from the marathon daily forum at RWOL as well as a bunch of bloggers.  Plus a bunch of my friends are skipping their morning classes to come see me. One of them even downloaded the spectator’s guide for the marathon to set herself up in prime seeing spots.  And my PT place is having a banner at Heartbreak Hill AND my doc (the one I saw today) will be there as well (on her own not with the office or anything).  I also think some of my family is coming, my sister is even skipping an exam!

And I know that I’ll have you guys rooting for me (or at least I hope so haha).  Gosh I’m getting all sentimental here 😉

Okay I know this is getting lengthy — per usual BUT I was tagged from MarathonMummy with

So the point is to say 7 things about yourself and then tag a bunch of people. But I’ve done these posts so much in the past that I think I’m running out of new things to say to you! So here are the links to things similar to this that I’ve done in the past and I tag anyone who wants to do this because over the course of these things I’ve likely tagged all y’all

Kreativ Blogger Award from 3-October 2009

Beautiful Blogger Award from 13 – January 2010

Gorgeous Blogger Award AND Creative Writer Award from 28-February2010

Oh and before I forget: thanks for the suggestions re: Open Office. I did download when I got my computer back per suggestion of the Geek Squad but I HATE the way it looks and feels. Maybe I’m just not used to it yet? I have the feeling that I’m going to end up spending the $$ to get Office.  Because I’m a name-brand brat like that 😛

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Tuesday.  It’s LOST tonight.  And it’s starring Hurley.  I’ve been so impressed with the past 4 weeks of episodes that I really didn’ t have any doubts that tonight would be a good one but it’s also Hurley.  So I’m anticipating fantastico stuff! 🙂

February 28, 2010

Weird Sunday

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Happy Sunday all! I know that EE loves her Mondays and while Thursdays will always have a place in my heart as the best day of the week (always has been too) I think Sundays are a really close second.  Granted this semester I actually have been doing lots of work on Sunday but I try to make sure that it’s a semi-relaxing day.  I can kick back a bit running wise (LR = Saturday) and maybe work wise because I do lots of work Friday and Saturday, leaving me free to either get ahead or read.  Or do a bit of both.

Today has been a rare Sunday this semester where that is the case, and it feels weird.  As I type this (and probably will end up posting it later than now because of the facts I included at the end took me awhile to think of) it’s 1530 and I have yet to crack open a book! It’s also been weird (or rare I guess) that I actually awoke to my alarm this morning.  I guess lack of sleep + loud people in hallways not letting me get to sleep = alarm.  Oh well, I was having a pretty weird dream that left me feeling out of sorts.

Also weird? My recovery run. I would have thought that my legs would be all tight this morning but nope.  I did wear my cheap-o recovery socks yesterday which may have helped but it was strange.  I did still have to stretch a bit before but nothing like what it has been recently.  Also I did feel a bit weak in the ankle but that’s not too weird as 19.3 miles is a long way to run (yesterday not today haha — that would be one heck of a recovery run)

But the run itself was weird.  It was slow enough to still be recovery (average pace was 9:22, very speedy considering the other ones this week were 9:45-9:50) but it was quick enough to feel it in my legs.  My quads felt a bit heavy by the end but I never felt dragging.  It felt more like I was putting in a solid effort.  Maybe a little ill-advised for a recovery run but I am 100% certain that my Monday run will be slow because it’s typically slower than Sunday.

Nothing else really to say about the run or anything.  The weather still held up: a bit chilly but no rain which is nice.  The past two days were suppose to be rainy but I lucked out hardcore.  Tomorrow? Maybe I won’t but eh to that.

So since I don’t really have much to report (and I never put up a short post ha) I’ll acknowledge that I was tagged by Laura and received:

But the jist is that I share 6 things about me then tag you to do the same (and I’m tagging anyone and everyone.  If I’ve commented on your blog, you’ve commented on mine or even if you lurk here 😉 )Y’all are gorgeous! And I’ve been tagged with these things in the past so I apologize if you’ve already read some of these before. I’m too lazy to check what I’ve said before haha.

  1. I really want to be an endocrinologist.  I interned in the sports med dept at Children’s Hospital this summer with an endocrinologist and the stuff she would talk about was absolutely fascinating
  2. Before graduating high school I only saw running as a means to an end and that it only was good for keeping my butt in shape for volleyball and basketball
  3. My family eats dinner really early (between 1700 and 1730) and it was such a “culture” shock to find out that people eat at 1900 when I got to college
  4. This training cycle has made me fall in love with speed work.  I get butterflies in my stomach thinking about my next session, like a first date
  5. Country music also has my heart.  I was born and raised on the stuff and made fun of when I was little because of it.  I do listen to other stuff but country will always be what I gravitate towards.
  6. I’ve fully embraced the Lady GaGa craze. Sarah would be proud.

I was also tagged by Sarah with:

And the deal-io is that I tell you 7 things and 6 of them are truth. One lie. Guess the lie. (Yup I switched it up. You guess the lie now).  Because I had too much fun reminiscing about what I wanted to put as the truth! Plus I think the award is saying that I lie a lot.  Not sure how I feel about that 😉

  1. I flirted with wanting to be a writer when I was little and even wrote a book on StoryBookWeaver to send to a publisher (never got sent though)
  2. I went through a huge party girl phase in high school and can’t really remember parts of my sophomore spring and junior fall
  3. I failed all my high school physics exams.  Funny because I’m a physics major and tutor now
  4. When I was little I fell and smashed my mouth on a plastic bin which pushed my two front teeth up and back into my gums.  Luckily I was still young enough that it didn’t affect my adult teeth and I have a near perfect smile.
  5. Also on an injury note, my brother (who BTW is 10 years younger than me) threw a golf club at me and broke my nose.  I think it looks slightly crooked but people tell me that they wouldn’t have noticed in I hadn’t told them.
  6. I’ve only been out of the country once (and it was France not anything easy like Canada or Mexico), I’ve never been off the East Coast, and I’ve been out of NE only 4 times.
  7. I was convinced I was going to be an Olympic Gold Medalist in swimming and had mock Olympics every summer in the pond I live on when I was a young’un

And yet again I tag all y’all.

Hopefully you guys found it interesting. I love it with other bloggies do this so hopefully you’ll pick up the ball and roll with it.

But enough writing.  I’ve got to finish up my work with this physics lab.  I hate writing lab reports.  It’s not difficult per se but it’ s very hard for me to put together my thoughts succinctly and straight to the point the way scientific writing requires.  So it takes me foreverrrrrrrrrrr. And I should start.  Like hours ago hahaha. Like when I started to type up this post.

Enjoy your Sundays (or what’s left of them!)

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