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May 4, 2011

Previously on MM…April 2011

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I totally meant to post this, well, when the month ended but life stuff got in the way and I haven’t been able to get onto my computer regularly. Bleh.  Well not bleh because I’ve been feeling good, productive and happy.  But bleh because I like blogging-life (reading, writing, etc).


Some numbers as of April 30th.

  • 328.9 miles
  • 51 hours 59 minutes 17 seconds
  • 9:29 pace
  • YTD: 1431.3 miles.

Compare that to April 2010:

  • 152.4 miles
  • 23 hours 41 minutes 21 seconds
  • 9:20 pace

And, well, color me impressed with the increase in miles. I guess I really ran lots this month of this year. I’m actually speechless, although I know it’s because I didn’t run for at least 2 full weeks in April 2010. Mostly because I had access to a gym and could go to XT there.

Injury played a huge role in the pace as I wasn’t able to do any speed work this past month. At all.  Plus there were 2 weeks where I could not run faster than 10:00 pace. But I made it through.

One not-so-running related number, but still pretty damn important.

  • Sunburn tally — 3 burns in 2 weeks. I’m getting cancer tomorrow.

I got that one at Boston but I got even more sun after Easter weekend (with the 74* weather!) and now am sporting a red face from this past weekend. At least red brings out my green eyes right? And, while we’re on numbers, $8.94 spent on sunscreen after I got burn #3. Ouch.

And other highlights

  • Boston Marathon (and this report is a picture one). Worst marathon to date but one that I ran 100% injured. I don’t know whether to be proud of the fact that I did it or ashamed that I tried! But since I’m recovering nicely (thank goodness for finding a athlete-friendly PT!) now I’ll go with the former. And who can argue with a smile like this?

  • ONE RECIPE because, well, I tried my hand at cooking/baking and decided that I don’t really enjoy it enough to create extravagant meals. But when my roomie wants to rope me into it it can be fun. And tasty.

And of course the most important thing: warm weather…finally. I’m pretty sure that it snowed at least once in April…on the first if I’m not mistaken…but the average temperature for the fourth month of 2011 was

Wait for it….

58* for the high. 38* for the low. Extremes were 74* and 30*. I like where this is going.

May better listen up. How’d your April go? Anyone else glad that it’s done and over with?

April 19, 2011

“Don’t Let That Smile Deceive You”

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Boston Marathon 2011: 3:48.46.

Easily a PW. But, hey, it was bound to happen at some point, right?

And according to




















Start Offset


Proj. Time

Offl. Time









I mean, I’m alive and all buttttt as a precaution remember I packed my id, money and *insurance card* into my sports bra because I felt that it would be a bad race.  And, while I didn’t use anything of that yesterday (but ended up in the medical tent), I will on Thursday as I fork over a co-pay to see the doctor (annoyingly the first appointment available)

Race day started out decent, I was awake wayyyy earlier than my alarm because of anxiety but  I was actually excited for a race before race day for once after the dailies dinner! This feeling faded on Sunday but Saturday night I was pumped.

Dear friends who have given me more support than I probs deserve!

I got to the start around 0730, actually got to use a porta potty that hadn’t been used yet (!!) and hung out for  a bit chatting with some of my RW friends. (Kevin and Nick). Kevin’s first words to me? “You don’t look happy to be here”.  Which was true by the time Monday morning rolled around and we chit chatted about lots of things. I looked for another friend, Sarah, but never found her before the start despite us texting to find each other.  Nick and I walked to the start where he so graciously let me wear his throwaway sweatshirt! We found our corral, talked strategy, wished each other luck and we were off.

The race started out well for me.  The first two miles were probably a little faster than I should have run them (7:45, 7:30) but that’s roughly the goal pace I set for myself (I was targeting a 3:20 remember) and they felt good.  After mile two, my knee started hurting.  Not that much so I settled around 8 minute pace and readjusted my goals.  All the while, wearing the tiara and trying to feed off the energy of the crowd.  Everyone loved my tiara.  I had my first initial permanent marker’d on my leg so I got a lot of “Go Princess K!” cheers.  The little kids loved the crown too. One older gentleman told me “You keep up with those big boys Miss America”.

I don’t really remember much of the middle miles except trying to feed off that energy.  Because I was in pain.  The crowds at Boston are SO AWESOME. (And Caroline I looked for you at that DD by BC in the late miles! Couldn’t find you though) So I slapped every single hand that was outstretched and did enjoy myself in that respect.

But I cannot tell you the number of times I thought about dropping out (because I stopped counting) and when a train flew by in Natick? Yeah I thought about that $20 in my bra. By mile 16 the pain was lingering up my hip and down into my feet and continued on for the rest of the race.  I really wish that I had seen one of my friends who was on heartbreak because I needed to have someone tell me to htfu.

Im in the all black and tiara. Taken by a friend (runningsnake) around the mile 19 water station

And then around mile 21/22/23 (I can’t really remember) I felt something pop and then radiate pain up and down my leg.  This is also soon before the moment where I accepted beer from the BC boys (who among all the people on the course loved my tiara the most)

My pace dropped off SO MUCH during the last half and especially post-heartbreak and I know I looked like death in the late miles.  It was such a struggle. I wanted to stop and cry so many times.  I knew that I couldn’t stop (although you all will be proud to know I did for water THREE TIMES!) because if I did that then I wouldn’t start up again. I feel bad for my family because they didn’t know if they were going to keep getting the next 5k split text. They were all in Boston waiting for the call “heyyyyy I’m not going to be there”

As I rounded the corner of Hereford and Boylston I saw my family this year (last year they missed me) with my sister blasting her vuvuzela and that gave me the kick to push hard at the end.  After crossing the finish line I meandered over to the medical tent where they had no ice (wtf?) and got seen by a doctor because I couldn’t bear weight on my leg.

With the above said, I finished the race not meeting my hopes but doing MUCH better than my expectations. Despite the real pain of my leg (and not just the pain that comes with hauling your body over 26.2 miles) I can’t say that I’m really pissed off about it or angry.  That doesn’t mean I’m overjoyed with the actual race itself (or my foolish pride in sticking out the whole thing) as I know I did lots of things wrong leading up to the race. But my expectations heading into Athlete’s Village were not the greatest and therefore not being in surgery right now is a plus (because that was my fear going into the race)

This is the second year I’ve run Boston and the second year I’ve run the race overtrained and injured and the second year Boston knocked me on my ass (because despite PR-ing last year at Boston it still wasn’t all it could be).  Good thing I’m moving to a new hometown and can have a new hometown race 😉

"I F$#%ing Hate This Course" <-- one fleeting thought that passed through my head in the late miles.

I met up with Lindsay (and I have to apologize to her because I was really irritated with my family and cranky because I couldn’t find her and they all wanted to leave the city.  And I’m pretty sure she witnessed it! But once I saw her I instantly relaxed. So thanks girl!) and we wandered a bit and got lost trying to find the T because streets were shut down. Stupidly I didn’t get a picture so you’ll just have to trust it happened.

Again, thanks to all who tracked and texted and commented on my last post and fb’d. And read this whole damn thing (I swear someday I’ll learn to be concise with my words). Also to note: other than the blistering sunburn I have and my knee, I feel good. I kind of hate my fast recovery time after a marathon because it makes me want to go out there NOW and run rather than bask and recover, because like I’ve said to a few of you, I have to be happy with my performance given how I was feeling this weekend (I really downplayed how bad it was. Silly pride)

Fingers crossed I get something resembling good news at the doctor on Thursday.  I’m just trying to relax. I took today off of work too and I’m glad I did, although relaxing is hard to do with a sunburn! Ouch! And trust me: there will be no running until I get the go-ahead from my doctor. Not that I really could anyway. I really can’t in good conscience. The medic at the tent told me he thought it was a tear in my flexor tendon. Because when he placed his hand on my calf and told me to push down I couldn’t.  We’ll see in a few days though. In the meantime I have some jokes to read. Holler.

April 15, 2011

T Minus Soon

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Have you told me a (dirty) joke to enter my playlist/music giveaway? I love reading the ones that people have told me already. Remember: no joke = no entry. I want to laugh!

I’m finishing up my work week right now and walked into my office and saw this…well it was in an envelope but this is what I opened up to see

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.And note that one of my co-workers, whom I LOVE, told me to remember to tie my shoes. Now that’s love. I wasn’t originally going to give my number to my work but I think I will once I leave. Then they can track me on the big screen during clinic on Monday.

No needless to say I’m slowly starting to get excited. I won’t be fully excited until I get to the starting line but I’m starting to have the competitor in me come out, which is odd given how un-motivated I’ve been all training cycle. The more and more people ask me about it and wish me good luck the more and more I want to beast it and goals are starting to formulate in my brain.

But I’m still not really butterfly-y. I know that I’ll get more excited as I get to meet blogger / RW peeps this weekend. And last night, I did meet a med school kid who is running the Providence marathon and it was AWESOME to have someone in my real life to talk to! And possibly run with him and train for races this summer with. So I’m starting for formulate big goals for Monday. Eeeeep.

Now I just need to get through the next few days.

Wednesday, like I mentioned in my last post, was rainy and gross and the run sucked.  Not demoralizing but just suckage. And it left me with a nice black toe on my middle toe of my left foot. I mean, I’ve done *howmany* 20+ runs and a little taper run causes this?! WTF?

Luckily I cut the nail down as far as I could, per recommendation of a doctor here, and my run yesterday drained it.  No pain anymore, nor was the run on Thursday painful due to it.  I guess the pressure was relieved when the blood was removed. So, while I was worried about it earlier this week, now I’m not.  YAY.

Not much else to blog about. Lame post. But it’s taper time. I never really get taper madness in the way others do.  I still feel calm and no more obsessive about things than normal. The weather predicted for Monday is supposed to be nice. Same for today so I’ll likely get out for a run after work. And then I’ll spend the weekend hanging out and hopefully meeting a bunch of you (safe traveling to everyone!). I’m spending all day in Boston tomorrow which will be a blast.

Good weekend planned? Yes. Good Monday planned? Probably. At the very least I don’ t have to be back work until Wednesday.

April 11, 2011

I Waited All Winter For This.

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And, no, I’m not talking about this little thing that I’m doing next Monday.

Or the ice cream brownie sundae I got to eat on my porch last night with the brownie recipe below. I have to carb sugar load for Boston, right?

I’m talking about SPRING. Like, real spring. Not some date on the calendar (although I think that mother nature and the calendar should get on the same page) but warm weather. The kind where my roomie and I could actually sit on the balcony and not be all bundled up! Hallelujah (and yes I’m acutely aware that I just jinxed myself. And all of you. I apologize in advance. Especially since we all know this jinxing will occur on the 18th)

thanks google

The overnight lows were in the 40s and the highs were damn near 60* the past 5 day.  We didn’t actually hit 60, which is my typical benchmark for spring.  But I think that, given how rough winter was for the large majority of the country, I’ll let it slide.

With the rising temps I’m always tempted to raise my miles as well.  Which I probs disregarded the first week of my taper. BUT I have shown some restraint and there have been no fartlek runs or anything resembling speed work.  While I may be in the mindset of going with the flow I’m too scared to risk anything with speed work! Especially since the runs keep going back and forth between pain and pain free. Which some of you (smart minds 🙂 ) told me in my last post. I just need to relax and ride out the next week-ish until the race. Eeep. Easy running has been my bread and butter for the past 5(!!) weeks, no need to mess with it.

And it’s taper time, right?

Easy running, therefore was the story of the weekend.  Thursday and Friday were easy mid-distance days, Saturday was my last “long run” and Sunday was somewhere between short and mid.  All in bright shining sunlight.  Some wind but that felt great and “cooled things off”. (Can you tell how excited I am about the weather. Every paragraph refers to it. And in a glowing way!) <– Happiness.

All the runs were pretty darn fast too.  Relatively speaking, which even with that disclaimer is still confidence boosting.  Definitely no sub-9 miles (gosh I haven’t seen those since pre-injury!) but fast enough to tell me that I’m recovering.  Hopefully in a week, those 26.2 miles between Hopkinton and Boston don’t throw a monkey wrench in it.

Aside from working on my tan (which I really need to be diligent about the sunscreen this year. Hello another 3 moles removed! And hello sun-freckle-spot thingy machine that was at clinic last week and showed me the damage on my skin.  Surprisingly it wasn’t as bad as I thought but the sunscreen needs to be a daily thing) I’ve been baking a bit. Or rather my roomie told me “we are making brownies to bring to pub trivia”. So really a bit = once and because I was told to.

So I did. We used this recipe from All Recipes and it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.  And the fact that there were none left by the end of the night is a good sign too (do not disillusion me by saying that we were drinking at trivia night. Irrelevant!) If I were to make them in the future I’d try and tweak the recipe to make them more fudgey. Maybe less flour and an extra egg?  I know that with all my box mixes I get to add an extra egg to fudgify it.

Hope everyone is enjoying your Monday! I knew when I left work on Friday that today was going to be a rough one but, hey, the weather is nice and I’m sitting on a really good (well relatively speaking anyway) 8.5 miler already done.  There was IT pain and my legs felt dead. But that could be taper related.  The humidity was definitely a factor as well, 53* and 91% humidity! And YES to spring again because the sun actually rose in the first half of my run.

So I say: Monday? Bring it on!

April 1, 2011

Previously On MM…March 2011

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What is it that they say about March? In like a lion, out like a lamb.  Well if I remember correctly (*cough**cough) March 1st was windy with a high in the low-40s.  Which is nice.  Last night was a bit like this


Big, fat, snowflakes.

Not quite the lamb I had wanted.  Maybe the expression was more for my mental state as I started the month overstressed and all crazified.  And, knockonwoodRIGHTNOW, it’s alleviated and I’m in an excitement mode. I did a lot of detox from my life this month.  It feels good.

That said, that’s pretty much it. No trips happened this month, no recipes to share.  Mostly because I didn’t blog much! But, as I mentioned above, there are lots of good things going on right now that are keeping the bad stressors at bay.

I did run.  A lot. March saw my surpass 1000 miles for the year.  That’s goodness right?

But that might be the only goodness as March is also the month of injuries apparently.  Last March (in 2010) I was plagued by such bad shin splits that I ended a race in tears and was sent to PT.  This year, well I skipped out on racing a bunch of races that I thought I was going to do, and managed to avoid rehab PT.  And this time is was the IT band, not playing nice.

I guess I should also share some numbers for March?

  • 401.3 miles
  • 64 hours 52 minutes 33 seconds
  • 9:42 pace

Despite being injured I managed to log big miles.  Maybe that’s why I ended up being injured in the first place: too many miles coupled with really intense speedwork.  Granted, there are 31 days in the month so it doesn’t average out to 100 miles / week BUT the first two weeks of the month were 100+.

And the pace is slow (to me) because I dropped speedwork after session on the 5th of March, first due to being sick and then the IT. Essentially missing out on Monster Month altogether.

So maybe not such a stellar month. It was kicked off with a bang, a good MP run (or rather what I thought MP was going to be at the time), and it ended with a very encouraging long run yesterday getting really close to the  upper end of the 15 I wanted, coming in at 14.7 miles.  All pain free.

I’m hoping that this bodes well for April.  I mean, I do have this little thing called a marathon to run.

March 29, 2011

Here We Go Again

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Bleh. I’ve been meaning to blog, because I’ve had some pretty good stuff happen lately. But my computer is very likely on it’s last legs and acting a bit wonky.  And I’ve been busy.  In a good way. Despite my intentions of “a bad life decision weekend” happening (which I’m not saying didn’t) I was actually really REALLY productive.  I’ll keep being cagey about my plans for next year but let’s say that I’ve been making lots of headway there. Exciting.  Scary but exciting.

I also got my bangs trimmed this weekend and I finally have them again. The excitement is palpable people. Palpable.

Also exciting? Well let’s also just say that, being from the suburbs, I’ve never had to actually WAIT for a table at iHop at 0130.  The pancakes, however, made up for it.

Judge me all you want but the banana/strawberry ones AND the blueberry ones are mine.

But it was a good source of carbs for my long run on Saturday.  Because…wait for it…I ran TWENTY MILES.

Not in a row but I ran a good 14 miler when I first woke up and then, because my leg was feeling good, I ran a pre-dinner 6 miler.  I am totally aware that 14+6 =/= 20 miles in terms of actual training but I’m happy that I was able to cover 20 miles in a day.  Makes me more optimistic about Boston. Of course, the pace that I’m running at, well this run was much faster than my typical runs have been, is slow (like I really felt like I was hoofing it here where it normally is a pace that I can feel easy about) I know that I can at least cover the 26.2 miles from Hopkington to Boston. Quickly? Well that’s a different story.

It didn’t hurt that weather was FABULOUS. Okay, so it was 25* but it was sunny and I ended up being WAY overdressed for the first run.  Oh well.  It also didn’t hurt that I loaded up my iphone with some really good (read: catchy pop / hip-hop) songs and that lightened my mood.  I’m not one to use music, like, ever but it was a good change of pace. Although, side note, I have my tragus pierced and I cannot for the life of me get ear buds to stay in that ear. Help?

So no leg pain! YAY. It was a bit achy later that day but nothing serious or hurting.  I think that since I’ve stopped rolling my IT band the improvement in the pain has been really nice.  Miss Zippy (I think?) told me that sometimes rolling the IT band when it’s still hurt and not on the way out of recovery can irritate it more, which is likely the case. I’ve also stopped the PT exercises for the same reason…right now it’s about babying it.  And rolling + exercise, while in the end will be a huge asset to me, is not helping at the moment and not what I need at the moment.

Of course, one could argue that running 20 miles in a day would be irritating to it as well.  Battles people. Battles.

Like the follow up 10 on Sunday with some tightness in my quad but still no pain. Even afterward when the aches typically really start up.  Same thing with Monday’s run: I got a good 12 miler in.  I wanted to go a bit further because I had a late night clinic and I really enjoyed it.  Like my LR this weekend I listened to music and it got me through the miles.  The last 1-2 miles were a little more than achy so I’m glad that I was running late for work (hello comfy bed in the morning!) so I couldn’t stay out any longer.

I then tempted fate this morning and heck YES to the pace I was running at.  Definitely not my usual clip but it was fast.  I felt like I was huffing and puffing.  But it didn’t feel like I was flying so I figured I was going the slow pace that’s been the usual and I was pissed off about my cardio fitness as of late and made me question whether I’d hold up at Boston.  In reality I was going decently.  Maybe that’s why my leg started hurting a bit earlier in the runs than I’ve been used to lately.  I did truck on, I mean how could I not with “Fuck You” blasting in my ears, and there’s no lasting pain during the day, but I’m still conflicted as to what Boston holds in store for me.

Totally apropos. Thanks google. In case you can't read the caption because it's small, it says "It's amazing you've made it this far"

Basically, regardless of my runs, I’ve been trying to enjoy this lovely weather lately.  Yes I am sick of waking up and running in 25-30* weather (spring…whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?) but the sun has been shining and so I’ve been sweating wicked badly because I’m overdressing (if overdressing =  shorts, longsleeve, sweatshirt). I guess that the sun can make up for cooler temps.

How’s that for an all over the place post? Long and short of it? I’m busy but excited. Nervous too.  I can just feel that I’m on the precipice of something…it has the potential to be either amazing and earth shattering or an utter disaster. Either way it sure won’t be boring.

December 1, 2010

Previously On MM….November 2010

I think when I wrote my October recap I ended the post saying “Let’s hope November is just as good, shall we?”.

Well it was. It truly was — anyone know that quote? It’s not really a memorable quote but whenever someone says that line, the scene from this movie pops into my head!

I kind of liked not breaking down the month week by week like I’ve done all year and doing a previously.  Like LOST and 24.  I consider myself as BAMF as the great men in my life 😉

And I have to only pick one LOST pic? UGHHHHHHHHH

Thanks google for both images

Anyway.  November was another great month.  While October brought about the firsts for lots of things (including baking as well as Dallas WR marathon training), November was really where the magic was made.  I put in LOTS of hard work and to go purely by the numbers, this was a colossal month.  Not as big as that crazy June I had but pretty darn big.

Since I liked the format I used last month, I’ll keep it the same.  For your sake as well as mine.


  • 454.1 miles
  • 61 hours 23  minutes 15 seconds
  • 8:54 average pace

Comparing 2009 to 2010

  • 2010: 454.1
  • 2009:  293.6
  • Percent Change:54.7 %

YTD (as of 30-November)

  • 2010:  3988
  • 2009: 2766
  • Percent Change: 44.2%


None here.  I was debating a Turkey Trot with my lil’ bro but opted out.  Oh well.  I’m sure that in a few days I can make it up to myself.  He did school me in an xbox dance off on Thanksgiving so I’m sure he’s over not running with me.

I did, however, get my official-in-the-mail acceptance to Boston which is hard to see past WR but it’s there. Waiting.

Not my image. Google images


Lots of good stuff here.  Last month I linked to all my quality workouts leading up for this WR cycle.  This month I’ve done 3 quality ones a week.  That’s a lot to link to.  So here are the memorable ones / highlights of what I was trying to accomplish (the links are mostly so I can go back and re-read if need be in the future):

I think the biggest thing of the training here was that it was all about learning. I’m slowly trying to wrap my head around how to train right.  That there are many types of workouts and each has their own place. That I’m a pretty decent runner if I put my head to it.  That I set expectation really high and can be disappointed because I expect so much from myself.

I think this month really is laying the foundation for how I approach running and training and RACING for the future.  It’s a bit weird to put it like that but I just feel like this month was special (or maybe it’s been there all fall and just now I’m starting to notice)

Oh man, sentimental much? Lots of other confidence building workouts in there this month but those above were the best of.  I also started the hundred pushups and two hundred situps challenges, of which I am in Week 4 of 6 on currently.  Plus some foam rolling.  Maybe I’m changing my bad-runner-habit ways?

I guess I can’t wait, then, for the first weekend in December.  I get to “run the rock

Preferably in that time too. Asking too much? 😉

Baking (ahem slash cooking):

  • Chocolate CheesecakeThe baking queen herself was impressed.  I’m not going to lie: the idea to do this (and to bring it to a Celtic’s game?!) was born after a glass or two of wine.  As all ideas are?
  • Sweet Potato Soup. I was a complete brat and emailed my mom (not even a phone call!) a week before Thanksgiving to request that she make this for me.  I did make it at the beginning of the month but still.  I am such a terrible daughter.

I actually also made Apple Cinnamon muffins but just haven’t yet shared the recipe.  Here’s a sneak peak? (because I’m sure y’all are tired of seeing pictures that I’ve already posted)

Trust me: better pics in the actual post. I'll try to get it up this weekend 🙂


Despite working 40+ hours a week, running 454.1 miles this month (including marathon training runs!) I maintained a really good social life as well.  The highlights include:

  • I celebrated a birthday.
  • Had the best Thanksgiving I’ve ever had.
  • Drank the most tequila I’ve ever had in one night.

All in all a very good month. I mean, we did get the first snowfall at the beginning of the month but I got a tiara.  Who can argue with that?

November 12, 2010

T-23 days

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Eeep.  And as I was heading to work this morning I was like “this time in 3 weeks I’ll be at Logan getting on a plane”. Double eep.

I can’t think of a good transition or opening for this BUT: when I got the confirmation email it was semi official.  When I got the acceptance email it was official.  Now:

OFFICIAL official. Hizzah.

Although I suppose that a snapshot of my bank statement with the registration fee extracted would be the most official news on that front 😉

But I digress.  This morning was a recovery run.  And a rough one at that.  After 3 nights of clinics (and thus getting up naturally without an alarm) my 5am alarm was a bit on the brutal side this morning. It was a decent run.  A bit warm, or at least I overdressed because my room was on the frigid side, but it was sunny for some of it.  I guess the sun might have made it warmer than expected too.  It felt weird to have sun again. It made me feel like I was running late for work!

I started out pretty slow because, as many of you guys noted, yesterday’s workout for 2 X 3 miles (and what ended up being  6X that HILL) was particularly brutal.  But what was surprising was that my recovery pace is much faster than it was last training cycle. Which is exciting.

Or worrisome as I could be going to fast but overall all my workouts are faster so I’m going with exciting.  The only annoying thing was that the ball of my right foot started bugging me at the end of the run today.  It’s happened before in the past, not on a regular basis and not in correlation to my shoes and/or mileage.  It’s never been serious but it still hurts. Ouch!

I guess now I have a reason to call that podiatrist up and harass ask him some more questions. I still have yet to go out and buy new socks.  I have some polyester ones that I’ve been using on the more intense workouts (aka the ones I know I’m going to sweat a lot on).  I guess this experiment is going to be an annoying one because the only way to know for sure is by failure of the solution to work: aka I get another infection.  Obviously not something I want to happen.

So that’s what’s going on today for me in the running department.  Fun stuff right? At least it’s Friday and we’re on the precipice of the weekend.  Although I’ve always felt that, despite working and school stuff on Fridays in the past, Friday is part of the weekend.  Let’s be honest: we’re all mentally checked out at this point.


Thanks google images

So if I get out of here at a reasonable hour (aka before the sun sets because it’s 100% different running in the dark in the morning vs. afternoon) I might get another recovery run in.  I did that a couple weeks ago because it’s another time to get the blood circulating.  We’ll see.  I’m not completely sold on it yet. I do want to actually calibrate and try out the Nike+ that I got in the mail this week (thanks Megan!) Maybe I’ll check with the person I occasionally run with…

Anyway yesterday meals for miles asked to play a short questions / interview game.  And since I love reading q & a posts from others I decided to play 🙂

Favorite restaurant and why?

The Chateau.  I don’t really have a good reason for why.  The food isn’t out of this world good (but it’s still excellent!) but I think it’s the sentimental value of it’s the first “fancy” restaurant that I went to as a kid.  I remember dressing up to go there and they have fancy after dinner mints. Of course as a kid that was my favorite part.

What’s at the top of your Christmas list?

Well, since my birthday AND Christmas gift is my flight and registration for WR, I don’t feel like I’m able to make a list for Christmas.  That said, I’d love a gift card to a bookstore or some nice clothes.  Funny how when I was a kid the idea of getting clothes for Christmas is heinous and now I welcome it.  I also desperately need a new clutch.  What you thought running gear was at the top of my list? While I can always use more running clothes or a garmin, it’s not really at the top because I’m happy with what I have to work with right now.

If you were given a free trip to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Spain.  I’ve never been there before but I’d love the chance to go and practice my Spanish.  I’d also love to go back to France, specifically the Castle at Versailles.  Maybe not a trip though, living there would be wicked amazing.

What do you like most about blogging?

The camaraderie for sure! I’ve actually met lots of bloggers to run and party.  I started blogging to meet other runners because no one in my real life (or at least at the time I started because I consider some of the bloggers I’ve met part of my real life) runs and I wanted peeps to bounce ideas off of. I keep blogging because I love that I can post something and get a quick lift saying “hey don’t be so hard on yourself” or “hey go get that checked out” or “hey push yourself HARDER”. 

I’m not going to tag anyone to re-post (although I’d LOVE it if y’all did!) but if any of the questions are something you feel passionate about I’d love to hear your responses as well 🙂

Plus I love answering questions so ask away! If I get enough I might try to do a questions only post, like 20-questions or something.

And be sure to check out the giveaway from Julie (Hotlegs Runner) and Sarah (Skinny Runner) and DC Rainmaker

November 11, 2010

Well I Think I’ve Found A Workout I Hate More Than Tempos

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Sorry Jess but the 2 X 3 miler is just plain awful.  That said, because I hate it so much, it must be doing something good for me.

I think I don’t like it because there’s the recovery time in the middle.  By the time I’m done with mile 3 of the first repeat I’m getting into a groove.  Then BAM the recovery distance (and I took a 1 mile one but the same holds true for ANY recovery distance) hits my legs like a ton of bricks and my legs — or maybe it’s my brain — just don’t want to rev it up.  It’s probably moreso my mind as you’ll see in the numbers that I really didn’t crash and burn. Sometimes during the workout I felt like this:

Thanks google images

But the wheels never truly came off.

The workout ended up being 2 X 3.15 miles.  If you remember from the last time I did this workout (over Halloween weekend I think) I had miscalculated the distance and it was short by .05 miles.  I wasn’t going to let that happen again so I mapped out a route that would get me .05 miles over 😉

I really didn’ t have any goal time in mind for these.  I ran them too fast two weeks ago so I figured that around 7:00 would be good? So after a quick (eeeeeeeeer not in time but distance) warm up I jumped right into it (time of lap is first and pace in red)

  1. 8:02 ( 7:39 ) Okay so this one is deceiving because, not only did I not realize that there was a 7%, .2 mile HILL in about 3/4 through the lap that, um, almost stopped me in my tracks, I overshot the side street I was going to take.  So I’m pretty sure that I ran more that 1.05 miles by a tenth or so.
  2. 7:33 ( 7:11 ) Better even though that hill was killer
  3. 7:27 ( 7:05 ) Didn’t feel terribly fast and my legs weren’t obscenely tired.  I even charged up the hill. Well as best I could.

1 mile recovery: 8:44.  This time went by WAY too fast despite it feeling slow.  I avoided the hill for obvious reasons.

  1. 7:35 ( 7:13 ) Not too shabby considering it felt like it took me forever to get going again
  2. 7:40 ( 7:18) I definitely got cocky on this one and totally didn’t push myself.  I know it. Still sub-7 though.
  3. 7:26 ( 7:04 ) Final push? Interesting how the last lap of each repeat is the fastest. I suppose that says a lot about my endurance and capacity for long distances.

I took a very long warm down after that.  I’ve been taking shorter warmups and longer downs lately and I’m enjoying it.  I’m always chomping at the bit to just GO into the workout and I like having time to reflect on the warmdown.

Anyway…the long and short of this workout is that I can’t really be too disappointed.  Yes, NONE of the repeats were in the tempo interval zone (according to McMillian: 6:53-7:01) BUT that hill really just was like running into a brick wall.  My form suffered and I’m fairly certain that my pace suffered too.  That’s not to say that if I was on a flatter loop that I’d have made this workout hare like but given the terrain (and the wind along the canal) I’m going to have to force myself to be happy with it.

After the workout I talked to one of the peeps who originally suggested this workout and he said (after my complaining)

I wish that I could say that I feel sorry about that workout sucking, but I don’t, LOL! I wouldn’t be recommending or suggesting it if I questioned your ability to handle it. That workout is supposed to suck, just like [a mutual friend] has told me that he hates 800 meter repeats. And there’s no reason for you to try to run them faster, you should be aiming for HMP. 6-7 miles @ HMP is going to be tough, there’s no denying or avoiding it. NACN

Also: as much as that killer hill surprised me I’m actually really glad that it was there. I had been debating between hill repeats and intervals for today’s run and this was a good way, even if unplanned, to get both in.  I have no idea what the course is going to be like at WR so it’s a good thing I have at least 6 hard and fast hills under my belt.

So all in all, while the times in and of themselves do not indicate where I want my fitness level to be (at least to me at the moment) it was good and given the challenging nature of the route/loop it is EXACTLY where I think my fitness level should be, no?

I also did Week 1 Day 2 (W1D2) of both the pushup and situp challenges before heading out:

Pushups: 10, 12, 8, 8, max (14)

Situps: 15, 18, 15, 15, max (20)

Finally, but probably the most important part of this post: for those who have served, are serving or will serve:

October 27, 2010

“So is miami the team to beat?” …

“Nah, I think we are.”


Thank you google images

That really has nothing to do with running but I HEART THE CELTICS. For real.  Plus I’m an (ex) basketball player and will always enjoy watching a game.

Plus the Celtics kick ass. End. Of. Story.

And if I’m going to running  a marathon in 38 (!!) days I need to start kicking some ass too.  And soon. Obviously trying to make up for lost time is a recipe for disaster. But every workout still needs to count. I’m in the process of what I want to do with training (and this post was initially going to be about that) but I’m going back and forth with what I want to get accomplished. I do know that I want

  • Two 20 milers
  • At least one speed session a week

But I will say that I’m leaning towards keeping the momentum going that I’ve had this fall in terms of running fast and that was on very “free thinking” training.  I got workouts in but they were never really planned for in terms of a written training plan. And if I’m thinking I really want to RACE then why fix what ain’t broke, right? And in the back of my mind I do want

  • A) a better Boston seed time, which by definition is a PR
  • B) sub- 3:20, I mean I know that I’m not going to be “properly trained” but I can dream big right?

Guess we’ll see how that pans out on December 5th. At this point the best I can do is just go.

But even without a running plan in place right now I have flights booked and tentative plans for metting up with people.  So I know that it’s happening. No matter what happens in the race I’ll be there. Woot.

Clearly I am still excited.

Which is why I don’t really want to talk about the recovery run I had today.  Not exciting. It was slow and dark and muggy. Means I did something right yesterday? I wasn’t hurting on the run but I just didn’t have that spark to go fast.  But again, I didn’t need to go fast today because I went fast yesterday.

I also think the weather had something to do with it.  My body has spent how long adjusting to 30-40* morning temps? (too long as I’m sure you’re away because I complain about it damn near every day!)Part of me wishes that these past two days of warm weather never happened because it’s just going to get COLD again after today.  This morning was 67* and 94% humidity.  At 0430.  Ridiculous.

Although on a weather related note: what’s the weather going to be like in Dallas in early December? I keep imagining billion degree days but that is unrealistic.  Certainly warmer than here though (and I’ll admit to being a warm weather gal so it doesn’t  bother me).

Anyway that’s all I got for you today.  Nothing special (except the C’s of course) at the moment but definitely things in motion. I honestly cannot wait for race day to get here!

I’m definitely thinking about December 5th a lot. And then from what I’ll do December 5th to Boston Training Starting and then to April 18th itself. 

Oh wait! Speaking of Boston, I do have one more thing: I officially got accepted into Boston. YAY 🙂

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