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November 25, 2009

5 days?!

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Well I guess more like 4 days left in break.  All I’m thinking of is how am I going to survive 5 weeks for winter break when I can’t see myself getting through the next 5 days? Hell, after 5 hours yesterday I was ready to pop a cap in someones ass heh.  I guess it’s not as dramatic as I’m making it but gosh, coming home is soooo hard! I’m just thrown all responsibilities of the house and grrrrrr it’s enough to make me go crazy.

Another thing that I dislike about coming home is the lack of stuff to do.  Sure my school is in the middle of nowhere but I’m within jumping distance of my friends.  Getting together with peeps at home takes effort.  And planning.  Kind of hard to be really spontaneous when you have to A) drive to see ppl and B) drive places to go out.

Guess I’m in a whiney kind of mood today.  This morning I was just bumming around, you know procrastinating on my GeoPhysics paper by randomly surfing the net.  Nothing makes me feel worse then being idle but I had a bad case of inertia.  No matter how hard I tried to move and actually do something all I kept doing was watching The West Wing that was on TV and then the Law and Order marathon once it started.

I think it’s the whole rebounding from sleep thing.  I got 9 hours last night! It’s like since my body has been clutching onto any hour of sleep I’ve gotten lately at school the opportunity for more has me in a coma.  I don’t think I moved once last night! As nice as it was I was more than tired getting up.

But what do I do when I need to wake up? Yup, I run.

As much as I dislike my suburbia hometown it was really nice getting to run through it.  Not to say that it wasn’t tough: my hometown is wicked hilly.  At least compared to the town my school is in, I felt like I was running through the Appalachians or something.  The first mile was tough and my whole body was reeling from ’em.  Since this place could not really be defined as hilly my body did a really quick adjustment and the rest of the run felt great.

So naturally (I’m sure y’all could’ve seen this a mile away) I ran 9.3 miles.  I think it’s my (new) favorite distance.  It’s a nice round number in the metric system, 15k, takes over an hour to complete and isn’t double digits so it doesn’t make me feel excessive.  Just far enough to feel tired but not enough to knock me out for the rest of the day.

After two slowish runs already this week I was very happy to be slightly slower than goal “easy” pace.  I had thought that with the hills I would have been running wicked slowly.  The weather was foggy and upper 40s so I never felt like I was overheating but I didn’t feel cold either.  The fog actually felt kind of good and prolly helped me stay cool too.

Likely kept me going through the last miles. As I mentioned the first few miles were tough as I adjusted to the “hills” (and gosh what am I going to do when Boston training starts and I really need to get used to hills?!) but the last few miles felt like I was on firrrrrre (well not really because like I was just saying that I felt cool haha) but there was a noticeable pep in my step and I could feel a difference in my pace.

Ending a run strong is maybe my favorite thing. And helped me get over my earlier whiny-ness.  Granted that did nothing to get over my avoidance of my work, as evidenced by my current NCIS marathon (and since they’re on DVD I don’t have to even watch commercials ahah).

But I’m still feeling antsy, so maybe a trip into Boston? First I’d need some ppl to want to as well but hopefully *something* happens tonight.  Send good vibes my way ppl!! 🙂

November 24, 2009

Homeward Bound

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Well I’m actually already home.  And already ready to go back to school haha.  The hardest part of being at college is going home for breaks.  I just feel so out of place.

Luckily I have my running to center me as well as my friends.

Last night I did end up finishing my exam with minimal stress and watched my movie.  If you haven’t checked it out yet it’s awesome! Sure, it’s in Spanish but there are subtitles.  Definitely a movie I could watch over and over and over.  In case you forgot it’s El Laberinto del Fauno and it’s WICKED good.

Also last night I think I had a fever because I woke up so many times and sweated through THREE outfits.  Gross.  My heat was off and my window was open so I have no idea what other explanation those sweats could be.  I felt fine though last night and felt fine when I got up.  Ugh and despite my complaining about my age I am not menopausal yet.  Heh.

My run this morning (my constant) kind of failed me.  There was no rain so I decided to take advantage of clear skies.  Kind of regretting that choice as I need to inject some speed into my running but hey, it was a decent run and when I finally calculated my pace it wasn’t soooo terrible. I had a case of the Mondays though.  My legs still felt a little fatigue which I’m sure is a result of me piling on the miles (POTM).  I know I need a rest day but it will have to be after the 26th haha.

I did 10.1 today.  And I felt every single mile plus the extra .1 that got injected.  Luckily I made the decision to do 2 longer routes rather than my main route plus lots of additionals.  I think my grit would have been tested otherwise! But the weather made things a bit more pleasant: 45* with cloudy skies.  I thought that there might be rain but there was only a bit of mist which felt great by the end.

Today being the last day of classes before break campus was absolutely dead.  My Spanish lab class only had 3 ppl in it! Which was nice because it was with Hot-Spanish-TA and that means the class was convo based and we did lots of talking.  I could listen to him talk foreverrrrrrr.  We also did culture stuff like listening to real Spanish music which I need to download now.  Like this. Oh man I can’t get it out of my head.  We listened to it at 0900 and it’s still stuck in my head.  LOVE.  After Spanish I handed in my geophysics exam (I’m a physics major btw to those who asked) and then hit the road.

And like I said, I’m ready to go back haha.  Luckily I called up a few high school friends who are around and we’re chilling now watching T.V. and such.  Definitely what I need as I want to get some quality sleep over break and make some sort of dent in my HUGE sleep debt.  So I’m going to start paying attention to the show.  Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m safe and sound.  And that I’m still truckin’ along in my miles.  And I’m still trying to find a good marathon plan for Boston.  Like Jess suggested I’ll likely take all the plans you’ve said and mold them into my own.  I’m also pretty excited to do some of my “home” routes this week.  It’s been a very long time — the summer? — since I’ve done them and I’m looking forward to the “newness” that they’ll bring me!

Not quite sure what my posting will be like this week as my schedule is muy different than normal but I’ll likely pop in everyday and do a quick post like this 🙂

Enjoy your Tuesday.  As I was told today it’s the humpday this week as we have a threeday week.  Although for me it’s Friday because I’m already on break 😉

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