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October 7, 2009

Gee Whiz

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Well maybe I had too much on my plate yesterday.  Or just misjudged how much time I had as I had physics tutees the whole two hours and I was counting on those two hours for some of my own work.  Oh well, the long and short of it is I didn’t end up stopping my work until midnight (and sadly only got the stuff due immediately this morning done) which means that by the time I hopped into bed and fell asleep it was almost one!

But my 0600 alarm still went off and I hurdled out of bed like there was a fire or something.  I know some of you *cough*matt*cough called me out on the TM tempo I was planning for today.  I know that tempos outside would be the most beneficial to me, if I was able to keep my mind mentally there and on track.  With so much going on I can’t do that because my mind is wandering and mulling over various things, both important and not so much. My usual thing is to do math or think in either French or Spanish.  Sometimes I’ll try to figure out how to tackle a problem set or what I’m doing for the weekend.  But my mind is always going a mile a minute and usually NOT on the run at hand.  (Definitely not the case in races where I get wicked competitive and ALL I think about is the race). I think my “thinking style” is pretty normal though, right?

I figure the TM is at least teaching my muscles how to run at a certain pace and giving it muscle memory.  Still ever since doing my speedwork in August and the beginning of September outside I feel sooooo guilty using the TM as a crutch.

This morning, however, I was given the perfect excuse: pouring rain, thunder, lightning.  Normally I am terrified of storms but this one allowed me to hit the gym up so I loved it.

I decided to do another progression tempo like last week only ramp up the intensity. Instead of just going up .1 mph (~5 seconds faster) I went up .2mph (~10 seconds faster). Here are the splits

  • 730
  • 719
  • 708
  • 658
  • 649
  • 640

I’m feeling really good about that run.  The last two miles were really hard but it felt so good both mentally and physically to do them and have them completed. Again, like last week, the warm up was horrendous and it felt awful.  I think I might be running it too fast, but interestingly enough I run the same pace for the warm down and it feels too slow. Oh relativity (which I think I’ve said before, story of life I guess).

I came back to my room and fixed myself the most delicious brekkie.  It was a peanut butter and banana sandwich on a think (height wise) bagel.  YUM.  I take packages of bagels from the dining hall (I mean who doesn’t? Plus my room & board money is really paying for it.  Totally justified.) and they aren’t necessarily the biggest bagel in terms of diameter (which most ppl go for) but they are thick so the innermost layer of bagel stays semi-soft while the outside get a slightly-more-dark-than-golden brown.  Seriously? Heaven in your mouth.  A tall glass of milk hit the spot too.

Question for y’all: Lately I’ve been getting Charlie Horses in the am in my calves.  I know that there are billions of causes ranging from lack of sodium (definitely not the case with me, I pour salt on anything and everything), calcium (again, maybe not the case because of all the milk I drink and yogurt I eat), potassium (eat daily banana and tomatos and peppers etc), dehydration (quite possibly although in the past few weeks I’ve gotten MUCH better about drinking lots of water and fluids).  So any other sneaky causes of Charlie Horses? Although it should be noted that I’m able to “anticipate” and feel one coming on so I can preventatively stretch it out so I haven’t had a full blown one yet.  And don’t really want to either.

Also: illness update.  There have been 4 confirmed cases of swine flu on my campus, and while I’m not afraid of the swine flu (I’m personally more concerned with the regular flu) I think that my illness is flu-like.  Boo! Granted, I am definitely not sick yet but I can feel my immune system fending something off.  Last night when I was falling asleep I can feel something “off” in my chest and how I’m breathing.  Nothing that is changing the way I live or anything just a subtle weirdness.  I think I’m getting paranoid but with an upcoming break (and a prime opportunity for this bug to defeat my defenses) as well as the Tufts 10k for Women on Monday I think I’m going to try and take it easy.  Much easier said than done but that is the plan. I did my last hard workout before the race and now I need to pump some fluids in me and try to minimize the stress and maximize the sleep.

Today promises to be just as busy as yesterday though so we’ll see.  I don’t have to tutor tonight so that frees up 2 hours extra to work.  AND it’s supposed to pour all day in heavy bursts so maybe I can bunker down in the physics room during any free time I might have to pound out assignments.  Only the two largest ones due tmrw: analysis of Geophysics data and my physio lab write up. Jeez, when I signed up for classes last semester I thought that this was going to be an “easy and relaxing semester”. So much for that idea!

P.S. Ummm, Kathleen, yes TAs are always hot and this one is from Spain.  So it’s like double the hotness factor haha. Extra incentive to try and get fluent.  And it definitely is a requirement for TAs to be attractive. I’m convinced it’s a part of the application process.  At my school the language TAs are graduates (sooo like 24/25 years old) from a school in a country that speaks that foreign language.

P.P.S. And I know above I wrote that the weather is suppose to pour all day? Well in the past 4 hours it’s gone from brilliant sunshine to pouring and thunder.  Indecisive much? Plus the power went out for about an hour.  Gaaah. Luckily it’s back on but my blood pressure prolly went through the roof!

April 9, 2009

I <3 Spring

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Yes I do.  Sometimes I think that I really only like it because its right after winter, and I HATE winter.  With the heat of a thousand suns.  Spring weather is so random though (maybe because it’s New England, where the weather changes when the wind blows, or something like that) with a high today of 60* but this time last week we struggled to break 40*.  And I’m not going to discount the fact that we could get a blizzard, like, tmrw or something crazy but the general trend of weather is that it seems to be warming up.  And I enjoy that.  A lot. That said, it was 31* when I got up.  So despite Spring being here right now, my running is not benefiting from it.

Such is life I guess.  Well, I still was able to get a nice recovery run in.  The pace was prolly ridiculously slow but I didn’t worry about it / time myself.  I have a general idea of how long I was out there but hey, sometimes I just need to check my type A personality at the door right? Absolutely. After two days of double digit runs I needed to tone it down, so I planned to run my 6.2 mile route.  Apparently I have problems just stopping when I say I’m going to and I tacked on an extra mile at the end.  No bigs, except that I went to Spanish without having showered.  Hey, it was either no shower or no food.  And there was no way on earth I was skipping breakfast. Favorite meal of the day, hands down.  Anyone else feel me on that?

Back to running.  And recovery from tough stuff.  I find it really hard to incorporate it.  Ok, before y’all (is it obvious that I need to head South?) start reacting let me say that I *do* recovery stuff.   Over time pushing so hard makes me feel very run down both physically and mentally and I start to get cranky all the time beyond my typical complainer lifestyle. But after feeling spectacular from yesterday my first thought is that I want that again.  Give me another hit of this running stuff!  Plus if I want to rock my last 20 miler this weekend, I need to let my muscles get strong!

Tying running and weather together again, it’s supposed to rain on Saturday when I have my long run planned.  Bummed out because I really enjoy going long on Saturday but running in the rain (well anything other than Summer rain) is not enjoyable to me.  So I might have to move it to Sunday.  I’m such a creature of habit that it’s freaking me out.  No rational reason for it,  I just want to keep routine.  Kind of funny because there was a time when I would never have dreamed of running long stuff on Saturday.  In fact I started out this training cycle running ’em on Sundays.  C’est la vie.  Hopefully Mother Nature will take the hint and no rain on me.

So I’m not sure if I just wrote a cohesive post or not.  I tend to just write, then go back and cut things out, expand on other stuff.  Sorry if it was hard to follow! Even if you didn’t follow / understand / like it, please send some good weather vibes for Saturday? 🙂

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