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May 14, 2010


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Whew. Even though finals week is never really stressful / crazy for me I guess this just isn’t the typical semester. As you guys know (and are probably sick of hearing) I’m taking quantum physics and we got a take home that…well didn’t really kick my butt but was being a time suck.  Couple that with any “free” time being totally taken up with trying to get my shizznit together for finding, you know, a source of income for the next year and well, I’ve been feeling a bit stressed.

But luckily I’m 100% done with undergraduate work so it’s not so bad.  Now I just need to find a job. And I appreciate all the comments telling me to push through and that I can do it, don’t stress and enjoy these last few weeks.  I definitely needed to hear that 🙂

Thanks for the good lucks on my thesis too.  Except for the fact that I”m not doing one haha. Kind of sad, kind of not but thanks for the support anyway 😉  I think that the confusion arose because I’ve been going to a bunch of defenses for my friends but I definitely did not do one.  I was doing enough already that I think a thesis would have put me in the loony bin.

Luckily I had running to get me through the year and because I’ve been really busy lately (sorry to all those blogs that I read but didn’t comment on the past week because I haven’t had time! And doubly sorry to all the emails i have yet to respond too, I promise I’ll play catch up soon!) here’s a quick (well not really quick) little running recap because I do call myself a runner.  Plus I really haven’t been doing anything other than school work and running.  I’d be willing to bet that you’d rather read about my runs than my Quantum physics exam.  Just a hunch though 😉

Tuesday was a run and a full body circuit (which can be found on the tab on the right-hand side of the page).  The run was actually at a nice cruising pace.  I was really surprised when I mapped out the route and found that it was 8.8 miles and that my pace was ~8:59 (gotta LOVE having that one second under 9s hah).  I guess the soreness in my legs from the weekend wore off nicely because my quads and hammys weren’t shouting in protest.  The circuit itself was pretty unremarkable.  I had wanted to hop into the gym but because of finals week the hours are all screwy and I couldn’t go when I needed to.  I figured the circuit was a good “placeholder” strength workout — a workout where it doesn’t really help you add muscle or make gains but it keeps your muscles from forgetting that they need to work.

Wednesday morning I got up early to run before my Spanish exam (gaahhh can’t believe that’s over with! So sad). The weather forecast wasn’t looking too good (rain bleh) but because of the limited fitness center hours I knew that I would have to get out there if I wanted to do a run at all.  After the exam I needed to work a lot more on the quantum exam.  But I’ve been really lucky lately.  Even though the weather has been quite chilly for mid-May (highs only in the upper 50s and lows into the upper 30s) I’ve so far been able to avoid the precipitation.   Give me sub-zero temps any day (well maybe not as I really do hate being cold) just as long and there is no snow or rain.  It misted a bit during the run but I was able to crank out another great feeling run.  I faded a bit at the end but I think that’s just my legs saying “Hey there, you really want to get us back into a regular running routine?!”

Thursday: So my intention was to get up early and run, do some quantum work then lift.  But life happens.  Or rather flu-like illness happens.  Wednesday night was not pretty with chills, body aches, sore throat and fever.  Basically a restless night of sleep.  Although “sleeping” it off (I was in bed for 13 hours but was tossing and turning the majority of the night so I wasn’t asleep) made me feel better I knew that my plan was out the window.  I was really dehydrated from all the sweating overnight and have that hangover headache.

So I decided to do my work in the morning and if I felt better after hydrating and getting some fluid in me that I’d get out for a run.  By mid-afternoon I was sooooo ready for a study break from the quantum exam so I figured a little run and some fresh air would do me good.  I was also feeling *much* better.  I had that sexy voice from being sick but that was it.  And wouldn’t you know it: my run was the fastest I’d done all week and felt AMAZING.  Well it didn’ t feel stellar at the time, it didn’ t feel bad or anything but it felt like a typical easy run.  Not the case and I had to triple check my route because my pace was really good.  It’s funny how I consider the 8:38s I ran this day to be blistering because it was an easy run but I would never accept that as a fast pace for a tempo.  How how everything is relative (and that’s also a total physics joke with the club too)

Friday was trying to get my planned Thursday lift in.  I was feeling 100% illness wise (although with a slight sore throat and that sexy voice still) so I got a quick run in outside in the misty rain.  Nothing too strenuous because I knew I was essentially doing a double workout with the pending lift but the pace was spot on.  Nothing like Thursday but still a respectable 9:05.  It felt pretty good too and if you had asked me mid-run I’d have told you that I was running way slower.  I definitely think not doing the mega-miles now is letting me run faster on a daily basis.  Guess that’s just the trade off between miles and speed.

I then looked over my Quantum exam, handed it in and eventually hit up the gym for some lifting (and did the arms and legs portion in the Lifting tab on the right).  I didn’t do the abs/back at this time because I wasn’t sure if I really would get to the gym and I love doing core / think it’s really important to do regularly, so I did it right after the run in the AM.  As for the weights, last weekend when I reintroduced lifting I went with slightly lower weights but today, after not being incredibly sore after that lift and Tuesday’s circuit, I decided to go back to what I was using pre-Boston.  And man was it tough.  It hurt — but in that oh-so-good way.  I’ll likely be feeling it tomorrow and I welcome it with open arms.

Aside from the soreness I’m not quite sure what the weekend holds for me running wise. I decided not to go home this weekend so I get one more LR on campus and trying to decided when / where to make this final goodbye LR is a really tough decision!

Anyhoo that’s been my running/working out update since Monday when I last updated it.  And I really am starting to think I should have been an English major given how long my posts are 😉

Now I get to relax a bit and bask in the glow that is NO WORK.  I mean, starting tomorrow I have to start drafting more cover letters, but as of right now I really don’t have to do anything.  I’m trying not to think about it too much because it means that graduation is in 8 days so I guess party time? 😀

(And yet again I’m not proof-reading this post before posting.  Sorry for any typos/grammar errors!)

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March 21, 2010

Circuit Time & Relaxation on Sunday

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Hope everyone is enjoying Sunday.  Finally a Sunday for me that is relaxing.  Granted it’s the day before classes start up again and likely the last relaxing one for the remainder of the semester but still. Relaxing = good.

Kind of.  I’m a firm believer that staying busy (and dare I say it stressed?) is a great way to avoid being sick.  Yes I know that stress = taxing on the immune system BUT during the moments of craziness I can keep the germs at bay.  And since my spring break really wasn’t all that relaxing I expected the typical “break illness” to be avoided.

But damn you nice weather and relaxing all afternoon yesterday! Now I’m not saying there is a direct link between relaxing and getting sick buttttttt I find it suspicious that after 48 hours of relaxing I’m battling congestion, aches , headache (although I suspect this is from drinking practically nothing after a really hot LR) and a sore throat.  Nothing to knock me out (yet at least) but enough to make me feel slightly irritable.

I think the nosebleeds I was having Friday night is related too.  I get “seasonal” nosebleeds.  None of them are ever serious but I know that winter is on it’s way when I start getting them in the fall.  Same with the spring.  Maybe it’s related to the changing of the weather? I don’t think that the congestion I’m dealing with helps any, and probably makes me think that there’s more blood that actually present because my snot is coming out too.  But I don’t want to alarm anyone (and I think a couple of you were worried) and the nosebleeds that night are, while I don’t want to say normal because nosebleeds in general shouldn’t be normal, they’re….typical? Annoyance? In any case I mean not serious.

Also: I’m definitely sticking with PT.  My insurance covers something like 15 sessions per RX and  I plan on using all of them.  I mean, after G-day in May I don’t think I’m going to have insurance so I need to take advantage now.  The co-pays are going to kill me though.  I don’t know where I’ll get the cash-monies to do it.  But I plan on keeping up with PT because I want to fix the root cause. I’ve also been doing the stretches that my PT has already given me.  I haven’t noticed a difference yet but I like that I’m following a plan even though I was already doing these stretches, albeit intermittently. My type-A personality likes having a plan 🙂

So now that I’ve taken care of questions / updates onto today.

I woke up a little stuffy and felt sooooo hungover.  Last night with my friends I didn’t drink a drop.  Of either alcohol or water.  And hangovers = dehydration. Lucky me, I get the after effects without the raging glory.  Not that last night was out-of-control.  But still.

I wasn’t sure how my body was going to feel during a run but I knew that I wanted to take advantage of cool-ish temps. The past two days, despite running first thing, I’ve been hit with ~70* (mid-60s Friday and in the 70s Saturday) and according to this morning was suppose to be low 40s.  Lies but I’ll still take mid-50s over 70 anyday 🙂

The run felt slow and creaky.  I’m not sure how much of my aches were due to the LR, dehydration or sickness.  Maybe a combo of the three.  I took it easy and I know that, despite not having a garmin, I was going no faster than granny shuffle.  My feet probably didn’t even come far off the ground! I was about to turn around and just bag it when I started getting some fluidity and…not quite “pep in my step” (as I still felt semi-geriatric) but my feet started clearing the ground so that I didn’t have to worry about tripping over an ant hah!

I finished the run at a very respectable 9:33 pace.  I guess I wasn’t as slow as I thought.  Given the stiffness of the early miles I was thinking I could walk faster.

When I got back I knew that, since spring break had messed with my lifting sessions, I wanted to get something done in terms of strength today so that I had 2 sessions on the week.  Plus my lifting session tomorrow is canceled due to my scheduling a PT appointment during my usual lifting chunk of time.  And I didn’t want to go Wednesday to Wednesday with my lifting.

Since the gym is closed (spring break hours, gotta love ’em) I made up a circuit as I was eating my breakfast to do later in the afternoon.  Something to tackle the major muscle groups but not be very time intensive.  I don’t think I got as good a workout as my typical lifting but it was a good “placeholder”.  Not that I need to be working on gaining lots of strength in the next few weeks.  It’s all about maintenance.

Here it is (it’s pretty much the same thing that’s under the circuit link on the right side of the screen):

  • Russian twists (ab work with 12 lb weights)
  • Lunges (with 12 lb weights)
  • Push-ups (real military ones)
  • 90* legs (ab work with 12 lb weights)
  • Squats (with 12 lb weights)
  • Bear Push-ups
  • Supermans (back work)
  • Dead Bug (ab work)
  • Calf Raisers
  • Dips

I worked through this circuit 3x.  Each exercise was :45 and essentially no rest between the exercises (probably was like :05 or something).  I also took ~2 minutes between each set.

All and all it was a good workout.  I doubt I’ll be sore tomorrow as most of the exercises I’ve been doing all along.  Maybe a bit in my arms.  I liked the circuit and I had forgotten how nice it is to mix up workouts.

I also did quick warm up/downs and I did them SANS watch! I figured that since these miles don’t count in my mileage totals or pace calculations then why bother tracking how fast I’m doing them? It was very freeing.  That said I know that I will NEVER go watchless for an actual run (way too much of a numbers junkie here.  I really do like to keep track of all the data in my notebooks) but it was fun today.  Although I did try to “stop” the watch when I was done hah!

Alright. Time to get back to “relaxing”.  Hopefully lots of water + backlog of magazines = less headachey MM.  Hope y’all are enjoy your Sundays.  With the sun shining and the temperature just shy of 60* I know I am 8)

July 6, 2009

Clouds Overhead

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And I don’t mean literally. The weather has been spectacular the last couple of days.  Finally, as the month of June only had FIVE sunny ones.

The cloud I am referring to is my “professional” life.  I mean, the cloud is lifting in some respect because I finally got my spiffy looking Children’s Hospital I.D. badge, meaning that I can finally go to the clinic and interact with patients! Hizzah! Getting this i.d. was a process, however, with me calling a billion different departments and having to make a spontaneous trip into the city.  But it’s over so I really can’t complain. Especially since I look damn good in my i.d. picture, if I do say so myself haha.

The impromtu trip changed my running for the day.  Not that I minded because I *needed* to make the drive but it left me leaving my house for my run at 12:30, which is normally when I’m getting back. Despite the later (and hotter) time I manage a really good quick clip.  I was running like I was in a rush, which I really wasn’t but since I’m such a creature of habit, leaving later stressed me out physiologically even though it wasn’t big deal mentally.

After I did a full body circuit which felt great and capped it off with a warm down for a total of 10 miles for the day.  Woot! I was nice and sweaty after the run.  Plus I was starving because I ran through lunch.  I ended up eating my normal lunch PLUS a cereal, granola, blueberry and yogurt mix.  Yum.

Well, anyway back to the cloud.  I should be studying for the MCAT right now.  I took a prax test over the weekend and didn’t do too hot on it.  I know that I have 4 weeks left until the test, plenty of time, but I should be reviewing the concepts that I was shaky on. Instead I’m watching The Closer (amazing show!).  Oh well, tomorrow is a new day.  But with old weather as there are predicted storms for most of the late morning and all afternoon. Plenty of time to buckle down and get my study on, right? Of course, but this procrastination is making me feel all heavy.

P.S. I was going to write a post on My Running but decided to make it a new page.  I figure new ppl who want to check out the site might enjoy having it readily accessible rather than having to hunt through old posts.

P.P.S. Based on my last post, a lot of you are early bird runners who don’t eat much (if anything) beforehand either.  Nice to know I’m not (completely) crazy! LARunner made a good point, though, about making sure to drink something to prevent dehydration.  Very very good point. As I was saying to my friend the other day, I need to start drinking early and often.  And while I was being flippant and talking about another kind of drinking, the point still remains: drinking water = dehydration prevention.

June 18, 2009

So What Marathon Are You Running?

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I had to jokingly ask myself this as I worked out today because I’ve been training like a mad-woman! My body is responding well to the increase in strength and running workouts but I’m on track to a pretty high mileage week and I’m not even signed up for a race!

Today I did another 2-a-day with a full body circuit in the am and a run later.  The circuit kicked my butt, it was a mix of 2 leg exercises, the pushup challenge (W2D2) and two other arm exercises, 3 ab exercises and 2 back ones.  Whew! I ran through the circuit 3x so each exercise (except for the challenge) was done thrice.  Plus there was ~3 miles of running in between exercises.  Man, I’m hoping to be sore tmrw because it was hard!

After that, I made sure to eat a hearty brekkie to refuel and get my muscles ready for the run I had coming up.  My legs were twitching during the lull and I debated taking a nap.  But that would have meant showering because I’m a clean freak and there was no way I was climbing into my bed or onto the couch all sweaty! So I decided to work more on the MCAT practice exam, but that only kind of happened as I got distracted by JAG. Oops.

Oh and tangent (well tangent only because I’m not going to talk about my run in this paragraph): I did an MCAT practice verbal reasoning and I got a 10! Okay, so I do have room for improvement but for a first time through I will take and 10 and run with it. Plus I did a physical science section (gen chem and physics) and I got a 10 on that too! I talked to a RWOL forumite who told me that I was doing great which made my day! Again, room for improvement but it took a lot of stress of me bc I’ve been thinking I’m going to fail.

Back to the run.  I wasn’t planning on going that far Lies, I was planning on 7 which prolly wasn’t the smartest thing given my body was (and still is) tired.  But I got out there and there was a slight drizzle and I took off.  The backs of my legs are still a little stiff, so I definitely need to stretch and The Stick later (must. do. this!) but the run went well.  And I may or may not have tacked an extra mile on at the end.  Again, to reiterate: I am not signed up for any races! I have a few in mind, but they aren’t until the fall and any serious training won’t happen ’til mid-late July.  I don’t know what I’m thinking not incorporating short runs like I normally do. Note to self: take a cut back week next week!

And just because I love to throw out questions (because I love reading it when ppl respond and answer!):  How do you effectively tell yourself to take it easy? I guess I’m asking basically because I’m not sure if I should do this or, since I’m feeling ok now, keep doing what I’m doing.  The expression that comes to mind is “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  I definitely don’t want to be injured or anything and I think I’m being good about playing it safe. Advice?

Off to go celebrate my brothers 13th (!) birthday with some homemade strawberry shortcake and some fresh picked strawberries! Yummy 🙂

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