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March 15, 2011


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of the coffee variety.  You see, I’ve NEVER been a coffee person before I started and entered the real world in August.  Slowly but surely I’ve started, well, becoming addicted to the stuff.  I’ll admit that I didn’t really drink it to enjoy it.  In fact, what I typically drank was this stuff

and I drank it, and liked it, because I could make it as strong / weak as I wanted.  I could make it (and did) pipping hot.  And it was quick.  For Christmas (and I am ashamed to say that I JUST broke it out of the box.  No real good excuse either except that I was too lazy to buy coffee filters…) I got


Well I guess it wasn’t *totally* that I didn’t have any filters (yes I know that’s a weak excuse) but also because I A) had lots of the instant stuff in the cabinet and B) didn’t really know what kind of coffee to buy (I guess my only real requirement was CAFFEINE).  I did get a thing of DD coffee and some store brand with the coffee maker buttttt well I just didn’t have any oompf to make my own coffee.  Until….


a friend (who doesn’t drink coffee) gave me this bag because she was given it and didn’t want it to go to waste.  Rather than leave it in the clinic I immediately told her that I’d take it.  And OMG so good. I definitely am NOT a coffee connoisseur but I am sooooo enjoying this coffee.  I haven’t yet checked out how much it sells for in the grocery store / godiva store but I’m betting that it isn’t exactly cheap.  So I’m trying to really savor it while I can!  I still have the packets of instant in the cabinet but hopefully this lets me become a full-fledged coffee snob.  All in good time.

But at least I’m able to enjoy *something*.  Because I was all set to get up and actually enjoy my traditional Tuesday Tempo.  Maybe I should have heeded “Beware the ides of March” because alas my left leg did not want to cooperate with me.  And neither did my brain because I totally slept through my alarm this morning after being up all night with what I suspect was a fever and a really runny/stuffy nose. I am amazed at how much snot can come out of my nose.  It’s not even that big!

I’m also amazed that I managed to get through the warm up once I got out there,  barely though.  It felt (and still does) feel like my other leg did in December after trying to do too much after WR.  The funny thing is that I was hurt this time last year in my Boston training but with my shins.  Oh well.  This time around I plan on not being slightly silly and training through it.  I mean, I might try but at least I listened to myself and didn’t try to force the tempo. And tothose of you who are wondering: I don’t have access to a gym / pool / bike so XT-ing it up isn’t an option for me at the moment.

I did spend the time that I was going to be running the tempo icing, stretching and rolling.  So I wasn’t just bumming around feeling sorry for myself.  And to note: I’m not feeling totally frustrated or even sorry for myself.  Yes, it sucks to not be able to complete workouts but I’m feeling worn at this point and need some R&R. I thought one week was good enough but I guess not. We’ll see how I feel in a few days. It’ll be a most excellent time to try and satiate my insane appetite that I’m getting being so far in training hahah

Good thing I’m taking Boston for fun, no? I’m doubley looking forward to the massage I scheduled for Friday. Holler.

Finally, after seeing everyone else post on FB their Boston number I figured I’d check out what mine was and what wave I ended up being in (for those of you who don’ t know, Boston is now a 3 wave race). I’m not going to share the actual number here (because I don’t know who is reading behind the scenes) sorry but it’s good enough to get me FIRST WAVE. Holler. And I’m sure many of you know my full name and can search for me.  And then stalk me on April 18th.

September 15, 2010

Coffee, Kid Sippy Cups and Margaritas.

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AKA: things that are making me happy now.

Ugh it has been a VERY long week.  Long hours, little sleep, big life decisions to make.   Sooooo the second I strolled into work today (on Wednesday) I asked my fellow VISTA co-workers (whom I LOVE to death!) “Hey anyone want to head to DD now?”

This sight makes my heart go pitter-patter. Seriously. Who am I?! I don't drink coffee!

Remember the last time I had coffee? Oops. But so far so good on the jittery front. Hopefully this coffee thing doesn’t become a habit. I’m already addicted to caffeine! I don’t need a higher dose! We didn’t end up heading there until lunch though.  And with the leftover fajitas from last night’s clinic? Well let’s just say that my life felt a little better.  Walking field trip to DD and a free lunch.  In the cool crisp fall air.  Most excellent.

Also most excellent? The free kids cups that I got to keep after Fire & Ice (amazing restaurant chain in the New England area!) donated food to the clinic last night (aka the fajitas I had for lunch today) for the providers.  It made my night last night.  You know it’s a rough night when these suckers make you happy:

They even have a little game of "Can you find how many bananas are hidden in the jungle?" on them. Will I ever grow up?

And since it’s been such a long week already my roomies and I decided on Tuesday that we are having a margarita night. And we decided very soon.  How soon depended on how the rest of the week goes.  Hopefully we can make it until Friday. Not too sure about that at time point! And this upcoming night will be one where multiple margaritas are consumed.

But until then I still have my running 🙂

After a 10 hour day at the clinic on Tuesday and 5.5 hours of sleep that night this is the run that occurred on Wednesday:

  • 4.1 miles @ 8:57
  • 5.6 miles @ 8:40
  • 1.3 miles @ 8:36
  • Total: 11.0 @ 8:46

And the entire time I had this song in my head.

Maybe not the best song to have stuck in your head during a run but whatever. It worked.  I powered through it.

I don’t really know what possessed me to run as far as I did.  And the exact same route as Tuesday. I certainly wasn’t feeling particularly refreshed or anything.  I wasn’t feeling terrible either so it’s not like I was killing myself to hit those miles. I just kept running and, in contrast to Tuesday, I was feeling pretty good even when I stopped because I ran out of time (I was running slightly slower than yesterday).

Post-run I’m feeling a bit tired in the legs, which is something I am taking note of for tomorrow. I’ve had my recovery socks on all day (and yesterday too. Yay for cooler weather = long pants to work = covering legs = recovery socks on!) too.

I think I’m running to work through some of the craziness and uncertainty my life is in, like how I opened this post. Which is fine.  I’m surprisingly calm and not stressed out about where I’ll be next year or the year after etc.  I think my running is helping me with that.  Life is still good despite being busy and uncertain.  Maybe I’m maturing? Hahahah.  See kid cups picture above. I’m just in a good place right now and running is a part of that.

So I’ll keep running what I feel like and what my body tells me it can handle. I think that’s the best way to run, no?

It’ll certainly make things interesting this weekend if I decide to race (yes I know I’m the most wishy-washy person in the world when it comes to racing stuff.  Whatever 😛 )

Other notes on the run itself:

It was really effing cold this morning! I think rated the overnight low last night as 48*.  I’m really glad that I just found that out rather than knowing it before hand.  My hands damn near froze (I have Raynaud’s syndrome.  A fancy was of saying “really bad circulation to my extremities” ).  Guess it might be time to break out the gloves? UGH.  It’s not even the official start of fall yet!

But the cooler weather made wearing a long sleeve legit.  I think the past few times I wore one it was mostly to be like “YAY FALL”. Now it’s like “dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyum fall.  Winter is around the corner”.  Not cool in my book at all.  I definitely question when the temps start to drop what the heck I’m still doing here (and knowing New England we’ll have an Indian Summer and everything I’ve complained about with the weather is going to look silly!)

The cold temps do make it nice to bury under the covers at night.  Even if I’m not climbing into bed until late the hours that I am asleep I am ASLEEP.  It’s nice.  But it makes me not want to get up in the morning because I’m so comfy.  I don’t know what I’m going to do when real winter comes! It’ll be dark until 0730.  And then dark again at 1600. *BreatheDon’tThinkAboutIt”

I kind of mentioned it above but the run was neither amazing nor horrible feeling.  Just me and my thoughts.  As much as I love amazing swell (thanks Flo!) runs and despise horrible ones the ones that are in between might be my favorite in the moment.  Hard efforts are my favorite in the aftermath because I feel like a bamf.  And horrible runs are just plain no fun.  But the in-betweeners are good to just GO.  No worries.  No aches.  No pains.  It’s just me and my thoughts.  And with lots of major life decisions ahead it suits me just fine.

Of course on Sunday when I potentially race I want to be running so hard that I feel like vomiting.  No matter what life choices I have to make.  But until then, I want to be In The Zone. Just like my girl Britney.

So I’ll leave this post on that note because since the run was boring I’m rambling a bit.  And by a bit I mean a lot. I think I’m trying to avoid the topic of race strategy for this weekend because I DON’T HAVE ONE (except run so hard I want to vomit).   Suggestions would be nice.  *HintHint*

I’ve also been writing this post all day at work (hurray no clinic!) and since I’ve put in more than 50% of my weekly hours over Monday and Tuesday I’ve decided to cut out early.  So after I put the finishing touches on this I’m going out on the wicked amazing balcony I showed you yesterday (which I’m glad y’all found my apartment as awesome as I do) and RELAXING.

August 27, 2010

You Know You’re Exhausted When…

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You actually accept coffee on a Friday morning when going into work (I did have to go into work today (on a Friday boo!) despite having put it a billion hours as of last night to do some catch up stuff.)

 And by accept coffee I mean guzzle down two large DD coffees. 

I’ve been working long days and having early mornings so I guess I can’t really be surprised that I’m so tired.  Granted there really isn’t anything I want to change about the situation as I’m loving my early morning runs as well as the work I do at the clinic.  But at some point the coffee must come out.

I’ve said it before but I am NOT a coffee person.  I do like DD coffee because it’s not real coffee and it’s way weak.  Definitely not strong at all but I’m still not really a fan of coffee in general. That said my coffee this morning tasted awesome.  Maybe I just really needed the caffeine.  Hopefully this means I can avoid my afternoon diet coke with lime because, while I have a very high tolerance to caffeine (as opposed to, say, my liquor tolerance haha)  I don’t want to flood my system with an overload of the stuff.

This also means that my run this morning did NOT do its job in waking me up. I even slept in an extra hour! 

That said the run was pretty awesome.

Not quite as fast as yesterday but still quite speedy.  I think that, like some of you said yesterday, the sun being out and it NOT raining definitely lifted my mood.  And, while a good angry runs leads to fastness, happy smiling runs lead to fastness too.

The sun was up again this morning and because I woke up at 0630 the sun was bright and shining.  Not wondrous sunrise but a beautiful for sure.  I left my apartment in a good mood.

Since it’s still a weekday I chose to stick to my 2 X 4.1 route again.  I like it.  I thought that it would be boring to be running the same thing over and over again.  It kind of is but I like seeing the same people and the familiarity of the run.  Sure this weekend I’m going to break away and explore again but for today the usual was good.

My first loop was run at 8:33 pace.  This was really surprising just because my body just felt alright.  I’ve noticed that I have fast times when I’m feeling really on or really off.  Never an in-between feeling yielding a fast start off pace.  First time for everything and it made me happy and want to keep going.  Since I run a route twice I always toy with the idea of stopping after the first loop. 

I have yet to actually stop (and if anyone really knows me then you know that it’s highly unlikely that I wouldn’t) but the thought always crosses my mind.  So a good time for the first loop is encouraging for me to continue.

A good time for the second loop is encouraging too and after seeing a minute negative split for my two routes (which has become the standard. Yay. I know expect to run the second portion a minute faster than the first.  It’s going to be rough the day this fails to be the case haha) with a pace of 8:20. Again, not as fast as yesterday (both on the second loop itself or the overall time at this point) but still really good and boosted me quite a bit.

So I decided to do my little 1.1 mile add-on that I did yesterday.  I think part of the reason I’m liking running the same routes day after day is that you can easily see how fast or slow you are.  Like, if it takes me 10 minutes to run a few blocks today and it takes me 9 tomorrow I can easily see that I’m faster.

But back to the run today…

My add on today was run actual faster than the 1.1 mile add on yesterday.  And I finished yesterday’s sub-8! Today’s was at 7:50 pace.  Okay so it’s two seconds faster per mile but hey.  2 seconds = 2 seconds.  I’m taking it and running with it.  Both literally and figuratively.

Thus my running today was 9.3 miles at 8:22 pace.  Not too shabby.  Now if this was any other day I’d be ecstatic, and don’t get me wrong I’m totally digging how fast this was — especially for the morning, especially for being so tired, but coming off of yesterday (which was less than a minute faster for my overall time) I still feel disappointed a bit. 

But I did get to stave off a young guy who was clearly trying to pass me to show off.  And struggling to do so. 

I win 🙂

You also should know you’re exhausted when you crack up over silly things during your time spent at work on casual Friday.  I’ve had an interesting morning with pretending to be a Spanish speaker and calling people.  Totally butchering the language.  Good times. Good to know that my time spent learning Spanish was well spent. And I love my co-workers 🙂

Guess I’m just too much of a perfectionist? 😀

And since it’s Friday I’m going to stop right there and keep this short. For once? Guess it’s not really all that short! Oh how I should have been a writer haha 🙂

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