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September 6, 2011

The Race That Wasn’t Supposed to be a Race. And Wasn’t. Really.

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I’m really glad that the DRC Breakfast Bash 5M that I ran on Saturday morning wasn’t supposed to be taken as an actual race for me.

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While the above picture isn’t exactly what happened to me during the race it was probably the longest 5 miles. Of. My. Life.

The plan was to get some miles in before the race and then take the race as MP, to get some pace work in, as it was the LR day for the group ( I still feel weird calling it “my group” despite having run with them 3 times in the 3 weeks I’ve been here and 2 weeks in Dallas). MP, of course, means nothing to me as I’m not signed up for a marathon and sooo am not in marathon *racing* shape or really any racing shape.

I met with up with two friends to do a 9 mile loop around White Rock Lake beforehand. My goal was to run the first 9 slow and then just push the race. We started out at 0600 (and it was PITCH BLACK) and we went…slowish. The first mile was nice and slow, right where we wanted it to be (we were shooting for 9:45 average) and then picked it up a bit too much for our liking given how early we were in the run, the first three miles were 9:30 average. Normally this wouldn’t matter too much but we had that race after.  We locked into 9:45 even for miles 3-7.5 and then slowly picked up the pace over the next mile and a half.

Grand total pre-race: 9 miles in 87 minutes even, which is a 9:39 pace. I’m pleased with it.

We finished up with about 20 minutes before the 8am start and I’m pretty sure it was hot out. As I mentioned above the goal for the race portion was to go at MP.  One of my friends who did the lake loop with me wanted to target 9:00-15 pace, and I wanted…well ideally I wanted to PR, but that would mean a sub-7 pace.  Did I ever mention I was delusional?! I set my sights, however, on a sub-9 pace.  Ideally just under since my speed session during the week indicated those were the paces I was training for (according to that chart). As I told my friends earlier in the run, I want a sub-9 pace, even if it’s one f#$%ing second sub-9.

Summary of the race: It hurt and tested me mentally. I gunned it from the get go and my first mile was a little fast, second mile a little slow but the last three were dead on even (8:50, 8:58, 8:55, 8:55, 8:54). According to my watch (and I had to stop and tie my shoe and stopped my watch.  If it’d been a training run, which essentially this was, I’d have done the same. Don’t judge) my time was 44:42, which about a 8:56 pace.  Officially I ran a 45:01.  Annoying 1 second.

I’m pleased.  It’s what I wanted, even and hard effort, and my pace, while definitely not my marathon paces in the past, felt hard and challenging and it was a good workout on tired legs. And  I’ll repeat: it was the longest damn 5 miles of my life.  Thank god for some guy that chatted with me during the second half who kept me going and not letting me quit (and called me silly for not taking any water at the water stop. HA)

That said, after talking with some peeps from the group post-race (see below picture), I’m still excited to get into a training mode for my half in early November. I also got a mini-massage on my achilles and hips because they’re acting up, no injury but just tightening.  Silly Dallas and all your concrete!

Oh yeah, in a race that I was not racing at all I got 4th AG. So maybe it was a race for me. Evidently my AG isn’t too competitive here.  Too bad I’m bumping up one this fall and it’ll get more competitive. Damn.

I went out to Ft. Worth that night with a friend (who ran the loop with me) and met up with a bunch of people, including a girl I went to college with.  We danced the night away! It was so much fun despite, out of all the people we hung out with I only knew two of the people. But I guess now I have more friends after that night.

The rest of the weekend was about recouping, both from the race and getting home from Saturday night at 0430 Sunday.

I got a little taste of home on Labor day, when I stepped out my door for a morning run: 67* and a nice crisp breeze. Yay for “cold fronts”

But after being here for close to 3 weeks now, with the lows in the 80s and the highs being 100+, it did almost felt chilly – guess I’m embracing the whole Texan thing.  I wanted to go for a mid-distance run (and I got it) but I also wanted to get some type of faster turnover and I figured that my legs should be adequately rested from the pace work on Saturday and would be ready for the group quality workout Wednesday if I did them today.

I settled for a minute-ladder: 1-2-3-3-2-1, with half recovery between them.  I toyed with the idea of doing it twice (because grand total my miles were around 10.7 and the above workout wouldn’t take that long) but after the last interval, I could take the second ladder or leave it.  So I left it. I’m second guessing my decision so if anyone has any input (*cough*FLO*cough) on what the “correct” thing to do was I’d love to hear it. I’m sure that if I took equal recovery for the intervals I’d have been able to do the second ladder but I’m never sure how much rest to take during speed sessions.

I figure that since I’m getting back into quality workouts, I think I’ve only done 4 or 5 speed ones including today, and that last week was my first “training week” with 92 miles. It might be good to ease back into it and work up to multiple ladders? On the other hand I ran over 10 total and maybe the long slow portion negated the faster minutes.

Who knows. I clearly overthink things. This morning was an even “chillier” one: 63*.  I was running and looking around expecting leaves to be changing and apples to be ripe for the pickin’.  No such luck.  This is Texas after all.  I got my 8+ in though.  I’m thinking of hitting up my standby neighborhood run (aka I can run on people’s grass and not concrete) later today when it’s *only* 80-something degrees out.

November 20, 2009

Mother Nature: Please Make Up Your Mind

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First off: Thanks for all the suggestions re: foam roller.  I was actually at Target a little while ago and they only had one brand/model and it was much more expensive than I wanted to pay.  So I think I may have to break down and order it online. And to answer Matt: I’m not quite sure about the cause of the pain.  It feels tendon/ligamenty.  I’ve neither had tendon/ligament nor muscle problems though that felt like this but my gut tells me it’s not muscle.  But it feels deep in my glute so I’m not sure what’s there that could be in pain!

Despite having an exam this morning I still went out last night.  In contrast to last week I had SO. MUCH. FUN. I think it was because practically everyone in my class was there as, once we get back from break, not many ppl are going to be partying hardcore as the semester winds down.  It was also what I needed as a release because I’ve just been feeling bogged down lately with things.  Nothing serious but the anticipation of lots of work and stuff on my to-do list.

I think I danced for about 3 hours straight.  The music was pumping and the atmosphere was great.  I figured that, since I’m not sleeping anyway, why bother cutting the night short to try? Haha, but I need to remember that I’m getting old (heh) and as my fellow friend who is 23 told me last night “we’re like 86.  way too old for this shit anymore” hahaha!

Therefore I was a bit worried that my run this morning would suffer.  Normally I take a rest day on Fridays (or have been recently due to Thursday partying) but the POTM challenge is rapidly coming to a close and I wanted to get the max miles in as I can.  EatMoveLove asked me yesterday how often I take a rest day and the answer is that it depends.  I listen to my body and while most ppl spew the “one rest day a week” advice I like to take one every 10 days or so.  Again it depends on how my body feels, what my workouts have been like etc.

The weathermen continue to lie to me.  I woke up this morning fully expecting to have rain but alas there was none! Sure it was a lovely surprise but I also knew that we were supposed to get a heavy downpour and, while the ground was wet, I knew that with my luck I’d be caught in it so I wore my lightweight waterproof “shell” as it was 55* out.  Mother Nature: WTF?! It’s November.  I’d like some appropriate weather please.

So I was a bit sweaty with, essentially, a jacket on.  But I was so thankful when the downpour (yes torrential pouring) took place about 2 miles from the end of my route.  Not that the jacket helped much but I like to think it did.  My shirt underneath stayed dry but the shell kind of molded to the contours of my body which felt awkward.

But the previous 7 miles (yes today was a total of 9.1) felt not awkward.  Always a plus.  Granted this run wasn’t the strongest I’ve ever run but I definitely was not disappointed with how it went.  It started off all creaky and rusty but once I warmed up I felt great and solid.  It did take me about 4 miles to warm up.  Not sure what that’s all about, but hey I still got 5 miles after that of goodness.  If you take the rainy miles into account it’s only 3 “good” miles but I was left with a good aftertaste of the run so no major complaints here.

Well maybe one.  But it isn’t about the run.  It’s about the fact that it POURED for those last miles and continued to do so for my walkings to classes.  But now? Sunny skies all around! I guess the silver lining is that the weather was nice this morning but still: couldn’t it have rained *after* I ran? Gosh Mother Nature is sooooo not accommodating.

The rest of my day has been filled with tackling that to-do list that’s causing my mild anxiety. And then I’m seeing New Moon tonight.  Please don’t judge.  Or judge away but just don’t tell me if your view of the Twilight craze is not so positive.  I’m looking forward to it (for real) not just because I want to see it but because it’s going to make a chill night and get me off campus for a few hours.  Muy bueno 🙂

Hope everyone has a great Friday night!!

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