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August 24, 2009


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is exactly what my legs need to be told if I want to keep doing these pre-meeting runs.  This week is shaping up to be a long one and the last thing I want is my legs to drag through a run.  Not a good tone to set for the rest of the day.  Not at all.

This morning I woke up about 45 minutes before my alarm.  Wicked annoying BUT I slept through the night.  Yahoo! I feel like I’ve been relearning how to sleep lately. I didn’t fall asleep until late but I think it’s a definite improvement that I was able to not get up once.

For my run, I decided that, since my campus is only 1 mile (exactly) in circumference, I’d warm up with a lap, run the route I wanted then do a lap warm down.  Well the first lap didn’t go so hot.  I don’t know if my legs are still hating on Saturday’s 14 but they did not want to move at any speed other than turtle for the warm up.  I guess that’s suppose to be the point of a warm up and a lesson to me never to look at the watch so early.

I did, however, manage to semi-make up for it on the actual run portion.  I wasn’t booking it (although I did, for a fleeting moment, consider moving my tempo to today) but I was going at a comfy easy pace.  It felt very good and by the last mile or so I was cruising along and feeling pretty good. I guess you could categorize this a progression run. Again the weather was slightly cool and cloudy but today there was so. much. humidity. I felt like I had taken a shower when I got back to my room.  It looked and felt like it could have been raining (and with 96% humidity I’m very surprised it didn’t).

Distance for the day: 7 miles.   I also completed some core work after even though I wasn’t in the mood to do so.  Core work is something I LOVE doing and always regret not doing, not matter how tempting it may be in the moment.  I especially love the feeling of burning abs; I know if I’ve worked hard because I can feel my stomach practically retracting and firming up.  Again, LOVE IT.

Something that I DON’T love is the fact that the dining hall isn’t serving ice cream during this pre-semester training session.  I typically have ice cream everyday and, since I haven’t had it in 3 days, I’m going through serious withdrawal.  I know I could drive myself to an ice cream stand, buy a freezer and stock some myself or even walk the half mile to CVS and pick up an individual treat.  But I’m lazy and when I want ice cream I want it to be RIGHT THERE. And right now. Hah, I’m such a brat 😛

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