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June 21, 2010

I Think That I’ve Found My New Training Plan

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First: Happy first day of summer.  Longest day of the year today  🙂

Nope no race on the horizon or anything like that but (and here’s major NERD alert coming) there is a mathematical law to my running that looks like this:

Running α drinks consumed
Running  α 1/sleep

Seriously.  For those of you who aren’t as awesome as me don’t love math that much: that fish symbol means “proportional to” and over the past few years I’ve definitely seen my running go easier / faster when I’m running on no sleep (or very little) and having been out the night before.  Guess that’s something to ponder the next time I’m training for something.

But backing up: this weekend was pretty sweet as I got to meet and run with JESS.  She’s pretty much the nicest person ever too.  She was in Boston for the weekend on a fun trip and, since I live outside the city, I thought it would be cool to run together. I kind of suggested running in jest, she’s A LOT faster than me, but she was up for it and we settled on getting together on Saturday morning.

We ran along the Charles, which as I am not from the city, I had never done before.  And omg it was gorgeous.  I kind of wish I had brought my camera (Jess said the same thing) but I never bring my camera anywhere anymore.  Oops. There were also a lot of runners out running, rowers on the water.  It was kind of weird to see so many people out.  Cool but weird.  Normally when I run at home I rarely see others out.

The actual run itself was great too.  The pace felt really good/easy (and surprise: little sleep the night before!) and we chatted the whole time.   Before we knew it the time had come to turn around and head back to her hotel.  We ended up with 7 miles in pretty much an hour exactly.  When we got back to the hotel her travel mates were all still asleep and we went back out for 2 more miles.  And since they were still asleep when we got back from that we walked up and down Newbury Street for a bit.

It was so much fun getting to meet her and, because she’s so nice, she invited me to hang out with them all day.  I declined as I had to study lots as well as I didn’t want to intrude on their vacation at all.  We did end up hanging out again that night and going out and it was fun to see her in a non-running setting because that’s the only way I knew her before.  Although, you know what was disappointing? No accents.  I know I said this a billion times that night, and her friends must think I’m the most annoying person *ever*, but I was really hoping for some strong accents.  Bummer.

And just to reiterate how awesome she is: she insisted I stay the night in the city so I didn’t have to worry about heading back out to the suburbs.  Amazingly nice (as were all her friends too).

Here’s where the whole “running-is-awesome-on-no-sleep” comes in.  I got back home ~11am.  The sun was out and it was pretty hot (although I feel weird complaining about the heat here as Jess was saying how much *nicer* it is here) but I needed something to refocus me before studying.  I figured that a short run would be good for that (duh — what else would I think?) but I ended up running 14.2 miles.  And fast too. Without getting up and checking what I wrote down my pace was, I’m going to say 8:27 and that sounds right.  I know it was under 8:30.  Ummm what?

Definitely the longest single run I’ve done in awhile as well as easily one of the fastest, if not ever than at least in recent memory.  I didn’t want to stop but thinking about the studying I had to do threw me into a panic and I nixed it. Too bad.  When I’m running well I always want to take advantage because I’m so paranoid that it’s going to go away and never return.

But a great run. Even better because I didn’t see that lady and she has NOT called me yet.  I’m kind of praying she doesn’t at all.  Maybe she forgot my number.  Wouldn’t that be nice.  I loved reading all your advice too about what to do.  Hoping that I don’t need it though.  Although, like I said last time: I’m too damn nice for my own good.

Oh well and  despite having a great run, the rest of the day was spent feeling a bit under the weather.  Apparently, and after all my MCAT studying this little tidbit must have gotten pushed out of my brain, alcohol is dehydrating.  I’m also notoriously bad at hydrating.  And since I love math here’s another equation for you:

alcohol the night before + 90* temps + running – water =/= good.

So I kind of spent the rest of the day recouping and staying low key.  Just as well because I hadn’t done such a long run in awhile nor had I really gone out and stayed out so late in awhile (oh thanks MCAT).  I also have various bruises and other marks from Saturday night which I discovered while lounging about.  Which I do remember getting but in that “ooooooooh yeah” sense.

Third equation:

alcohol + accident prone girl = ouch

But the laying low this was kind of a good thing (as you probably already know that relaxing is not my forte), and I’m trying to see the positive side here, I was able to get some quality studying done that day too.  Which I really should get back too but I keep playing this on repeat.  And it makes me want a dance party.  Real bad.

April 3, 2010

Long Run Dehydration. Boo.

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Hey everyone. Just a quick update as my computer is having issues and is at the Geek Squad.  Since tomorrow is Easter it’s looking like I will be sans computer until Monday night or so.  I *could* post from a computer at the cafe or library (like I am now because I needed to check my email so sorry if there are typos or grammar stuff) but it’s a hassle so I’m not dying or something 😉

I did, however, feel like dying today on my run.  I spent all morning at the Geek Squad so when I was ready to go for my run it was already noon. And being the stubborn chica I am I went out anyway.  I had planned for 16.5 with the option of pushing it to 18 (accoring to the plan today was 15-18) but I had to cut it short.

I was SO dehydrated.  I had debilitating stomach cramps and drinking water was the only thing I could think about doing.  I’m really happy that at the beginning of my run I changed my mind about the route I was going to do and rather than doing one big loop I opted for some smaller loops as cutting it short was totally the right call.

I think I went into the run dehydrated and 70* is not something my body is used to yet. C’mon Mother Nature let us adjust! The funny thing is that I was going to run early (like first thing) but chose to lay in bed longer (the whole lack of sleep thing).  This caused me to watch tv online and subsequently get the intense virus that crappola’d my computer.

Oh well.  I’m not to bummed about the run itself even though I just spent the last few hours lying on the floor in agony. I did get in the minimum suggested by the plan and my shins did not bug me once. I’m icing down regardless but it’s a totally positive note. I didn’t even have to wrap them during the run for applied pressure.

And I broke out the shoes that I will be running Boston is.  They’re 100% comfy and worked wonderfully.  To bad my body didn’t want to do the same ha!

But don’t worry about the dehydration thing.  Yes it was scary, I’ve only been more dehydrated than today once in my life and that was terrifying. But I’ve drank TONS of water post-run and I’m starting to perk up.  My next stop will likely be the dining hall for some food.  I ate some cereal after the run but my stomach wasn’t happy at all with anything.

So I’m off to do that.  OH and my computer being gonzo means that I likely won’t be able to comment much (if at all) but I still love you and will do my best to catch up once I’m all hooked up again 🙂

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