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November 22, 2010

Interception. Holler.

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As usual Monday was an easy run day.  No hard workout the day to recover from (*coughLazySundaycough*) but also easy because I’m always gearing up for Tempo Tuesday.  This morning brought about a temperature of ~38*.  Luckily I was able to sleep in because it was a clinic night.  Otherwise I’d have been in much colder temps with no sun. Icky.

Speaking of sleep, I’ve been sleeping LOADS.  At least during the times that I can.  Even with going out this weekend, and last night!, I still managed to get anywhere from 8 to 10 hours. Granted during the week I’m lucky if I get 6 so everything evens out in the end. But man, I totally crashed this weekend in terms of racking up those hours! I NEVER sleep as last as 0900 or 1000 but Saturday and Sunday morning? Well that’s what I did.  Very weird for a chic who’s used to waking up naturally before 0700 or 0800.

But back to my Monday run.  Or not really as it’s nothing too much to shout about.  Pretty standard easy run, going through the motions almost, although a little on the long side as I mentioned today is a day that I get to go into work late because I stay late.  Since my run isn’t exciting enough to babble about I decided to show off a couple of products that I’ve gotten recently.  Yes, I do have a STACK of them that are waiting to be written about from winning giveaways or getting cool packages from my bloggy friends but I’ll get around to them in good time 🙂

First up:

SIGG WATER BOTTLE. (and I probably should say that Cafe Press sent me this bottle free of charge but the opinions of it are my own)

I was contacted by CafePress a couple weeks ago to try out one of their personalized sigg water bottles.  CafePress is the online source for the aforementioned personalized water bottles as well as funny t-shirts and even Christmas posters (which I feel weird typing but I was asked to include that link too from the company (as well as all the links in the copy & pasted sentence above).  Then again, Christmas is a-comin’ and sores are in full Christmas regalia)

I’ve actually used CafePress in the past to make a t-shirt for my sister as a Christmas present one year.  I wish I had a picture of it but it was a shirt that said “Mike Newton is my Homeboy”.  Because, in the Team Edward or Team Jacob scheme of things, I am a Mike Newton fan.  Someone has to root for him, no? It’s not like he has supernatural powers or anything…

But I digress.

Anyway I got to choose a design for my bottle and they shipped one out for me.  This is what mine looked like (and yes I’m a nerd.  I’ve never claimed to not be)

It came in bubble wrap! Sorry CafePress but the bubble wrap was a bit more exciting than the bottle.  Here’s what it looked like up close

Which, admittedly, is still pretty freaking cool. And nerdy.  Like there’s no way to deny it now.

I actually, and unabashedly, love plastic water bottles.  Before you throw stones at me, know that I reuse the plastic ones.  So I’m not *that* eco-hating.  But, in my world $$ trumps all, so when I ran out of my last plastic bottle I figured it was serendipitous to have this one land on my doorstep.  No joke: I got this one on the day I had to recycle my last plastic one.  That was about 3 (?) weeks ago and I’ve been using this one since.  And the design has lasted these three weeks despite my dropping and banging it around.  Which is good because I like showing off my thermodynamics wit.

At least until I get the money to buy another package of plastic water bottles.

Next up:

SpiBelt. I won this guy in a giveaway earlier this month or late last month, I forget as it’s been awhile! Oops

I LOVE this guy.  The idea behind it is you can carry stuff on your run (phone, keys etc) without actually having to carry it.  I don’t run with my keys nor my phone so I was initially skeptical that I would actually need this when I entered the giveaway.  Then I thought: PAPER and PENS.

Because I am garmin-less, when I do speed work I bring a piece of paper and a red pen to write down my splits for intervals.  I can remember a fair amount of splits for things like loop runs and tempos but for something that looks like this, my memory to keep a billion and one numbers in my head falters a bit:

A recent workout. The blue is the plan I got into the workout with and the red is the splits. I apologize for the horrendous handwriting but it’s tough after running hard plus having your finger numb from the cold! I can barely read some of the numbers there and I know the routes I took. Good thing I transferred this to my notebook after the run because some of the numbers look like scribbles or not numbers at all.  To look at it now I wouldn’t have been able to tell you how long the warm up was. 26 minutes? 36? Hahahha

This means that I usually have to wear shorts with pockets or carry the stuff.  And then run the risk of the wind blowing them away if I leave it on the infield. Neither of which is a “cool” look.  Especially since I want to feel beastly during my intervals.  Not going to lie: that means spandex (no picture of that. Sorry hahah).

So this belt has been really useful in letting me wear what I want and not have to worry about losing my paper at the track.  I don’t think this was the point of the creators pf the SpiBelt but hey, it works for me.

That’s what I got for you this Monday.  A little change up from the usual Sunday / Monday = recovery / easy one-two punch. Hopefully I can get around to featuring some of the other things I’ve won recently or gotten in the mail because everything is pretty cool.

Also cool (and I obviously have to put this in here) are my PATS. Holllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr.

Thanks google

If you aren’t a Pats fan then this picture might not be as beautiful to you as it is to me.  But it was wicked amazing and deserving the place as title of my post today 😀

Time to get back to work. I’m hoping since it’s a clinic day that I get to do lots of walking around because my muscles are still a bit tight and I have to gear up for my Tempo Tuesday!

October 1, 2010

A Lone Warrior. A Suit of Armor. Our Only Hope

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Any guesses as to where I got the title to today’s post? Nope not a search term.  Although it’d be cool if it had been!

Happy October everyone! As I say every month I can’t believe another one has gone by.  September was a good month for sure. I’m in the process of tallying the numbers and data for a monthly recap and it looks good so far! Hopefully that bodes well for October as well

In both running and life.  Because I can’t wait to make myself one of these guys:

Thank you google images

But onto the running.  Which was not as cool as a carved pumpkin this morning.  Neither in temperature (75* and 87% humidity) nor workout. I was going to do speed work today (originally mile repeats).   Yeah, about that.  It didn’t happen. My legs felt dead.  I tried to brush it off, it was 0600 and dark and hot and humid and I figured that my legs would feel better after a warm up and some pickup strides.  Which they sort of did.  My last few strides actually felt good and decent.

Then I tried to go into my first mile.   I always know to expect the first mile or repeat of anything to suck.  That’s just how I roll.  And I can usually override the “OMG I am going to die. Stop NOW” feeling.  But this morning was different. I felt glued to the ground and that no matter how hard I tried my legs were not going to move.  I’ve contemplated whether or not I just need some rest, sometime I obviously don’t do much of, but this felt different than just normal tiredness and fatigue from training hard.  I’ve felt this exact way before (wayyy back in the day) and it was because of  low iron.

The best way I can describe it is that my legs, specifically my quads, felt suffocated.  Which makes sense as iron is part of what comprises hemoglobin and helps bind oxygen to the red blood cells (RBC) and deliver the important gas to the muscles.

Thank you google images

So I’m going to pick up supplements soon.  My friend gave me one of her pills today at work with another 4 in case I don’t get to the store right away.  I can’t remember how fast they worked last time but I’m hoping they kick in soon.

Thank you google images

I still got the total miles in that I was planning on.  They just were run easy rather than interval style: 10@ 8:45. I ended up kind of waxing and waning on the pace.  Because I bailed on my speed work I re-routed my run because I didn’t want to be running easy on a “course” that I’ve reserved for speed.  So the run itself was nice because it was new and the whole concentrating on not getting lost helped keep my mind off of the fact that I bailed.  as I thought about the fact that I BAILED.

Sooooo I guess I’m going to throw the question to you guys: How do you deal with not completing a workout? This is the first time I’ve EVER bailed on one.  There have definitely been times where I’ve been unhappy with a workout because I didn’t nail it but I’ve never 100% nixed one before.  I don’t know what to think. Am I smart for doing this? I feel a little uneasy just because I’ve never out and out stopped a workout before like that.

I think I’m going to retry a speed workout tomorrow? I feel like I need redemption and a mental boost that I can do it. But if the iron doesn’t help then maybe attempting something hard again isn’t a good idea.  Both physically and mentally.  I don’t want to have to bail on another workout.

Though it won’t be mile repeats.  The sting of failing today might be a little raw.  Maybe 800 repeats. I think that after two days of iron (I took one last night too.  I wasn’t sure why at the time. I didn’t have a definite reason at the time but I felt like it was something I needed to do.) and after T.S. Nicole comes through tonight (because she’s STILL not here yet!) and decreases the humidity.  It’s a little funny: my clothes from yesterday are still not dry!

Since I can’t really tell how the tone is coming across in this post I just want to state that I’m not TOTALLY bugging out about the failed workout.  Yes it sucks and my Type-A perfectionist ways don’t like it at all but I have some exciting things planned for this weekend and life is still, overall, going really well.


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