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December 14, 2010

MM’s Whole Truth

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Enough heckling (*cough*Lacey*cough*).  I’ve finally finished my “Whole Truths” post.  It wasn’t sooo hard to answer the questions but it came down to the fact that I wanted the answers to be blog friendly 😉

And enough heckling (not that there really was any per se) about me running on my silly/stupid effing leg. Even though I spent a combined hour stretching and foam rolling and woke up pain free, I “borrowed” my roomie’s university ID and spent 70 *glorious* minutes on the elliptical.

I felt like Russell while watching all the people running on the TM. They looked bored too. But didn't they know they got to RUN?!

Clearly the glorious-ness was sarcasm (which, by the way, there is a great need for a font for).  But I didn’t run.  Fingers crossed that my leg responds well!

I was going to do a spin workout but the only bikes that were free were the recumbent ones. I also rolled and discovered that my hipflexor in the “bad” leg is SO TIGHT and SO WEAK. I’m not saying that it’s the problem but it can’t be helping too much so I started up the PT exercises that I used last spring and there definitely was a huge difference in range of motion and strength between the legs.  In the “bad leg” I really could feel the problem area being worked.  No pain but I don’t think I’ve really targeted those muscles in awhile.  Guess that means that I should really start to lift again! I also got my pushups (21, 25, 21, 21, 33) and situps (32, 38, 32, 32, 50) in as well (this was W4D1)

And yes I know that ibuprofen, while my drug, isn’t good to take long term and I’ve actually stopped taking it because I’m not taking it regularly enough for it to truly act in the way I want to (reduce any possible inflammation).  So there 😛

Onto happier / less annoyed news: yesterday in the mail I received this baby from a friend in Dallas:

My name in the paper ❤

where it informed me that I was, in fact, 8th woman.  I don’t know where I saw 9th (*cough*stupid WR website*cough*) but it’s in the papers that I was 8th.  So there.  I’m calling it the truth and since the title of this post is MM’s Whole Truth it’s got to be right.  Plus it’s in print.  You can’t really retract that baby. I think I’m going to frame it

Now actually onto the title of the post…

So Lacey did this little thing earlier this week last week (?) that she titled “The Whole Truth” and the idea was to answer the questions as best as you could.  Apparently Mark Bittman did this in a magazine and Lacey liked it.  Since I like her (and my posts will likely be boring until Boston training starts up again) I decided to copy.  Originally I think she wanted people to answer these and send them to her so she could post a big version but I missed that memo.  Sorry for stealing your thunder Lacey! (I also didn’t answer all the questions because I couldn’t come up with answers that I felt comfy sharing on the blog). And I deleted Bittman’s answers so if you want to check out his you can go back to Lacey’s original post of the Whole Truth


If I could say one thing to myself 20 years ago…

You are one helluva strong person.  Keep your head up (granted 20 years ago I was only 4 but I think the message should have been reinforced from a really young age 🙂 )

My favorite place in the world…

Someplace warm and sunny

Yes this is a real place 🙂

The lesson I keep learning over and over…

I’m MUCH stronger than I think

The movie I watch when I want to laugh…

Zoolander. Although Tropic Thunder is giving it a run for it’s monaaaaaaaaaay.

Thanks google

The most scared I’ve ever been…

Well I’m not going to post the *most* scared but one time that I’ve been terrified was the night before starting 6th grade.  There were lots of changes in my life at that point too and going from elementary to middle school was terrifying.

No one knows I…

Well now everyone will know it but when I was in middle I acted like I was from the hood.  For real.  I’m from a really nice suburb.  Awkward.

Unhealthiest thing I’ve ever passed off as dinner…

Well I don’t really cook.  My idea of dinner most nights is a can of tuna and some steamed veggies (mostly because I work lots of clinic nights and it’s easy) [Edit: I eat the tuna with italian dressing so it’s not sooo bad hah!].  I guess that’s something that I’ve tried to pass off as dinner.  I have tried to pass off an ice cream sundae as breakfast before.  My mom wasn’t too happy about that when she discovered me and my younger sister eating it before school one day!

Personal philosophy…

The Platinum Rule (aka treat others the way they want to be treated)

Book that changed my life…

Where the Wild Things Are.  Don’t judge: it was the first book I could read on my own and thus sparked my reading obsession.

I unwind by…

Running, talking to friends, being pen pals with friends (heyyyyyyyy I am an old soul! Heck yes to the letter! And especially this time of year when I can write long Christmas cards!), getting lost in a good book.

Proudest moment in my career…

Getting my undergraduate degree and, much more recently, having the CEO of the clinic tell me she was really impressed with how I handle myself with patients, providers, board members and the press.

What keeps me up at night…

Usually things that are out of my control.

I define “downtime” as…

Moments where I feel zero stress

Coffee or tea?

I’m leaning towards coffee at the moment. Scary because I NEVER drank the stuff until entering the work force.

Guiltiest pleasure…

Watching marathons of America’s Next Top Model or The Biggest Loser

Fierce. Thanks google.

My mom was right about…

Things often have a strange way of working themselves out.

My mom was wrong about…

Raising 6 kids in a 3 bedroom house being a good idea.

thanks google (yet again)

The last time I lost my temper was…

Coming home from the airport after my Dallas trip.  I’m going to blame the fact that I was really hungry but I totally freaked out on two of my younger sibs. I think my sister was saying that she wasn’t going to keep her cat away from me and my brother kept making jokes about how Texas = stupidity (it was a spongebob joke but still.  I lost it).

My favorite moment of the day…

Waking up right before the alarm goes off and the covers are all comfy

I wish I had more time for…


I always make time for…

Running. And friends (just so you don’t think I’m totally running obsessed 😉 )

I’m currently reading…

Harry Potter et L’ecole des Sorciers.  Plus a John Grisham novel when thinking in French is too much intellectual stimulation 😉

Home means...

Talking without words (and I wrote that and thought that some of you pervert would misinterperet. But I’m goingto keep my original answer and clarify: Comfortable silence)

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January 14, 2010

Riki Tiki Tempo

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So I stretched last night for a good 20 minutes while watching NCIS kick some booty.  And I don’t think I should EVER go on such a long stretching hiatus. It’s been 5 weeks since Jazz classes ended and thus 5 weeks without me stretching.  Combine that with huge mileage and the recent start of actual training (read: lifting and speedwork are regular occurrences)  and my muscles are clearly tight.  And I will say that the stretching felt good last night.  But man, I am sore from it.  I have no idea why but I did know that this would happen last night.  Maybe I overdid what my muscles could handle? Oh well.  Hopefully this soreness doesn’t deter me from stretching more often because I have lost A LOT of flexibility.

On the other hand I woke up with no Achilles pain.  I must have done *something* right. And Matt just sent me some stretching and strengthening stuff that helped him deal with this issue. Going to keep stretching lots as it did tighten up a bit after my run today. But sore legs are no excuse for slacking in the training plan.

Ergo I still had to do my tempo run today.  And before I get into how AWESOME it was (because it’s the truth) I want to say that I’m still loving the twice a week speed work that I’m doing.  I guess I love going fast. Don’t get me wrong: I love my distance and would feel incomplete without my long runs but (and shhhhhh it’s a little secret) I’m a bit scared of speed work.  Yes, my running start was as a sprinter so I shouldn’t really be but speed work is *HARD* and you have to put so much effort and energy into it.  So I always shy away.  This plan has me confronting my fear head on and I say BRING IT beyotch.

Here are the stats for the run:

  • 2.7 mile warm up
  • 5.9 to 6 mile tempo (mapmyrun says 6 but I’m thinking it’s a little overzealous?)@ 7:17-721 pace!
  • 4.1 mile warm down

Right off the bat I’m going to complain about mapping online and yes I know I should get a garmin but I am po’.  I had mentally calculated the tempo portion to be 5.9 miles but when I actually mapped it for accuracy online I got a 6 miler.  Obviously not the biggest deal in the world but I’m obsessive and need to know exact.  Anyone use mapmyrun and want to chime in as to how accurate they’ve felt it is? I did both “follow roads” and manual and they both spit out really similar results (like one hundredth on a difference)

Regardless of that .1 I am so pumped with the pacing.  If you recall last week I was slightly disappointed with my pacing job as I was on the low end of the range I wanted (target pace = 7:30 +/- 15 seconds). I had that in the back of my mind as a “carrot” to get me to dig deep within myself and obviously something clicked.  The pace itself, even though I had no idea what it was at the time, felt really hard.  But a comfortable hard. I think tempo runs are the hardest runs to do because it’s not sprinting, so you’re not going all out, but it’s not just something you can go by how your body feels.  It’s supposed to be hard.  You’re supposed to be breathing heavy and feel your legs getting tired and want to slow down. Eventually, however, my body just accepts that I’m not slowing down.

Well sort of.  It’s been a problem for me to keep a steady tempo pace.  I can feel a change in my form when I go from pushing-tempo-pace to relaxing a bit.  Even though my actual speed doesn’t change too much (at least I don’t think so) I notice a small shift.  Tempo pace has me running forward – almost falling into my step.  But when I relax I feel like I’m on my heels more and my hips shift forwards, almost as though I’m contracting my torso.  I like how aware of my body I’ve gotten lately.  No idea where it’s developing from per se but it’s good to be aware of any pacing and form connection.  Again, this doesn’t dramatically affect anything but it’s interesting how this happens.

And I think it’s linked to mental focus, which is always a point of contention for me. I’m still not able to focus as well as I’d like to.  I am aware that I can’t be 100% focused on maintaining a fast pace 100% of the time but I’d like to cut down on the accelerating/decelerating (or maintaining speed work form vs relaxed form) that I’m doing.  Any tips?

I do know that this is the reason I’m going to keep my tempo runs outside.  It’s getting me used to running fast on my own which is obviously something I’d be doing in a race.  And the runner’s high off of an outdoor tempo when you know that it’s 100000% YOU keeping up the bamfness is just not going to be found on any tm (even though I do find the tm useful). Plus as much as it would totally suck to bomb a tempo paced run it is a good learning experience (as I have learned in the past).

Although just as a note: I think my tempo was progressive today as I timed my last half mile (since I knew the distance) and I was running at – ready for this? – 640 pace!! Wayyy too fast for a tempo but still exciting to see for sure.

Today I also XT’d a bit.  As I was about to hit the showers my friend texted me to see if I wanted to hit up the gym when it reopened at 1600.  I figured I could use that time to play catch up, circulate my blood and get a good stretch.  I won’t get into too much detail here (or any really) because that’s basically what happened.  My HR stayed really low  so I knew I wasn’t taxing my cardiovascular system too much, funny because that ‘s what most people want to do! And stretching afterward felt sooooooooooo good. Like unbelievably good.

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Also: lots of new readers have been commenting! YAY. This makes me happy because I love getting feedback and hearing from y’all. But unfortunately I haven’t updated my blogroll in a *very* long time. So if you want to be on it let me know — and that goes for people who have also been commenting frequently too! I’m just lazy when it comes to update the blogroll

P.S. Anyone remember the book that I got my title of the post from?! Or am I just showing how weird I am 😛

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