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October 14, 2009

Circulation? Fail.

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I definitely got my first taste of cold weather this morning.  It was 33* out and 27* with the worst two words I could hear: wind chill.  I forgot to turn my heat down last night so my body was deceived by how cold is actually was. My mind knew better and wanted to break out full winter gear but it’s October man! I ended up compromising and wore spandex shorts under my gym shorts and a tank top under my tech long sleeve.  I also wore gloves but with my circulation (more on that later heh) I’ve been wearing gloves for awhile now.

My first thought when I left my building was “Oh this isn’t so bad or not as bad as I thought, I guess I dressed about right”. I have the tendency to overdress a bit because I hate being cold.  Upon reflection I think I did get it right today.  My second thought was “Holy Mother of God, it’s colder than I thought” but in reality it wasn’t so bad.  My hands just went a bit numb like usual although it happened at a much later point in the run which was a pleasant surprise.

The sun also didn’t rise until 0654 this morning making the first 24 minutes sun-less.  I got the pre-dawn light pretty quickly after I started but it’s always a bit scary to be running in the dark.  I get way paranoid about every little sound haha.  When I do run in the dark I make sure to stick very close to campus because I see so many Public Safety officers driving around and, since I see them so often, I think they look out for me.  It’s a small campus and I like the P.S. officers here (re: I am not disrespectful like 99.99% of my campus)

I got 7 miles in.  I wish I could’ve done more, because I was feeling fast and strong but my fingers/hands told me otherwise.  And I am still reaping the benefits of my fast 10k on Monday because I ran my fastest 0600 run in recent memory.  It just felt good and I felt *on*.  Maybe the weather had something to do with it, maybe the fact that I ate a couple slices of bread beforehand but who knows.  The point is that my running felt fluid, my breathing was in rhythm with my stride and I felt like I was in a good place both mentally and physically. Feeling strong is a wonderful feeling.

Unfortunately my strength was only limited to my running this morning.  In a fit of mental blockage I forgot how poor my circulation was when I was taking my Spanish exam this morning.  I sat in one cross-legged position during the entire hour long test and when I got up my ankle did not want to work.  Like at all.  I’m talking face-plant.  And when I tried to move and walk again, I nearly did it twice.  My ankle just would not flex and extend when I wanted it to.  I am so lucky that I didn’t break or twist anything although I doubt I would have felt it if I did, my whole shin through foot was numb.  Now I’m going to be a zealot about shifting my legs around when I sit.

After that debacle I had an hour to kill before my French in-class essay exam (as my Physio prof is not in the country this week) and while I was studying for it in the humanities building I saw Hot-Spanish-TA. [EDIT: While Hot-Spanish-TA is my TA for this course, he is only the TA during the lab on Tuesday. Thank for for small favors haha).   Yup my concentration was shot after that.  Although since it was an essay exam (which I despise! I like being able to produce my writing free of hour-long time constraints) I doubt that I was being terribly productive anyway.  But it brightened my morning.

And all your amazing comments yesterday about my 10k and how happy I looked, how awesome my nails are etc. brightened my day yesterday and today when I read them all.  Thanks so much guys, you are awesome!

Off to do some research for my independent study, luckily it’s looking like that is the only work I’ll have for the rest of the week.  Granted I’ve been putting it off like woah because of all the other school stuff lately so it’s going to be quite a bit of work but only one “subject”? I’ll take it!

Happy the-week-is-halfway-done day!

October 2, 2009

Week = over!

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Thanks for the good lucks guys.  I’m not quite sure how the exam went.  The essay questions I felt really comfy with but the multiple choice? Ugh.  Always such a hard section for me.  Oh well, it’s over now.  And I’ve been really successful so far about NOT compulsively checking my notes for the right answers.  Less stress this way I think.

My morning was just as crazy as normal.  I was up bright and early (well maybe not so bright as it was pitch black). Did some core work while I waited for the sun to come up.  You know how the other day I was complaining about my radio? Well the only time I get reception is at 0600 and it’s the top-40 channel.  If you’ve been following me at ALL you know I ❤ country.  So I get to listen to “Party in the USA” and that Pitbull song while I rock the abs.  Heh.

Another cool morning, maybe 42* when I left? Funny how it wasn’t that much warmer than yesterday but mentally knowing that it was above 40 made heading out so much nicer haha. And since the weather was chilly I did another 9-er! Craziness.  And I ran it faster than yesterday by about 90 seconds which (for the not-so-math inclined) is 10 seconds per mile faster!

My quads are still feeling sore though and I think it’s because I’ve been pounding on them so much.  If you have a good memory you’ll note that I’ve really been putting in the miles.  Since tmrw is suppose to be rainy and thunderstorm-y I think it might be a nice day to catch up on some TV (L&O: SVU, the Office, NCIS, Numb3rs) and get to do some work.

My morning classes went well.  I had to recite a French poem that went SPECTACULARLY compared to how I thought so I was tres happy.  And I actually had physio class where we learned new material.  Ew.  The test wasn’t until 1400 because my prof wanted class time to keep plugging along in the course.  Lame.

After the exam (which took forever and was hard!) I went grocery shopping because I was out of dairy stuff.  Plus it’s also very nice to get off campus every once and a while.  I essentially live in a bubble, oh small liberal arts school. I can steal all the bread, grains, fruits and veggies from the dining hall but dairy? Not so much.  And I drink ~40 oz of milk a day and eat 2-3 8oz yogurts.  Granted some of the milk is at meals but I love having afternoon bowls of cereal and I need my own stash of milk for that. So now I have a fully stocked fridge.

I also have a fully stocked bureau because I did laundry last night. I had been putting it off for about 3 weeks and I was at serious risk for running around naked (and given how cold it’s been and the fact that my school won’t turn the heat on for another 2 weeks-ish that wouldn’t be good).  I realized how worn out all my sports bras and underwear are.  Definitely need to hit up the mall or something.  Yay shopping! But boo shopping because that means I need $$.  Something clearly lacking in my life.

Okay, Friday night = watching my (former) roomie playing vball during homecoming weekend.  She’s 12 kills away from joining the 1000 kill club.  Since I know you guys are so nice, if you could send some good vibes her way I’d really appreciate it.

And since it’s homecoming weekend lots of my ’09 friends will be on campus so I’m sure tonight will be lots of fun even though I have no concrete plans right now.  There is a dance (yes my school has dances) so that might be fun.  I think the theme is black light? Definitely could be interesting.

It’s also my friend’s anniversary of her 21st.  Always a good time! Heh.

Hope y’all have a great Friday.  Let’s celebrate this wicked long week being over!! 😀

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