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September 2, 2010

I Want To Be A Supermodel

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Hmmmm I think there’s a movie being filmed in my ‘hood.  The past two days on my early morning runs there have been cameras and trailers and PYRO / BLOWING UP STUFF equipment.  I’ve been wayyyy tempted to stop and say “hey do you guys need a hot blond as an extra?”.  Which last month there was an American Eagle commercial being shot in the town my dad works at and he invited me over (he was working the shoot (he’s a cop and was there for traffic/people control) and I did say that.  I was turned down.  Silly modeling/advertisement people.

You think they’d want to cast a chick that looks like this

Clearly ANTM missed out when they rejected me

But onto the running.  Because I’m clearly more successful as a runner than model.

Or not as on Wednesday I had an “eh” run.  It was lethargic and slow and dragging.  I think that, even if you haven’t been reading this for that long, you know that I go through cycles of not sleeping well.  Apparently this is one of them.

Yes I know that I’m getting up early to run out (0530 takes its toll over the course of several days) and I’m going to bed pretty late.  But I think it’s turning into a this-is-what-my-body-knows things.  Hopefully I can do some catch up this weekend.

And the weather here in New England is very dog-days-of-August, despite this run kicking off September.  It’s not the temperatures so much but the humidity.  Every morning when I get up it’s at least 85% out.  Usually 90+%.  So yeah, it’s very humid out.  I know I can’t really complain because A) I live in New England and this is to be expected and B) many of you deal with humidity on a much more regular basis than me.

But humidity = lots of sweating.  And since I avoid water for some really annoyingly strange reason, dehydration could be a culprit. That and the antibiotics as it’s recommended to drink an addition 1-2 cups of fluid while on them.  Riiiiiiiiiiight.

I guess part of it could also be nutrition.  I definitely eat “the right foods” (aka not fast food all the time despite indulging in the good stuff every day like ice cream 🙂 ) But, especially on clinic days, I’m not likely eating enough.  It’s just really hard to make sure I am because I’m at the clinic for 9-10 hours and I’m constantly doing stuff.  It’s nice to know I’m important around here but it would be nice to be able to eat a meal at work rather than just snack all day.

Anyway.  Enough with the excuses!  The reason I mention it is A) I have the tendancy to look for negatives (or as my amazingly nice friends put it: whine) and B) by writing it out I have an incentive to change it.  I mean, if I don’t you guys will hate on me! hahah 🙂

But here’s the data for Wednesday:

  • 1st loop: 4.1 miles @ 9:12
  • 2nd loop: 4.1 miles @ 8:46
  • Add-on : 1.1 miles @ 8:15
  • Total: 9.3 miles @ 8:53

So much for wanting to start September off with a bang.  Slow to start, like always, but slower than usual.  I definitely picked it up later in the run and managed to salvage a sub-9 overall average but it wasn’t enough to make me feel really good about the run.

Especially, and I don’t know if others notice this, but each loop and the 1.1 add on felt the same physically.  Even though I was going much faster later.  I don’t really know why that is buttttt it’s nice as well as annoying.  If I’m going fast I want to feel FAST not simply the same as my slower start!

On Thursday I had an earlyish doctor’s appointment so I got up at … yes 0530 again.  I’m really hoping that this weekend lets me sleep in a bit.  As per usual this week my run was a bit on the slower side.  See excuses above for reasons why.

So I’ll just let the data speak for itself

  • 1st loop: 4.1 miles @ 9:08
  • 2nd loop: 4.1 miles @ 8:44
  • Add-on: 1.1 miles @ 8:28
  • Total: 9.3 miles @ 8:53

Somehow my average pace worked out to be the exact same despite have two very different experiences on the runs.  Weird. More even pacing here but I really like ending *really* fast.  Still, I can’t really complain about it too much because I like the decreasing pace trend over the run.

Another really humid one out there and I’m really hoping the hurricane that’s suppose to hit New England demolishes it.  Sure I can handle heat but I will hate on humidity freely.

Hopefully it comes and goes before my half this weekend.  But I don’t really watch the news anymore so I really couldn’t tell you.  All I was told was to go to the store on Wednesday to buy essential because if I went on Thursday nothing would be there.  Oh panicky New Englanders.  I highly doubt we’ll get hit that badly.  We never do.  Except for The Perfect Storm.  Which I should go watch again.  Because George Clooney + Mark Whalberg = gloriousness.

As for the doctor’s appointment.  It was half follow up on the toe – half hello-I’m-your-new-patient.  So she checked all my vitals and family history and stuff (yay for having a PCP!).  Then she took a look at my toe.  She declared it on its way to being healed. She also had a bit on insight on why I keep getting them.

The short version: the pounding on my feet from running is making my feet susceptible because of the trauma that any amount of running does to them.  I did tell her how much I run and she didn’t think that was a source. I’m not saying that mileage isn’t a factor (these infections did start just before I started training for my first marathon) but during each infection my mileage has varied.

It’s the running itself that’s the root. And the way my body is responding to it.  Not the best answer (like it doesn’t answer hey, why all of a sudden in the past 18 months?) and I think in combo with my stress-induced theory it works.

But she didn’t tell me to not run.  Rather she referred me to a podiatrist so that I can come up with a plan to make sure I minimize the trauma that it happening to my feet.  Yet another doctor and copay to deal with. I’ll likely have to see someone else too, maybe a sports medicine doctor, but I feel better that *someone* gave me an answer other than “well gee whiz.  I don’t know why you’re getting these infections.”

And then it was off to work.  And my workweek is, for all intents and purposes, over.  Today we had a cook out in the parking lot.  As in: I got here at noon and didn’t do any work because of the lunch cook out because I socialized for a couple hours.  Productive? Not really.  But I’m really thinking I made the right choice with this job.  They might work us hard but they reward us pretty well too. Next month is falafels or breakfast.  Yes be jealous 😛

Whew. Long recap. Oops.  But it’s Thursday.  Meaning that by the time your reading this (slash by the time I post this) it’s going to be late in the day.  And then it’s almost Friday.  So the work week is essentially over.  And what better way to pretend to do work than read about me?!

Seriously.  It’s like I’m doing you a favor by writing so much 😉

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