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November 21, 2010

“This Is A Workout To Put You On The Podium”

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Or so the high school cross country coach was telling his boys Saturday when I was at the track.  As I didn’t run XC ever I don’t know what championship they’re gearing up for but whatever it is: Good Luck Boys. I think they were doing 1km repeats.

My workout on Saturday was no less shabby either.  After some thought, and reading the awesome words from you guys, I decided to not do a full yasso workout.  Bummer because it really might be my favorite.  I knew the best workout for me to do would likely be my “other favorite” workout: 2 X 3 miles.  But I had done that last week and, while I have absolutely no problem repeating workouts from the immediate past, this workout is one that won’t ever be the case with.

I decided to split the difference and do a shorter tempo interval workout with a couple 800s tacked on at the end if I wasn’t feeling too beat up.  I did them on the track because the track keeps me honest and honest workouts make me feel like a million bucks for not a million bucks.  With non-track workouts I can have mitigating circumstances as to why I didn’t hit the target and, while wind and plain old not feeling it do happen with the track, there really are only two options: hit or miss

Thanks XKCD

You can’t really go wrong. Or I guess you can.  But it’s painfully obvious.

The Plan

  • Warmup
  • 1 Mile fast, with 400 recovery
  • 2 X 2 Miles fast, with 800 recovery after each one
  • 1 mile fast, with 400 recovery

And then if I felt halfway decent

  • 2-4 800m, with 400 recovery
  • Warm down

If you look closely, you’ll notice that, with the exception of the 800 repeats, the recovery distance has been shortened by what I normally do.  I usually do half the distance but today I decided to do only a quarter of the interval distance.  It’s probably too soon to the actual race to be messing with this kind of stuff but time was an issue and there is no way that I’m cutting out intervals.  I like running fast too much 😉

The target pace for the 1 miles was 6:45-6:50 and the target pace for the 2 miles was 13:30-13:45.  I was expecting to be on the slower end of these paces simply because my legs have taken a beating these past 4 or so weeks.  Of course I *should* have been targeting slower paces because this workout constitutes a GMP workout.  And neither 6:45 nor 6:50  is GMP.  But whatever.

I was on the track. I was ready to GO.

The Workout

I warmed up for about 3 or so miles to get to the track and then:

  • 1 Mile : 6:47

Only 6:47?! For the effort put it, this should be faster. I definitely positive splited this one too

  • 2 Miles: 13:34 (6:53, 6:41)

6:53? This is going to be one long tough workout.  13:43? That’s a pretty sweet comeback.

  • 2 Miles: 13:31 (6:43, 6:38)

This is feeling gooooooood.  Should I add that last mile here? 1,2,3 would be wicked awesome

  • 1 Mile: 6:40

Good solid last mile

  • 800 #1: 3:15

Maybe I didn’t give it my all for those other intervals!

  • 800#2 3:20

Or maybe I did.  Time to pack it up hahah

The Afterthoughts

I’m really happy with how this workout turned out.  I hit goals (and were even faster than goals) for all the intervals. Surprising because I was going on less recovery than I normally do.  It was definitely a challenging workout and despite not feeling it at the beginning I really got into it and was just clicking away at the laps as they went by.  It felt very rhythmic and awesome. And, as I’ve said before about me needing paces shoved down my throat, each one was within McMillian tempo interval range. Muy bien.

Plus, with the exception of the very first mile, each interval was a negative split.  And since I checked my watch every 2 laps (not sure if that counts as a half mile as it 800m ~ 1/2 mile.  See how much of a precision nerd I am? It’s a wonder I made it out of college with my physics degree — physicists tend to round EVERYTHING) I knew that, again with the exception of the very first interval, I was getting faster and faster.

Obviously this bodes well for a marathon as it’s a pretty freaking long race.

Not else much to say.  Usually bad workouts are so much more fun to write about because I can bitch and moan. I can mutter about the sky being all dreary and looking like a colorless winter day buttttt then I have to say that I triumphed over it hahah.

I think part of me was competing with the high school boys.  Which is silly. They are *highschoolboys*.  I’ve learned from running with my high school aged brother that they are naturally faster than me.  So I tried to not get lapped / passed.  I was very successful as they only passed me once.  Considering that we were both doing long intervals, and running around the track multiple times each interval, I think that’s a victory hahah.

I did use their coach’s shouting as motivation of my own.  He kept saying things related to getting on the podium like, “200m ’til you on the podium” or “two laps to go until the podium”.  And I was like, “Okay.  It’d be cool to be at the podium.” Although, not going to lie, breaking the tape would be more ultimate.


Look how happy he is. (thanks again google)

After taking a shorter-than-normal warm down I got back to my place for some foam rolling (this workout had my hips and glutes and IT and quads and everything screaming and tight). It was still the vomit-inducing torture it always is. I don’t ever tear up or scream out but man, do I feel like puking.  I also stretched while watching an old HP movie because my left calf was spasm-ing.  Normally I don’t stretch ever.  But I’ve already said that before.  I discovered (again) that all my muscles are like chicken tendons. Weird analogy but that was the first thing that popped into my head.

I also did W2D3 of my pushups and situps:

Pushups: 16, 17, 14, 14, 21

Situps: 24, 25, 21, 21, 35


As far as today goes, I’ve already done my recovery run.  It was quite fast which, as I mentioned on Friday, doesn’t real mean much.  The pace was comfortable and conversational as when I was running I met up with my running buddy.  Unplanned and it probably let the run get both fast and easy; running with someone else usually does that. The weather was chilly (34*) but sunny which helped the miles click by effortlessly.  My legs feel sore, but in a “they just had a massage” way.  I think it was the rolling last night.  It was pretty intense.

Hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their weekend and had great ones to recover from! I’m definitely looking forward to a lazy Sunday.

November 14, 2010

Quite The Weekend

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Heyyyyyyyyyyyy there everyone!

First: I’m really glad birthdays come only once a year. Especially now as I get older.  I’m pretty sure that my liver is out of love with me after this weekend.

And no joke this song came on exactly as the clock struck midnight.

BUT before the shenanigans of this weekend, I had my last long run before WR. And I can’t believe I just typed that out.  Because I registered, ummmmm, 20 days ago.  But I’ll be racing (or with any luck be done) in three weeks time.  Crazy, no?

I mean, I’m not going into taper RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE or anything as this upcoming week is going to be intense.  Just that on Saturday I ran what will be was the last of the 20 miles.  The next LR will be 17-18 and then *real* taper.  It’s going to feel really weird to be done with training so soon after starting.

But based on my long run yesterday I bet that the endgame will be sooooo totally worth it.

I met up with a friend who I met on RWOL in the marathon dailies crew.  Interestingly enough he is NOT training for a marathon so I’m lucky that he was willing to run this 20 with me.  On the weather front it was damn near perfect for running.  The start of the run was cool (39*) but it ended up being about 60* by the end. I was a bit overdressed by the time we finished as I was freezing on the drive over! Better overdressed than under dressed I suppose.

But I guess that’s what I get for wanting to start the run at 0800: cold to start but the sun warms things up as you go along.  But round one of celebration was the night before and I wasn’t about to get up any earlier than necessary hahah.  Side note: Round one was with my roomie to her school’s graduate student bar (which is subsidized by the university itself meaning cheap drinks! How cool?!) where I discovered that I am quite good at darts.  Like scary good.  Which totally made it up to my teammate for my being horrendous at pool.

The late night didn’t end up affecting the run negatively at all. The splits ended up being:

  1. 7:36 (entirely downhill and when my friend said that it was a sub-8 pace I said WHOA!)
  2. 8:10
  3. 8:30
  4. 8:41
  5. 8:54 (first hill!)
  6. 8:49 (second hill)
  7. 8:37
  8. 8:27
  9. 8:01
  10. 8:09
  11. 8:09
  12. 8:09
  13. 8:09
  14. 7:50
  15. 7:58
  16. 7:53
  17. 7:59
  18. 8:06
  19. 8:21
  20. 9:19 (entirely uphill and by myself as my friend wanted to slow down and take the last mile lightly)

Total: 20 miles, 2:45:31

The time at the half was 1:49.10 and was actually a PR for the half for the guy I was running with!

The average pace for the first 19 miles (because my friend had a garmin) was 8:14 Ummmm this is my current marathon PR pace.

The average pace for the run with that last really tough mile is 8:16/17 (depending on how you round)?! Ummmm that’s only 3 seconds slower than what I ran Boston in last year. Even more impressive because there were some major hills thrown in there. I think one of them was 12% grade! Whoops? Maybe?

Needless to say I’m pretty freaking pumped to see what WR brings. After today I HAVE to conclude that I’m in much better shape than I thought I was. I honestly never felt like I was running as fast as the splits indicate.  I think it was because I LOVE running with others.  Not only do the miles pass fast because you’re not alone but the miles pass fast because I always run wayyyy faster with someone else.  I remember running with Lacey last winter on a long run and we just FLEW through the miles.

That and, like I said, I’m finally coming to realize that I’m in really good shape for this race.  I still can’t wrap my mind over the fact that the first 19 miles were at my marathon pr pace.

I also did W1D3 of my “strength routine” when I got back to my place.

Pushups: 11,15,9,9,15

Situps: 17,22,14,14,21

And then it was time to relax before shipping up to Boston to party a bit for round 2 of celebrations

Yay google images

Now it’s Sunday and luckily I had the foresight to do some errands before the weekend started.  Because I’m pretty freaking tired. But the weather is nice so I’ll probably head out for a birthday run…likely within 5 minutes of hitting publish.

Quite the weekend indeed. I love it.

And,this is random but it makes my day bright so I need to share, my sister texted me (right at midnight) to tell me to check FB.  When I did I found this:


And the old spice guy.

October 4, 2010

Drunk Pumpkin

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AKA one more funny search term. I love using these because I don’t have to come up with something on my own.  YAY laziness. And you should google image “Drunk Pumpkin”.  Seriously.

The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.
Muhammad Ali, former American boxer and three-time World Heavyweight Champion

This quote certainly does not speak to laziness though. Nor did my run this morning.  But first the rest of the weekend?

Saturday friend came to visit and we did go for a 4 miler and I had done some core before leaving (of which I am STILL sore.  Note to self: taking 6 weeks off of core work is not a good idea.  And I must have been really using my arms to help me during my track workout because they are sore too).  It was nice and not to fast but not to slow.  And it was nice and sunny out.  A beautiful fall day.  Later we went out that night to a sports place that I had been dying to go to.  The best part of being in a new city is that you get to explore places.  There are still so many places that I want to go to!


It’s nice to get all dolled up too.  Don’t get me wrong: I love my jeans and a t-shirt but putting on a fancy dress is amazing too

We stayed out wayyyyyy late and I had to call the person I was going to go running with when my alarm went off the next morning to see if we could push our running plans from 0900 to later that afternoon.  But we ended up just rescheduling them.  Which is just as well because I had some errands to run and a good book to catch up with.  And the weather was cloudy and blahhh.  A perfect day for some tea and a warm blanket.

Since I got so little sleep on Saturday I went to bed embarrassingly early Sunday night.  And man I slept HARD.  I think the fact that it was rainy out and extremely cool and NOT humid helped a lot.  It was still a shock when my alarm went off this morning at 0530 though.  I definitely did not wake up feeling refreshed at all.  I’m thinking that when I get off work today that I’m going to have to at least TRY and nap. 

But my run did not reflect that in the slightest.  In the back of my mind I thought that my body would do a forced recovery day like they did after the hills of last week.  Mostly because my body is SORE at the moment.  I think I can feel every single muscle in my body.  For real.  Not 100% sure why but I’m guessing it’s the combo of  no core work in 6 weeks + hard track workout + being out really late Saturday + inactivity on Sunday.  I’m leaning toward my Saturday night because it’s the one thing that was out of normal. But who knows. It’s interesting because I wasn’t that sore yesterday.  Maybe I shouldn’t have taken that rest day 😉

But the run ended up being SO not recovery.

  • 1st loop: 4.1 @ 8:09
  • 2nd loop: 4.1 @ 8:00
  • 3rd loop:    4.1 @ 7:56
  • Total:               12.3 @ 8:02

Definitely a very surprising run indeed.  It kind of came out of left field.  Even though it felt good and fast and ON during it.  It’s like all the stars were aligned. And maybe they were because it was 0530 and dark. 

Yay google images

And yes, all three loops were my path loop.  It wasn’t really all that boring and I did it that way because I felt safer. 

The weather was pretty nice for running too: 52*, 90% humidity, some rain. Luckily the rain was only drizzle, with the exception of a 5 minute spurt, and it wasn’t raining when I stepped out the door.  Given how my eyes were stinging from lack of sleep I might have just gone back inside! Especially since the temperature felt sooooo cold.  It was 20* warmer on Friday for my run!

But it wasn’t as cold as one of the guys on the path thought it was: he was in SNOW PANTS and SKI GLOVES. I thought I was overdressed in a long sleeve and shorts hahah! I mean, I do wear ski gloves in winter but it’s definitely nowhere near cold enough yet. And hopefully it won’t be any time in the near future.

The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.Muhammad Ali, former American boxer and three-time World Heavyweight Champion

In the near future, however, I intend on doing a tune-up speed workout either tomorrow or Wednesday.  I’m thinking that I’ll have to head back to the track again as I know that once I’m actually there I’ll go fast.  There’s just too much doubt when I do something on the roads.  But we’ll see.  I guess it depends on how sore my body is in the morning (I still cannot get over how sore I am!).  Any type of speed work this week would likely just be mental as the race is on MONDAY. Exciting.

Until then I have to get through some work.  The rainy weather + sleepiness + sore body = me not wanting to move.  Luckily the work I have today is to start (and hopefully get a lot of work done on) the monthly report.  AKA sit at my desk.  My body could probably use movement to not stiffen up but I’m being lazy.  Don’t judge 🙂

September 19, 2010


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So I’m writing this Saturday afternoon (on my balcony 8) ) in anticipation of the 5k on Sunday. I’m scheduling this post for the time the gun is supposed to go off on Sunday because I’ve done it before and it just feels symbolic to do so somehow.  Maybe I’m weird.  Who knows. So I know many of you will read this after I’ve finished running.  After all it doesn’t take *that* long to run a 5k.  At least that’s the hope for me.

Yes you read that right: I am registered and going for it.

I decided to suck it up and spent the money on the race.  Timing wise, I may not be the most trained for this race. There are basically 5k races every weekend from now until the end of October so I could have waited and gotten a bit more speed work under my belt buttttt the way I see it is that I want a gauge of how the Tufts 10k is going to go.  Because as much as I haven’t trained for ANYTHING post-Boston this 10k is the closest thing to a goal race that I have.

And I want to kick ass at it.  Therefore anything after this week between now and then doesn’t give me enough time to re-focus for Tufts if I’m not doing the things I need to be doing to run well in it.

Plus I had an awful anxiety dream about this 5k on Friday night.  Like really awful.  I almost backed out of heading to registration on Saturday because of it.  I woke up sweating and shaking and feeling like an elephant was sitting on my chest! But then I decided to take on the challenge and entered.

It’d be silly to say I’m not nervous.  But I think I can do it.

I was going to post a picture of being being bamf.  But I had a hard time deciding which one to put up 😀

So I decided this song is kickass (and major blast from the past!) and, while not about running, is going to be my theme


As self-serving as this next quote is (because I was the one who said it hahah) it’s really what I’m going to try and live  out

I don’t know how obvious it is or how clearly it comes across in my blogging but I race to race. I don’t sign up to “have fun”. I sign up so I can run hard enough to want to puke my guts out when I cross the finish line.

Let’s hope for some near puking action! But not actual puking because that would be wayyyyy gross. And I’m a lady. Duh.

A throw back to my Philly trip over the summer. I like this picture because A) I look classy and b) this garden reminds me of Versailles. Stunning view!

But I’m hoping that after the race I look slightly more like this:

Looking good? Finishing strong? Wanting to puke? Yes. Yes. And HECK YES.

September 9, 2010

Give Me Speed. How Fast Can You Go.

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Any takers as to what song that the title’s from?! 😉

Apparently I have it in my head that I’m doing a 5k.  Of course I need to find the money for it.  This might mean staking out a streetcorner for the next week or so.  But hey, a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do to race.

And that includes speed work.  It’s no secret that I don’t think of myself as a particularly fast runner.  Sure I think that my half time was rocking from this weekend but I guess I really mean that I don’t think of myself as a short distance (aka fast) racer.  I was never on any cross country team and my specialties in track were 100m and 200m distances.  So 5k? I’ve only done ONE.  Not too shabby there but I really didn’t know what I was doing.

Still don’t really.  Which is why I emailed  Lacey yesterday to get her take on what I should do to prep for a 5k in a week and a half.  Here’s what she said:

warm up with a couple of miles (and try to get the biggest hills out of the way) and find a relatively flat, but rolling hills/small hills are fine stretch where you know what is 1 mile, and 2 miles. I woud run 1 mile and shoot for 6:45. If you feel good, go right into the second mile and shoot for another 6:45. that would be your goal. of course if you can run faster than that you should 🙂 push yourself, but be able to do it for 2 miles.

I liked the idea of this workout.  Granted only doing 2 fast miles? The last time I was in training I was banging out multiple miles in the form of repeats or tempos.  But I was going to trust the plan to get me through.

Just so we’re clear here is what I was planning to do:

  • 3.7 mile warm up (in order to get to my speed area with minimal hills)
  • 2 X 1 mile continuous
  • 2.5 mile warm down

And I want to apologize for any time I have scoffed at a 2 X whatever continuous run when I would be saying “why not just say X miles?” Apparently the goal is to go the second time HARDER than the first, therefore being two separate things.  Because that’s what I did today and it was HARD.

Here’s what went down:

  • 3.7 mile warm up @ 9:04
  • 2 X 1 mile fast @ 7:03, 6:44
  • 1 mile recovery @ 8:23
  • 1 mile fast @ 6:20
  • 2.8 mile warm down @ 8:23

Total: 10.5 miles @ 8:13

Although I SWEAR that my warm down was actually 3.3 miles and giving me a total of 11 for the morning.  But apparently mapmyrun disagrees. Oh well.

First I want to say that all my post-race soreness is gone.  Well maybe 97.68% of it.  I’m really not feeling banged up the way I did the first few days post-race.  I had asked Lacey when I should do this workout too and she said that I could try Thursday and then again on Sunday.  Then take it easy before the race.  So the soreness was gone and I went for it (that goes for quads AND shins.  I think some people mistakenly thought that my shin pain from Boston training was back.  It’s not.  All I was feeling was the effects of a hard effort in the race).

In case you couldn’t tell I’m not the kind of person who just sits around and waits for things.  As much as I dreaded the hardness of the workout I wasn’t going to avoid it either. So Thursday it was going to be.

And with this song in my head too.   I ❤ it.  Apropos for letting go and doing some darn fast running:

Now onto my thoughts of the first speedwork session I have done since….Boston? I can count the 5M race I did on the 4th of July but still, it’s been awhile.

Here’s what I think: I need my warm up to be progressive.  I don’t think I really increased the pace over those warm up miles. The distance didn’t really bother me as I think that ~2-3 miles is perfect for warming up.  And 3.7 happened to be the distance between my apartment and where I wanted to do the speedy stuff.

But since I think I stayed pretty slow throughout — I’d have liked to see the average for that portion be closer to 8:45-8:50 — the first part of the first mile was getting me acquainted with speed.  And with it only being a mile that’s no good.  Icould tell because it was HARD and HURT to go that fast despite it being relatively flat (maybe a slight uphill but nothing noticeable while running it). 

But my second mile clearly was decent because after seeing 7:03 for the first mile (and the goal was to keep it at 6:50 or faster) I was determined to get faster.  Come hell or high water. And I did it of course and there was a mega hill at the very end.  I felt like dying!  But I powered through it and seeing that my split was 6:44 made me smile and NOT vomit.  My legs felt like absolute jello but I turned around and started jogging so I didn’t end up collapsing.

Because my first mile was awful  I decided to take the first mile of the speed route I just ran as recovery (and wooooot to running fast meaning good recovery paces! 8:23?!) and then bang out a HARD last mile.  Which I did. I kept telling myself to push hard because it was *only* one mile hahahah.  But it worked because I came up with a 6:20 mile!!

And then I warmed down, which felt slower than it actually was although I didn’t feel like it was a hard effort. Good feeling for a warm down.

So I’m not quite sure how I feel about it overall.  I’m pleased with miles 2 and 3 of the hard stuff but going from a 6:44 pace to a 6:20 pace after a recovery mile signals to me that I can’t pace myself right. Yes I love that everything gets faster but each mile split was 15-20 seconds faster than the previous.  To me that’s a bit too much! Or at least I’m a terrible judge of pacing. I just don’t have that internal mechanism some people have (or a garmin but that’s a different story.  And I may be walking a different street for that 😉 )

Oh no I didn't just say that 😉

According to Lacey I did rock the workout (she’s now officially my coach hah!) and that I should be really happy with how I did.  So I will be because she told me to be.  I think all the doubt I have is because 5k racing is not something I’m used to doing so I have no benchmark for what to expect.  Even when I ran that 5k (the one that I linked to above) I never trained for it.  I didn’t do any specific workouts for it.  I just had my summer training for a half under my belt.

Funny how I’m in a similar situation now.  Except I didn’t training for the half I just ran.  Oh well.  I’m hoping that good things come to me for this one too!

So the plan is for me to do this workout again on Monday.  I’m kind of scared for it.  But the good kind of scared 😀

August 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home

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(This was written on Saturday late afternoon/early evening.  And I chose to schedule it to post on Sunday so if there are any time/day discrepancies…oops haha!)

As I sit here on my new porch (with a glass of wine in hand!) I can’t help but laugh at how crazy stressed I’ve been and how good it is to have some milestones behind me:

  • MCAT = OVER.  Book burning party? I have absolutely NO idea how I did.  We’ll find out in 4 or so weeks.  Surprisingly I went into the test pretty calm.  I’m not going to lie that I’ve been in stress-overload mode this past week post-vacay but I was able to take Wednesday and “chill the eff out” and do things for me.  And then I watched this the night before (aka best movie EVER):
  • Moving.  Check.  Well sort of.  The beauty of moving from my mom’s house to my own place is that I was able to only bring the essentials and the beauty of my mom’s place being 90 minutes from me is that I can go home next weekend and get the rest.  And let me say my apartment is SICK.  In the best way possible of course.  I’m the first one to move in so there are no decorations or anything like that yet so I’m not going to post pictures but both my mom and I walked in and said, “This is amazing for any apartment, never mind for the first!”
  • Unpacking. Check.  Well, again, sort of.  I need to wait on my roommates to get here on Monday to be fully unpacked and figure out where we want stuff.  But I’m done with all my personal belongings.  And man, it feels good.  Especially since 12 hours before I was suppose to leave I had 0% done.  For real.  Whirlwind!
  • Figuring out where I’m going to run. Check.  One thing both my mom and I were worried about was where I was going to be running.  I live in a city (and had never seen the apartment until today.  Luckily I have an awesome roomie who I totally trust with that stuff) and even as we were driving here we passed through some seedy areas.  BUT I live in a university area so the neighborhood I live in in really nice and there’s an AWESOME running path a few blocks over.  I know that I won’t be getting the variety of routes that I can back in the ‘burbs (nor for the first few runs will I know exact distances like I do at home) but I’m excited and plan on checking it out on Sunday (which is today for those of you reading because I’m not putting this up until then)

Now onto my running over the past few days.  It’s been decent.  I think I last posted on Wednesday?  Since then I’ve gotten some good runs in.  Wicked unstructured just because when I got back from Texas I went into major freak-out mode over life (which I’m not going to say here now due to personal reasons but positive thoughts are appreciated!) but basically I’m questioning a lot of how to achieve my “life plan” and trying to make the best decision.  Suffice it to say it’s about $$

Yup I still love this song. I know I’ve played it before for y’all but seriously.  Tell me you don’t want to just be all gangster after listening to this. Especially the line

“Cause b!tch I’m the bomb. Like tick tick”.

Like how can you not feel thug after saying that?! Fun fact: in college my nickname was gangster.  I honestly have no idea how it got started but within the first week of freshman year I was branded.  Hahaha.

But after I posted on Wednesday I went for a pretty decent 9.3 mile run.  I was going to stop at 9 but there’s something alluring of the even 15k.  I don’t really remember specific feelings but towards it but it was good. Not stellar (only an 8:3x pace) but it never felt like a struggle.  I like that.

Thursday was D-Day.  Or rather MCAT day.  I finished my 5.5 hour test and headed home to eat and unwind.  After decompressing my brain, I needed to decompress my body.  And man I must have been really tense or something.  Go figure.  Because I was *flying*.  Seriously.  An 8:11 pace.  Ummmm really? I had to check the math twice.  I think it helped that I didn’t leave until about 1600 and when I run later in the day my body feels more at ease going fast.  But…yeah.  That made me happy!

Friday was definitely not as fast but it’s because I had to run at 0900 in the morning.  Not a helluva lot of turnaround from the day before.  But it wasn’t too bad.  An 8:3x again but it just felt dragging.  I think that, not only was I running with not a lot of recovery but I’ve been fighting some sleep deprivation lately.

Not that I didn’t sleep/rest a fair amount on vacay last weekend buttttt it wasn’t the kind of rest that a regular bedtime/wake up brings.  And then the rest of this week hasn’t been stellar either with an early morning doctor appt or the early wake up for the MCAT. And my body isn’t used to going to bed early! So the combo of everything just kind of caught up to me.

On the plus side I’ve been able to allow myself to “sleep in” and not set an alarm post-vacay.  I’m very happy about that and the fact that I’ve been able to relax and “lounge” more.  It feels good to chill a bit and not be wound so tight!  I apologize for the randomness of the comment 😉

Saturday (which is today for me although I know that you guys are reading this on Sunday) was a KILLER 11 mile run.  Since the test I’ve basically been really stressed out and emotional so I told my mom that I NEEDED my long run before we moved me in.  And I went for 11 miles in 91.56. That’s an 8:21 pace. For 11 miles.  Guess me being all wound tight has been good for my running? Interestingly I didn’t feel stellar during the run and thought about cutting it short at 8.  I’m really glad I didn’t though.  I want to start getting into a better running routine (aka LR = Saturday, Speed sometime during the week etc.) as my life gets more scheduled with work and stuff.  And there might be a race or two this fall that I want to just dominate 😉

So I think that catches us up in my running life.  Whew! Hopefully, if you’re reading this Sunday morning, I’m out for my first exploratory run in the new ‘hood.  I’m really looking forward to it!

And, since I start my job on Monday (good lucks are appreciated here too 😉 ), I’m really hoping that I can start posting more regularly (as well as commenting regularly too! I always feel so bad when I can’t comment as much as I’d like! But don’t worry if I fall off the Earth again: I’ll be back.) It kills me to do these catch-up posts.  Granted my life is STRESS right now (life plan questions + starting new job = not a clear head!) so maybe it’s good that I’m not posting everyday.  Then I think you guys would worry about my sanity haha.

But alas it is time for me to go out.  Yes I moved to a new city but I have FRIENDS. Remember when I went to Philly? Well they broke us up by region so I know a bunch of people here (who are all VISTAS. Aka they know understand the VISTA budget) and I called one of the girls up as soon as my mom left and told her that once I finished unpacking we were going out.  Luckily a bunch of peeps were going out too so YAY.

First night in the new place and first night going out as a “real adult”….whatever that means. Awesomeness.  And since you’re reading this post-going out Saturday night I’ll just go out on a limb and say that I had a wicked great time. Because I’m sure I will 😀

Hope you guys had a great Saturday night and enjoy a lazy Sunday!

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August 3, 2010

Still Fast

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Whoa there: 2 posts on 2 consecutive days?! Craziness. And a relatively short post (at least going by word count)? Double craziness.

But first: the song that’s stuck in my head today? And the song that I pray is on the radio every time I turn it on? Don’t judge.

Oh Enrique ❤

Thanks for all your kind words about my stress and everything.  It means a lot to keep hearing you guys say you have faith in my abilities to take this test.  I definitely need all the confidence boosting I can get. So keep bringing it 🙂

Anyway I took what might be my last full length test this morning.  UGH.  It went okay but still: this whole summer I really haven’t seen much improvement.  Which, not going to lie, is discouraging.  But I think I need to relax, get some sleep and trust that I can do it.  Very hard to do when I have so much riding on this.

But enough about that (and yay I only devoted a few sentences to it haha)

I think I mentioned yesterday or in some previous post that New England has been having a wicked awesome cool front rolling through and that the highs haven’t been so high and the lows have been pretty low.  Which has been great for my running.  After running through some really hot and humid days in July the drop in temperature has been great.  Of course I realize that some of you might now hate me for saying that but whatever.  I’m in New England.  The weather is likely to change within the next 5 minutes.

But the point of me bragging on the weather is that yesterday I had the fastest run in forever (that wasn’t a race or speed session) and I’m pretty sure the weather influenced that.  I did 7 miles in 55:55 minutes (and as a numbers person I love all the 5s).  56 minutes would have been 8 pace even and 55:53 would have been 7:59 pace even so I’m annoyed that I wasn’t 2 seconds faster to get that “even second”.  But still.  I’m pumped.

It was definitely a “stars are aligned” type of run. The weather, my mood, my legs.  Everything just seemed to be in sync and I was gliding (I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot lately?).  I had spent around 4 or 5 hours that morning in the library and when I got home I just felt like I needed to *run*.  So run I did.

It was also a run where I was sleep deprived which likely contributed to the fastness because of my illogical logic on that topic.

I actually did something I *never* do during a run: checked my watch during it.  And I saw that I was running fast.  Thus making me happy and thus probably making me run faster.  Not fast enough for those pesky two seconds but whatever.

And, since that practice test took all morning, I haven’t run yet today.  I’m hoping for the same effect as I need to get some work done and be productive today too.  And I probably should head out soon and try to dodge potential thunderstorms.  I hate having to wait until the afternoon to run in the summer just because the chance of storms increases so much.

On the bright side: if I get struck by lightning I won’t have to take my test 😛

And on another running note: I may have a marathon to do this fall?  I got an email from the Amica Marathon peeps (Newport RI) about something random but it kind of put the idea in my head that an October marathon (the 16th) could work.  The timing is awkward though.  Despite knowing I have the base to do it, having only 2.5 months to really train wouldn’t be that bad, but I still want a winter marathon.

Unfortunately I’m in New England.  That’s not going to happen.   There is a marathon on the Cape in February but since I pretty much know that I’m going to do Boston in the spring that doesn’t seem advisable.  I did want to run Disney but financially that’s just not going to happen (HELLO VISTA POVERTY) and I don’t really know if I can handle the cost of both Boston and any other marathon.  It’s already going to be tough to do the half and 10k I want.

Hmmmm decisions decisions.   Hope you guys have a great rest of your week.  I’m actually leaving for vacation on Thursday and probably won’t be able to post until next week as the next couple of days before leaving are going to be a big studyfest (although by the scattered brain nature of this post and how my day is already going, I think my brain already is on vacay).  And when I get back I might not be able to post due to MCAT freak out mode. But rest assured that I’m still alive and I’ll have some surprises for you when I’m gone 😉

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May 16, 2010

Speedy Weekend. Holler.

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Ugh so when do I get my voice back? Like I mentioned in my last post, I had a real nasty virus Wednesday night and the only lingering effects are in my head: congestion (and not just any congestion, it feels like water is being constantly pushed up my nose), ear pressure , a moderately bad sore throat and a real sexy voice. Annoying as I had a couple interviews set up for next week and I really can’t cancel them.  Plus I’m tired of resting my voice! It was fun at first but I miss my real voice haha

Oh well. I woke up on Saturday morning with a pretty bad sore throat and I was absolutely starving so I decided to miss out on the cooler weather that first thing running brings and run before lunch.  I figure that it’d be good training for summer running, as by the time I left my dorm it was 70*, sunny with a few clouds and kind of windy.  Which was actually really nice, even the head wind, because it kept me cool.  I debated another sports bra run but figured a beater was sufficient.  Don’t want to scare too many people with my fish belly 😉

Anyway despite my thinking that my legs would be a little sluggish because of the consecutive days of running I’ve been doing lately (the fact that my gym isn’t open on the weekends anymore and only limited hours during the week has made me really good at justifying the whole run lots thing!) My LR went SO WELL.  I have no idea how it happened either, the entire time I was just telling myself to just go at a comfy pace because I was worried about crashing.  Definitely didn’t need to worry about that as I got 13.1 miles in at 8:30 pace.  That is, like, sprinting for me.  I’m in shock that I was able to run so fast and not feel like I was dying or anything.  I was getting a weird hand cramp during it though…odd. Any ideas why?! Very bizarre.

But an awesome way to say goodbye to that route! I wish I had been having these types of runs pre-Boston, something I know The Puerto Rican Kenyan has been talking about recently too. Guess I should just go with the flow right? And maybe try to capitalize on it by looking for a half or 10k sometime soon?Assuming I actually look for races haha.

I’m just pumped that it was a run where I wasn’t expecting my time to be so fast and when I checked my watch at the end it was like JEEZ LOUISE!

So I basked in it for a bit and took advantage of the really nice weather to lounge around for the rest of the day.  It’s not part of my personality to lounge around and do nothing though so I ended up making a big ass to-do list for Sunday! Note: I didn’t start doing any of the items Saturday night because Saturday = last day possible for finals = no matter what everyone is done.  Clearly that means party time.

And party time was fun.  I honestly haven’t seen a lot of my really good friends a lot this semester because everyone has been so busy / busy at very different times.  It was great to play catch up and drink and dance.  How I am going to really miss these moments post-graduation (and ACK D-6 days!!)

It’s totally a different feeling going out on a Saturday when you know you don’t have to get up to do school work the next morning. Sure I did have that to-do list, including but not limited to cover letters and resumes (ugh) but there’s always that awareness that if I don’t get them done immediately one more day won’ t *kill* me.  I’m trying to work on them now because I do want to get them out asap but the pressure was off.

Oh, nice segue MM into pressure again.  Because like my Saturday LR, my Sunday recovery run was, like all my runs post-Boston, pressure free.  And I don’t know if it’s the lack of pressure or lack of 100 mile weeks BUT my recovery run was at 9:06 pace.  Seriously? During Boston training I would have *paid* to see that kind of pacing during easy runs.  Or even LRs.

I know that I did start the run at a shuffle pace but my last mile was just under 8.  Again, seriously?! I’m still loving it and don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth or anything buttt….I can’t help but wonder what kind of damage I could do to any race given my current love-affair with my legs.

It’s just really funny that on the past two runs my mind has been severely underestimating how fast I’m actually going.  Definitely goes to show you how mental running can be at times. Again, not a bad thing but I’m secretly hoping that this will help my internal pacing mechanism and hoping that it’s not lulling me into a false sense of security for whenever the next time I toe the line.  You know, thinking that I’m running way faster than I am and I get complacent. But with no races in the near future I guess that’s not too much of a worry.

Time to go finish up some of those cover letters I’m dreading.  If I can finish one more I’ll go outside and read for fun 🙂

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