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November 16, 2009

Case of the Mondays?

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Ugh to Monday mornings.  I don’t actually *not* like Mondays (they’re really not so bad) but my Monday runs? Well let’s just say that I’ve come to accept that they will be slow, heavy and difficult.  But, like most things in life, if you try to embrace annoying stuff your attitude will shift.  I’m hoping this will be the case with Monday running although it’s hard to embrace getting up at 0600 (compared to “sleeping in” the days before) to run early (rather than mid-morning which is ideal for me) on little sleep (Sunday nights are sooooo hard to get to bed at a decent hour!)

Last night I tossed and turned forever, not taking my first shut-eye until 0000 (midnight) and then promptly waking up at 0243, 0307, 0457, 0534 and finally my alarm at 0600 (well technically 0559 haha).  I have no idea why last night was so restless.  I think the temperature of my room was a bit warm but I wasn’t fully awake enough to get up and open my window so I didn’t.

Needless to say my eyes were, and still are, stinging a bit from not sleeping.  I felt more awake after doing some corework to kill time before the sun came up (ugh winter is a-comin’) but I knew that, like other Mondays, a speedy run was not in the cards.  I tried to let go of the desire to push-push-push but it’s hard to do so!

My quads felt a bit shot and heavy and I prolly should have called it quits after the first 5 miles of a loop that I had planned.  But I am nothing if not stubborn so I stuck out the 3 mile loop that I wanted to do for a total of 8 miles.  I’m kind of glad that I did the second loop simply because my quads loosened up and I was feeling stronger.  I stood up straighter and my stride felt smoother.  Granted my legs still felt drained at the end but those 3 miles did boost my mood that I *am* capable of running.  The first 5 miles definitely tested why I wanted to be out there.

The weather was pretty darn perfect too.  Mid-40s and cloudy, although there was so much fog! It practically hurt to breathe.  I don’t mind the fact that fog running is creepy but all that moisture in the air? Trust me, our lungs do not want to breathe water.  We live in land, not good ole H2O for a reason haha.

Given all the “bad” conditions (fog and my lungs, heavy legs) the run is a success in my book because it made me feel good when I was done.  My heart rate was a bit higher than I would have liked for an easy run though and for that reason I’ve begun debating whether to start using my HR in my training thoughts.  I already take my HR immediately after a run and then 2 minutes after but I’ve started wondering whether it would be useful to monitor this during runs, when I wake up etc.  It might be a good way to feel better about pacing or decreasing/increasing mileage if I have actual hard data rather than “my legs feel heavy”.  Hmmm something to ponder this week.

And thanks for the “pep” talks re: my friends and my birthday.  I’m not feeling as upset as I was over the weekend.  Running will do that for you. Plus I’ve been having really vivid dreams.  Sure, when I remember my dreams it means that they were scary / disturbing but there were definitely moments where my mind was at ease and I woke up smiling. Wonderful dreams make up for bad days. Always 🙂

Since today feels like spring I’m going to go now and enjoy the rest of my day.  GO DO THE SAME! haha

September 11, 2009

Rain Rain

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stay away.  The skies are looking miiiiighty threatening now.  No bueno. There have been sudden but really quick downpours today which kind of sucks.  I mean I carried an umbrella with me all morning but rain never is fun.  At least when you have to go to classes.

And yes I said classES.  I think I’m the only senior in the world that is taking three classes on Friday but I really like them! It just sucks when Thursday night rolls around and I can’t stay out tooooo late because I have a 0930.  And I like to run before class.

Which is what I did today.  I slept through the night pretty soundly until my bladder woke me up TWENTY minutes before I wanted to get up.  Seriously? It couldn’t have waited those 20 damn minutes? Note: I did climb back into bed after and must be really sleep deprived because I feel promptly back to sleep for those precious minutes.

The weather was pretty deceitful this morning. Yesterday stayed cool all day so I assumed that it would get cold this morning like it did the other day.  Wrong-o. I could feel the rain in the air but the temp was only 50* which felt pretty good.  The only downside is that it’s warm enough to be in shortsleeves / tank top but absolutely freezing for my hands.  I need to break out the gloves soon.  Stupid Raynaud’s.

But my run was decent.  I keep thinking about how AWESOME my running was last week and how much slower I am this week.  I just need to remember that running, like everything in life, is cyclical so I’m just in a down beat. I also just ran a kick ass half so, while I was never sore, my legs might be a bit tuckered out.  Especially since I really haven’t cut down my miles too much. Read: at all.

In any event I got a good 8 in this morning.  My legs were slow to warm up (like 3 miles) and then quick to fatigue (by mile 6.5) but other than that it was good.  Haha. I guess the highlight would be getting “hollered” at by some high school guys who were on their way to school.  Don’t know why guys do that.  Do I really look attractive at 0600 with my face all red? I did a core workout after I got back to my room too.

Going to keep this short and wrap it up with a reminder to take a moment to remember that today is September 11th and maybe have a moment of silence for those who have given their lives for this country.  I’ve definitely teared up (and shed a few) listening to music that’s patriotic (like this, this and this — the last one is amazing esp around 2:18, which was my ringtone at one point recently) as well as reading newspaper articles (well not really an article per se).  And wow I teared up just finding those songs!

Hopefully me putting that at the end doesn’t dampen anyone’s Friday nights! Not too sure what I’ll be up too. Depends on whether or not I’m doing a long run tmrw.  It’s looking like it’s going to pour so I might push it off until Sunday but I really like my Saturday LR!

And hopefully I can take some relevant pictures in the future to post because, now that I know how to, I want to. And wow, way to wrap this guy up in a timely fashion 🙂

EDIT: Because Lacey posted while I was typing this up / drafting over the course of the afternoon.  Yup, I played bball and vball in high school. Thanks for telling me how ripped I am too – always nice to hear 🙂 And, while I don’t have a playlist created for running (stupid broken ipod) All the Above is AMAZING. I mean, I know I listen to predominately country music but that song is genius. Although I feel weird proclaiming that I am “soldier, rider, ghetto survivor” because I am none of the above haha

Which to draw what should have been a short post not-so-short: if you have anything you want to know about me, ask! Plus I love having “conversations” with y’all!

P.S. Thanks to all who have given me 5k tips.  If you guys have more please share.  I’m still wicked nervous but that excited kind of nervous.

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