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January 4, 2010

Twenty Questions

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Well more like 12 questions as I’ve kept waiting and waiting for more but they aren’t trickling in I guess.  Oh well, either that means my life is really boring and no one wants to know more or I share too much of my life and no one needs to know more 😛

So while I begin to do laundry and gather up my things to head back to school (classes don’t start for another 3 weeks but I need to get the heck out of this house haha) I figured I’d post the questions I did get. With my responses of course.  And I loved all the questions I got, there were really thoughtful and I totally had fun answering them. Enjoy and if you want to know more just ask — I’m totally down for doing a second installment of this if there’s interest 🙂

1. Any meals or foods you can’t live without?
YES. In the afternoons I always have honeybunches of oats (cinnamon clusters) with a smashed up Nature Valley granola bar (flavor varies) and yogurt (flavor also varies). I really love breakfast foods, I think I could live off of the stuff haha.

2. What’s your favorite food?
Hmmmmm. Peanut butter. It can go on anything. Seriously.

3. Non-alcoholic beverage of choice?
Diet coke with lime. Drink it everyday. Elixir of the gods I tell you!

4. Adult beverage of choice?
Jack and Diet Coke. With a slice of lime. Not such a big fan of fruity drinks: I like to feel the burn haha

5. What is your typical training schedule like?
Hmmmmm. I usually have speed stuff on Wednesdays and my long run on Saturdays. That’s about as scheduled as I get. I do try and rotate intervals, tempo, hills around in my speedwork sessions. Usually rotating once a month with the fourth week being easy. The rest of the time I just go “easy”. I do core 5x a week (every day that I’m not doing speed or long) and try to do lifting 2-3 times a week (New Years Resolution!)

6. What’s your favorite color and why and what do you own that you love in that color?
Gut response is blue but I’m straying from it lately and I don’t think I ever really looooooooooved it, rather everyone else did when I was little (and I was very impressionable). I’m really getting into pink and I have a pink vest that I absolutely LOVE and wear all the freaking time. I don’t really have a not-so-favorite color though.

7. If you could go back and be one age you’ve already lived, which age would it be and why?
Gosh this is really hard.  I’d chose the beginning of college so age 19.  I didn’t have a great first 19 years of my life and it wasn’t until my freshman year that I became a *person* and felt that I had a purpose and that I could do things for *me*.  So that was when life started being fun.

8. First kiss? Do you still talk to this person?
First kiss was in sophomore year in high school to a guy that I really didn’t know. But I was at a holiday party at my friend’s house and we just hooked up. Kind of awkward. I haven’t seen him since. Wow. Awkward to think about. It was NOT as sketchy as it sounds to type out! We did have mutual friends in common and he actually still keeps in touch with some of them.  We just didn’t have anything in terms of common interests.

9. If you could have a movie made about you, who would play you? And what songs would be on the soundtrack?
First the soundtrack: lots of country. I really feel like I am a southern girl at heart even though I am tooo uptight to ever leave New England ha! There would definitely have to be some Jay-Z and Lady GaGa too because I love to dance to them. As for who would play me…I’d love it if Kyra Sedwick did. I know she’s a bit older than me but I love watching everything she’s in and I think she’s such a strong woman.

10. What is your favorite thing to do that isn’t running or blogging/reading blogs?
I loooooooooove to read. I can easily read 1-2 books A DAY if I can. Mostly adventure / detective stories. I do have a soft spot for sci-fi though and Michael Crichton is my favorite author with Jurassic Park being my all time favorite book.

11. Where would you like to travel to in order to run a marathon?
Where would I not travel? I definitely want to do Disney someday. And a marathon in Europe.  I think I’d travel anywhere though because I don’t much in the way of travel experience under my belt and what better way to see the world than through running?

12. If you had to pick one lifetime running goal, what would it be?
To be running when I’m 80 and beyond.  So cliche I know! But I see this woman who lives on the street next to me running all the time and she’s giving me training tips and is such a bamf! I’m in awe of those who have taken such good care of themselves that they are younger physically than people my age. That and I want to be the old broad who whoops the young’uns asses in races (because that has totally happened to me before!)

And there you have it and hopefully you learned something interesting. Again, if you want to know anything (I was mildly surprised at how few “favorites” questions there were) just ask and I’ll be happy to answer. Happy Monday all!

P.S. Check out this giveaway that TeaMarcia’s doing. Pretty sweet, although I want to win so don’t enter 😉

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