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May 22, 2011

Did You Miss Me?

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I took a longer hiatus than I wanted but I suppose 10 days is an eternity in the blog world to go without posting. What have I been doing in those 10 days? Well pounding the pavement, duh, among other things.

I don’t think I mentioned it last post, because I don’t think I knew when I hit publish, but that fall that caused the boulder to be lodged in my knee also cracked two ribs. Fabulous.  According to the doctor at the clinic I’ll be fully healed in 4-6 weeks post-fall provided that I don’t do anything silly.  Like cough or sneeze or laugh too hard. And up until last night I was doing well when I took a tumble while celebrating my roomie being done with her first year of her PhD program.  Luckily alcohol is a pretty good painkiller.

Before that though the pain was tolerable during the day.  Sleeping is still really tough.

I did ask when I could return to running and he said immediately, depending on my pain tolerance level.  Of course I run the risk of re-fracturing ’em but I can do that by hearing a good joke. I’m a sucker for a good joke, and I laugh at lots of things I probably shouldn’t.

Luckily my pain tolerance is pretty high and I’ve been getting the miles in.  Last week I worked less clinic nights than usual so I got out of work a couple days at 1600 and got to do some doubles.  While I love the long run (I did a 17 miler on Saturday!) there’s something mentally refreshing to do 6 miles before work and then tackle another 6 post-work. Because it’s “only” 6.

Which helped the lack of motivation because all last week I thought I was living in Seattle; it was so foggy every morning with rain in the afternoon/nights

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Which is why on Saturday, when the sun finally showed itself, I took advantage and ran long.  I didn’t intend to get go 17; my route was only planned for 13.  And during that loop I really didn’t think I’d be able to do more than that.

Newsflash: the sun and warm temps zap energy.

But, about a mile from my apartment, a few things happened to me

  1. I kicked a squirrel.  Well maybe I didn’t really kick it. It ran out of a bush and crashed into my ankle.  I actually have a bruise from it!
  2. I saw a few of the med students that volunteer at the clinic outside of a Starbucks.  Normally when I see people I know it doesn’t change the distance of my run (I just start to haul ass to not appear slow/tired etc) but I was going to a bbq put on my the med students that afternoon and wanted to brag.  Now to most people 13 miles qualifies as bragging.  But some of them had run the Providence marathon 3 weeks ago.  I needed to go big or go home.

Surprisingly the last 4 miles of my run were the best. I felt energetic and light.  Given how the mid-miles had felt I’d have thought that going for more was a stupid idea.  But maybe no? I actually ran around a lot at the bbq; playing frisbee, volleyball, AND boomerang, although one of the guys I was with got nailed on the nose. Champ as he is, he still played on with a nice battle wound

thanks google images.

Anyway, I left my last post saying that I was WAY stressed out, and to a certain degree I still am.  But some stressors are out of the way: I found a med student to sublet from so I’m no longer going to be homeless in July/August and my family stress is stable — still bad but stable for the next few weeks. I still have lots of unresolved stress but it’s nice to be able to put some things on the back burner.

I’m hoping things are looking up for now; I can’t guarantee another hiatus but I’m thinking that for now I’m back.  Off to go try and catch up on 10 days worth of blog by y’all!

November 16, 2009

Case of the Mondays?

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Ugh to Monday mornings.  I don’t actually *not* like Mondays (they’re really not so bad) but my Monday runs? Well let’s just say that I’ve come to accept that they will be slow, heavy and difficult.  But, like most things in life, if you try to embrace annoying stuff your attitude will shift.  I’m hoping this will be the case with Monday running although it’s hard to embrace getting up at 0600 (compared to “sleeping in” the days before) to run early (rather than mid-morning which is ideal for me) on little sleep (Sunday nights are sooooo hard to get to bed at a decent hour!)

Last night I tossed and turned forever, not taking my first shut-eye until 0000 (midnight) and then promptly waking up at 0243, 0307, 0457, 0534 and finally my alarm at 0600 (well technically 0559 haha).  I have no idea why last night was so restless.  I think the temperature of my room was a bit warm but I wasn’t fully awake enough to get up and open my window so I didn’t.

Needless to say my eyes were, and still are, stinging a bit from not sleeping.  I felt more awake after doing some corework to kill time before the sun came up (ugh winter is a-comin’) but I knew that, like other Mondays, a speedy run was not in the cards.  I tried to let go of the desire to push-push-push but it’s hard to do so!

My quads felt a bit shot and heavy and I prolly should have called it quits after the first 5 miles of a loop that I had planned.  But I am nothing if not stubborn so I stuck out the 3 mile loop that I wanted to do for a total of 8 miles.  I’m kind of glad that I did the second loop simply because my quads loosened up and I was feeling stronger.  I stood up straighter and my stride felt smoother.  Granted my legs still felt drained at the end but those 3 miles did boost my mood that I *am* capable of running.  The first 5 miles definitely tested why I wanted to be out there.

The weather was pretty darn perfect too.  Mid-40s and cloudy, although there was so much fog! It practically hurt to breathe.  I don’t mind the fact that fog running is creepy but all that moisture in the air? Trust me, our lungs do not want to breathe water.  We live in land, not good ole H2O for a reason haha.

Given all the “bad” conditions (fog and my lungs, heavy legs) the run is a success in my book because it made me feel good when I was done.  My heart rate was a bit higher than I would have liked for an easy run though and for that reason I’ve begun debating whether to start using my HR in my training thoughts.  I already take my HR immediately after a run and then 2 minutes after but I’ve started wondering whether it would be useful to monitor this during runs, when I wake up etc.  It might be a good way to feel better about pacing or decreasing/increasing mileage if I have actual hard data rather than “my legs feel heavy”.  Hmmm something to ponder this week.

And thanks for the “pep” talks re: my friends and my birthday.  I’m not feeling as upset as I was over the weekend.  Running will do that for you. Plus I’ve been having really vivid dreams.  Sure, when I remember my dreams it means that they were scary / disturbing but there were definitely moments where my mind was at ease and I woke up smiling. Wonderful dreams make up for bad days. Always 🙂

Since today feels like spring I’m going to go now and enjoy the rest of my day.  GO DO THE SAME! haha

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