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June 24, 2011

Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday. Means Dance.

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Still busy.  Still planning. In the process of moving to my sublet this weekend. But two posts in one week? One work week in fact? I’m happy with that.

Sooooooooooooo what’s keeping me sane? Musica. I don’t really know if any of these ones are considered “current” but they are goodies in my eyes and if I can scream at the top of my lungs and bust a move then it’s all good.

And since I’m taking casual Friday to the extreme and listening to my iPhone as well as going out dancing tonight (holllllllllllllllerrrrrrr) I want to use this post as a vehicle to start getting pumped (trust me: I spent the past…well I’m not going to admit to how long I actually spent searching/researching songs. I had to limit myself to lucky #4 for the blog though). And by pumped I mean creating a pre-gaming mix.  Suggestions are welcome!

Also note: these songs go on running mixes too.  Thankfully I don’t run with music often because I’m 97.3453% sure that I’d end up with more cracked ribs that way!

  • Fist pumping song. Never. Gets. Old. “Yeah X3” by Chris Brown
  • This one is just awesome to belt to. I’m toying with the idea of karaoke-ing it.  Angry. “You Lie” by The Band Perry
  •  “You Be Killing ‘Em” by Fabulous.  Mostly because it have the best line ever! (They say she a dime. I say she underrated)
  • “Evacuate the Dance Floor” by Cascada. Ummmmmmmmmm dancing. Need I say more?
  • One that I just rediscovered is by Shakira. Hot.

Okay so that was 5. Moving onto running related notes before I add 5 more…

I’m still running obviously.  Like the month of May I’ve been running a lot of miles and trading off for speed.  Lately (aka this week) my energy levels increased a bit — mostly from sleeping a combined 34 hours over last Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and partly from doing more afternoon running — and my pace has sped up a bit as a result.

I. Wish.

I’m just rolling with the running thing.  My muscles are starting to feel slightly sore and so are my feet so I’m going to take it as a sign to start listening to my body and ease up if it seems to be an ongoing/recurring/continuing thing.

But that whole going out and dancing thing tonight? If it’s going to cause muscle/feet soreness, well then, I think it’s a price I’ll have to pay. Have a great weekend y’all!

March 4, 2010

Funk & Another TM Tempo

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Awww you guys are soooo nice for saying awesome things about my February mileage! Way too kind.  Each of your comments have made me smile 🙂

Which I’ve been needing lately.  I don’t know what it is exactly but I’ve been in a horrible funk.  I hate making excuses but I think that the grueling semester, grueling training schedule and everything life related has practically beaten me down.  I still have some fight in me (hence why I don’t feel like I’m making excuses completely) but man, it is tough to make myself get going and do what I need to do.  Nothing really serious or anything (I’m not staying in bed all day or anything) but it’s just been difficult to motivate myself.

I think it’s that time of the semester AND of training where this is suppose to happen.  School-wise it’s always tough right before spring break (T-9 days!!).  And running wise I need to keep in mind that I’ve been going at this for almost 10 full weeks. I’ve been pushing and going hard every week (I was going to say every day and that might be true even if it’s not physically hard per se).  It’s that point where the actual race isn’t in sight yet BUT I’m so far into the training program that it’s all I can remember.

So while I feel like I just made a bunch of excuses for why I’m in a funk I’m also being proactive in trying to change it by attempting to sleep more, set myself up for success with my quality runs, and making time to watch my favorite shows with my friends. It’s kind of working which is why I said earlier that I have some fight in me.

Another part of my funk is the weather.  It’s being soooo New England lately.  You know the expression “if you don’t like the weather in New England just wait 5 minutes” Pretty basically what’s been going on and I was told today to not discount how that physically makes me feel (ie crappy). It ended up raining/snowing last night so the roads were slick and wet and I really didn’t want to deal with it.  When I woke up this morning I just KNEW that the weather plus my mood was NOT going to allow me to run my tempo run optimally.

So for the 3rd day (out of 4 for March — which I was told by J that it’s the only day that commands you to do something. Think about it) I was on the TM.  As much as I keep saying I don’t mind the TM I can’t do it so frequently! And I’ve been getting some questions about why I don’t use a track and it’s because my school doesn’t have an outdoor track.  Sure we have an outdoor track team but they have drive to some high school or other college to use for track workouts.  Trust me, I’d sooooooo be using a track if I could.

Anyway, despite my blahhh mood (because I’m sure that I could complain about it foreverrrr if I wanted to) I got in a great workout in.  At least I think it was a good workout, my mind was just kind of floating around so I don’t really remember it haha. BUT I was able to feel really good post workout.

  • 3.5 mile warm up
  • 7.1 mile tempo @ 7:19
  • 3.5 mile warm down

Total time: 112 minutes
Total distance: 14.1 miles
Average pace: 7:56

The tempo miles actually flew by.  I set the TM to manual and inputted 52 minutes which I knew would give me slightly more than 7 miles which I was okay with.  This way I didn’t have to keep checking the clock and could just keep running until the belt started to slow down.  Muy Bueno.

I wanted to push the tempo another mile but I didn’t because my body was at the point where it was time to stop.  This point is soooo subjective but I think that over the course of this training I’ve been able to read my body pretty well so I actually said out loud that I didn’ t need to go further and that doing so would be bad because my body had taken everything it needed out of this workout. Plus, like Tuesday, it was also the point where my ankle / shin was making itself known so it was the smart thing to stop and I even iced immediately after the run (yes it’s a plastic baggie surrounded by an ace bandage. I’m a college kid who is not part of a team, hence makeshift ice wrapping):

And I ran into a girl that I know who is on the swim team and she told me to just walk in boldly to the trainer’s office and ask to be seen.  The one catch is that I would probably have to go during odd hours (like in between practices) because I’m not a school athlete. But she said that I’m working just as hard, if not harder, than some school athletes and that they would likely be willing to check me out.  I’m going to try and fit it in but the hours I’d have to go are weird so I’m not sure at the moment if I’d have a class during that time. But I’m trying to be proactive about it even more than I am already.

And as much as I was kind of dreading the run I felt great afterward, like  I really worked hard. I know that if I were to have tried this outside all my mental stuff would have shown so I set myself up for success again like last week.  Now I totally think the best thing is to do tempos outside (I mean races aren’t done of the TM man) but sometimes I think that the mental aspect of running — ie me running on the TM and keeping my spirits up due to my funk — needs to be put before running in conditions.  I think that I’ve run in enough bad conditions to feel prepped for Boston 😛

And check out this giveaway from Marcia!

October 24, 2009

Today is a thinking day

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Since when did just running to run not be good enough?

Wow tough question to ponder on this Saturday morning but that’s what I found myself asking myself on my long run today.  I’ve just been pushing myself so hard and feel pressure (totally from me) to run a lot more miles than I need to.  Mostly for bragging points.  I mean, sure, the extra miles usually do feel good but during my run my thought process is this: Push 1 more mile so that you can say that you ran x miles when someone asks.  Ummmm hello missy but most people are impressed that I get up early to run AT ALL much less that I ran 8 vs 7 miles or what have you.

This was the case today with my long run.  For the past 3 or 4 weeks I’ve been running around 14 miles I think for the lr.  Time for some cutback so I planned out an 11 miler which I thought I was going to be okay with.  Especially when my legs felt soooo slow during the first few miles. But, even with dead legs, my mind kept working out ways that I could turn the 11 into longer.  Crazy right?

In the end I only added 1 extra mile to get 12 but I felt BAD.  And bad in two sense: 1) 12 miles =/= 14+ miles so I felt guilty (don’t know if that’s the right word) that I wasn’t doing as much as last week and 2) 12 miles =/=11 miles so I felt guilty (again not sure if that’s the right word) that I couldn’t stick to my plan. Crazy right? (Uh-oh I can feel crazy being “the word” for this post).

After eating and showering I’m accepting the 12 for what it was: a decent 12 miles.  My legs felt AWFUL during the first couple of miles (I actually debated cutting the run shorter) but they felt better as time went on and my last few miles were slightly below target pace, leading the overall pace to be slightly slower than target but I’m okay with it. My stomach was also bothering me. I know that during hard exercise blood get diverted away from the GI tract so it can do to the muscles but there really wasn’t anything in my actual stomach to feel all funny.  I honestly thought that I wasn’t going to be able to hold anything down when I finished! Even now, 2+ hours later my stomach is still feeling queasy.

I feel like I’m heading into a funk.  And I don’t like it.  I know that funks are cyclical so it will end.  I also know that the more I try to fight the funk the worse it’ll get.  So I need to buckle down and let it wash over me.  Part of the funk is due to me pushing so hard with the running so I’m going to attempt to cut down my running this week; hopefully I can get over my mentality that I MUST run a certain amount.  Because no one else cares about the exact mileage.  So why should I?

The other half of the funk in the uncertainty of next year.  For the first time in a while I don’t know what the next year or two is going to bring me. And that is slightly scary! But again, I know that it will pass eventually.  Just need to accept it for what it is.

Now, re-reading what I just typed the words feel really really heavy.  Especially for a weekend haha! Don’t worry as I’m not sitting around brooding over this.  Just some slight musing as I had ample time over the course of my run. I go from yesterday’s bubbly non-running (at all) post to a serious post 🙂

But here’s something that I’ve been listening on repeat for the past hour or so. C-mon now, you can’t NOT smile when listening to it!

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