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June 20, 2011

Another 10 Days…

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…or more (?)…and no post. I was originally typing it up Sunday night but then got drug to Pub Trivia.  And beer.  Tough life I know.

This one isn’t going to be a huge catch up on all things running though.  Mostly because I’ve been doing the same thing. Well not really the same thing, I’ve been varying the distance and routes that I go. But lots of miles and lots of slowness.  I’m loving it.  With no race on the calendar it’s nice to get out there (and in 70* weather! For the most part, there have been some cold damp days as well as some HHH days) and run.  And think.

I’m still holding close the real reason (s) I’m not posting much.  But suffice it to say that I’m making big plans, both happy and sad. I feel like such a teenage girl not sharing but I don’t want to jinx anything, for better or for worse.

But the following pictures kind of / sort of depict what I’ve been doing FUN wise over the past few weekends this month.  The first weekend was my sister’s graduation…in the middle of nowhere….but beautiful scenery for running.  Because I was literally in the mountains.  I had high hopes of running to the NY and VT borders but time constraints forced me to not. I had brought my phone with me in case I should encounter beastly wildlife and snapped a few pictures.  And by a few I think I mean 13.  The large majority of which I will share.



The hills…errrr mountains…are alive with the sound of music.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand again.

Path I was actually on.

The rivaaaaaaaaaaaah

And to actually prove that I was at a graduation I present to you la famille.

The following weekend (the 12th) I went to a wedding.  For a friend whom I’ve known since I was 10. And I’ve known the groom since I was 14 (when they started dating). YIKES! Most of the pics snapped aren’t mine, so my favs will follow; although anyone who is FB friends with me can see all of them.

Waiting for the event to start

The class of 2005 (minus the bride of course)

Let’s dance

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm let’s see….anything else exciting happen lately? Oh yeah. The B’s! And my hero. It’s been so nice to “have a reason” to go out on a weekday night.  Too often I find myself staying in because it’s a “work night”.  Psssss (did I mention I went to pub trivia last night? Sunday?)

thanks google images

So that’s been the highlights of my June so far.  I suppose that since I’m posting, oh say, never, this might just be the linked post when I type up my June “Previously” post hahah! I feel so terrible being such a bad blogging friend but I swear that the end is in sight. It might be another 2 weeks off (I’m moving into my sublet this upcoming weekend and the ongoing family / future plans drama type stuff) before I’m fully back but I haven’t forgotten about this blog. Or y’all.  Promise!

May 23, 2010

Sooooo. Now What?

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Good morning all.  I am HOME and in the midst of *unpacking*.  Who knew that I owned so much stuff? I mean, over the course of the past week I have filled 4 SUV loads.  Ummmm this has never been the case in any other year.  Normally I can move myself out by myself with just my SUV.  Wonder what happened this year?

Anyway yesterday (Saturday the 22nd) was a pretty big day.  Kind of like the culmination of 4 years of hard work and sweat and, yes, many tears.


The ceremony was amazing.  My school is really small in general, and we don’t have any graduate students, and my graduating class was about 400 which allowed the whole thing to be over in about 2 hours. Sweet deal.  But that didn’t mean that I wanted to rush through it or anything (although I kind of did because I *still* wasn’t fully packed. Oops).  Just that sitting in the sun in 75-80* weather in black robes isn’t ideal haha.

The long and short of it is that I graduated.  No tears but I did get chills when our speaker, Ann Curry (who, despite my not liking her, was really good) finished up her address with Winston Churchill’s quote “Never never never quit”.  Oh and did you know that her first job post-college for journalism was as a cocktail waitress?  Maybe there’s hope for me to make it big 🙂

And since you guys liked my Rosecliff pics and liked seeing some non-running stuff in my life I have some from G-Day.

Me and my advisor.

But let me back up a bit.  Friday night was Sentimental Night and the Candlelighting Ceremony.  It was fun, not quite as emotional as I was expecting though.  But we watched a slideshow from the past 4 years and then went outside to the pond to send our candles on their way.

The candlelighting ceremony starts freshman year where, on the very first night on campus, we’re given candles and stand around the pond to light them.  And then, 4 years later on the very last night on campus, we take our freshman year candles, light them and then send them of their way into the pond on floating boat-like things.  Very cool looking

Sadly my boat thing didn’t want to float and this is what I ended up with

Oh well.

The rest of the night was a night of drinking.  Sorry no pictures of that 😛

Saturday morning (aka graduation day) I rose at some ungodly hour to run before the ceremony.  I doubt I really slept though given the night before.  But I was in my bed for a little bit.  So I will say that I did go to bed that night. Maybe just not for that long.

The weather was perfect for an early morning run.  Well maybe not *perfect* (I would have preferred it to be a bit cooler and less humid) but all things considered it wasn’t bad.  I was unsure, even when my alarm went off, as to where I would be running too. As I got dressed I decided to run the two routes which I can distinctly remember running from freshman year. A nice 6.1 miler followed by the “original” route of 3.8.

The run wasn’t stellar.  But I didn’t really expect that I would pull out kick ass splits given the activities of the past few days.  Which was nice.  Sometimes when I’m going fast and feeling good like that, the background scenery gets lost.  Not a bad thing but not what I wanted as my final run.  I ended up running the 9.9 and tacked on an extra 1.3 miles because I was running much faster than expected so I could.  I also think that I wanted to delay the inevitable of putting on that cap and gown.

Overall a nice 11.2 miles at 9:10 pace.  I’m very happy with that.

What I’m not happy with? My bladder.  I guess it’s fitting that on my last long run at school my bladder wants to act out.

And from there I went off to go graduate, which I talked about at the beginning of the post.  Hmmmm maybe I should go back and edit this to be chronological? Nahhh I’m too lazy and tired to do that ha!

As for today I’m toying with the idea of hitting up the gym for some xt.  With finals/senior weeks happening recently the school gym wasn’t open much so I ran a lot.  I think I’m closing in on 60 this week.  So I’m sure some elliptical would be good for me. I’d rather run though of course.  We’ll see 🙂

P.S. I promise I’m going to try to catch up this week on emails and the like. I’m normally not this flaky I swear!

May 21, 2010

D-1. Eeeek.

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Phew. What a long day! I know that I’ve had longer but I’m all zapped out of energy at the moment and all I want to do is lay down on the floor.  Because my bed is lofted and I don’t think I can hoist myself up onto it hah!

I guess part of my exhaustion is my own doing.  After Rosecliff (thanks for all the compliments! Glad you liked the post and my dress and told me that I looked wonderful 🙂 ) and getting very little sleep that night, I was out late again Thursday night celebrating the last Thirsty Thursday.  Normally not a big deal but I wanted to get a run in before my graduation rehearsal this morning.  Which started at 0900.  Ugh.  Oh well.  At least I’m not a hardcore drinker.  Some of my peers were still drunk when they showed up ha.

So I got up at 0600 (good thing I’m graduating because I sure don’t act like a normal college kid!) to run because I knew that by the time it ended it would be really hot and I’d be unmotivated.  And sure enough by the time I finished my run at around 0730 or so it was already 70*.  Hello summer?

The run itself was pretty unremarkable.  A tad on the humid side but it felt bearable.  I need a gradual build up to full blown swimming pool.  Think that my runs would count as XT at 100% humidity and I could call them pool runs?

It’s bittersweet to be running this week.  Obviously I’ve mentioned it enough but graduation is tomorrow an dI’m moving on in my life, exciting!!, but moving into a very unstable world, scary!! For my running this means I likely won’t ever have reason to run these routes again.  They’ve been with me (through some modification of course) for the past 4 years.  I could, and probably have, run them asleep.  And I know I’ve run some of them still drunk after a good Thursday night.

But enough nostalgia.  Today’s run: 9.3 miles of goodness.  It didn’t feel good the first 4 miles and I questioned whether or not I really wanted to be doing this.  This meaning 0600 running, not running in general.  Especially since I had had such an amazing run the day before. When that happens sometimes a little lethargy and lead in the legs shuts down the go-get-em mentality.

Regardless I had another mile to go before I passed by the dorm and by the time I got there my legs were feeling good to complete the rest of the run.  I negative splited the run, not too hard to do when the first half is wicked slow ha!, and ended on a semi-fast note.  A strong note.  Another good good-bye run.

I also did some core work right after the run.  I was planning on going to the gym after the rehearsal but I still like to do my core immediately after finishing.  I think it started when I needed to make my gym time shorter when I was doing doubles and the natural thing to do was to move my 15 minute core routine to right after the morning run but I’ve kept it there because I like feeling hardcore and the burn while I’m still wicked sweaty.  Today was a mix of that and the fact that I had that picture of my abs on my brain from yesterday and wanted to keep those abs rock solid 🙂

And I’m not vain at all.  Promise 😉

After the rehearsal I did make it to the gym and man, it was HOT in there.  I know it’s a small school with a limited budget so I’ve never expected air conditioning in the gym (or in any other building really) but it was stifling.  So I did my thang and got out of there.   And I also wasn’t really in the mood to be lifting either.

Which brings me to a question I’ve been pondering: how much of what you do, do you do because you feel like you have to? I mean, I obviously love running and never feel like I have to do it but rather I want to.  But sometimes with lifting I’m questioning why I’m there.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve written about how awesome I think weights are for you and the fact that I grew up with a father who was wayyyy into lifting so I don’t see it as evil.  But sometimes I think I do it because I know it’s going to make me a better runner and that’s the only reason I head over to the gym.  Yoga and stretching are the same way although I avoid them like the plague and never do them.

It was nice to read this post from Jess saying that she hadn’t lifted in about a week and a half.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s really necessary to make sure to hit the weights 2-3 a week, every week.   Oh well, just some musings.  I’m definitely not pushing my body to do something I don’t want to do and after my date with the weights I felt really good and powerful and strong.  But sometime it’s so hard to take that first step.  Guess how that it with many things in life.  The whole inertia thing.  Yup Newton’s first law.  I am getting my degree in physics tomorrow 🙂

Speaking of tomorrow, I plan on getting up early to run and calm myself before the ceremony — yes I know that means I’ll not be sleeping a wink tonight so maybe “getting up early” is misleading haha. Final goodbye run.  Don’t know where it’ll be yet but I think I have an idea.  I probably should be hyping these runs up so much — I told my friends about them, the whole saying goodbye thing, and they looked at me like I had two heads!   But the run will likely be one of the first routes I can recall running regularly.

Oh man! Look at the time! And the length of this post! Gotta go get ready for my last night on campus.  We’re doing a sentimental night and the second half of the candlelighting ceremony (the first half was done our very first night on campus).   And then the Last Chance Dance. Wooooot!

Check out the giveaway that ErikaH is having. And I apologize in advance if I’m not around much this weekend to comment on all your lovely blogs.  I may have a few moments here and there and I still love you guys but I’ll be too busy graduating 😉

June 13, 2009

There ain’t nothing like…

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yes another country song title.  Except I’m going to finish the phrase with seeing your younger sister graduate high school when it seems like yesterday that you did.  And by yesterday, I clearly mean 4 years ago. Yowza!

The ceremony was nice but it felt sooooo long! It was about 2 hours long, which isn’t bad but the reading of the names (which was *only* 300) took forever.  I wanted to jump out of my seat and read the names myself to speed up the process! But my lil’ sis is a high school graduate, again: I feel old.

In order to make it to see her walk the stage on time (as well as her friends because they’re pretty cool too), I asked my friend if we could start our run at 8am.  Ok, so I know that 8 isn’t that early and many of you reading regularly get up at the butt crack of dawn (and finish then too!) but it’s summer and I’ve had enough 6 am wake up calls from the past semester to last me awhile.

And man it was humid that early.  Not too hot but the humidity ruined any chance of a cool feeling.  Guess I’ll be drinking lots of water today. The run itself wasn’t anything to write home about but it was an enjoyable 11 miles nonetheless.  We were running through the local national park and there were so many other people out there this morning! Maybe it’s because I typically run this trail during the week, midday but I’ve never seen so many people.

Eh so not exciting run = lame post.  Sorry about that but sometimes it happens.  And I shouldn’t say that it was a lame run because it was really great to be running with someone else who could push me. Granted each of us think that the other is holding back so we end up pushing each other.  You would think that after a bunch of runs together we would figure this out and allow us to run at the pace our bodies want.  But if you thought that you’d be wrong, because every run we do together is pushed.

Even though I really enjoy my alone runs, its always great to be out with someone else.  My partner is doing a 10-er in the morning but I can’t go because I’m working all freaking day.  Too bad because it gets lonely in my head sometimes haha. Are you a solo runner or do you run with others? Or a mix of both?

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