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December 30, 2010

Painting is Really Freaking Hard.

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Because that’s what I spent my day yesterday doing.  Between the shoveling on Monday and home-improvement around the clinic yesterday I have been getting my XT in for the week.  I know that one of my goals last year was to XT more but I don’t think this is what I had in mind.

Okay so I wasn't really doing home improvement stuff per se. But man, was JTT cute 😉

Don’t tell my mother but I did some serious handyman stuff yesterday including but not limited to: spending 2 hours in Home Depot trying to find the correct color of paint that was needed to match the hallways, spackling and then painting two offices and a kitchen as well as scrubbing down a bunch of walls.  And rearranging furniture and mounting bulletin and white boards. Really now? I don’t even do this in my own home. Oh what I will do for a good recommendation.

In terms of running, yesterday I got that run I had wanted to post work.  And it was SPECTACULAR. I was probably high off of the fumes from the paint and cleaning supplies but I ended up with 8 miles at an average pace of 8:23. It just felt effortless. I really didn’t feel like I was pushing the pace at all but I was working hard because I had to take my gloves off during the run AND my last mile was sub-8. Holler: I’m back.

I should make it a habit of running after work as those seem to be my least complainy runs.

I woke up this morning ready to tackle my run and set out for one of roughly 10 miles, 10.8 according to my map.  It was slow and hard and the route I picked wasn’t really cleared of snow.  So I probably got some long jump and high jump action in there.  Variety.  You know, mixing it up.

Thanks google images

But overall the run didn’t really suck and I do think that “I’m back” in terms of recovery because I knew that yesterday was awesome.  I did feel really sleepy and exhausted this morning so, barring any huge energy rushes, this will probably be my long run this week. I’m still trying to make it 4 full weeks of easy running before jumping into a “base building” phase for Boston.

I also did my PT exercises (which I hadn’t done since SUNDAY!), pushups ( 22, 22, 30, 30, 24, 24, 18, 18, 60 ) and situps (33, 33, 45, 45, 36, 36, 32, 32, 100  ).  This was W6D2 and I can’t believe that next week I’m expected to do 100 pushups in a row as the program is ending. Eeeep.

But I guess I can’t really complain too much.  I’m sure that the pushups (and I swear that after every set I grumble…can it be a grumble if it’s said in a big girl voice?…”I HATE pushups. Why am I doing this?!”) have helped me.  I’m not sore after shoveling and painting stuff. In fact, after doing both tasks I felt rather accomplished.

Jeez.  I just re-read that sentence. Am I maturing into an adult? I cook, bake (yes Jess I plan on making a pie from yesterday’s post from scratch this weekend), clean, shovel and fix things? Good thing that NYE is coming up soon and I can totally dash that allusion.

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