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March 14, 2011

So much for a cutback week, right? At least there was Pi(e)

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Well at least it was a cutback week in terms of intensity, as I was going to originally call this post “the week of the 10 minute miles” because that’s what all my runs hovered around with the exception of a really long LR.  If any of y’all are my facebook friends then you already know that I banged out 24 miles (well 24.2 to be exact) on Saturday. It was a great run to end “the week of the 10 minute miles”.

Guess I’m feeling better, no?

I spent Friday night in a low key fashion but still managed to get to bed really late. Funny how that works.  So late that when I got up Saturday morning….well I didn’t.  I mean, I woke up but didn’t drag my butt out of bed until about noon.  And then decided to go for a run and let my legs decide how far I was going to go because I wasn’t really into the idea of running at all.  But I knew in the back of my mind it’d make me feel better.  And it did.

Since I had been sick earlier in the week (and still have the sniffles now!) I wasn’t sure how far I could make it but I figured I’d start with a nice, pretty 13.5 mile loop then see what would happen beyond that point.  The weather was FIFTY (five-zero) during it and it was the first run of the year without gloves on.  Gotta love that!

I don’t have many thoughts about the run as I was running it (or rather I’m sure I did and I’m jealous of those of you who can remember what you’re thinking about during your runs!), except that I was *incredibly* thirsty.  Like really REALLY thirsty.  Maybe it’s a sign that I should start carrying water with me, or at least find routes that have water fountains. Or simply hydrate well the night/day before as I’ve never had the problem of being thirsty on a run before.

But despite being thirsty (after the run I drank lots and lots of sports drink and water….which made my tummy hurt because I drank it so fast! hah!) physically the run was great.  No aches and pains, I kept the pace manageable for a long run and consistent with how my long runs have been lately (hovering around 9:00 pace).  Distance wise, this run was not the longest I’ve gone (duh a marathon is) but time was it was about 90 seconds slower than my first marathon (which was my slowest).  It may be neither here nor there but I think that it’s cool / interesting that I am capable of running 2 miles MORE in LESS time.

As I said, physically my body could handle it but mentally it was a tough run.  I thought about quitting after each loop that passed me by my apartment (I did 4 loops total: 13.5, 4.4, 4.1, 2.2).  The fact that I didn’t quit after any of them (and I actually thought about going for another 2 to say I’d done a marathon 😉 ) makes me think I earned some type of mental toughness award.

Or lots of this, as my friends and I celebrated Pi day a few days early on Saturday:

PI(E) DAY (which is 3.14 by the way)

this image will probably be edited once better ones (of the other table (!!)) go on facebook hah!

Anyway, before the party but after the run I did something I’ve sworn up and down that I’d never do…take an ICE BATH.  Yeah, I’d definitely never had one before 1612 on Saturday afternoon.  Mostly because I hate being cold but also because I recover really quickly from things in general (I’ve never been really sore after races…or sore at all I guess) but since I had been running for quite awhile (and there was a bag of ice in the freezer) I figured why not.

Ummmm brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Okay okay maybe it wasn't this bad. I wasn't fully submerged. Thank god. And thanks google images (although I vaguely recall this image being from a House, MD episode)

I think I whimpered as I hopped in and my roomie definitely shouted “it’s an ICE BATH.  What did you think it would feel like?!” hahah.  But I survived by listening to music and trying to read a book.  After *exactly* 20 minutes I hopped out and turned the shower on and HOT about a half hour later.  Does that negate the usefulness of the ice bath? I sure hope not!

I’m not quite sure if it did anything because, as I already mentioned, I recover quick from workouts in general.  My left knee was a bit cranky when I got up on Sunday and I’m pretty tired overall.  But that can also be blamed on: pi party and time change.  So who knows.  But at least I know now that I definitely will be able to finish Boston in 5 (!!) weeks.

At least according to that long run.  This mornings run was tough.  Maybe not so much mentally but my left leg is feeling a bit tight so it was hard to feel like I was moving…well I don’t really ever move gracefully but you know what I mean.  So it was a slooooooooooow run for sure.  No sore muscles yesterday or today (so maybe the ice bath did something? Maybe I recover really well?) but just a tightness.  Same tightness as last December after WR but in the other leg.  Therefore we all know what I should do tonight: ice, stretch, roll.  I’ve actually been stretching  (and using a tennis ball!) here at work.  Fingers crossed it works!

P.S. I have been absolutely terrible at replying to your comments. It’s something on my to-do list for this week!

October 30, 2010

Another Confidence Boosting Workout.

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Surprisingly my legs felt pretty good after Thursday’s 20.3 miles.

I mean, my quads were a bit sore and my recovery run Friday morning was very slow, but all things considered I was up and moving and still agile. Although I may have to re-think going long on a work day, especially a clinic day, because I don’t think I ate enough Thursday night to compensate. Normally I’m not too hungry on long run days but at least on the weekends I can make myself small snacks. On a busy work day? Not so much. Bummer because I like being all hardcore and saying “I ran 20 before coming in today” hahah

I ended up doing a double on Friday, however, as part of the recovery of the long run.  According to my peeps over at RWOL in the Marathon Dailies, doubles are not only a good way to get the mile in (as if I needed help with that!) but “but also gets the blood flowing twice during the day thus speeding recovery”. So when the guy I’ve been running with texted asking if I was up for some easy miles after I got out of work I gladly said yes. Which I’m glad I did because my run post work was the same effort level but was ~60 seconds per minute FASTER than my early bird one.  Mental boost that my body is in shape and can bounce back from hard efforts.

Good thing because Saturday = Interval Day.

I was originally going to do some mile repeats but after reading what Jess did on Friday for her speed work I decided to copy her and do longer intervals.  Yet again, because I’m 99.99% sure I did the same thing last week with my Yasso workout.  She did 2 X 2 miles but she’s training for a half and suggested to me to do 2 X 3 miles for my marathon training. And according to another friend over at RW (who has a blog too: The Puerto Rican Kenyan):

I LOVE that type of workout [ 2 X 2 miles or 2 X 3 miles] for someone getting ready for either a HM or a full marathon. I fall along the camp that those running longer distances (HM and full) are best served by running longer intervals and threshold runs at HMP and MP, especially as you get closer to race day. By zeroing in a goal pace as the race approaches, you train your body to become more efficient at running at that pace. But since it doesn’t take a lot of time to accomplish that, these types of workouts are best done later in the training cycle rather than earlier. NACN

And with 35 (36?) days to go I figured it was good to give my body that type of training. BTW: Half marathon pace is currently 7:10 and GMP is 7:34 for the 3:18:08 time that McMillian thinks I can do.

I also mapped the “mile” route I did and it was .95mi.  Bummer, so it ended up being 2 X 2.85 (and all times below are PACES not what I saw on my watch.)

How’d it go?

  1. 6:45 : The time on my watch said 6:25 and I said “holy #$@%”. I always go out too fast! And even though the actual pace is slower, it still was my fastest repeat
  2. 7:03 : Yup.  I destroyed the chances of goodness
  3. 6:52: Maybe not


  1. 6:52: Wow I wish I hadn’t taken that recovery mile. Hard to get back into fast!
  2. 6:54: Nooooooooooooo, I have one more?!
  3. 6:48: Holy $%$#.  (There were lots of curse words during this mile.  By this point the lactic acid was in full effect)

So I think it went well but it was hard! Like way hard.  By the end my legs were hurting from the effort.  Not pain but fatigue.

My average for the first “3” miles was VERY inconsistent but I kind of locked into a more steady pace for the second “3”.  It makes me a little nervous that the first set was bouncing around with the times but the paces were all around what McMillian calls my “tempo interval” pace (which based on my half time is 6:47-7:01) which is what this workout essentially was.

Confidence boosting? Yes and no. I do secretly (well I guess it’s not a secret if I’m blogging about it now) wish that the paces had been faster.  Even though I knew that the distance was likely off by a little and would affect the paces I was liking the fast numbers. And, in the end, the paces were faster than the HMP or GMP that I was thinking to be appropriate. So the paces weren’t half bad.

Gaaaah. I’m actually REALLY annoyed that the distance was off and am having a hard time getting over it.  I should have gone to the track, but in the end it’s best I didn’t.  Races (at least the ones I run in) aren’t on the track and it’s good for me to do fast stuff on rolling hills. But oh well that’s what I get for not having a garmin. I was going to ask for one for Christmas butttttt  I kind of want the airfare for WR more hahah.

I also took my VERY FIRST ICE BATH.  LIES.  My legs were tired and hurting after the workout so I knew that it was time to take the plunge.  And when I was half way to the store to buy ice I decided that I really didn’t want to do it anymore. So I walked back to my apartment and took a hot shower.

And, because I love Halloween (and celebrated with a costume dance party last night. Maybe that’s why the workout was hard? Hahah! Stay tuned for a few pictures of that as well as the Halloween cookies I made) here’s a theme picture. Because, who doesn’t like themes?! And pictures?

Thanks failblog, SODA DISPLAY WIN


First: GOOD LUCK RACERS. Go get ‘em!

As for me I did a lover-ly interval session.  I copied runjess’s workout from yesterday but used her suggestion of doing 2 X 3 miles.  It went well and it was hard! Like way hard.  I was likely going too fast.  And I just mapped the “mile” route I did and it was .95mi.  Bummer, so it ended up being 2 X 2.85. Annoying but then in means that my pace was a few seconds slower than I thought. My average for the first “3” miles was VERY inconsistent but I kind of locked into a more steady pace for the second “3”.

I’m actually REALLY annoyed that the distance was off.  Oh well that’s what I get for not having a garmin. I was going to ask for one for Christmas butttttt  I kind of want the airfare for WR more hahah

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