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September 24, 2009

Time to get in gear and hit the weights

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No running today.  Katerina asked yesterday when my last rest day was, and I think it was last Monday. As in 10 days ago.  Normally I take rest days when I can “fit” them in because usually my body doesn’t give me the tired signals (or I’m just really bad at reading them).  But I think some of the lethargy I’m feeling is due to fatigue.  Maybe not all but definitely some. And thanks for all the don’t-worry-about-it comments.  In my head I know that but it’s still hard for my heart to comprehend. So a rest day it is.

That’s not to say I’m not going to do anything today.  I got to “sleep in” before my AM class (a rare treat) and I hit up the weights afterward.  I’ve been seriously neglecting strength, specifically lifting, for a very long time.  The last time I was on a regular lifting schedule was during the first half of my marathon training. MONTHS ago.  I did a little bit of circuit work over the summer but nothing serious.  I was just being a mileage junkie and using the hour or so of lifting time to get in extra miles.

I did my normal weights routine:


  • Lunges          3 X 15 (each leg) with 10 lbs using a BOSU ball
  • Calf Raisers 3 X 30
  • Squats           3 X 15

Arms (all 3 X 15):

  • Tricep Kickbacks 17.5lbs
  • Shoulder Press     17.5 lbs
  • Bicep Curl               20 lbs
  • Dumbbell Row      20 lbs
  • Bench Press            25 lbs

Abs (3 X :45 on :15 off) and Back (3 X 15)

  • Planks
  • Row
  • Bicycle

With a 10 minute jogging warm up and down the whole thing took me just about an hour.  And I attacked this stuff with a vengance.  I really don’t think I’ve been in the weight room in about 5 or so weeks. Ouch for tmrw maybe?

Hopefully getting there today means that I can get into a routine where I’m hitting up the gym at least 2 times a week.  It’s interesting because if you had asked me last fall about lifting and such I would have told you that I couldn’t see how runners didn’t get to the gym a few times a week to lift.  And here I am lately practically running the opposite direction of the gym.

On the work front, I was able to get a ton of it done last night. I did 4 straight hours of work.  Granted I haven’t even started anything due early next week / making a dent in long term stuff but I’m happy with my level of productivity.  I just put my head down and put my nose on the grindstone I guess.  Doubt I’ll get anywhere near that amount of work done tonight as I have my shift at the ER tonight for my internship. Since it’ll be Thursday night I’m hoping for some action.  I mean, I DON’T want ppl to be hurt or anything but I want my time there to be worthwhile (esp since I’m missing AppleFest heh) so I want interesting stuff that makes good learning points – and good material for my paper I have to write.

Oh EW. So in my dorm the window screens are too big for the windows so they bow out a bit.  I’ve already killed 3 huge ass flies this semester and there are two more now just stareing at me and flying around and being annoying.  Gross, I pay how much for this school and they can’t give me protection from flies?! Geez!

Oh that note, I’m going to be late for a lunch date and then I’m off to the hospital.  Happy Thursday and it’s almost Friday. And Lacey has informed me that the humidity is supposed to break soon. YAY 🙂

September 17, 2009

Shorts, T-Shirt…Gloves?

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Grrr I really hate doing homework.  Don’t get me wrong: I love learning.  But tolerating busy work has never been my strong point.

Luckily I have posting here, RWOL, facebook etc to provide me with enough distractions to last me a lifetime! Not to mention that The Office premieres tonight.  Doubt I’ll get to watch it “live” but it’s still exciting. Wicked exciting.  Plus NCIS starts up next week. EEEEEK.

Last night was absolutely freezing! Oh okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration.  But it was a little cold.  I think I’ve mentioned it before but I have Raynaud’s syndrome.  A fancy was of saying really poor circulation, so my hands get soooo cold and numb once the mercury dips below 55* or so.  Since this morning was upper 40s I broke out the gloves.  I felt like an idiot because it was still warm enough out for shorts and a tee but hey, I’m sure ppl thought I was crazy for being out running at 0600.

As for the running, well I’d rather not discuss that.  But since this is (primarily at least) a running blog I should talk about it.  The plan was 8 — yeah rather ambitious given my killer workout yesterday.  And like I usually do I was going to do the “add-ons” before the 6 mile route.  But something in my brain said “No, do the 6 first”.  I listened, and I’m semi-glad I did.  My legs felt weak and it was a struggle to finish.  You wouldn’t know it looking at my time but my mind and body weren’t into it.  Maybe it was because I was up at 0540 to workout before my second rotation at the hospital, maybe it was the lack of sleep I’ve been getting all week or maybe it was because of my repeats.  Maybe all three.  Lots of maybes.  But the bottom line is that I was not feeling it. Makes me a little worried because of the 5k coming up, but it’s 2 full days before the race and that should be enough to recover from the repeats, right? Well too late to do anything about it, should’ve more seriously considered it heh.

When I finished I was happy that I ran but I don’t think I could have done more if you paid me.  And I’d do just about anything for some $$. Heh. Climbing the 4 flights of stairs to my room was tough too (I live on the third floor but there’s a “ground floor” that you need to climb stairs to get to floor 1).  I guess I could’ve taken the elevator but I feel so lazy doing that.  And I seriously judge those who do it.  Especially those who take it going DOWN.  But that’s a rant for another day haha.

Just a note about my rotation/internship before I get back to my pile of work.  I did not pass out today.  Granted I was in a different department but I still had anxiety about it happening again.  I was in physical therapy today and it was alright. The PT I shadowed was really nice and I love the aspect of hands-on patient interaction.  Buuuuuuuuuut, I’m pretty sure that’s not the path for me.  About 18 months ago I was pretty sure that I was going to go into PT but then I decided to follow my (childhood) dream about being a doctor.  Even if it means I pass out in the process. Eeek :-/

Although speaking of medical stuff.  I’ve decided NOT to apply to med schools this year.  Looking at my application, it’s kind of middle of the pack and I think taking a year to work would make me a much stronger candidate.  I had a meeting with my pre-health adviser and he basically told me that it was my choice whether to apply this year or not.  I kind of wanted him to make the decision since I’m neither a strong nor a weak applicant.  Even though it bothers me that I’m not applying this year, it’s prolly for the best. It’ll save me A LOT of stress this fall and has the potential to boost my chances of getting into my dream med school.  *FingersCrossedItsForTheBest* I have some ideas of what I want to do for my gap year and I’m a little excited about that which takes the sting away from my decision to delay the med school application process.

And props to you if you stuck through this post — kind of a random assortment of thoughts  🙂

September 14, 2009

Exciting Morning

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So I chose to do a rest day today.  After running so much this past week my body deserved a break.  Plus I had that rotation for my physiology class and in order to fit a run in, I would have had to get up at 0530 — and the sun doesn’t rise for about another hour after that (and Matt: all my watches, cell phone etc is in 24 hour “military” time heh).  Not something I’m terribly comfortable with.  I mean, I could have done a run this afternoon but I had lots of work to truck along plus a bunch of errands.

The internship/rotation was interesting, although it started off a little rocky.  I was stationed in “Wound Care” and I though that I’d be okay with it.  Apparently not.  Well at least for the first patient.  I was with a podiatrist so we were looking at the care of patients with foot wounds.

Let me preface this by saying that I *can* handle blood and bones and gore.  Really.  But I think the fact that I hadn’t had a large breakfast (so my blood sugar was a little low) plus the fact that it was 0900 AND this was my first experience with cleaning/care of wounds made me a little queasy. Well maybe more than a little because I almost passed out.  Luckily I made it to the chair before I hit the floor.  I’m totally fine except for a bruised ego.  Talk about embarrassing!

And to go back to my statement that I can handle these things, I was 100% fine for every single other patient I saw.  Seriously.  Maybe it was because I wasn’t used to the manner that foot wounds are cared for (I’ll spare the details because there are no niceties about it) but after that first patient I was good to go.  Except that of course all the staff there kept an eye on me to make sure I was okay. I mean, I was terrified that it would happen again; totally anxious about anxiety.  But as more time went on that went away too, although I am still feeling a little “off”.  Maybe it was a good thing that I kept today to a rest day 🙂

And despite the exciting kick start to my day I really enjoyed my time at the Wound Care Clinic.  Which is a good thing because I had to skip all three of my classes this morning to go.

So not much of a running post (actually not at all) but I just felt like I had to share my morning with y’all.  Because as embarrassing as it was at the time, it’s kind of funny now.  Although just as frustrating because I don’t know why it was ONLY with one patient. Still funny though.

I’ll be back in running action tmrw morning, gotta take advantage of the perfect running weather!  I actually think by the end of the week the lows are supposed to be low 40*! Crazy

August 13, 2009

Rac — er concert report

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Guess humidity isn’t a great friend to anyone around here judging by the comments of my last post! Hah. Tuesday night we did get a pretty big downpour which helped cool things down a little bit, not much but I’ll take what I can get.

This is prolly going to be a long post as I’m going to encompass all of yesterday in one post.  I was up for 20 hours.  Yikes. Also: great concert + blogger who tends to ramble at times = long post.

I’ll start with my run yesterday (Wednesday).  Last day of interning (or at least going into the clinic to intern) so I got up at 530 for a 6 miler of a recovery run.  I kept the pace nice and relaxed although I don’t know if that was conscious or not.  My legs might have been protesting a little from the tempo Tuesday. Nothing exciting here, just a run-on-the-mill recovery run.  I did get to enjoy what might be my favorite run in my neighborhood.  Only reason I mention that is because I think I’m going on a vacation next week then leave for school, so I’ve got to be thinking “goodbye runs” from here on out.

Interning was the usual.  I did get to read for fun in the morning, as my morning duties were getting patients to fill out a survey.  Ever since the MCAT got done I have been a book glutton! Definitely not a bad thing, but I have been so book deprived this summer! The only “bad” thing about yesterday was that I wanted to leave work early so I could get to the concert on time.  Normally I love staying at the clinic but I would be coming out of Boston to the suburbs before heading back out because I had to feed my neighbor’s cat.  It was a very very tight schedule yesterday but I managed to get to the concert on time! Woot for driving really fast in rush hour traffic — well maybe not woot, more like a prayer of thanks for not getting myself killed in the process!

And the concert: AMAZING! Going into last night I didn’t really know what to except.  The show was at a baseball stadium so it was basically one big party. The headliner was Jason Aldean with openers Dean Brody (hmmm won’t let me put the link in so here’s the URL if you’re interested:  and Jimmy Wayne.  I actually knew more of all of their music than I thought. — I only have one CD between the three of them (a Jason Aldean one).  But I literally won FRONT ROW SEATS. Like legit, front row.  It was awesome. I got to touch Jimmy Wayne when he came into the audience (yes I am still a teenager at heart). I wish I had brought my camera to show you guys but I forgot!

Oh and just a note, because it just popped into my head: I do thoroughly enjoy being tall.  But I felt like an Amazon woman last night.  Luckily I brought my roommate who is just as tall as me (if not taller) so it wasn’t as awkward.  But still pretty awkward when Jimmy (yes we’re on a first name basis) walked by and was what felt like a foot shorter! Ha. Also just to note, if you look at a picture of him it appears that his hair requires more maintanance than mine. Not sure how I feel about that heh. Oh, and just a random note, it was Dean Brody’s bday yesterday and the whole stadium sang happy birthday. Awww.

Jason Aldean rocked it too.  For real.  If you ever get the chance to see him — DO IT.  Words really can’t describe how I feel about it.  Suffice it to say that I want to move to the south where there are real honky-tonks and bars that play country music.  That scene just felt so comfortable.  I would say that the 90% of the songs played were ones I knew, so I got to sing along loud which makes any concert extremely fun.  Even my roomie knew a few and she doesn’t like country music.  He also played some rock songs that she knew and I didn’t, which was something to laugh about.

So there is my concert report.  If I had to give it a grade, I’d give it an A+. I had so much fun, which is why I did a whole post on it I guess.  If my ipod still worked I would load it up with his songs to run too.  I will say, however, that I am a fogie because my ears are STILL ringing!  I’m prolly going to take it easy today as a result of little sleep (thank you internal clock!) and the to-do list that is in front of me and very overwhelming.

July 22, 2009

Fly by…

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…posting, day etc. Not my run though.

I got up at 5 this morning to get a run, some core and pushup challenge in.  First off, I did the core/pushups first.  I never do that but it was pitch black when my alarm went off, so I decided to wait until it got lighter out.  Made me feel safer.  So I think I was tired from 1) lack of sleep 2) dehydration (totally didn’t drink enough ANYTHING yesterday — or today for that matter) 3) doing weight bearing stuff before running.

It also didn’t help that it was incredibly humid out. When it rains, it pours I guess; everything just compounds at once.

So my run kind of sucked. And drug on and on (and yes, I know “drug” isn’t the correct grammatical way of saying it but I’m infatuated with anything Southern and I believe that is a word they use. No?).  I ended up finishing up my run in the exact same time as yesterday even though it was about a mile less.  Not too concerned over it but it bothered me because my legs just felt drained.  And here I was, just talking about how my legs weren’t feeling all the miles I’ve put in.  Granted, it could be one of the 3 factors I named above, but I’ll add a fourth: mileage.

The day at the hospital, in contrast, flew by. In the morning I administered more research surveys (note to self, add to resume / med school app) and got some hardcore studying in.  Totally paid off because I did a physical science section just now and totally improved my score.  Still lots more to study but I think I’ve revamped my studying so that I’m being productive. And it makes me want to email my prehealth adviser and tell him to shove it because, in an email last week, I was told that the list of schools I want to apply to is “shooting way way too high”.  His exact words. Two “way”s. Ughhh. He was basing it off my gpa which is middle of the pack.  Boo. But I just got a confidence boost, so I’m still able to be productive and focus on the end run.

And I “discovered” a new way to drive home from the clinic.  I had to call my friend who lives in the city to give me directions to have a faster way to leave and I’m happy to say I survived driving in Boston. Like, *in* Boston.

Alright got to get back to studying. Have a great night all!

July 21, 2009

I’m back

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OK. I finally have my computer back and semi-running.  I need to re-install all my programs and other stuff which might take awhile because I need to remember what programs I had.  I guess it’ll be more of a “hey, I need install x program because I need it NOW”. The only exception is Microsoft Office because I need my software disk and I can’t find it.  Boo! Hopefully it turns up so I can open my word documents soon.

The only good thing, like I’ve been saying all along, is that I’m really focusing on my MCAT studying.  I think I’m understanding more material and it’s truly an understanding rather than just a memorization.  Bueno.

I’m not going to do a huge recap of my running and life since Friday.  As you may, or may not, have noticed: I write a lot so here are the bullets:

  • Friday: 8.6 miles + pushups
  • Saturday: AM 6 miles and core PM 4 miles of anxiety relief
  • Sunday: Rest
  • Monday: weights + 7 miles

I will say that I ran too much for a cutback week though, and like I said in my recap, it really fell on a double day Saturday.  I was really stressed and needed a cathartic run.  I’m not sorry that I took it and I think my mental health and anxiety levels trumped my legs.  Sorry legs.

I also wrote last week that I got some new professional looking clothes.  And I ❤ them and I promise I will talk about running later in the post.  I got 2 skirts, one a bright (but not florescent!) pink and the other a black with pink and white flower petals on it.  The later isn’t a print, but the petals fall around the hem.  I also got a pair of capris that have navy and white vertical stripes, which remind me a little of the navy.  I got two tops, one white the other purple, in the same style which is really pretty to look at but not so much to describe; they have a braid along the collar and fit semi loose and flowy.

So now I have a base of nice looking clothes.  I really am a jeans, tshirt and sneakers girl so I’m glad that my wardrobe is getting updated.  I also went out last night for nicer shoes and I found not one but TWO pair. They are this and this can’t find a good pic of the other one.  I am very excited about this. Especially since neither pair broke the bank.

AND back to running.  This morning I kicked off my morning at 530 and got 8 extremely wet miles in.  I debated for awhile the merits of hitting up the gym for a speed session to get out of the rain but I spent too much time debating ended up not having enough time to do that.  So it was outside in rain.  It wasn’t even that it let up at any point.  Two speeds/strengths: hard and harder.  In retrospect, I’m glad I did it because I need to get more mentally tough when it comes to starting my runs when it’s already raining.

I’m currently debating the merits of trying a cutback week this week too.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to really reign myself in but maybe another upper 40 week instead of jumping back into the 50s? I’m not sure if that will really have any effect, or if I should really try to cut back, or if I need to.  Thoughts?

In any case, I need to get back to studying.  I was really lucky today at the clinic / internship.  In the morning I was assigned to sit at reception to hand out a research survey and got to get some good studying in.  Got to keep the focus going now!

Also check out this awesome giveaway.  Pretty sweet.

July 15, 2009


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I don’t know all you really early birds do it day after day.  I was all perky yesterday from my early morning into late night and even this morning I jumped up to run at 510am. But I’m crashing.  Hardcore. Right now. Please bear with this post if it’s incoherent 🙂

My run was pretty good.  I mentioned that getting out of bed wasn’t that hard, and it wasn’t. It wasn’t as fast as yesterday (which surprised the heck out of me) but it was still a respectable pace that I wouldn’t mind seeing on a daytime run.  The only downside to getting up at 510 is that the sun wasn’t out and it made me a little nervous to be outside running alone.  Typically when I lock up the house I hide the key somewhere on the property but this morning I took it with me (so I could use it as a weapon if need be). On the other hand, the upside was that I actually got to see a summer sunrise, which was lovely.

The reason I got up earlier than yesterday was because I wanted to fit in a half hour of core and arm strength moves after the run.  And I’m proud to say that I killed my arms and abs.  It wasn’t anything new or different but I think I really focused on not half-assing my way through the stuff.  It’s amazing what a little mental power push can have on the outcome of a workout.  I doubt I’ll be that sore tmrw but I really really felt the burn. Which is pleasant in it’s own right.

I had a whole rest of a post typed out but I deleted it.  Because it was too whiny and I think I’m going to try and do what Sarah is doing: trying to complain less.  Suffice it to say: I am stressed over the MCAT, my G.P.A and my choices of medical schools I want to apply too.  Which all relate to one another.  So it’s three stresses for the price of one. And I’m so overtired that I’m getting frustrated by my lack of focus. Woah. Rethinking that thought: I will enjoy watching a movie until I fall asleep pass out in bed. I don’t fall asleep that often anymore after doing something that *isn’t* med school / internship related.  I WILL revel in it tonight.

On a related medical note, the day at the hospital flew by.  I got to observe more patients, but there were overall less patients in the schedule so I still got to do some research and pull some articles for the article review / lit review I’m doing. Still struggling with how it should all be organized (any ideas?).  Nothing too exciting to report, except that I get excited to go into the hospital and be surrounded by people who are what I want to be.  Plus, I drove into the city (and out) successfully today in rush hour traffic.  Yahoo! (See? Positivity baby)

Oooo and check out this birthday giveaway.  Pretty cool.

July 14, 2009

First full long day

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Well I guess it hasn’t really been *that* long of a day per se I guess.  But it was my first full day and I’ve been up since 530 so I’m going to call it a long one.

My wake-up was at the aforementioned 530.  I wanted to get a run in before heading into the clinic and I’d much rather get up early than wait and do it after dinner and late.  Oddly I felt more awake at 530 than I typically do when I get up at 6.  Maybe my brain was just jarred into being awake or something because I felt like I had mental acuity than I almost never have.  It was like being hyper aware of everything.  Doubly odd because I went to bed fell asleep around midnight.

My run was pretty freaking awesome too.  I didn’t get to see the sun rise (still up too late for that) but I got to see that pretty little hue that tells you it’s freaking early. My pace was also faster than normal. Like a minute per mile faster. Maybe there’s just something to running extra early and sleep deprived. We’ll see tmrw when I get up at 5 so I can get into the city (as opposed to a hospital satellite location closer to home) on time.

And since I was running faster than I planned I had extra time to get ready, which is never a good thing because pressure leaves me no time to sit around and procrastinate.  So I ended up leaving later than I planned.  Oh well.

The first day on the job went well, I guess.  There wasn’t a whole lot of patient interaction on my part.  The doctor that I’m with didn’t have that many patients today so I got to use the hospital computer to do some research and I think I’m getting somewhere with it. I was able to print out a lot of articles to go over tonight and discuss with her (the doc) tmrw.  I also think tmrw the day will be busier patient wise so hopefully I’ll get to learn something in that respect.

Nothing really exciting to tell you. Oh wait! I forgot that there was a kid, who I never met, but I got to look at his MRI for his knee.  He hyperextended it and tore his ACL completely, his MCL partially as well as small tears in a quad muscles and ligaments.  I don’t know if it sounds impressive here but to look at the MRI and see the damage kind of made me awestruck.  I mean, the kid (and I actually don’t know if it was a boy or girl)’s ACL was so puffy that it looked painful to look at. Okay, so lame story but it was really cool if you were there, I swear!

So I’ll leave you with that.  I’m off to go over research and (hopefully) MCAT stuff. Hopefully my lack of tiredness doesn’t catch up to me!

EDIT: still changing around the theme of the blog. Hopefully that’s okay with y’all. I seem to have theme-ADD! haha

July 13, 2009

Perfect week for a cut back week

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The title is a little tongue in cheek because it *is* a perfect week as last week was insane BUT running is my stress relief and…

I feel acutely stressed out, with no apparent cause.  Well, maybe the stress is from nervousness as I finally get to interact with patients tmrw at my internship.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the research that I’ve been doing (more so the actual learning rather than the tedious process of finding sources and writing a paper) but I really love meeting patients and finding out what’s wrong with them and trying to fix it.

Ok well maybe I don’t exactly do that. Yet. But it’s wicked fun being around a doctor who is doing it because she tells me why she’s doing stuff and all that jazz. So hopefully I’ll have something really exciting to tell you (within reason.  I have to sign a confidentiality form, which makes me giddy because I’m finally going to be at the hospital *doing* something!) And, as a side note, it’s funny that I find patient interaction to be my favorite thing because I am a terribly awkward person in real life which makes meeting people interesting to say the least.

I got a really good run in today.  And by good, I mean recovery and less miles than I wanted.  Very good because after inadvertantly running 58.2 miles last week I know my legs need less pounding than that this week.  I need to finish writing up a schedule for this week to stick to because without a overarching plan I tend to overdo it.  Opposite of most people in life with respect to running (or exercise in general) but I think it’s pretty common among runners.  At least those that I know.

So my workout was:

  • 1.5 mile warmup
  • Full body circuit / weights (including W5D1 of the pushup challenge)
  • 6.5 mile run (yes I know 6.5 miles isn’t exactly short but better than the 8 or 9 I was planning before I remembered my cutback week plan)

Overall a good workout that left me tired in the I-pushed-myself way, not the my-body-needs-rest way.  Very satisfying indeed. If anyone’s interested, I was thinking of putting together a tab/link and including my lifting / circuit routine. I know I’ve talked about the routine in a past post or two but thought it might be useful to have it in a easily accessed location. Thoughts?

The rest of my day shaped up to be MCAT work mostly.  Which felt eh, I think I’m becoming better at really slowing down and understanding what I’m looking at before answering the questions but who really knows. I thought that the last prax and I failed it.  Oops. But no worries here.  I think that if I stay calm the results might just be more favorable. What a crazy and novel idea!

Off to finish organizing my gmail account.  Stupid me, I accidentally re-imported another email account of mine into the gmail one and now I get to go through all 1200 + emails that just got dumped into my account.  Grrrrrr. And then it’s The Closer, bed and an exciting day tmrw!

July 8, 2009

La-La Land

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My run felt a billion times better today than yesterday.  My legs were a little tight and took about a mile or two before they loosened up.  I set out on a 7.6 mile route but I was feeling good and rebellious so I tacked on an extra .5 to make it 8.1.  My pace was slightly faster than yesterday but not by much which is a good thing.  It shows that I can be consistent and hold myself accountable to really going easy on days that I’m not going hard.  I’m trying to get myself out of La-La-Land; that pace that’s too fast to be useful but also too slow to be useful. Apparently my body loves that pace for training even though it won’t really yield anything come race time.  Except, of course, a La-La pace.

Afterward I did some arm and core.  I didn’t set out to do this but I basically did my strength routine minus the leg work.  Oops! I started out with my pushups and then wanted to do some more arm work because it felt good.  And I ❤ my corework so there was no way I was giving that up.  So before I knew it I was late for an appointment! Luckily it wasn’t anything I had to shower for but I still felt bad showing up all gross!

Today was also a day where I showed my uncanny ability to finish my runs a millisecond before a big storm hit.  It was so big that there was a tornado warning! I was no where near the actual touchdown site but my area was included in the warning.  Kind of cool, you know mother nature and all, but I’m sure it would have been a sight to see one.  Makes me feel all Wizard of Oz-y.

Seeing as how I broke out of La-La Land with my running today I decided to take the initiative and really flush out the article that I’m writing.  It’s on adhesive capsulitis (aka frozen shoulder syndrome) and diabetes.  It was a good fit between me and the doctor I’m working with, as she’s into endocrine and I’ve toyed with ortho.  I was able to finish the intro (minus the editing process).  Granted the intro is the easiest part but at least I have something to show her when I go into the clinic!

One aspect that I’m hurting in is the wallet.  I just got A) my tuition bill for the fall and  B) a partial list of the books I need for my classes.  Being a science major sucks because every book is a textbook that costs, minimum, $150.  Thank god for Amazon, even though I’m tempted to spend lots of money of things like t.v. on dvd.  I did plunk down $25 for the fourth season of The Closer.  Not too bad considering I wanted to buy the first 5 seasons of NCIS. Because I am a huge sucker for older bamfs. Someday I might share the list of my dream hollywood men.  And yes, they’re all 40+ (I’m 22 for reference). I think I’ll leave you with that eye candy.

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