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May 17, 2010

Fever? Again? Seriously?

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Apparently getting a fever last Wednesday during finals week wasn’t good enough and whatever virus I’m harboring decided to crop back up last night.  103* fever, body aches, chills.  Grrrrrrr.  Not to mention the sore throat, congestion and ear pressure I’ve been dealing with as residual stuff post-Wednesday.

Bummer because this week is senior week and I want to be in top form! Luckily I’m feeling a bit better after “sleeping” it off (granted I was up every hour because of it but the time in my bed was kind of nice).

Quicky post for me because, like I mentioned, it’s senior week so I have lots to do. Both fun stuff (like the white glove brunch that was this morning and the treasure box ceremony later tonight) as well as…more cover letters and calling places up. Running however, won’t be one of them.  I’ll try to sneak out for a run later but I think I missed my only opportunity because, while I woke up with no fever, I had a splitting headache as a result of the fever and subsequent dehydration so my morning run didn’t happen.

But I wanted to share this interview I did yesterday (before I came down with my fever) with Ian from MeButFitter.  He was nice enough to accommodate my schedule to do this and it was lots of fun to do!

Here’s the link to the interview because I can’t figure out how to put it into my post because it’s not a youtube video or a similar website.  Hopefully you guys like it!

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