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April 5, 2011

I Love the Fishes Cause They’re So Delicious.

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Giant. Graham. Cracker. Goldfish.

Still good even if broken. Poor fishes. They never stood a chance.

Like the out-of-the-blue goldfish I’m going to do pull together a post with all the paragraphs of stuff that I’ve written in the past week but it wasn’t enough to make into a full post or didn’t fit into what I was writing about at the time. Or just filler because, post-LR on Saturday, my runs have been boring.  And my quads have been achy.  And I’m exhausted.  I have managed to take advantage of some nice weather (54* on Sunday and I avoided the precipitation on Monday) but they were boring.

I’m hoping that, as I’m posting this, my Tuesday run is going…well I’m not unhappy with my past two runs!  But I want something to shout from the rooftops. I’m trying to keep in mind what all of you keep telling me: focus on the next two weeks and get to Hopkington healthy.

FIRST: you can rest assured that I have clean clothes to wear.  I finally did laundry.  Sure I may have told all my friends that I was going here-there-and-everywhere-they-aren’t Friday night.  But that’s because, after4or 5 consecutive weekends of going out I needed to launder my clothes, open a bottle of wine and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

I also needed to catch up on sleep because I’ve been getting 3-4 hours a night this past week.  Yes, I know I can function on little sleep and it’d be one thing if I was staying up late partying doing something productive.  But it’s because I get up 3-4 times to PEE . I’ve even enacted a “no drinking anything post 1900″ rule (the exception being drinking alcohol.  Then I sleep like a baby with no wake ups.  Weird?)  And no it’s not diabetes.  I know this because I get tested literally every time I go to the doctors. Every. Single. Time. Thoughts?

But don’t worry I made up for the staying in on Saturday night.

SECOND: I am a nerd.

And proud of it. What makes this even better (my sister sent it to me) is that I’m reading excerpts from Stephen Hawking’s new book. (and I’m obsessed with Epic Rap Battles of History)


Remember when I bragged about going through a salt shaker every, like, 10 days or so? Well that’s ending.  As of last week.  As you may, or may not, know part of my job is medically recording doctor’s notes (kind of, well exactly, like a scribe) and one of the doctors was talking about how she told a patient to stop adding salt to food due to hypertension (HTN).  Out of curiosity I asked the doctor if I should be worried about my salt consumption and my future health, because currently I am as fit as a fiddle with no family history of HTN (and edit: my BP is routinely 95/60 or something very close to it).  Well she told me to quit the salt.  Or at least start to cut back.

Damn. I’ve added little to no salt to things since then and man, does my food taste different. I know my taste buds will get used to it but still.  This is going to suck.  I know the last time I did this I got really lightheaded and got many head rushes so I’m slowing weaning myself off of it to adjust.  But DAMN SKIPPY.

Thanks google for giving me this. Because I’m too young to actually know where it came from 😉

If you see me passed out on the side of the road, please insert a salt IV. Please?

FOURTH: I was going to end this post with a funny FailBlog picture about how proficiency decrease but focus increases when a deadline comes rushing up (it was a x vs. y graph. Yes I am a nerd).  But then I found this instead on

This is my kind of workplace.


Hopefully you’ve been thoroughly entertained by this post. I know it was highly amusing to peruse funny websites and youtube.

March 31, 2011

Laundry or Food

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Guess which one I chose to take care of last night?

Hint let’s just look at letter U shall we?

Anyway…I do want to bitch (again) about the weather.  As Sarah so astutely pointed out

the recent “cold” weather has felt weirdly warm for me. Like, it will say 19 degrees outside, but I’ll be sweating within minutes. I’m not sure what this means, other than it’s 19 degrees in late March and that’s not particularly appealing. Humidity?

I’ve been stepping outside of my apartment WAY overdressed.  But I’m dressing based on the temperature, and even taking sun / cloud cover into account, I’m overdressing.   She’s 100% right that 19* at the very end of March is sooooooooo not what anyone wants.  But it feels warm.  And, dare I say it?, nice! I hate to think that after 24 years of suffering through the cold I’m about to adapt.

We’ll see though, as it’s supposed to snow April 1.

Happy April's Fools Day y'all

Gotta love the north east.  In any case, the weather has been nice out lately. Or so it feels. Weird.

Which was the case for Wednesday’s 0530 run.  I figured that, with it being in the 20s and with the sun still sleeping (which is EXACTLY what I wanted to be doing when my alarm went off.) I’d be a little chilly.  Nope, I was sweating within minutes and, after running the first of 2 loops, shed the sweatshirt and mittens.

And then I ran the second loop faster than the first one.  Which is my standard M.O. but lately, aka with the IT band acting wonky, it’s been the opposite and I’ve been more tortoise than hare during the final stretch.  Not sure what this means but I’ll take it! The total pace was still on the slow side though as my leg was achy for longer.  Still no pain.  I’ll take that too.

Especially as I go into…taper? I feel like I’ve been tapering already! It’s been almost 3 weeks since I did anything hard.  This weekend marks 3 weeks since my last long run, which was the 24 miler that I think was the trigger for the IT pain.  I mean, I definitely haven’t been slacking with the overall mileage (and thanks to those of you who have assured me that the 20 split that I did this weekend is okay) butttttt I’m hoping that I surprise myself in a few weeks.

That said, I’m not quite sure how I should attack the next 2.5 weeks.  Obviously it’s taper time (although I was going to do a 2 week taper originally) and I can’t cram any true goodness into my body in terms of workouts but I can’t help but feel that my body is going to be stale when I get to that starting line.  Any thoughts / suggestions as to how I go about the next 17 days? (zoooooomg is that it?!)

I still haven’t ordered my jacket yet.  I probs should get on that. But right now I’m still giddy over some exciting news about my future after my year with AmeriCorps and the clinic is done. I feel really terrible about not being able to share more on here but, with nothing set in stone and my year with AmeriCorps still having 4.5 months left (yes that has become a mantra for me!) I’m going to continue to be cagey.  But good vibes are appreciated for everything to work out and not fall through at this stage.

I’ll also be nice and let you listen to the amazingness that is Enrique.  I’m soooooooooooo feeling him and his latest music. Although I do prefer the non-radio edit version.

I’m off for what I’m hoping to be a 13 – 15 miler.  My (or rather my IT Band’s) version of a long run.  Then again, maybe I’m supposed to be doing something shorter as this is the taper.  But it’s the beginning of it. Gaaaaaaaah.  This is what I get for flying by the seat of my pants with training! Fingers crossed I make it.  Or rather make it intact! I didn’t sleep well last night (couldn’t fall asleep so I stayed up watching NCIS and The Office then kept waking up during the night) so it should be interesting to say the least.

November 9, 2010

Give Me Speed and Give Me Strength

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I’m weirdly happy that you guys were intrigued by my laundry system.  It’s really not complicated at all and when saying it aloud makes me feel silly because in the end everything gets washed together.  Yes that’s right: whites, colors, line dry, washer friendly.  All together.  So far I haven’t ruined any clothes (or, more importantly because I’m about a billion feet tall, shrunk anything).  The only thing that gets separately washed is sheets and towels. But that’s because they’re on a different schedule.

Briefly (and I can’t believe I’m writing about this on my *running* blog) : I have 3 laundry baskets

Lucky for you I did laundry over the weekend so the baskets aren't overflowing!

One for anything that can go into the dryer safely.  One for things that MUST get line dried but are a worn once and done deal and one for work clothes that can be worn again (or things like jeans that duh can be worn again).  Essentially it boils down to two baskets for workout clothes and one for regular clothes.

I feel silly typing that out.  It kind of shows that I’m not quite all there? But I’m a runner so it goes with the territory.

Back to running though… and I might confirm that I’m not quite all there because I had on tap for today a tempo run.  I guess this cycle Tuesdays are tempo days.  I still hate tempos and still don’t really quite know what I’m capable of on any given day.  Two weeks ago I ran my tempo @ 7:04 and last week was 7:16.  I think that I should be going slower than that, ideally GMP which is 7:34, and I kind of knew that I wasn’t going to do that today.  So the goal was to go and be in control for the tempo portion.

After a brief warm up (which was on the quick side) I dove right in.  Because I know certain landmarks on the particular route that I ran too I was able to track my progress over the course of the tempo portion.  After the fact of course as no Garmin for me (although THANKS to Megan for the Nike+ that I got in the mail yesterday 🙂 )

Like I said above the plan the past two weeks has been to do the tempo between HM and GMP.  No different today. And luckily all the snow from yesterday had melted.

The Workout

  • Warm up
  • 2.2 miles in 16:02 (7:17)
  • 2.2 miles in 15:03 (6:50)
  • 1.2 miles in 8:17    (6:54)
  • Warm down

Grand total for the tempo is 5.6 miles in 39:22 mines which is a 7:01 pace with 13.3 miles total and an average of 8:08.

Well, I went too fast. Big surprise there, right? Normally I’d secretly be happy with it and I guess in the grand scheme of things I am really happy with that pace.  It’s fast.  But not quite a tempo workout. I mean, according to McMillian my tempo pace workouts should be between 6:53 and 7:11.  And this was more faster. Obviously.

I’m also a bit disappointed on the whole “control” goal that I had.  I felt in control for the first portion and probably should have stayed at that pace for the rest of the run but I saw 16:02 and thought (wrongly duh) that it meant 8:00 pace and sped up.  The second portion then felt out of control and was way faster than it should be.  Between the second and third portion I had to stop to cross a road and I couldn’t get a good feeling after that.  The lactic acid had built up and those split seconds of not moving just attacked my legs.  Still I got a good pace on that last 1.2 mile bit.

Overall I can’t lie and say that I hate this workout.  I LOVE that I was able to run as fast as I could for as long as I did.  I love that my hips and legs felt the lactic acid at the end (maybe more rolling later?) But I can’t lie and say it was a true tempo.  I don’t really know what it is.  Maybe it’ll tell my legs to run faster at WR and absolutely smash any notions that I might have for this race.

I guess we’ll see in <4 weeks.  Eeep.

In addition to mega speed I  felt sufficiently bad about my LACK of strength work  the past few months (the last time I did lifting was…July? And core…August?) so I printed off some time efficient challenges: One Hundred Pushups and Two Hundred Situps. The gist of both challenges is that, over the course of 6 weeks, you should be able to do it.  Sounds simple enough.  I did the pushup one over the summer of ’09 and it was HARD.  I think I repeated some of the later weeks so it took me 8 weeks total.  But I did it.

I need to look like this again hahah

I chose these challenges because it wasn’t as time intensive as going to the gym (not that I have a membership) and I didn’t feel bad about not doing 45-60 minutes of lifting.  Today only took 10 minutes and because I was following a program I didn’t feel bad about it at all.  I’m starting with Week 1 Day 1 (W1D1) and column 3 (I didn’t do the initial test but I know that I’m strong enough to do the last column)

Pushups: 10,12,7,7,max(10)

Situps: 15,18,10,10,max (15)

I alternated doing pushup set 1 with situp set 1 until I was done with the whole thing.  My arms feel like jello now! Guess it’s been far too long since I did this stuff.  The funny thing is that when I looked at each set individually I thought “wow this is going to be easy” but I was breathing a little hard by the end.  Probably because on a couple sets I did one or two more than I should. Hello hubris

Google Images

But it was a good workout. And a great way to get back into … well I guess I’m rebuilding muscle now. Then it’s maintenance of it hahah.  And it was a nice way to cap off a really hard speed session too.  I’m at work right now and feel like I’m on top of the world 🙂

I’ll leave it at that because this post is long and maybe a bit rambly.  Maybe it’s the wicked strong coffee and I’m out of focus (possibly reflective in the writing of the post!) but if you’ve made it this far you should check out the giveaways from Marcia and Lesley and Sam

October 2, 2009

Week = over!

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Thanks for the good lucks guys.  I’m not quite sure how the exam went.  The essay questions I felt really comfy with but the multiple choice? Ugh.  Always such a hard section for me.  Oh well, it’s over now.  And I’ve been really successful so far about NOT compulsively checking my notes for the right answers.  Less stress this way I think.

My morning was just as crazy as normal.  I was up bright and early (well maybe not so bright as it was pitch black). Did some core work while I waited for the sun to come up.  You know how the other day I was complaining about my radio? Well the only time I get reception is at 0600 and it’s the top-40 channel.  If you’ve been following me at ALL you know I ❤ country.  So I get to listen to “Party in the USA” and that Pitbull song while I rock the abs.  Heh.

Another cool morning, maybe 42* when I left? Funny how it wasn’t that much warmer than yesterday but mentally knowing that it was above 40 made heading out so much nicer haha. And since the weather was chilly I did another 9-er! Craziness.  And I ran it faster than yesterday by about 90 seconds which (for the not-so-math inclined) is 10 seconds per mile faster!

My quads are still feeling sore though and I think it’s because I’ve been pounding on them so much.  If you have a good memory you’ll note that I’ve really been putting in the miles.  Since tmrw is suppose to be rainy and thunderstorm-y I think it might be a nice day to catch up on some TV (L&O: SVU, the Office, NCIS, Numb3rs) and get to do some work.

My morning classes went well.  I had to recite a French poem that went SPECTACULARLY compared to how I thought so I was tres happy.  And I actually had physio class where we learned new material.  Ew.  The test wasn’t until 1400 because my prof wanted class time to keep plugging along in the course.  Lame.

After the exam (which took forever and was hard!) I went grocery shopping because I was out of dairy stuff.  Plus it’s also very nice to get off campus every once and a while.  I essentially live in a bubble, oh small liberal arts school. I can steal all the bread, grains, fruits and veggies from the dining hall but dairy? Not so much.  And I drink ~40 oz of milk a day and eat 2-3 8oz yogurts.  Granted some of the milk is at meals but I love having afternoon bowls of cereal and I need my own stash of milk for that. So now I have a fully stocked fridge.

I also have a fully stocked bureau because I did laundry last night. I had been putting it off for about 3 weeks and I was at serious risk for running around naked (and given how cold it’s been and the fact that my school won’t turn the heat on for another 2 weeks-ish that wouldn’t be good).  I realized how worn out all my sports bras and underwear are.  Definitely need to hit up the mall or something.  Yay shopping! But boo shopping because that means I need $$.  Something clearly lacking in my life.

Okay, Friday night = watching my (former) roomie playing vball during homecoming weekend.  She’s 12 kills away from joining the 1000 kill club.  Since I know you guys are so nice, if you could send some good vibes her way I’d really appreciate it.

And since it’s homecoming weekend lots of my ’09 friends will be on campus so I’m sure tonight will be lots of fun even though I have no concrete plans right now.  There is a dance (yes my school has dances) so that might be fun.  I think the theme is black light? Definitely could be interesting.

It’s also my friend’s anniversary of her 21st.  Always a good time! Heh.

Hope y’all have a great Friday.  Let’s celebrate this wicked long week being over!! 😀

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