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October 22, 2010

I Am The Proud Owner Of…

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Well I wish I could say that it was something exciting like a BRAND NEW CAR.  But no.

A library card will have to do instead.

YAY reading!

I’ve actually been meaning to get one since I moved here but just never had the time.  After work I had some errands to do that were within walking distance of my apartment.  While on the way I realized I had some time to kill before my dinner plans (and clearly still do as I wasn’t going to post today because my running has been monotonous lately hahah) so I decided to walk to the library I pass on one of my running routes.  The alternative was do run again when I was done with the errands.

I’m pretty sure that this library I decided on is the furthest library from my apartment and in the end I’m pretty sure I walked ~4 miles so I’m not quite sure if my “no double to save my legs for tmrw” plan worked.

But I now have a library card and checked out some books that I’m pretty excited to read. YAY.

Major win.

In actual running news, however, isn’t as major a win.

CIM closed yesterday. Bummer. Any other suggestions for December? Preferably in a warm climate? I’ve gotten some suggestions already but the more the merrier.  I think that no matter where I decide it’s going to suck to be my bank account.  I just need to click the submit buttons on travel plans and registration fees with my eyes closed!

But I’m actually really starting to warm up and love this idea.  Even though I haven’t done any specific marathon training since Boston. No real specific training for anything really.  Which is unlike me to be so enamored with the idea given the lack of preparedness I’m at.  Sure I’ve put in the miles but is it really enough? Is the lack of speed work enough?

I ponder this because it seems like EVERYONE is doing speed work the past two days, either intervals (Jess, Lindsay) or tempos: LaceyMegan).  Okay so that’s only 4.  But  seeing as how I was going to do speed on Thursday — but opted to go long instead — and then rescheduled it to Friday — only to not do it due to being too cold.

It’s soooooooooo not a good excuse but I really wasn’t feeling speed so early, and with it being so cold AND early my mind was made up.  I just wanted to crawl back into bed.  I think that doing speed on the weekends is going to be my thing and do LRs during the week.  It seems at the moment to gel with my work schedule best and I don’t have to worry about rushing to work because the only way so far to get me to do speed work is head to the track. And overall that makes the process time consuming. At least during the pre-marathon training months.  I’ll revisit days of the week as training for Boston gets closer.

Therefore Saturday is going to be my speed work day and I shall head to the track.  Since 800s seem to be the interval workout of choice I’m thinking that looks pretty good.  Although I do really like mile repeats.  Hmmmm. Decisions.

I did get a “speedy” 10 miler instead aka faster than the usual 0530 runs.  It was surprising to be so “fast” in the early morning.  Which is why I got 10 in rather than the 8 I was planning. A little extra time although 2 miles was definitely pushing my time factor hahah. I think it was so speedy because it was so cold: despite wearing gloves my hands went numb.  Not completely but it made me wonder how I’m going to get back into my apartment when the real cold comes (aka unlocking the door because today wasn’t that cold and it was slightly difficult to turn the key!)

Nothing else terribly exciting going on.  I am planning that baking frenzy that will be this weekend.  It seems like everyone is baking stuff lately as well.  Or maybe because I really want to bake it feels that way.  Not sure what I’ll make as I currently do not own stuff for baking.

Hopefully between my baking tomorrow afternoon and my planned speed work I’ll be a bit more exciting next post 😉

As a treat here’s something that I found (and may actually have re-found as I may have posted this awhile back. Oops if that’s the case. I’m getting old and forgetting things!) and laughed at.  I’m so mean at laughing at others’ pain.  I love the caption on the actual youtube site: “Philip Idowo runs into stupid lady”

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