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September 23, 2010

Bullets = Scatterbrain

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Whoa there. Today’s clinic has the potential to make this week feel really long and gloomy and when I tried to write a cohesive paragraph-ical post this morning I couldn’t.  Sooooo here are some bullet points.  Because bullet points are inherently jumbled and by the time Thursday comes around I am usually jumbled.  But there’s always this to cheer us up — and the promise of the weekend so despite Thursdays being a long work day I still love them to death 😀

  • First I’ll start with the running.  It’s been going well.  Last week I complained a lot about my crazy hours at the clinic and this week I’ve been working more reasonable hours (granted I just jinxed myself!). But the lack of sleep and overload of stress really hit THIS week. I’ve been sleeping like a ROCK but still been very tired (Except for the annoying texts that my friends (who still do not have jobs and therefore do not understand why I want to be a granny and go to bed before midnight) send me post-midnight. But we won’t talk about that hah!).  What does this have to do with running? Well on Wednesday I had planned a shorter run because my legs have some lingering soreness from the 5k but I was so deep in thought and out of it that I missed a turn.  Which added 3.3 miles to my route.  Annoying.  Especially since I was so committed to NOT running far that day. Normally I wouldn’t mind but the cumulative effects of a hard race 2 weeks ago and a hard race a few days ago has left my legs still a bit groggy.  As much as you would never believe that I could type this out but I could have used a shorter distance day.
  • Thursday (today)’s run was nicer.  Maybe because it went according to plan hah! I went out bowling last night but because of the later clinic today I got to sleep in.  Which was like a rock again.  So I woke up ready to tackle my run.  And tackle I did.  I chose to NOT run the pathway like I usually do in the mornings (it was 0800 and felt safer because there was sunlight and lots of people around) and run through the city.  It was a different feel because I normally just run there on the weekend.  It was cool to see people hurrying about and kids going off to school. The downside was it was on those steep hills (which one of them I have recently found out is legitimately 12% grade).  Not the fastest run ever and neither the longest nor the shortest run ever but it still felt really good.
  • According to Wednesday morning at 0530: 65* and humid WTF?!  The overnight low Tuesday night was WARMER than the high of Tuesday?!  And the temp Monday and Tuesday morning (at 0530 and 0800 respectively) when I was running was 44*?! How is that possible?! The forecast is also predicting a cold front this weekend. Gahhhh New England.  How I love and yet hate thee.


Seriously. Bamf status right here. How can you not love it?!


Seriously. How could you love this?!

  • Does drinking soda count toward hydration? I used to say NO because I’ve always been told that caffeine = diuretic so it shouldn’t count.  But I’ve since read articles that caffeine is no more a diuretic than good old H2O. AND when I was drinking my afternoon Dr. Pepper (because I’ve found something else other than my diet coke with lime to fuel my caffeine addiction! GASP!) lo – and – behold: the first ingredient is water.I think it should count.  Especially since, and this is likely very shameful, I only drink about 16 oz of actual water a day (I do drink lots of milk.  Like probably too much).
  • I use to map.  And I typically truncate the mileage at the first decimal place (aka 4.56 = 4.5).  Recently I’ve tried to look at the hundredths place and that can yield me up to .2 or .3 MORE.  This also obviously messes with the average overall paces. Thoughts on what I should do from here on out? I just tend to distrust the accuracy of the .01 place but clearly can make a big difference over a longer run like this.  Should I take an average of the two? Hmmmm.
  • I discovered driving home from clinic late one night last week that the route I drive is territory to the Bloods.  As in the gang.  I realized this because there were about 20 cops breaking something up and I checked the news the next day.  I have never been more happy to be leasing the car I drive from my family.  Money well worth spent.
  • I love your guys’ input on my goals that I wrote about last post.  And your suggestions for the time between now and Tufts.  I keep getting nervous / scared for it. Much like I was before this past 5k.  I keep questioning things like maybe I never fully recovered from my half then ran a really good 5k and didn’t truly try to recover from that.  Or I’m training like I’m running for a longer race. I need to smarten up and GET FOCUSED because I have the Tufts 10k coming up! Sometimes I feel like maybe I’m not taking my 10k goal seriously. Or I’m just scared of it. Again: funny because I’m such a type-A personality and I tend take things too seriously.
  • Also on a 100% not related to ANYTHING I’ve written about (but then again is anything really related in this post?) I want to share this gem of a picture that I found on failblog.  It caused me and the girl sitting next to me at work to dissolve into hysterical laughter.  And then I had to text my sister who texted me back:

I don’t know what to think of this.  On one hand I appreciate it and on the other I’m slightly offended

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August 18, 2009

And the road I want is…where?

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So I think I officially hate mapping out my routes online.  At least the site I use (which I will decline to name here) is LAME. I mapped out a route for today but half the roads didn’t exist! WTF? Luckily I was able to improvise well and still got a decent run in but there’s nothing more unsettling than realizing that there *should* be XYZ road here and it’s no where to be found.  This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, so I should either A) stop being so damn cheap and buy a Garmin B) stop being so lazy and drive my routes before I run them or C) pick out a new mapping site. And while I won’t disclose which lame site I use I would appreciate any advise on for a site that will allow me to map (and save) my running routes.

Irregardless (and yes I know that is not a real word but I like it anyway) I had a pretty decent run this morning.   First off I’m going to say that I love being up and out and done while the rest of the peeps I’m with are still sleeping. Silly non-runners 🙂

Secondly I’m going to say that these NH hills are killing me! My legs are still a bit sore (and by bit I mean very) from the hill workout I did yesterday.  Plus my arms are a bit sore too.  This could be a combo of the swimming and the hard arm driving I did on the hills. The only good thing about doing hills is that it means when I get back home and eventually to school I’m going to feel superhuman because they’re pancake flat compared to here!

I did feel a little bit stronger even if the pace wasn’t too strong.  I definitely noticed that I was cruising at a nice quick clip over the last bit of the run.  Definitely nice to end any run on a strong note. Based on my (lame ass) mapping I’m going to say that the run was somewhere around 7.5-8 miles.  Maybe a bit too long for recovery but it took a good 5 miles to loosen up. Plus the pace was nice and comfy the whole time so I’m ok with the distance being a tad long.

We ended up seeing District 9 last night and, while I didn’t hate it, I wouldn’t recommend seeing it.  Or at least paying to see it.  We went to a drive-in so two of us (which included me) hid under blankets and snuck in so we wouldn’t have to pay. But the night wasn’t a complete bust because I really love drive-ins, we need to bring those back people!

And as much fun as I’ve had these past 4 days (tubing, canoeing, swimming etc) I think I’m going to head home late tonight or early tmrw.  I still have to go school shopping and pack.  Not that big of a deal but I leave Friday morning! I definitely need two full days to get all my stuff together.  It’s going to be very sad leaving the lake but I’m still very very happy that I decided to come up here.  Lots of relaxing, speaking of which, I should get back to! 🙂

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