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May 1, 2011


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I spectated my first race earlier this morning.  I’m not going to lie: I thought I was going to hate it and that I’d be wayyy jealous that I wasn’t running, etc.

SOOOOOOOOOOOO not the case.  I had a blast.  I mean, I even woke up EARLIER than my alarm because I was so excited.  To cheer the people I knew running the half (which, by the way, it turned out that I knew way more than I thought) and my friend who was running the full (who ran a 3:05 on his FIRST marathon.  Holler). And perfect strangers, because that’s what the vast majority of the racers were to me.

I had spent the early part of Saturday night creating a poster to hold up and cheer everyone one.  After extensive googling I made one that said “Because 26.3 would be crazy”.

Then around midnight, and maybe aided by some adult beverages, genius struck. I give you MM’s amazing sign:

I’m 99.4564564% sure that the racers loved it.  Most of them anyway.  One guy did tell me that “Charlie Sheen is a f$%^ing liar”. But this was with about 1.5 miles left.  So he was probably in pain.  I told him he was awesome anyway.

All the other runners responded positively though. Some other comments I got?

  • I’ve got the tiger blood in me / Adonis DNA
  • Winning. DUH.
  • I am a winner! (which got a “hell yes you are!” from me.)
  • I read your blog (which girl if you are reading this then HOLLER! And if you’re in the PVD area let me know because I am dying for more running — aka any — buddies)
  • Bring me a challenge.
  • Awesome poster girl / Best poster out here.
  • This is just what I needed to see, thanks!

I felt weird that people were  almost cheering me on. Of course I had some good things other than the usual “Awesome job” and “Keep going” — both of which I did say.  But since I was out there for almost 4.5 hours I needed to bring a bit more to the table (I actually was practically bounding out of my bed this morning and did not mind the fact that, as a spectator, I was freezing my ass off for the entire time).

  • Enjoy the ride bro. You are winning!
  • Your success rate is 100%. Do the math.
  • You’ve been given magic. You’ve been given gold.

Can you tell that my fit of genius last night was more than a mere moment? My friends and I — who were not getting up early to cheer with me — kind of, well, ran with the theme.  At first I was a bit shy to be all shouting and yelling (I was at the 1.5 mile mark which was also the 11.5/24.5 mile mark) but runners are such an awesome bunch.

I also loved giving people high fives. A couple other spectators told me that they loved my enthusiasm and one even snapped a picture of my sign for future use.  Not bad for someone who really didn’t know many people out there.

On a less happy note, I thought that spectating the race would stoke a racing fire.  Get me pumped to sign up for a race.  Well it didn’t.

I mean, it did pain me a bit to see everyone out there butttttt I was quite content to go back to my apartment and go out for my own run.  On my own terms. My runs the past few days have been great (perfect weather!) and slowly but surely getting faster but with the same effort level.  And no pain.

It’ll come back though. This I know. Running itself is still fun and hopefully, once my friend recovers and his excitement over the race rubs off on me, training for a race will happen.  I already have some tentative ones picked out. But, and I sent this video to him, I have no real desire to have any of these thoughts.

Hope y’all had a great weekend! I can’t believe that it’s already month 5 of the year. Crazy.

December 12, 2010

WR Splittage and Thoughts

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I can’t get over how it’s been a week plus since WR! How’d that happen?! A week ago from when this post is going up I was celebrating a fantastic race at the Texas Roadhouse drinking

Texas Love

I promised some splits when I first wrote my recap last week but I wasn’t wearing the garmin so I didn’t have them.  But now I do. Thanks sis 🙂 So enjoy if you’re into this sort of thing.  And I’ve tried to add new commentary so it’s not just straight up numbers but I don’t want to really make it another race recap.  Because I’ve already done that. I was hoping to have some actual WR pics up by now but I still can’t figure out how to take the pics.  Anyone want to do it for me? Then I can relive this race through another post with pictures hahah! The pics that follow are camera shots from my Cannon so I apologize for the icky quality, which is why I only included one at the moment 🙂

mile 1: 7:10
mile 2: 7:12
mile 3: 7:09
mile 4: 7:11
mile 5: 7:14
mile 6: 7:11

The “easy” miles.  Or rather the really fun miles because me and Liz were just so excited to be doing this thaaaaaang! Can you say practically dancing in the streets?


mile 7: 7:12
mile 8: 7:15
mile 9: 7:09
mile 10: 7:11
mile 11: 7:12
mile 12: 7:12

More of the same laughing but getting a bit more serious because the initial “omg we’re doing this!” was replaced by “jeeeeeeeez it’s real”.  This is where those boys were making comments about our legs.  Silly boys.

mile 13.1: the HALF Marathon mile: 1:34.00
mile 14: 7:17
mile 15: 7:14
mile 16: 7:11
mile 17: 7:12
mile 18: 7:13

Passing through the half at 1:34.00 which is 3 seconds slower than my half-marathon PR that I ran back in September.  It was scary to think I was running my marathon at such a fast pace! But a good kind of scary.

mile 19: 7:26
mile 20: 7:21

Slooooooooooooowage.  My legs were hurting. Bad.

mile 21: 7:09
mile 22: 7:04
mile 23: 7:01

The Dolly Parton “hills” were in here somewhere.  My legs and hammys were burning and on FIRE but I saw someone where a BC (Boston College) sweatshirt and gave a holler to him. That lifted me up a lot. It also lifted me up to see my friend playing trumpet around mile 20.  It was awesome!

mile 24: 7:00
mile 25: 6:49
mile 26.2: 6:42

I’m going to just repost what I originally wrote on my recap:

  • Holy @#$& these last few miles suck.
  • Holy #$@% I could break 3:10 (thought at mile marker 26)
  • Holy !@#$ I just did (thought at finish line)

Again: Final official time was 3:09.26

And more interesting stats:

  • Over the final 25% of the race I passed 84 runners and only 1 passed me
  • I finished ahead of 96% of male finishers (holllleeeerrrrr)
  • My average overall speed was 8.3mph
  • Broken down by quarter my speed was: 8.2, 8.3, 8.2, 8.5

Obviously a great race and I’ve kept meaning to do a post-WR post but I’ve been (obviously) putting it off because I don’t *really* know what to say. Oops.

But I guess the overall gist is that post-WR I still don’t really feel like it happened.  Don’t get me wrong: my body feels like it happened but the trip was so amazing and awesome and was just wonderful (from the people I hung out with to the 26.2 miles run) that it just seems surreal.

Especially since I only really trained for 5.5 weeks! I do think this helped me immensely and was definitely a factor in my successful race.  I don’t know if I’d recommend this strategy to anyone but I got that mental monkey off my back. Other things that helped me for this race:

  • Rest days.  I’m notoriously bad at taking them but I didn’t run at all the Friday or Saturday before.  I did walk about a great deal but no running
  • Pure track work.  I did speed work sessions before Boston last spring but I felt very focused on it this time around and I fell in love with the high school track.  AKA not the TM where I was doing my intervals before.  And keeping it *just* track work.  In my zeal last cycle I also remember doing hills after intervals.  While that sounded hardcore at the time it might not have been the best.
  • Training for the course.  While with Boston I made sure to get those hills in, for WR I didn’t need too.  Or at least I didn’t need to do them specifically.  RI is plenty hilly enough, Dallas not so much.  My regular routes had just enough to keep me prepared.
  • Tempos.  I hate them.  With a passion but I executed them very well.  I may have run a few of them “too fast”.  At least for what my original goal was (3:20) going into the race
  • I hate to say it but the dreaded 2 X 3 miles.  I hate this more than tempos but in the end I smashed my goal so it was all good.

December 5, 2010

And I’m Off. For Real This Time.

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Slow and steady wins the race.  Except in a real race.

Skinny Runner (or at least I stole this from her blog at some point)

From google images.

A perfect likeness no? Except I don’t have blue eyes. Oh well.

Oops if you thought this was one of those quickie how-did-I-do posts. It’s not. Because I haven’t run the darn thing yet!

But I am ready to ROCK.

This is scheduled to go up at 0800 CT.  AKA I should be starting to run and racing and attempting to hit that puke threshold.  Hopefully I can make it the whole 26.2 miles before that happens 😉

I’m not quite sure what to think or feel  because, given I signed up for this race 5.5 weeks ago, I’m not quite sure what to expect. That said, I think that my training has been great and stellar and “money in the baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank”.  Obviously there is the potential to do VERY well.  It’s just how I’ve been rolling this fall.

I wrote a bunch of paragraphs about this race being a way to meet people that I’ve only known through RW and blogging and play catch up with those that I’ve been fortunate to already know.  And how the end goal is to HAVE FUN. So no matter what actually is going down right now in Dallas, TX that is Mission Accomplished.

But then I deleted it.  Because, while I know that I’m having fun on this trip (Of course I could be miserable right now and it could be snowing or hailing or tornadoing.  In which case the RR should be lovely to read when I get back to New England hahah), and I just wrote the end goal is to have fun, let’s be honest here.

At this very moment the goal is to race until I feel like I’m going to puke, remember?

The trip can be about fun and hanging out but this race? Puking. And I think the puke threshold is about a 7:30 pace (which is ~3:16 marathon, a better seed for Boston, automatic qualifier for NYC and a PR.  I dream big, no?).  I don’t know if I want to be right on that account or not. Puking isn’t very fun.  Or sexy.

To wrap up a rambly post: this race’s tagline is “Run the Rock” I was going share some type of song that was a pop pump up song referring to rocking.  Instead  I will share this lovely gem.  I actually began the outlines of this post earlier this week and, while driving to work one day, I heard this song.  And though EFF YES.

Let’s hope that Texas (and WR) is going to bless me

October 27, 2010

“So is miami the team to beat?” …

“Nah, I think we are.”


Thank you google images

That really has nothing to do with running but I HEART THE CELTICS. For real.  Plus I’m an (ex) basketball player and will always enjoy watching a game.

Plus the Celtics kick ass. End. Of. Story.

And if I’m going to running  a marathon in 38 (!!) days I need to start kicking some ass too.  And soon. Obviously trying to make up for lost time is a recipe for disaster. But every workout still needs to count. I’m in the process of what I want to do with training (and this post was initially going to be about that) but I’m going back and forth with what I want to get accomplished. I do know that I want

  • Two 20 milers
  • At least one speed session a week

But I will say that I’m leaning towards keeping the momentum going that I’ve had this fall in terms of running fast and that was on very “free thinking” training.  I got workouts in but they were never really planned for in terms of a written training plan. And if I’m thinking I really want to RACE then why fix what ain’t broke, right? And in the back of my mind I do want

  • A) a better Boston seed time, which by definition is a PR
  • B) sub- 3:20, I mean I know that I’m not going to be “properly trained” but I can dream big right?

Guess we’ll see how that pans out on December 5th. At this point the best I can do is just go.

But even without a running plan in place right now I have flights booked and tentative plans for metting up with people.  So I know that it’s happening. No matter what happens in the race I’ll be there. Woot.

Clearly I am still excited.

Which is why I don’t really want to talk about the recovery run I had today.  Not exciting. It was slow and dark and muggy. Means I did something right yesterday? I wasn’t hurting on the run but I just didn’t have that spark to go fast.  But again, I didn’t need to go fast today because I went fast yesterday.

I also think the weather had something to do with it.  My body has spent how long adjusting to 30-40* morning temps? (too long as I’m sure you’re away because I complain about it damn near every day!)Part of me wishes that these past two days of warm weather never happened because it’s just going to get COLD again after today.  This morning was 67* and 94% humidity.  At 0430.  Ridiculous.

Although on a weather related note: what’s the weather going to be like in Dallas in early December? I keep imagining billion degree days but that is unrealistic.  Certainly warmer than here though (and I’ll admit to being a warm weather gal so it doesn’t  bother me).

Anyway that’s all I got for you today.  Nothing special (except the C’s of course) at the moment but definitely things in motion. I honestly cannot wait for race day to get here!

I’m definitely thinking about December 5th a lot. And then from what I’ll do December 5th to Boston Training Starting and then to April 18th itself. 

Oh wait! Speaking of Boston, I do have one more thing: I officially got accepted into Boston. YAY 🙂

October 26, 2010

The Post You All Have Been Waiting For….Part 2

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First: Yay for y’all liking my cookie post. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Next up will be Oatmeal Raisin (my all time fav) or a legit PB cookie (because, and I think there was some confusion here, there were only pb chips in the cookies not actual pb). Or I may try something else.  Who knows. But I’m excited for it 🙂

But back to running.  Because I am not Cookie Maiden but Marathon Maiden.

Apparently it seems that you guys all thought my post on cookies was going to be about my destination marathon.  That thought honestly never crossed my mind.  Mostly because I was still debating whether or not I really had the funds to do so. Silly because the blog title has “marathon” in it.

But I was complaining to various members of my family about the agony of wanting to do a destination race but being on a VISTA budget (aka legit poverty) and the solution? Birthday and Christmas present rolled into one.

Therefore I immediately emailed my running sistaaaaaaaaaa to tell her that we needed to choose one STAT before I backed out due to financial scared-cat-ed-ness.  And after texting back and forth last night we have decided to do:

On December 5th


I think this is a good pick because:

  • The only real weekend that truly worked for me was the first one in December (pushing off until January wasn’t good because of Boston) leaving Dallas and Vegas. I don’t think my wallet can handle Vegas.
  • WARMTH and NO SNOW.  RI at that same time? Well I can’t say there will be snow on the ground but it’ll be cold. Hell it already is (or at least last week, today and tmrw are weird freak warm days).
  • A bunch of people from RW Marathon Dailies are doing it and it’ll be nice to finally meet them in person.

Now I just need to pick a flight and figure out accommodations for that weekend.

But I’m excited. And feel a bit crazy.  I mean, December 5th isn’t terribly far away.  Do I have what it takes to run race a marathon at the moment? My workouts ( 20 miler, 10 X 800m intervals) suggest yes but there’s no way that I can say I’ve been TRAINING for this. Which puts me a bit uneasy as I’m such a planner.  And this is so spontaneous.  But all my other races this fall have been spontaneous (or at least in terms of no specific training / signing up for each race not in advance) and they’ve all been good.

Fingers crossed? I don’t really know what to expect.  Obviously not the most amazing race ever but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to RACE the darn thing.

But it shall not be said that I’m in the process of at least semi-training for this race.  Obviously there is no way to make up for the fact that I should have started training earlier but, with 39 (!!) days until race day, there’s still time to get my body in some sort of fighting shape for this thing.

Hence why I did a tempo this morning. Maybe I was running on excitement from making a decision and planning flights and stuff like that but I wanted to go FAST and HARD. I also didn’t sleep well AT ALL last night (waking up every 1.5-2 hours ugh) and felt jittery, needing to burn off some energy. Since I had run intervals over the weekend (as well as had a semi-long run on Monday before clinic) I chose a tempo.  After all, when y’all were guilting me last week with my lack of speed work, some of the workouts were tempos.

Let me preface this by saying I HATE tempos.  I can never seem to hit them right or make them feel good.  According to McMillian, based on my half time from September, my goal tempo range is 6:53-7:11.  I’m really glad I didn’t know that until AFTER the run because it would have freaked me out.  I just figured I’d go hard and hold it. And I knew that, since I hadn’t done a tempo since Boston training, that I shouldn’t expect to jump into a 6,7,8, miles effort.  I chose to do my pathway, which is dirt as well as ~4 miles.

  • 2.2 mile warm up @ 8:56
  • 4.3 mile tempo @ 7:04 (2.15 miles @ 7:17, 2.15 miles @ 6:51)
  • 5.6 mile warm down @ 8:39
  • Total: 12.1 miles @ 8:08

I must admit that I think I nailed it.  My pace was smack dab in the middle of the given range and I ended STRONG.  My heart was pounding by the end though and my legs were tired.  It was such an effort to keep strong. I used the strategy I use in races: try to pick off the people in the distance ahead.  And clearly it worked. I ran the tempo portion on my pathway and looking at the time elapsed at the halfway mark I thought I was WAY off target, hence the speeding up.  But I was able to handle it. Go me 🙂

The weather cooperated too, for once it wasn’t freezing.  In fact it was 65* and muggy as anything.  Which I’m not complaining about except to say that my body is used to running in 35-40* temps.  Therefore I was a sweaty beast once I was done.

Nope no picture of that. And I apologize for the lack of pictures in this post. To make up for it here are LOTS of giveaways: Jess (Have Faith), Miss Zippy, Julie (HotLegsRunner), Sarah (SkinnyRunner), Shut Up and Run, Monica (RunEatRepeat), Erika (Dr Tri Runner), Matt (The Kitchen of a Runner)

October 21, 2010

I’ve Been Marathon Thinking…

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I mean, how can I NOT after registering for my next marathon this past Monday?! The thoughts of training (thanks to all who emailed me and gave me advice on training plans. I appreciate it all. You know who you are 🙂 ) and goal times (While I maintain that I’m shooting for a 3:29 I’m not going to lie: going for 3:20 or faster is in my head) and whatnot have been swirling around in my head I need to tell myself to relax!

I guess I have been relaxing somewhat because I’ve been feeling like doing nothing.  And that includes blogging! Therefore I have no witty or exciting or terribly interesting running things to share with y’all.  So this post is bulleted.  Because that’s what I do when I don’t have something cohesive to talk about hahah

  • I’m being tempted with a marathon! I have been invited to head out to Cali and run a marathon with Liz. She’s been harassing me to fly out there for, oh I don’t know,  FOREVER (hahahah LOVE you running sistaaaaa) and now wants me to to run CIM in December.  Craaaaaaaaaaazy. Although this time fits perfectly for when I did feel the first tugs of the marathon again back in September. Ergo the allure of signing up is sooooooooooooooooo great. Especially since Cali in December > RI in winter.
  • EDIT: CIM closed yesterday. Bummer. Any other suggestions for December? Preferably in a warm climate?

I want warmth and beaches please!

  • I was sent this NY Times article on pushing past the pain (I am a loser and subscribe to the Tuesday Science Times section via email.  Among other science things from various sites.  Go ahead and make fun.  I am a proud nerd) and I thought I’d pass the link along.  Sarah posted about it too here and I think that this article describes the whole “I want to run so hard I’m going to vomit” thing for me.  I feel like throwing up because I’m overriding that mental thing that tells me I’m in pain. In any case I thought it was an interesting read.  I’d be curious as to your thoughts if you read it too: do you thrive on pain when running to push you hard?
  • Not that my running has been anywhere that intense lately.  Slow and steady at this point.  Nothing spectacular about my runs yesterday and today.  Wednesday was pretty short and slow although it didn’t feel that way at all.  Interestingly enough the first part of the run felt the fastest and I think that’s because it was cold.  Thursday was a mid-long run (defined by my as 10-15), but more on the long side as it was 14, which was was very slow to start. The end miles felt great and I wish that my legs had warmed up earlier / I didn’t have to go to work so I could use that goodness in the leg-os.
  • It’s time to break out the gloves.  Wednesday was all in the dark (darn you Mother Nature for being dark for so long!) and the temp (36*) actually felt 36*.  This is in contrast to today where I was lucky enough to run in sunlight so the 34* didn’t feel so cold and I could shed the gloves.
  • Because it’s so cold I’ve been even more in love with coffee.  Nowadays you can always find me with a mug in my hand. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad just yet though.

  • I’m in a baking mood.  What has gotten into me?! I’ve always maintained that I’m NOT a cook/baker etc.  And I’ve always maintained that I’m a straight-out-of-the-box girl.  But my roomie’s influence on me is too great and not only do I crave baking but I want to do it from scratch.  Nothing has been baked as of yet, nor will anything get baked tonight because of clinic, BUT I think I’m going to go on a baking binge this weekend.  Yikes. Send good vibes because I now have a gas stove (my one at my mom’s is electric and gas =/= electric!) and I have yet to cook ANYTHING the same way twice.
  • My sister texted me to tell me to youtube this song last week.  Don’t lie you love it. Because I know I sure do.

And with that have a great Thursday y’all! It’s my favorite day of the week, even with a long clinic day. And now that I have Adam Lambert stuck in my head it’ll be even better. And no, that’s not sarcasm 8)

October 16, 2010

I Ran A Marathon

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But not a race. And not in one day.  And not *quite* a marathon.  But between Friday and Saturday I’ve run 26 miles even.  Had I known I was .2 away I’d have done it! (and there IS a reason behind it explained later.  I’m not *that* crazy in busting out mega miles.  At least not this time!)

Friday I woke up feeling ugh.  I think it’s because this past week I’ve had clinics every day so I got to sleep in and recover from the sleep debt I’ve accumulated in the past, oh I don’t know, month or so. The good news is that after 6 nights of longer hours of sleep I think I’ve broken even.

The bad news is that when my alarm went off at 0529 (rather than 0759 the rest of the morning.  And yes I know I’m weird that I don’t set an alarm to an “even” time.  But I know for a fact that others of you don’t either!) getting up to run was the last thing I wanted to do.  But I got up and tried to gut out a run.

It wasn’t meant to be.

I’m sure that there were TONS of factors that went into Friday’s run being a bust.  Things have been very stressful at work and, coupled with loooooooooong clinic hours and race recovery (I don’t think I’ll ever tire of linking to my races.  Oops) and an early alarm, I should have expected a run to suck.  I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner actually.

But I got off 5.6 miles before I called it a day (or morning as it were).  I was going to try for some miles post-work on Friday, especially since Friday wasn’t the most fun time to be at work due to the stress of this week, but when I got home I just wanted to crawl under a warm blanket and read.  So I did.

Regrouping on Friday (aka NOT pushing for a second run) was probably the best choice because I had an amazing run on Saturday (which is today when I’m typing this).  Maybe it was the not killing myself on Friday, maybe it was the going out to celebrate a friend’s birthday Friday night or maybe it was the re-introducing my good friend NaCl back into my diet (hello not having head rushes!) that did the trick but today I felt great. And since I’ve already told you that I’ve run 26 miles in two days and that Friday was 5.6 then I’m sure you can figure out that Saturday was a 20.4 mile effort.

Mind you: I did NOT leave my apartment this morning intending to run a 20 mile effort.  I though I’d just get in a long run that was on par with what I’ve been doing the past few weeks, assuming my legs weren’t still mad at me like they apparently were on Friday.  But they weren’t.  I mean, sure, at first (like always) my legs didn’t want to run. But it’s rare for me to feel “on” from the get-go.  My legs took a bit to warm up but my lungs and legs and, most importantly, my mind were all in sync.

But confession: The 20.4 miles were in two runs separated by 2 hours.  So it wasn’t really a 20 mile run.  But I think still impressive.

  • 1st loop: 10.6 miles @ 9:02
  • 2nd loop: 7.5 miles @ 8:49
  • Total: 18.1 miles @ 8:57


  • 3rd loop: 2.3 miles @ 8:29
  • Total for day: 20.4 miles @ 8:53

I wasn’t sure about going for a second run.  But the voice in the back of my mind said go for it.  And I’m glad I did.  Yes, I know that I’m not following a training plan for a marathon right now, BUT I’m debating a marathon in the semi near future. No, it wouldn’t be a *key* race or anything for me (I’m definitely not specifically trained for a marathon at the moment) but I have a friend who is doing one soon and asked me if I’d be willing to do some of it too and quasi-pace part of it or run the whole thing.

So today’s run was not just for the hell of it — although I’m still not committed to doing this race so maybe it will end up having been for the hell of it and I have no plans to repeat 20 before any prospect race here — but rather a way to see if I’m physically capable of doing it.

And I think I am.  Should I choose to accept this mission, of course.



I don't care what anyone says. Or what he does. I am a fan. At least of his movies.


While my legs are feeling some of the effects right now – oh HEY the longest run I’ve done in awhile has been 15.5 or so – I truly felt like I could have gone more. Maybe not the first part of the run but definitely the second part.  After I got back from those 2.3 miles I looked at my roomie and said “I TOTALLY could have done more”. And it was pretty darn fast too.

I think that truly makes me built for long distances? 🙂

We shall see on Sunday how they *really* felt about it.  As of right now I’m not planning on doing more than a Faith Walk that the clinic I work at is involved in.  It’s a mile walk in a really pretty area and I figure that it’ll be good for my legs to do some walking tomorrow after today’s efforts.

Then again, it was a perfect fall day and absolutely, 100% conducive to running to I’m not going to regret the 20.4 miles.  Chilly if not in the sun but the sun was out and shining brilliantly.  I think that it was 48* at the start of the first part of my runs and the high Saturday was 58*.   It was a tad blustery out (we’ve been under a severe wind advisory for the past few days which semi-explains the slowerness of the runs) but still: pretty darn nice out.

And with that I’m going to go finish up baking some cookies with the roomie and attempt to channel my inner baking champ (although I doubt I’ll be the baking queen).  Because I’m going out again tonight.  And it’ll be a long night. And going out + long run = MM wants some gooooooooood snacks when she arrives home 😀

Enjoy your Saturday nights peeps! Here’s the latest song I’ve been radio-surfing to find.  A treat for reading all this!

And here’s a giveaway from Shut Up and Run for sticking with my long post 😀

September 27, 2010

I Guess I Complain A Lot About The Weather…

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…so I’ll try not to. Because things really are feeling great right now.  It’s a nice refreshing feeling considering how run down I was last week.


I am OBSESSED with this movie at the moment all the time. And this might be the best line ever.  Although I did watch this movie last night and all the lines are really good. I’ll very likely be quoting it all day.   

But the real reason I feel like I actually am taking crazy pills is because of the weather here in New England! On Saturday (the day I went apple picking) I was in a halter top, shorts and my flippy floppies.  And that night I went out sans jacket.  

But Sunday and today? Ummm total sweatshirt weather.  Not that I really mind because sweatshirt weather is awesome but the back and forth weather is getting old.  Granted I should be used to it because I’ve lived here my entire life but nope.  Not so much. Silly New England and changing the weather every 5 minutes! 

The weather this morning when I got up was NICE.  AKA no complaints — yet 😉   

Cool, cloudy, 60*, 80% humidity and misty conditions.  Luckily there was no rain but I woke up in the middle of the night, because I was cold and wanted a comforter to be cozy under, and it was POURING out.  I’m glad that it stopped before I got up though and I’m glad that I got to fall back asleep listening to it.  Sleeping while it’s raining is so nice.   

And the weather conditions made for a very fun and muddy run.  I tackled my pathway again and because it’s a dirt path my legs got all good and dirty.  Even though I always shudder before I leave my door thinking about messiness once I got started it just felt hardcore to be out there.  There’s definitely something liberating about having dirt and mud caked onto the back of your calves.  And I think it’s even better that it wasn’t actively raining because my feet got to stay dry!   

(from google images)

 The run:  

  • 1st loop: 4.1 miles @ 8:45
  • 2nd loop: 4.1 miles @ 8:40
  • 3rd loop:     2.3 miles @ 8:14
  • Total:              10.5 miles @ 8:37

I saw a lot of “hardcore” people out this morning.  Normally I see a mix of people who are really booking it, to those just plodding along, to walkers.  I felt like EVERYONE was running hard and INTENSE.  Naturally this made me want to go and be intense too.   I even got caught up in a “race” with some guy on the path.  He blew me away but it was fun to get caught up in the energy that was out there!

Not exactly mission accomplished with being intense myself because my pace was my easy pace but it put some pep in my step.  This made the first loop of my pathway not that bad as normally the first loop is always an “ugh I have to do this again?!” type feeling. But I really felt strong and wanted to be out there for those first miles, which for me are always the toughest. And this let me hammer home the last smaller loop.  Wooot to ending on a strong note 🙂   

It also made me feel better about my thinking that a marathon is what I want to tackle next.  At first I wasn’t sure if I was just getting pumped and jealous of everyone who is running a fall marathon but, after this weekend and this morning, I think that I’m making the right choice.  Like many of you commented, I knew that I’d be back for another marathon.    

Just annoying that I got this bug in my ear now with not a lot of options when it comes to picking a race.  I really don’t want to wait for a spring race and knowing my luck there’ll be a nor’easter on race day.  Then again, I risk that even in April / May. 

This image sends shivers down my spine. (from google images)

But in the time being I need to wise up for the Tufts 10k which is in TWO WEEKS (!!).  After my really great 5k last weekend I gave myself time to not do any speed work. Which was probably good and what I needed but now I’m thinking that there’s soooooooooo little time to really focus for Tufts.   

So this week I’ll likely do the hill workout that I skipped out of this weekend and another fast interval-esque workout.  I’m debating between the workout I did prior to the 5k ( warm-up, 2 miles hard, 1 mile easy, 1 mile hard, warm down) or changing it up to something unknown.  There is a track nearby so I was thinking of maybe doing something there.  But I don’t really know what yet.  I’ve gotten lots of suggestions from you guys so I’ll look them over but if anyone has a MUST do workout let me know! 

I probably should get back to the clinic and wrap up this semi-aimless post hahah!  The neurologist that’s in right now needs some help with the electronic medical recording (EMR) because she’s a new volunteer provider and is a little unsure.  I might not end up doing any recording but I’m surely not going to pass up an opportunity to be in with patients! 

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September 26, 2010

Saturday Was A Good Day

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Or a great day even.

I don’t think it’s any secret that these past two weeks have been LONG and TIRING for me.  I mean, it’s not like I complain about it, oh I don’t know, every post?

But I’m happy to report that this post has *minimal* complaining (because I’m writing this sentence first and there is no way I can guarantee none hahah) and I’m also happy to report that I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER (also just a warning: there may be lots of capitalized words.  I guess it’s an emphatic post)

It ended up being a no-go on the Toga Party.

Which is just as well because I ended up skype-ing my best friend from home and we spent a few hours just catching up.  I haven’t seen her since my trip to Philly in July and it was nice to actually *talk* rather than just play email catch up. Plus I got about 10 hours of sleep by not going out that night. Which made my Saturday wicked awesome.

I started out the day with a looooooooooooong run. It wasn’t my original intent (if you remember hills were) so I don’t know what possessed me (well maybe I do. I like long runs).  I knew when I stepped out the door that I didn’t want to do hills (and since I’m not in training I didn’t have to do it) but I still knew that I wanted to really push myself.

And push myself I did.  I knew in the back of my mind that if I ran far enough my body would have to reset itself (after a shower, food and reading on the balcony of course!) and that I’d feel great. I wasn’t sure how far I could go but it ended up being a very decent distance.

  • 1st loop: 5.6 miles @ 8:48
  • 2nd loop: 5.6 miles @ 8:47
  • 3rd loop: 4.1 miles @ 843
  • Total: 15.3 miles @ 8:46

15 miles is the longest run I’ve done post-Boston.  So it was WAY tiring.  Interestingly my stats above don’t show that too well but trust me: the last 2 or 3 miles were HARD. The weather wasn’t helping (it was 76* and 94% humidity at 0800 when I left!) either.

Which is what I wanted. I’ve been in the in-between state where I have enough energy to do stuff but I’ve also never gotten the chance to really recoup because my type-A personality says that I must be doing something.  Running so long forced me to slow down for the rest of the day and enjoy.

[Awkward tangent]

I also realized on this run that, as fun as the 5k was last weekend and as fun as I know the 10k is going to be in 2 (!!) weeks or even a race as long as a half, that I’m itching to do another marathon.  If you’ve noticed, my runs are getting longer, both mid-week where the average run is about 9 with one or two 10-ers and the long run where I just ran a 15. And, I know I don’t do weekly recaps anymore, the overall weekly mileage has been slowly creeping up a bit naturally.

I am fully aware that 15 =/= marathon training long run but I was definitely thinking, especially over those last 2 or 3 really hard miles that I want a marathon.  To which I can say “FINALLY” for that desire to train for a marathon returning.  I knew it would but I just didn’t know when!

I know I’ve said all fall that I regret not signing up for a marathon but deep down I didn’t have that burning passion to do so.  It was more or a “oh hey I’ve put lots of miles in I should have capitalized on it”.  Right now I want to train and focus.  I’ve been thinking of doing the Hyannis Marathon in February.  Not ideal living in New England but I can’t afford Boston, so I likely won’t do it, in which case I don’t really want to wait for spring.

Obviously no commitments yet (look how long it took me to sign up for that 5k!) but something I’ve been musing over.

[End awkward tangent hahah!]

Soooo where was I? Oh yeah: I felt ON and READY-TO-GO. How can you not feel like a bamf after running 15 miles? I was snapped back into not being a zombie!

Ready to go where you ask?


Yay Apples

Because I’ve been in a blah-ish mood my friend (who is my desk mate at work and thus hears me complain even more than you guys do 😉 ) decided that we were going to go pick some apples.  Because apple picking makes me happy and she had never been! (She’s from the south and, sadly, they apparently do not partake in any apple picking amazingness) We ended up picking ~25 pounds of apples.  She didn’t really want any of them so she just took a few out when we got back.  So guess who has ~20 pounds of apples? Anyone care to guess how long they’ll last? 😀

Clearly the best ones are at the top. And yes it was warm enough to wear a halter top and shorts. Fall?

Later that night me and my friend (my friend and I?) headed into Boston to party.  The original plan was to meet up with some of my hometown friends and do some bar hopping.  Well let’s just say that some drama ensued with the group and leave it at that.  We still ended up in the city, but with different people, and still had an absolute blast.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was quite the night and a testament to the fact that changing up a routine can make a world of difference in mood!

And my workout today (Sunday)? Well let’s just say that it was a different kind of punishing than the long run on Saturday 😉

Or not.  I keep harping on the fact that after a night of having a drink or two, or a night of dancing, I run a lot better / faster / easier.  So the run was faster than I anticipated — even knowing the aforementioned fact, it still always surprises me when I go fast.

The weather was actually pleasant too.  Sure it was still 70* but the humidity was down to about 60%.  And for the first time, despite the weather not truly being cold yet, I really noticed the leaves changing — And I really tried to find a non-cliche picture of New England in the fall with changing leaves.  But I couldn’t.  And I’m too lazy to move from my balcony to go take one myself.  So here’s the cliche anyway (and all images that follow are google images as is the toga one up top ).

But know that I really do get to see this everyday.  My favorite is the deep red ones.  The changing of the leaves might be the (only) good thing about New England 😉

So I am now off to go find a place to watch the end of the Pats game.  Woot.Although by the time this is scheduled to go up the game will likely be over hah! Let’s hope they can not suck this week?


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August 3, 2010

Still Fast

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Whoa there: 2 posts on 2 consecutive days?! Craziness. And a relatively short post (at least going by word count)? Double craziness.

But first: the song that’s stuck in my head today? And the song that I pray is on the radio every time I turn it on? Don’t judge.

Oh Enrique ❤

Thanks for all your kind words about my stress and everything.  It means a lot to keep hearing you guys say you have faith in my abilities to take this test.  I definitely need all the confidence boosting I can get. So keep bringing it 🙂

Anyway I took what might be my last full length test this morning.  UGH.  It went okay but still: this whole summer I really haven’t seen much improvement.  Which, not going to lie, is discouraging.  But I think I need to relax, get some sleep and trust that I can do it.  Very hard to do when I have so much riding on this.

But enough about that (and yay I only devoted a few sentences to it haha)

I think I mentioned yesterday or in some previous post that New England has been having a wicked awesome cool front rolling through and that the highs haven’t been so high and the lows have been pretty low.  Which has been great for my running.  After running through some really hot and humid days in July the drop in temperature has been great.  Of course I realize that some of you might now hate me for saying that but whatever.  I’m in New England.  The weather is likely to change within the next 5 minutes.

But the point of me bragging on the weather is that yesterday I had the fastest run in forever (that wasn’t a race or speed session) and I’m pretty sure the weather influenced that.  I did 7 miles in 55:55 minutes (and as a numbers person I love all the 5s).  56 minutes would have been 8 pace even and 55:53 would have been 7:59 pace even so I’m annoyed that I wasn’t 2 seconds faster to get that “even second”.  But still.  I’m pumped.

It was definitely a “stars are aligned” type of run. The weather, my mood, my legs.  Everything just seemed to be in sync and I was gliding (I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot lately?).  I had spent around 4 or 5 hours that morning in the library and when I got home I just felt like I needed to *run*.  So run I did.

It was also a run where I was sleep deprived which likely contributed to the fastness because of my illogical logic on that topic.

I actually did something I *never* do during a run: checked my watch during it.  And I saw that I was running fast.  Thus making me happy and thus probably making me run faster.  Not fast enough for those pesky two seconds but whatever.

And, since that practice test took all morning, I haven’t run yet today.  I’m hoping for the same effect as I need to get some work done and be productive today too.  And I probably should head out soon and try to dodge potential thunderstorms.  I hate having to wait until the afternoon to run in the summer just because the chance of storms increases so much.

On the bright side: if I get struck by lightning I won’t have to take my test 😛

And on another running note: I may have a marathon to do this fall?  I got an email from the Amica Marathon peeps (Newport RI) about something random but it kind of put the idea in my head that an October marathon (the 16th) could work.  The timing is awkward though.  Despite knowing I have the base to do it, having only 2.5 months to really train wouldn’t be that bad, but I still want a winter marathon.

Unfortunately I’m in New England.  That’s not going to happen.   There is a marathon on the Cape in February but since I pretty much know that I’m going to do Boston in the spring that doesn’t seem advisable.  I did want to run Disney but financially that’s just not going to happen (HELLO VISTA POVERTY) and I don’t really know if I can handle the cost of both Boston and any other marathon.  It’s already going to be tough to do the half and 10k I want.

Hmmmm decisions decisions.   Hope you guys have a great rest of your week.  I’m actually leaving for vacation on Thursday and probably won’t be able to post until next week as the next couple of days before leaving are going to be a big studyfest (although by the scattered brain nature of this post and how my day is already going, I think my brain already is on vacay).  And when I get back I might not be able to post due to MCAT freak out mode. But rest assured that I’m still alive and I’ll have some surprises for you when I’m gone 😉

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