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November 6, 2010

Can’t You Read?

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Scarecrow: Read what?
Guardian of the Emerald City Gates: The notice!
Dorothy: What notice?
Guardian of the Emerald City Gates: It’s on the door – as plain as the nose on my face! It… oh…

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Apparently it was hard to read the notice that said “Show Up to the Track” today. Or my brain didn’t get the “hey we’re not going to go as fast as you want today” notice from my legs.

But the rest of my body read the notice that said “Sleep In”. I do believe that I got up at 0900? I NEVER wake up to an alarm on the weekends. Ever. Very weird. I really can’t remember the last time I did that.   And I probably could have hit snooze and not felt badly at all about it too.  Guess my body just needed sleep! (okay so maybe THAT isn’t so shocking)

Good thing too because today was the usual Saturday head-to-the-track day.  I think, however, the combo of my stomach thing-y Thursday night and the mucho sleep I got last night messed up some rhythm in my body so the workout felt kind of weird.

The plan was to do 5 X 1 mile, with 800m of recovery in between.  According to some people I’ve talked to, the pace I should target on this workout is double Yasso pace.  Well I did do Yassos two weeks ago, with the average 800 being 3:12, but I knew that trying to do 5 mile repeats at 6:24 was going to be pushing it. Especially since I don’t think 3:12 is very realistic for this upcoming race.

Since McMillian predicts 3:18 for my marathon fitness at this moment, I went with a target of 6:30.  A little fast? Yes.  But I’m always going to push in intervals.  Fast short stuff is my background after all.  6:30 was a bit ambitious for sure, but I figured why the heck not?

And just for good measure, I wanted to get some 400m repeats in afterward. Talk about ambitious.

The Workout

Mile 1: 6:43

Ummmmm okay. So maybe my trend of the first interval being the fastest will be wrong today?

Mile 2: 6:40

Okay better.  But still.  This is HARD today.

Mile 3: 6:35

Another hard one.  But at least the effort is staying the same and the time is getting faster.

Mile 4: 6:35

(At the 800m) Yay 3:15. Maybe I can hit the goal pace! (At the end) Oooooooooor not.

Mile 5: 6:34

Ugh this hurts. This sucks. I want to be done. NOW. F#$# those 400s. Not happening. Not No Way. Not No How. (Yes I really did quote the Wizard of Oz during the last lap of the last repeat)

And I wish that I had a Wizard to make this workout feel better! Like the Great and Powerful Oz (courtesy of google images)

Post Workout Thoughts

Overall I just don’t think my heart was in it today.  I know that, on paper, this workout looks great.  According to the calculator that spit out the 3:18:08 goal time, my 1600 speed workout time should be 6:30-6:44.  Since I’m an exact-ist that works out to 6:32-6:46 per mile.  And I was at the fast end of that.  Happy face even if I weirdly feel disappointed a bit.

I think the disappointment comes from the fact that I was so easily distracted during it all.  From the little kids vs. parents/coaches soccer game on the infield to the cute guy who was using the park to do an outdoor strength session to other distracting thoughts running through my head, I wasn’t focused on running. Or at least running hard. My head kept bobbing around.  Like I was rubbernecking or something.

And I can’t get over how hard this workout felt either.  Maybe if I had been more focused it wouldn’t have been so bad? Yes, speed work *should* feel hard. But my legs just felt so spent by the end despite the rest of my body (like my lungs!) feeling 100%.  Normally I get that exhilarating rush after a speed session that I can feel in every cell of my body.  Not today.

Maybe it’s the constant changing of the weather (the past 4 days have been: 27*, 41*, 59*, 43*. All at the same time of day!) doing something funky to my psyche.  Although I will say that maybe I didn’t recover too greatly from that stomach thing because I did get a little lightheaded during some of the recovery jogs by the end. Which is why I nixed the 400m repeats at the end.  It just seemed counterproductive at that point.

That said, I’m going to pull a Sarah and say that, during my long warm down and after much deliberation, I am pleased (I think that was her exact post title a few days ago too!). The fact that I was able to get faster over time bodes well for me and, even though I’d like to have the first two over again, the last three being so consistent is a boost despite my thinking that something is holding me back and that I could have (or should have) gone faster.

Then again, I probably will always feel like that because I’m such a perfectionist and expect so much from myself.

[Edit: So I just re-read this after reading a few comments and I definitely am not *upset* with how the workout went. I just had a much grander idea of what I wanted to do.  From a physical standpoint I think I nailed it, especially with what my current training goals are (MARATHON), but I always want to be faster, stronger etc.  I think it’s the fact that I come from a sprinter background and when I get on the track, going wayyyy fast is just my mentality. But the workout was really solid and another good workout to draw on in….28 days?!….when I run WR.]

Anyway.  Enough whining. The Great and Powerful MM has spoken (yes I am having an intense urge to watch that movie now)

I’m going to say an early GOOD LUCK to my peeps running NYC tmrw: AMarathoner Eat Drink Run, Meals for Miles, Skinny Runner, The Runner’s Kitchen. Hmmmm I feel like there’s more of you? Let me know if you’re running it! I’m going to keep updating this list 🙂

And I’m going to say AWESOME JOB to NACN (from rwol) who ran amazingly in Indy today. Woot.

HAVE A GREAT (rest of  your) SATURDAY 🙂

And check out the giveaways from: Tricia, Running Diva Mom, 26.2 is my cooldown

P.S. I’m glad you guys liked seeing the soup that I made. I’m becoming so domesticated and adult.  Not sure how I feel about that hahah!

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