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November 2, 2009

Eh to Monday

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I’m just going to throw this out there: Monday runs suck.  Sure they’re a great way to start off my week but my legs never feel like going.  The pace is always slow (granted my pace today was about 20-25 sec faster than this time last week but still not as quick as I’d like).

I’m going to blame it on the fact that I don’t stick to a regular wake-up schedule on the weekends: as there is no need to get up at 0600 I don’t.  Granted I still get up at 0800 but I don’t run first thing.  I let myself actually wake up before hitting the streets. Meaning that if I finish my run on Sunday around noon or so then I’m running next at 0600, that’s <24 hours of recovery time.  Roughly what I get any other morning (and more on Saturday’s run)

Which also means that on the weekends I have food in my stomach.  It’s really hard to eat something at 0600 before heading out the door.  So my muscles go from expecting a meal to nothing.  And I don’t think they like it.

So basically Monday runs are pretty darn rough.

That said, my run was better than previous Mondays, a fact prolly attributed to a *slight* cut back in my miles.  And that I got to run in sun 100% of the time! I even woke up to the sunrise.  So amazing.  Might just be the best time of the year haha.  I know that DST means I’ll be in complete darkness by 1600 soon but for a morning runner? Does not matter one bit.

My run, like I just said, went decent.  The temp was about 40* which felt really cool and really nice because my heat was not working last night.  I actually had it on “off” but woke up in a sweaty mess in the middle of the night.  I’m pretty sure it’s the heat and not my body because it was quite toasty when I got up this morning too.  I actually had to open up the window and turn on the fan!

I hit 6 miles.  I still think my fav distance to run is in the 8-10 range but these 6ers are definitely growing on me. Despite the feeling of the “Monday run effect” my legs didn’t feel heavy or anything.  I knew I wasn’t running wicked fast but once I just accepted that fact my mood improved.

And the pep in my step came.  I definitely think the very beginning and very end of my run was the fastest.  Like usual, the mid-miles were a little dragging but I think that’s when my mind wanders the most and the mind-body connection snaps.

I’m still glad that I do my Monday runs as I need them to center me for the week – as well as the actual Monday itself! Today being no exception.  3 morning classes then dashing off to my hometown for some doctor appts.  Nothing serious but nothing fun either.  I get to have “the talk” with my doctor. The one where she tells me that I’m too old to be seeing a pediatrician.  So sad I know.  I’m thinking of bringing a wad of cash to bribe her into going into internal medicine so she can still be my doc.  This might just be the saddest day of my life.  I’m being pushed into adulthood (and I have a big bday coming up.  The “real person” bday ahhh!)

Before I forget: I added up my miles for the month of October.  It’s 307.9.  Holy running batman! I think that may be a monthly PR (and I’m 99.99% certain it is).  Which means that I ran more in on month now (ie: not training for anything) than I did during my monster month of marathon training! Jeez.  I think I need to keep better track of these things while the month is going on so that I’m not taken by surprise.  Although it’s not necessarily a bad surprise.  But it explains a lot regarding my pace, my mood etc.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

October 1, 2009

It’s October?!

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Jeez, how did that happen?

So here’s my September recap: 290.7 miles. WOOT!

And you want to know total time? Well my dear friends since the week is not over and I have not calculated any time yet, plus September didn’t start on a Monday you’ll have to wait until I find the time to run the numbers. I just did a quick calc but it made the average pace coming out to 5 min/mi.  And there’s no way that is true. I wish though!

Last night was very chilly, I got up for my run and it was 38*. Yikes.  And my school isn’t going to turn the heat on for another 2 weeks sooooo I guess I’ll have to break out the down comforter if it gets any colder.

I guess in some way it made running easier.  Not to get out the door but the actual put-one-foot-in-front-of-the-other act that I so desperately love.  If I had posted right after the run I would have told you that my quad pain/soreness was 100% gone — hindsight tells me maybe my muscles went numb? But never fear muscles, during my AM class the soreness returned to me.

The run itself though was really good.  Intuitively one would think that the day after a really hard tempo would be a slow recovery run.  Not for me.  I think speedwork wakes up my fast twitch muscles because the next day I always run faster than average without meaning to. Weird right? Anyone else like this?

So my pace was great today, although I should clarify it as my overall pace.  I always end up speeding up and slowing down over the course of a whole run.  And I felt strong. So I ran 9 miles.

I also was able to fit in a quick lifting session too.  I did the same thing as Monday but without such a long warm down and I included core.  Definitely didn’t want to run anymore than necessary.  Especially since it was inside and all the girls in the gym decided to put on makeup and perfume beforehand.

And I feel all out of sorts with my life right now.  No nothing catastrophic has happened but I just feel overwhelmed with everything I’m doing.  I have so much work that is due for tmrw hanging over my head but I also need to study hardcore for my physio test, conveniently tmrw too.  I really haven’t had any solid chunk of time to study today, between multiple meetings and classes I haven’t had any more than 30 minutes at one time to myself.  And it stresses me out hardcore.

I was planning on updating you about my “future” because I was supposed to have a meeting with the career center here BUT I went in early this morning to change my 1130 appt to the PM.  So the girl (student worker) told me that 1600 was free and I told her to change my appt because a later time reduced my stress slightly. When I got there, however, the ppl at the desk told me that the woman I was supposed to meet with had another meeting.  Ummmm WTF? Shouldn’t the girl have known/told me about that this morning? I definitely would have shown up at 1130, changing was a convenience thing. The next available appt isn’t until the 26th.  Yeah, like a month away.  I mean, my reason for the meeting isn’t 100% urgent but I still want to get a jump start on finding a job during my gap year.  Gah…

On the bright side it gives me an extra hour to study tonight. Which I should get back to…if you want, I’d appreciate some good vibes sent my way (hint*hint*nudge*nudge)

Happy First Day of October though!

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