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August 29, 2011

Howdy Y’all

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Hi all! I had planned to do some comprehensive posts of all my life changes, because I’m finally ready to unveil them but I’ve been busier than I though lately and that coupled with lack of good internet time just meant that I couldn’t do anything with the blog.  I definitely can’t promise that I’ll update regularly even now because I still haven’t subscribed to an internet service yet.

If I ever though that last year was the year of changes for me, 2011 went out and proved it all wrong. I’d have to say that, while 2010 brought really good accomplishment changes, 2011 has tested me.  Especially this past summer I don’t really like to post lots of personal stuff here so I’m not going to go into detail BUT the major life changes that hit me were

  • Ending of my job.  It was only a year long position so I knew that it would end. In the late spring/early summer I started looking for a job.  Except no one in RI is hiring. No bueno.
  • The death of my grandfather on July 3rd.  I wasn’t ever going to mention it on the blog but it was very unexpected in the way that he died (he went into surgery which he had a 10% chance of surviving, made it through(!!) and then crashed 6 days later when they went to lower his BP meds) and it hit me wayyyyy harder than I thought it would. I know that it took up a lot of my mental energy from May (when I found out he needed surgery) until now.
  • Boy drama.  Definitely not going to post that stuff here but it definitely affected my mood / brain energy.
  • Moving.  To Texas.  Remember when I came here last August? Yeah, I fell in love with the state.  I knew when I came back last year that I’d be there in 12 month.  On August 17th, 2011 I hopped on a plane.  Here I am. Everything about the move was stressful: From saying good bye to friends (although I did through myself a kick ass goodbye party)  to how to pack up my stuff, to what I definitely needed to bring, and what I needed to get when here as my original (and fully furnished) apartment fell through and I ended up crashing on a couch for the first 7 nights I was here.

It's true. Especially the bugs. They're waaaaaaaaaaay bigger than at home.

There were good stuff too to the summer.  I went to the beach twice, learned how to salsa dance, took a VACATION, connected with people, got really into karaoke etc.   But the bad weighed me down.  But I’m here.  I made it through the summer alive.  Even though the above stresses aren’t gone (still looking for a job, still get teary eyed occasionally thinking of Papa, adjusting to moving to a place on a gut feeling) and new stresses have cropped up (how do I figure out the DART system because I don’t have a car?) I feel good.  As Ian Malcolm said

All major changes are like death. You can’t see what is on the other side until you get there.

I had no idea what to expect when I got here. I couldn’t even speculate what to expect. I kept thinking I didn’t have any friends or family or anyone here.  And that I was moving to a new state 100% on my own. But I discovered that Texans won’t hear of that and I have friends here that I didn’t know I could count on the way I can and actually have been counting on. I’m so not alone.

Yay fountains!

Now that I’m here, I LOVE it and feel silly for feeling so scared before I left (I was debating not hopping on my plane). Except for the AC.  I’ve NEVER lived with it before.  And I’m chilly.  Like, way chilly. My sister looked at me crazy when I packed sweaters to move to Texas, in August, but I’m sitting here in the apartment complex office freezing. I’ll go out in a few hours and sit by the pool (after getting another round of job applications going) so I guess it’s all good.  I almost feel like a menopausal woman…almost.

I feel like everyone could end this heat wave by opening the windows/doors and cooling down the state with their A/C

As you probably figured I have been running. And have been the entire time I’ve been here.  Typically I’ve done a mix of some runs around sunrise, where temps are in the upper 80s, and some around 1800, where temps are in the 100+* range.

At first the running was nothing major mileage wise, I just didn’t have the routes / feel comfy enough to really explore (even with my Mace). So my weekly miles have been taking a hit, because my runs ranged from 5-8 the first week and a half.  The paces were slightly faster than back home, which was surprising.  Not by much but there wasn’t the “holy moly it’s hot let’s walk” thing that I’d have expected from the get-go.  Now that my legs are getting used to ~40 miles less per week (the last 4 weeks have been 101, 85, 65, 62) I’d expect to go faster.

And who knows.  I certainly plan on ramping up my miles and racing, which means I do expect to get faster/back into racing shape.  I’ve signed up to join the Dallas Running Club, which as part of it you get to do 8 of their races (first one for me is Saturday!) and discounts on 3 others.  I think I’ll be in training sooner rather than later. Especially since I’ve joined an informal running group to train with that one of my friends from RW hooked me up with (they are / were part of the DRC training group but wanted something more relaxed for group runs) and did a LR with them this past weekend and plan on joining them to run twice this upcoming week.

And since this post is getting long and I have more to say, I’m going to break it off here. The next post will have the specific workouts I’ve done since getting here and why I think I’ll be training for something in the near-ish future despite my proclamations of not racing the rest of 2011 because 2011 can suck it (see above for why it hasn’t been good).

Again: LOVE IT.  Everything just feels right despite the heat  wearing me down at the end of the day; I’m typically asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. And the sun rises so late here! I guess I’m not in Kansas (or RI) anymore…

August 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home

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(This was written on Saturday late afternoon/early evening.  And I chose to schedule it to post on Sunday so if there are any time/day discrepancies…oops haha!)

As I sit here on my new porch (with a glass of wine in hand!) I can’t help but laugh at how crazy stressed I’ve been and how good it is to have some milestones behind me:

  • MCAT = OVER.  Book burning party? I have absolutely NO idea how I did.  We’ll find out in 4 or so weeks.  Surprisingly I went into the test pretty calm.  I’m not going to lie that I’ve been in stress-overload mode this past week post-vacay but I was able to take Wednesday and “chill the eff out” and do things for me.  And then I watched this the night before (aka best movie EVER):
  • Moving.  Check.  Well sort of.  The beauty of moving from my mom’s house to my own place is that I was able to only bring the essentials and the beauty of my mom’s place being 90 minutes from me is that I can go home next weekend and get the rest.  And let me say my apartment is SICK.  In the best way possible of course.  I’m the first one to move in so there are no decorations or anything like that yet so I’m not going to post pictures but both my mom and I walked in and said, “This is amazing for any apartment, never mind for the first!”
  • Unpacking. Check.  Well, again, sort of.  I need to wait on my roommates to get here on Monday to be fully unpacked and figure out where we want stuff.  But I’m done with all my personal belongings.  And man, it feels good.  Especially since 12 hours before I was suppose to leave I had 0% done.  For real.  Whirlwind!
  • Figuring out where I’m going to run. Check.  One thing both my mom and I were worried about was where I was going to be running.  I live in a city (and had never seen the apartment until today.  Luckily I have an awesome roomie who I totally trust with that stuff) and even as we were driving here we passed through some seedy areas.  BUT I live in a university area so the neighborhood I live in in really nice and there’s an AWESOME running path a few blocks over.  I know that I won’t be getting the variety of routes that I can back in the ‘burbs (nor for the first few runs will I know exact distances like I do at home) but I’m excited and plan on checking it out on Sunday (which is today for those of you reading because I’m not putting this up until then)

Now onto my running over the past few days.  It’s been decent.  I think I last posted on Wednesday?  Since then I’ve gotten some good runs in.  Wicked unstructured just because when I got back from Texas I went into major freak-out mode over life (which I’m not going to say here now due to personal reasons but positive thoughts are appreciated!) but basically I’m questioning a lot of how to achieve my “life plan” and trying to make the best decision.  Suffice it to say it’s about $$

Yup I still love this song. I know I’ve played it before for y’all but seriously.  Tell me you don’t want to just be all gangster after listening to this. Especially the line

“Cause b!tch I’m the bomb. Like tick tick”.

Like how can you not feel thug after saying that?! Fun fact: in college my nickname was gangster.  I honestly have no idea how it got started but within the first week of freshman year I was branded.  Hahaha.

But after I posted on Wednesday I went for a pretty decent 9.3 mile run.  I was going to stop at 9 but there’s something alluring of the even 15k.  I don’t really remember specific feelings but towards it but it was good. Not stellar (only an 8:3x pace) but it never felt like a struggle.  I like that.

Thursday was D-Day.  Or rather MCAT day.  I finished my 5.5 hour test and headed home to eat and unwind.  After decompressing my brain, I needed to decompress my body.  And man I must have been really tense or something.  Go figure.  Because I was *flying*.  Seriously.  An 8:11 pace.  Ummmm really? I had to check the math twice.  I think it helped that I didn’t leave until about 1600 and when I run later in the day my body feels more at ease going fast.  But…yeah.  That made me happy!

Friday was definitely not as fast but it’s because I had to run at 0900 in the morning.  Not a helluva lot of turnaround from the day before.  But it wasn’t too bad.  An 8:3x again but it just felt dragging.  I think that, not only was I running with not a lot of recovery but I’ve been fighting some sleep deprivation lately.

Not that I didn’t sleep/rest a fair amount on vacay last weekend buttttt it wasn’t the kind of rest that a regular bedtime/wake up brings.  And then the rest of this week hasn’t been stellar either with an early morning doctor appt or the early wake up for the MCAT. And my body isn’t used to going to bed early! So the combo of everything just kind of caught up to me.

On the plus side I’ve been able to allow myself to “sleep in” and not set an alarm post-vacay.  I’m very happy about that and the fact that I’ve been able to relax and “lounge” more.  It feels good to chill a bit and not be wound so tight!  I apologize for the randomness of the comment 😉

Saturday (which is today for me although I know that you guys are reading this on Sunday) was a KILLER 11 mile run.  Since the test I’ve basically been really stressed out and emotional so I told my mom that I NEEDED my long run before we moved me in.  And I went for 11 miles in 91.56. That’s an 8:21 pace. For 11 miles.  Guess me being all wound tight has been good for my running? Interestingly I didn’t feel stellar during the run and thought about cutting it short at 8.  I’m really glad I didn’t though.  I want to start getting into a better running routine (aka LR = Saturday, Speed sometime during the week etc.) as my life gets more scheduled with work and stuff.  And there might be a race or two this fall that I want to just dominate 😉

So I think that catches us up in my running life.  Whew! Hopefully, if you’re reading this Sunday morning, I’m out for my first exploratory run in the new ‘hood.  I’m really looking forward to it!

And, since I start my job on Monday (good lucks are appreciated here too 😉 ), I’m really hoping that I can start posting more regularly (as well as commenting regularly too! I always feel so bad when I can’t comment as much as I’d like! But don’t worry if I fall off the Earth again: I’ll be back.) It kills me to do these catch-up posts.  Granted my life is STRESS right now (life plan questions + starting new job = not a clear head!) so maybe it’s good that I’m not posting everyday.  Then I think you guys would worry about my sanity haha.

But alas it is time for me to go out.  Yes I moved to a new city but I have FRIENDS. Remember when I went to Philly? Well they broke us up by region so I know a bunch of people here (who are all VISTAS. Aka they know understand the VISTA budget) and I called one of the girls up as soon as my mom left and told her that once I finished unpacking we were going out.  Luckily a bunch of peeps were going out too so YAY.

First night in the new place and first night going out as a “real adult”….whatever that means. Awesomeness.  And since you’re reading this post-going out Saturday night I’ll just go out on a limb and say that I had a wicked great time. Because I’m sure I will 😀

Hope you guys had a great Saturday night and enjoy a lazy Sunday!

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July 29, 2010

Three Things Thursday: Stress Edition

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Ummmm pretty basically my life is one big ball of overwhelming stress.

  • MCAT.  2 weeks.  In two weeks from now I will hopefully be drinking on the pond feeling good about my test.  Until then, of course, it’s a little bit unnerving to feel like the entire future I want could hinge on this test.  There have been some high points: I feel better about certain topics that have traditionally given me trouble (thank you library! But no thank you old creepy men who stare at me!) but that by no means makes me feel like I’m totally prepared.  I just want the stupid thing done and over with.
  • Moving.  2 weeks plus one day.  Yes that’s right: I am moving the day after I take my test.  Ugh.  Poor planning on my part maybe.  I had originally hoped to move some of my stuff down this week or early next week but it just doesn’t look like it’s going to happen due to MCAT prep and other life stuff.  Since I’m just moving out of my mom’s house it’s not the end of the world to live bare-bones for a bit but still.  Not exactly ideal.
  • Medical School Application.  Because I still haven’t submitted it yet.  I need to re-work my essay which I haven’t had time for yet.   Nor have I really figured out how I’m going to pay for it, which adds stress of itself.
  • Not enough hours in the day.  I mean, I’ve been using the hours productively (which isn’t technically stressful) but I’d love it if I could have 2 (or 10) more.  Yeah so maybe a lame bullet point but I cannot just leave three things there.  Lucky number 4 and all 🙂

Had enough complaining yet?  Me too.  I really really try to not complain (and hopefully that does come across in my posts) but sometimes it feels good to just vent.  Also: I hate how the saying “when it rain it pours” is true. Also true? deep breathing = cure to being upset.  I’m don’t easily get upset so when I do I never know how to calm down.  But DEEP BREATHING.  Seriously.  It works.That said, here are three things that have been making me happy lately and, while they might be in vain, have attempted to lower my stress level.

  • Running.  Duh.  I feel like I haven’t been talking about my running lately because stress is so large that it’s taking over my mind and all my runs have been similar. But my runs have been feeling really good lately.  Sure, today I kind of slogged through 8 miles but can it really be called slogging when the average pace is 8:25?  I’m loving it.  Yesterday was a good 8 miles at 8:30 pace so I’ve been really pumped about it.  Thanks for all your comments about racing.  I still know I’m not going to commit to anything now but it’s nice to know that you guys think I could rock a race 🙂 AND I love the suggestions of loosely following a plan so I can get rid of that monotony feeling I have currently.
  • Reading for FUN.  Slash making sure the hour or so before my head hits the pillow is enjoyable. I’ve been making a commitment to reading chapters from a good book before I go to bed every night.  Sure it’s only 20 or 30 minutes or so, cutting into my sleeping time, but I love to read.   So it’s nice to be able to get lost in a story line.
  • Boston Medical. Which is on tonight 🙂 I’ve been absolutely fascinated with the show!  And no, I don’t think it’s because I want to be a doctor although I’m sure that’s part of it.  One of my friends, who is studying interior design, loves it too.  Always a plus to have some chica time. Anyhoo, hopefully my  *last* MCAT class tonight doesn’t run late so I can get home in time to watch the whole thing.  I’ve had to miss the beginnings sometimes and I hate missing the beginnings of shows.
  • And I know this is supposed to be THREE things but I need to put in a 4th (again):

And it’s not just this song but I’ve been really letting music lift my mood lately.  Lacey made me a mix CD that I’ve been listening too on repeat and other people have been “making” me listen to music I otherwise wouldn’t have.  But it works: I put on a good song and for 4ish minutes my thoughts are NOT on stress.

And my friend, who I stayed with in Philly, put up her pics on FB so I have more to share.  Sooooo here’s another.  And I’m going to dole them out slowly because I want to keep you guys coming back for more.  Unless you’re my FB friend.  Then you’ve likely stalked my pictures already and are bored with them haha.

Longwood Gardens. Check out the sock tan line. I am soooo attractive haha

P.S. If you’re not on my blogroll but want to be: let me know! I’m terrible at updating it when I find a new blog I love reading!

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