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May 31, 2010

Study, Run, ReFuel. Repeat.

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So first of all: HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY.  Aside from the perfect excuse to grill some food it’s also a day to remember all the brave men and women who have died while serving this country.  So thanks to everything they have done as well as the incredibly strong soldiers who are currently protecting us and those who will keep us safe while we sleep in the future.  THANK YOU.

Speaking of sleeping, this weekend was ROUGH.  Not because of excessive partying nor because of excessive studying (although that *did* happen) but rather because a rogue eyelash decided to glue itself to the underside of my eyelid.  So when I looked into the mirror I couldn’t see the damn thing but trust me I knew it was there.  At least I think it was an eyelash.  After battling for 2 days with it, whatever it was feel out Sunday night while I was sleeping.  Ugh.  I’ve had eyelashes in my eyes before but this was (100000000 + ∞ ) X worse.  I thought I was going to go blind or something.  I have never been in so much pain before and even now my left eye still kind of burns after all the scratching.

I still was able to live my life, aka studying and writing essays, which is good.  And thanks for all the good lucks and nice stuff you guys all said on my last post 🙂 I know that I’m not dumb but I’m trying to make myself be the most attractive candidate to my dream med schools so I’m busting my butt. And I really can’t afford to take a day off.  Even if it’s just going over my flashcards, I’m in the zone.

So I’m clearly attacking this the same way I would attack a marathon: intensely.  On days that I don’t have my night MCAT class, I’ve been getting up and: Breakfast. Studying for ~3-4 hours right away.  Taking a run break.  Lunch. Another 2-3 hours of studying.  Another run break. Dinner. AMCAS essay writing (the application). Pre-Bed snack.  On days that I do have it the essay and second study session get flipped.

That’s right, you read it: double sessions.  Almost every day (and I say almost even though I’ve written above that I do the 2 runs any day I’m studying but some days other things come up, which is fine! But I’ve written down here the *average* not the be-all-to-end-all rule).

And I’ll admit it: sometimes it’s triple sessions (granted if I do a third thing it’s lifting and I get up early to do it before my first study session, so not running but still a third workout)

I’m basically living in my gym clothes.  From morning until night.  And for the record: I refuse to shower more than once a day unless it’s completely necessary aka I have something I need to be clean for.  But studying? Not so much. Hahah oops. At least I’m only wearing one outfit per day.  There have been times in the past where I’ve worn the same pair of shorts for multiple runs.  That would be kind of gross right now, even I have standards 😉

But before someone goes all postal on me about running doubles or doing triples, especially without a goal race or specific goal, let me clarify: I’m not doing long, or even mid, distance runs.  Each run ranges from 4-6 miles and the total for the day rarely, if ever, exceeds 10.  So I’m not going all crazy and doing 20+ miles a day.  That would be too much: remember that these runs are study breaks so I don’t want to stay away too long from my books. And I think that the shorter distance + recovery + shorter distance is gentler on my body.

Plus the runs aren’t all hard.  In fact, I still have yet to re-introduce speedwork or anything challenging into my routine.  So both runs each day, every day are nice and easy.  Just a way for me to clear my mind.  That’s not to say that the pace isn’t faster than what I’d expect but I’m still running easy. I think that this is due to a couple things you guys have mentioned to me and that I’ve thought about:

  • Low(er) mileage
  • Nice weather.  Sunny skies and warm temps!
  • No overwhelming debilitating paralyzing stress
  • Good mood & an even keel
  • Refueling well after each workout
  • Good quality sleep

So no matter what the reason for my good runs (likely a combo of all of these) I’m going to roll run with it 😉

I know, I know! You guys are probably sick to death of hearing how good running is going and my lame posts as of late (blame studying! and not me!).  I’m in the process of tallying up the month of May so then I’ll have some data to back up my feelings on my runs.  Then you might REALLY be sick of me because I think the data is good and I’ll be talking about how awesome running went this month 😉

But since I’m so analytical and wrote that list of variables as to why I’m running / feeling good I though I’d take the next few posts (and call them How Double Running Can Rock maybe? I like that)and elaborate, not really on me per se but what the benefit is to them and why I think they’re clutch to not just double sessions but any athletic endeavors in general.  I doubt I’ll do a whole post on each one, maybe lump some together and whatnot but I think it could be fun for me to write a more scientific / look stuff up kind of post.

But it might be another couple of days until I start posting them. Actually crafting a non-word-vomit post (like this one for example) takes thought and so does the MCAT and essay writing and I need to focus on that, case in point: I didn’t turn on my computer today or yesterday until post-dinner (thank you scheduled posting).  Oops.

But hopefully you’re enjoying the rest of the holiday weekend everyone!

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