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January 2, 2011

Goals of Past and Future.

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Or not. It could be that time of year that the goals of the year get reviewed and reevaluated and new ones get written down for the upcoming year.  But I decided not to because everyone and their mom is doing a goals post and everything I’ve been trying to write is kind of blahhhh. Plus I like to evaluate things whenever I need to, the fact that yesterday was January 1st doesn’t really phase me.  I know some of you are like that too and some aren’t and I really enjoyed reading them this year so I’m not a complete hater. I also thought about doing a year in pictures recap but it just wasn’t exciting either.  Maybe it’s because I’ve just celebrated NYE for the past 3 nights and the neurons aren’t firing at 100% just yet. I am still trying to work on it, mostly for myself as a trip down memory lane, and maybe in a few days y’all won’t be sick of those posts and I’ll post it.

That said: overall 2010 was an amazing year.  Like the first year where I feel happy with the past 12 months.  Lots of life changes (graduating, moving out on my own, REAL WORLD) and I’ve grown as a “real person”. And I smashed prs left and right.  And I got to meet lots of my running and blogging friends. It’s going to be really hard for 2011 to top but I’m sure as hell going to give it my all.

I mean, if you’re really interested in what I want out of 2011 the nutshell is: “Run Fast” and “Keep the Momentum of 2010 Going Into 2011″.  How I get there is an experiment.  I’ve decided to start living life on the edge.

Speaking of which: remember how I said on Thursday that my run that day was going to be my LR for the week? Well I guess I lied.  Because, after celebrating pre-NYE on Thursday night my friend and I decided that we FINALLY wanted to run together.  So we did.  And we ended 2010 with 11.4 miles of laughing and running.  I’m still pretty much a solo runner (so is my friend which is why we’ve never run together) but it was really nice.

NYE itself was a blast.  I ended up not going into Boston but staying in Providence which turned out to be a good decision because I had a lot of fun.  So much fun that I didn’t think a run was going to happen but I do happen to know that after a night out, running = amazing.  And I got to start off 2011 with a bang.  Nope not the kind of bang that a good hard interval session bring as I still haven’t yet returned to speedwork yet despite really wanting too.  But the kind of bang where I only set out for 8.5 miles but ended up with 13.2.  I blame the weather for that one because it was 53*.  I didn’t need gloves and finished the run in a sports bra.  Ummmm January 1st? Great way to start off the year!

As great as the run was I cried a little when I had to reset my yearly mileage to 0 yesterday.  I mean, it’s exciting to have a fresh slate but man, I was liking the big running total at the top of my running log.  Boo.

With the past three days being runs of double digits I decided that today was going to be 6 max.  And I respected it.  Holler. But I’m going to be honest here: it was mostly out of time crunching.  Despite staying in Providence for the holiday weekend I didn’t set foot in my apartment from the time I left for work Thursday morning until Sunday morning and there were plenty of chores to do around here. And it was partly because I definitely cannot drink like I did a few years ago when 3 days of partying were the norm.  I mean, it wasn’t 72 hours of straight drinking: I did make a gingerbread house last night.

Before or after drinking? You decide.

The January 2nd run wasn’t as great as the first run of the year.  Not terrible and I wasn’t cussing up a storm while I was running but but as much as I say that drinking = good next day running I don’t think that multiple nights in a row of drinking = good next day running.  First lesson of the new year.  The weather was warm and foggy which was a bit creepy but still, it was warm and yet again it was a gloveless run.  I’m not going to complain about that.  I was having some leg issues toward the tail end of the run and I felt them when I first got up this morning but some rolling took care of that and everything felt normal during the run.  I decided to fully commit to living on the edge, per my new year resolution, and went out for the run without mapping it! Crazy right? I’m such a rebel.

I skipped the pushups and situps on Saturday so they got bumped to today: pushups ( 26, 26, 33, 33, 26, 26, 22, 22, 62 ) situps ( 39, 39, 50, 50, 39, 33, 33, 110 )

I hope everyone is recovering from NYE well and had a great time.  As for the rest of my weekend / Sunday (which I’m digging the three day weekends hardcore!) I have to finish up those errands and then I’m crashing on my couch again. This week is my first 5 day work week since the week before Thanksgiving! I totally need to rest up for it so I can make it to next weekend in one piece.

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