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July 9, 2010

What’s In Your Bag?

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But first:

I’d like to think that I’m a decently smart person.  Yes, of course I’m no Einstein but I’m definitely not dumb.  Based on my running decisions today, however, you totally wouldn’t think it.

I’m going to shove blame on the fact that it is drastically cooler here than it was earlier in the week.  I think it was Tuesday where we hit 101* with a feels like of 104*? I remember the mornings in the beginning of this week being in the 80s as well.  So the fact that today’s high is in the low 90s feels like…well I’m not going to say cold.  But I got up yesterday morning to run and the 76* weather did feel cool.

I kind of liked it.

And it deluded me into thinking that starting a run at 1300 was a smart idea.  And that tackling the hilliest route I know in my area was a good idea.  Not to mention that said route had no shade.  At. All.

Well I survived.  That’s a good thing right?  And I managed to run an 8:30 pace.  Almost exact too but I was 1 measly second to slow to have it be perfectly exact.  Annoying. Stupid one second.

I suppose, though, that it wasn’t all that bad.  Definitely could have been worse.  I didn’t feel so bad during the actual run itself but once I stopped running BUCKETS of sweat were pouring off of me.  Attractive no?

I also got some corework in after, which, lately I’ve been slacking on majorly.  I definitely felt the burn!

Anyway.  I’ve been studying like crazy and trying to stay focused.  I have another practice full length test this weekend (ahhhhhh) which I’m sort of nervous for.  Studying has been going eh for me lately.  Like, I know the stuff but when it comes time to test myself, I freeze up.  Gotta get more comfortable with the actual testing situation I guess.

And with that stress/anxiety comes writer’s block.  I don’t have much in terms of creativity to say and with my running just being there (neither amazing nor sucky, both of which make good posts to write) I haven’t been posting regularly.

BUT lucky me! Sarah (the SHU box) had a post the other day on what is in her bag.  I thought it was cool and a unique way to get to know her better (because she’s pretty awesome!) and I felt like being a lemming.  So I copied her 🙂

And I thank her profusely because there was so much stuff that I needed to throw out! So I got to do a little cleaning.  Hence why there isn’t a lot of true junk in here 🙂

I have two bags.  One is my “purse” which I bring with me on errands and whatnot.  The other is my “study” bag.  I used this one when I was still in school (it still feels weird to say that I’m no longer a student!) to bring my books and stuff to class and now it’s been designated “Official MCAT bag”.  And I also included a picture of my desk area.  Where I spend all my time haha

Everyday bag

I asked for this bag for Christmas a few years ago and I’ve been in love with it ever since.  It’s LLBean so hopefully it’ll last forever too


Obviously not something that’s *always* in my bag.  But they will be until I take this silly test.  And look how thick some of the stacks are! Plus I’ve made some of my own for the trickier concepts(click to enlarge and see my stellar handwriting haha)

Scarf & glittens & other various clothing

Mmmmhhmmmm I know it's summer. But I'm lazy and just never removed them once the weather turned nice. And come on now: this is New England. What the saying? If you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes? And that's definitely the shirt I got at the race last weekend. Guess I'm pretty lazy if it's still in there haha.

Lots of pens and permenant markers. And drugs.

Because I'm a nerd. And I hate being without a writing utensil and something to write on. Seriously. It practically gives me heart palpitations. And okay not that kind of drug. Despite never taking asprin or ibuprofen or anything like that I have an arsenal of them. So if you have aches and pains I'm your girl. And yes, those are all in bags so that my big bag can stay organized. You don't have to say anything. I know I'm wicked cool.

ID badge from last summer, Keys, 2 (?!) wallets and phone

The basics. I don't really know why I have two wallets. One of them is 100% empty. ID badge not pictured but I mostly keep this around because I'm a pretentious person who likes to say "See? Look where I worked last summer: Children's Hospital!" haha

MCAT bag

A cheap knock-off LLBean bag. Still good and I like the red color. And yes, that is a binder clip attached to it. I am a major nerd

Lesson book and agenda.

Ughhhh to the lesson book. Look how thick it is and know that it's only about half of the material. My life = the agenda book.

Pens, pencils, big eraser, various earbuds in varying states of decay

Essentials.  Duh. I think you know what they look like so I didn’t take a picture 😉


So I try to avoid wearing mes lunettes so I didn't have any already on my computer and had to take a self-portrait haha. Technically I don't think I really need glasses. So I don't wear them except for when I get really tired and my eyes start hating on me. I think I look very...studious? And does anyone else feel awkward taking self-portraits? Maybe it's just me...

And excuse the Desk Space

And my desk space. Cramped and small but I guess it's getting the job done

So there you have it.  Hopefully some of you liked seeing my bags.  I thought about doing my gym bag too but I’m pretty sure that the only workout related thing is my log book and the rest is all junk papers of sorts.  And I’m so not ready to clean that out yet ha!

On a running related note: I still have not called crazy lady back. It’s been almost two weeks since she called me.  I am a terrible terrible person.

Oh and I promise that I’m trying to play catch up on everyone’s blogs.  My google reader is overflowing right now! But check out these giveaways from Matt, Kim, Tricia and ErikaH

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