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September 13, 2011

It’s Looking Like I’m Training.

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I think I really should invest in internet soon.  Having to use the wireless in the Leasing Office at my apartment complex means having to use it between 09-1700 M-F and that’s prime time for interviews (fingers crossed!) and feeling safest taking the bus to do errands. I have been doing job searching at the library (YAY for getting a library card in my new city) but I feel like since I’m at the libs I need to be *focused*.  Not a bad thing at all.

The plus to all that is that I have a few workouts under my belt to talk about and can make this post decent with running.

Okay so not everything's running. I can be random too 😉

First: I’m sure everyone’s thinking of Boston this time of year with registration opening up yesterday for BQ-20. Not I.

I have the time to register at the moment (my WR time from last December is still good) but I just don’t feel it.  Of course, seeing people’s FB statuses and talking with people who are nervous the spaces will fill later this week makes me want to. Despite needing revenge I think it might be best to tackle it later at some point.  That and I just made some huge life changes in the past month so I’m just trying to get through things day by day.  Thinking ahead to April is unfathomable. Lots of other factors went into the decision and it was hard to put my ego aside. We’ll see if I feel the same way in April. Or even later this week.

Best of luck to all who are trying to get in!

Since my last post, last Wednesday, I’ve done 3 quality workouts.  Training time? Okey Dokey. The first was a hill workout on Wednesday with the CoOp group.  Yes, as I found out, there are hills in Dallas.  You really have to search for them though.  They weren’t hill repeats though: it was a ~1.3 mile loop where you ran up a hill, across a straightaway, down the hill, across another straightaway but in the other direction, up a hill, across a straightaway then down the hill and headed back to the start.

It really wasn’t as complicated as I just wrote it. The workout is called “Crazy 8s” because the loop is done as a figure 8.

thanks google

The plan was to do 4 of ’em but due to major GI troubles (that had plagued me all day that day and I pigheadedly thought that I’d be able to work through it) I only did 3.  The first 2 were really strong and the third was when my intestines were like “ummmmmmmmmmm no”.  I ended up with slightly over 6 miles for the total and annoyed that I tried to push myself through that third one yet also annoyed that I didn’t get through the whole thing.  Silly me.  I mostly felt “bad” that I was “wasting” the cold front.  The temps were in the 80s and it felt awesome.

Which meant that this past weekend should have been a good LR with the group.  Well I evidently partied too hard on Friday night, although I was at the Rangers game so I didn’t think there’d be much room to party.  Obviously the party didn’t end with the game. And slept through the group LR on Saturday.

The alarm was set. I just slept through it.  And the two phone calls one of the group members made to me. Oops.

I woke up in a panic about a half hour into their run and was like “I SWORE I’d be able to make it”. Clearly I was wrong.  I stayed in bed all day that day and made up the run with a friend who wasn’t, for other reasons, able to make Saturday’s run on Sunday (and I hate running long on Sundays).  I think it ended up for the best: it was my fastest run, in general, since Boston at any distances, and it was 15 miles at 9:03 paceSo I’m not quite sure what that tells me.  I was never struggling during the run and was not 100% drained afterward.  Hopefully this run was the mental wake up I needed, I have a half to run this fall!

I also absolutely ADORE the girl (well woman I guess) that I was running with. She hasn’t been running long but she’s trying to learn all she can about running and we talked a lot about running (obviously) and she encouraged me to pick the brains of people that run in the CoOp. I always feel weird asking people for advice like that, mostly because I feel like I’m pumping them with information.  But I’ll try to make myself more annoying during group runs 😉

I’m sure the weather helped for that long run (it was still in the 60s when it started) and that was not the case today, as it was 80* at 0600. Greeeeeeeeeat. Today’s workout was a ladder workout and it was decent, aka better than last time, despite being alone for it.  It was supposed to be with the group but late last night kind of freaked out about having to get up to make a 430am rail. Which wouldn’t be so bad except I have to walk just over a mile to get there.  Even at a jog it wasn’t appealing.  Nor did it seem like a good idea to be in a confined car at 430am. In all honesty nothing probably would have happened but I don’t think I’ll get to do AM track sessions with the group ever. So I got an extra 2 hours of sleep instead. WIN.

So I headed to a local track and did the same ladder they did: 800-1200-1600-1200-800 with 400m recovery time (although I’m not sure if I cheated by doing an 800 recovery after the 1600.  I needed it so I think not).  Let’s just say that I wasn’t too thrilled with the added 1600 in there because last time we did a ladder, two weeks ago, it wasn’t.

I’m still not sure which paces I’m supposed to be hitting here according to the pace chart for the group (which can be seen in the link above from last time and does vary with the distance of the intervals), so I kind of put a range between the “goal marathon time” I ended up running paces for last time (the 4:00 marathon) and the one faster (3:50).  I was in there, on the slower side, but in there.  What was frustrating was, despite feeling like I worked hard, the marathon times I selected are still slower than marathons I’ve run.

  • 800: 3:49 (7:38)
  • 1200: 5:53 (7:50)
  • 1600: 8:02 (8:02)
  • 1200: 5:57 (7:56)
  • 800: 3:52 (7:44)

Looking back at my training log, I was pretty much at, or slightly faster, than my times the last time I did a ladder.  I’m happy with that, especially being able to be slightly faster than the last time (aka I didn’t flounder the way I did last time) on the “down” portion of the ladder after the 1600. Obviously not where I was last fall/winter but about where I was training for Boston this past winter.

All told my legs had that good burn at the end of it.  I feel like I couldv’e gone faster though? I mean, my legs hurt and my mind wanted to quite but I wasn’t satisfied with it.  I’m glad I did it today though as I was debating putting it off another day.

I’m at an impasse though because my long run was so stellar on Sunday and my intervals were meh today.  Intervals suck. I appreciate everyone who’s chimed in about me taking care of myself and I continue to do so.  Although I’m sure that some of you are shaking your heads at my running load. Other than my paces being slower than in the past, I feel fine physically.  Since I’m training now, I’m going to keep a closer eye on things but I don’t have access to affordable health care at the moment so I’ll just continue to do what’s worked for me when I’ve been I’ve feltlike this before.

Since adding in quality workouts, however, my weekly miles have dropped slightly, I’ve gotten back an appetite (aka can fuel better) and my weekly average pace has dropped slightly as well (at least the past two weeks since I’ve considered myself training for something). 

Anyway that’s what I’ve got. Hopefully I won’t go another week or so without posting/commenting/keeping in touch.  Although I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get a call back from a job and having to work makes it difficult to post 😉

November 12, 2009

To Be Overtrained or Not To Be Overtrained

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Thanks for everyone who mentioned that I could be overtraining. I definitely hadn’t considered it although it does make sense. Even with my 40 mile week a few weeks ago I had been pushing for a really long time. In the back of my mind though (denial anyone?) I really don’t think that it’s the case. I’ve been overtrained before and it felt different physically. Maybe I’m just getting more in tuned with my body and am being more sensitive in detecting this stuff earlier. But on the other hand the sleep stuff usually was the last thing to crop up whereas it’s really my only symptom. Hmmmm food for thought. My hunch is that the sleep stuff is just related to me having lots of things going on and I don’t actually want to sleep because I don’t want to “miss” anything. And I guess overall I’m not too worried about it because my body is never crashing, even at night. But something to keep an eye on nonetheless.

And clearly not in the form of cutting back was my 9 mile run this morning. 9.3 to be exact and I bit the bullet and just committed to the whole distance at the get-go as it was all one route rather than a buildup of add-ons. A nice round number in the metric system of 15k. I’m starting to get my mind to thinking about things metrically: the rest of the world does! So far, so good too and I definitely like the fact that it makes me unique from most other Americans and definitely those who are around me.

But back to the run. I actually ran into my friend who was going to the gym at the same time I was leaving for my run. She mentioned that it was too cold for her. Funny because I was worried about being overdressed in my longsleeve shirt and shorts in the 42* weather haha. The sun was up, so it wasn’t dark, but the sky was overcast which was really nice. I love the feeling of c0olness just enveloping my skin like it did today. It’s almost the same feeling as being wrapped in a quilt that just hugs you. Maybe I’m weird.

So the weather set me up for a FLYING run. I had left a little later than usual so maybe that had something to do with my pace (the old “oh man I don’t want to be late but I want to get my whole run in still!”) but I noticed a quick clip right off the bat. My legs didn’t feel “springy” and I wasn’t bounding down the road but the turnover was there. A good precursor to speed. I did feel a bit of a slow down during miles 6-8 but my legs threw me a Last Mile Party (thanks Jess because I ❤ that term!) which was really nice especially when I saw that my pace was 10 seconds faster than my goal easy!! Woot!!

Since I’ve been running in a fast new way lately I’ve also been trying to look at races for Thanksgiving / early December. There are lots of options but I always have a hard time committing to this kind of stuff. Lest we not forget I signed up for the Tufts 10k two days before the actual race and my last half marathon the day of! I’m also trying to coordinate with other ppl, so if you’re in the Boston area (cough*Lacey*cough) and have a race in mind: LET ME KNOW! haha.

And it may be time to buy new shoes: as of this today I have 1637.0 miles on them.  They’re still holding strong though.  Maybe I can keep ’em til I hit 2000? That might be a tough call as they heels are starting to show signs of wear and tear.  They might rip through! Fingers crossed though because I want to be able to brag that I got 2000 miles out of these babies!

Keep ideas coming re: how to invite Hot Spanish TA out to celebrate the big two-three. I send him a fb msg last night (early this morning?) — in Spanish — saying that I’d love to borrow some Spanish music to listen too. Hopefully the grammar and vocabulary was correct heh. And hopefully this could be a gate into inviting him? And EarlyRunner: you just made my day with your comment of “well he sanctioned you being at his sangria party” hahaha!

Whoops gotta go, we physics folks are going to play with liquid nitrogen and superconductors. Oh the joys of being a science nerd 😀

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